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As per many requests I have updated this post and
 I have changed the title to "ALLEGATIONS AGAINST SID" (idea recommended by whiterider)
ShockedI can't believe that some people failed to see what Sid is all about and what he ACTUALLY meant when in a recent episode he vented out to Armaan that he had married Riddhima because he actually loved her. I have listed all the points that people have attacked at Sid and explained the depth of his character in more detail through his magnificent journey. It's a long post but, its because I have included explanations to every allegation I have seen against him.

StarStarting at Point #1 Okay, lets rewind fast speed into the past <<<<< Shall we? First of all we all agree, that in Sid and Riddhima's initial meeting they hated each other's guts and loathed each other with a passion. But, when he saw Riddhima breaking down looking for Armaan. Did he started liking her then? Yes he did but, NOT in the sheer romance type of "liking." But, the natural human type of liking you develop for another person when you like his/her qualities, when you sympathize with the person's pain and most of all when you can identify her pain with yours. Sid had also lost Tamana's love and Rid lost Armaan's. Her cries, wanting to be with her lover, and not able to get what you want is a reflection of painful love Sid saw in her which to his amazement he couldn't believe that a woman whom he saw as a heartless, malicious, an arrogant woman had such a deep, fragile, loving side to her.

EmbarrassedNow, Point #2, the Hypothermia scene, the guy was hesitating to give her his body heat as he was so scared and frustrated as he tried to find every other alternative and he had nothing with him like heated blankets they provide in hospital, medicines, and other medical equipment etc. He couldn't take her anywhere because it was snowing! A person whose body temperature is dropping so low would eventually die in the icy cold weather. So, what in the world was he supposed to do and especially when a senior doctor like Atul is telling him that the only way to save her is giving her his own body heat. I don't remember him being all excited and happy at doing this as you can plainly tell that he was hesitant. Also, I ask you a question if his intentions were so bad he could've done anything with her she was lying there unconscious and it was no one but both of them there and as he was sharing his body heat with her, he could've easily raped her if he really had such "lustful intentions" towards her. But, he did NOT and Riddhima's medical checkup conducted by Dr. Keerti clearly stated that she had not been raped and he didn't do anything with her.

HeartNow moving forward to Point #3 when Sid proposed to marry Rid. In this sense even if he started falling for her what is wrong with that?!?! Love is the most complicated thing in the world! Scientists, philosophers, and poets have for ages couldn't describe what love truly is and how it finds its place into people's hearts! Love is blind. As a human being, we just *fall in love* its not like we decide, "okay, I am going to fall in love with this person cuz, it just happens!" We see interracial, interreligious love stories, I don't think people decide that "okay, this person is hindu I will not fall in love with him/her or he has blonde hair, I will not fall in love with him" I mean pleaseeeeeeee. Love has no boundaries on whom you can and can't fall in love, when we develop extreme fond, affection, and deep understanding towards another person, love just happens! Love is not something you can define in a definite meaning as it is so subtle and infinite.

SleepyDiving to Point #4 But, there's BIG difference between "love" and "lust." If he had lusted for her he would've forced it upon Riddhima by now as they are husband/wife so, she doesn't even have valid reason to scream "rape!" "rape!" And I know you AR fans are going to pinpoint the incident where he kissed her neck! Well, obviously he was testing her at that point because she was fully making false statements that everything is alright bet/ them and she has comfortably accepted him as her husband. In this sense, he was testing her honesty and he didn't go ahead do anything more with her like kiss her on the lips or sleep with her even though he is her husband!

ApproveComing to Point #5, even if Sid did love Riddhima and married her because he had started to like her then what's the argument here? I don't understand what's wrong with it. It's not like Armaan was there holding on to Riddhima's hand. Is it wrong to fall in love with a woman who lost her previous love that you can't even give her a new life, show her new dreams, or give her the right to fall in love again. Second chances do happen guys! You need to understand that for Sid and Riddhima, Armaan was NOT coming back. Why didn't they have the right to start their lives afresh with each other and find love in one another instead of dreading on living in their past?!?!

Stern SmileDrifting to Point #6 Furthermore, Sid started liking Ridz to the aspect that he saw a new good side to her and he understood her as a human being and saw her at her worst and appreciated her for the woman she is. After marriage, he was frustrated because he wanted her to come out of her grief and pain and be able to live her life from her heart. Even though he was still angry at her attempt to do suicide which is justified, he still put up with her. He wanted her to accept him as he is and it shouldn't be an obligation for her to accept him merely because he is her husband and she is "required" to serve him. He taunts at her and "on purpose" hurts her to bring the "real" her out and have her face her life from her heart and the fact that she needed to move on and be able to live life in her own means instead of a compromising wife numb to her feelings and thoughts. He couldn't bare the fact how numb she was acting with putting up a false face that they had a normal husband-wife relationship instead of actually sitting down and talking to him about her feelings and how she needs time and space like a real person! He would have even be happy if she became the Chudail he had met in their initial meetings because at least she would be expressing her feelings and it would've been the real her standing up for herself and not on the means of compromise.

WackoArriving at Point #7 Sid had told Ridz clearly that she has full freedom to make her own decision on rather she wants to marry him or not and whatever her decisions is he will respect it as he only wants her happiness.

In spite of having the liberty to make her own decisions, she agreed to marry him and then on the wedding night she tried to consume poison thus putting Sid in such uncomfortable situation? Give me a break! How detesting and pathetic is that! First of all, if it was that bad for her to marry him she shouldn't have agreed in first place! If something is so dreadful that you are willing to take your life for then why do it? She could've forgotten about society's stupid remarks as its was the question of her life not society's and live her life as an individual standing on her feet on her own with strength as a independent woman! So, its clearly Riddhima's fault not Sid's. He merely just tried to save her prestige and self-respect from the society giving her a title of his wife especially, when Shanky targeted the question at him that Sid is equally to blame for her condition when he gave him the "no one's going to marry my daughter and her image has gone down the drains" kind of lecture.

ConfusedFull Speed Coming to Point # 8 And about the pictures, okay, think about really what drove him do it. Riddhima was behaving like immature, annoying jerk instead of being his senior doctor she was fighting like immature child and always getting mad at him for even the smallest reasons. She constantly abused his character and defamed his image as she made numerous allegations of him being a molester and touching her! Men have dignity and self-respect too and no guy wants to be called a "rapist" or "molester" and no guy will tolerate that especially if he is not one. If a girl's dignity and image is important to her then a guy's dignity and image is equally important to him as well. It's okay for her to call him names and allegations to demean him but, if he demeans her then that is not okay!? Riddhima needs to be reminded of the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you would want them to treat you!"

Does she think everyone is like Armaan willing to take whatever she says to them and just because she's having such a tough time in her life doesn't mean she vents it out on other people and that too in her profession! Riddhima provoked Sid to take those pictures and please don't forget the fact that he meant to only blackmail her between the two of them to get her to stop being at his throat all the time. He didn't mean to show it to the rest of Sanjeevani. To sum it up, it was Riddhima's careless, immature behaviors that were the cause of her own downfall.

GeekLanding at Point # 9 Another thing, is that I don't understand how people are pointing out that he tried to win her for himself when he was the one who had Ridz and Armaan meet each other in Pune. He was the one who was quietly sacrificing his love for her giving her the liberty to make her own decision without any pressures. I mean he did everything he could do and all he got was misunderstandings in return! When he found out that she is compromising because of the fact that they're married which is a form of indirect pressure on her, he sent her the divorce papers! I mean how much more do you want a husband to do for his wife then to tell her "that he will support her on whatever decision she makes even if it means she wants to go back her former lover!" What is the most striking chord is that HE is her husband and could've made her his but, he didn't force himself upon Ridz and if he wanted he could've sent Armaan away and not even ever told Ridz that Armaan had come back.

Driving to point #10 Another thing, many people stated that Sid was being selfish when he lashed out at Armaan and Riddhima in Lonavala. Wake up call people! First of all, please tell me if Riddhima ever told him frankly that she wanted to be with Armaan??? Okay, I could understand if Riddhima told him that she still wanted to be with Armaan and if Sid was still trying to persuade her, then that would be selfish of him. But, the woman was constantly running around crying here and there confusing the hell out of both men. And every time he talked about her going back to Armaan, she would give him a big lecture about how he isn't taking their marriage & relationship seriously and how "she is his wife." If you have been watching DMG, then you can't miss those lectures of hers.

And lets not forget that every time Sid and Riddhima bumped into each other they had their constant share of eye-locks. If you don't remember then tune back into those scenes because even though Ridz was still in the process of making her mind she was always eye-locking with both men in such a way that it makes you feel as if she was interested in both of them. How would you feel if you were in Sid's place. You need to understand that everyone is a human being you can't expect someone to be an "all-knowing" mind-reader who knows what you want and how you are feeling without you saying it. I know people say "in love you understand things without the other person saying it." Seriously, I think that's just BS, because communication is required between two people, I mean we're all not God that we will NOT always know what the other person wants unless they tell us.

So, in Sid's case he was confused because Riddhima at that time never communicated with him frankly especially when you have to make such a big decision of your life.

Put yourself in Sid's place! She was constantly getting mad at him every time he mentioned her going back to Armaan? Why?? Now, any guy in Sid's place would've probably felt that she probably still wanted to work on their marriage which is why she was giving him all those lectures.

And why in the world did it take her so long to make a decision leading both men. I'm just saying that its not very hard to pick who you want to be with if you truly and honestly love them. It spares all the torture and misunderstandings. I think its unfair that at one point Riddhima was acting all like "I-can't-decide-I-am-a-traditional-married-woman" type of image in the hospital whenever Sid would try to talk to her and then he sees her in the arms of her "lover" Armaan in Lonavala. You have to understand it from his point-of-view because he understood the situation from what hesaw and what it appeared to him. How would you feel if you saw your husband carrying another woman in his arms while her dupatta covering both of them???

I mean Sid was right when he said that "if this is what you guys wanted then what was all the drama in the hospital for, you should've just told me and I would've stepped aside!" I mean if Riddhima liked Armaan she should've just been frank with Sid and told him right there and then and it was unfair for him to witness the Lonavala scene because it kind of seemed to him that she was having an affair behind his back and at the same time not telling him that she wants to be with Armaan and giving him all those lectures of how sacred their marriage is.

Riddhima and Sid were still married at the time. I mean I think a more mature woman if she felt that she didn't want to be with her husband then it would've been more appropriate for her to atleast let her husband know, get a divorce, and then you can just do whatever you want. And, Riddhima still ran after Sid even when he was disgusted with her behavior and distanced himself from her cuz, she was like constantly trying to prove to him that she wanted to be with him and trying hard to gain his trust again.

Reaching at point #11 So, you can't say that its Sid's fault in all that. If you think that Riddhima was doing it because she was "a traditional Indian girl" who didn't want to break her marriage then still the fault is Riddhima's then not Sid's. Cuz, for example, if your presentation in front of an audience was a disaster, your going to make countless excuses about the audience, the microphone, etc. but, the final fact doesn't rely on others but, yourself. Just because you can't stand up for yourself then its not others fault but your own. Nobody's going to live you life for you so, at the end of the day its your life and you are the master of your own ship. If a bunch of people jumped off the building and you did too. You can't just be like "oh they made me" because you know what you have to think for yourself! But, Ridz still wanted to be with Sid even when their relationship was at the edge and they were so close in getting a divorce.

Now, moving on to the present track. If you think that Sid is behaving very ignorant of Armaan-Riddhima relationship especially when he talks to Armaan about Riddhima. Well, I think he does that because he has accepted the fact that Armaan and Riddhima both have moved on. And the fact that Armaan was constantly trying to get them together and he understood the fact that Armaan was "really" trying to help him out and Riddhima only wanted to be with Sid and work on their marriage. And in his perspective, if Armaan and Riddhima have moved on then he should also forget the past and move on with his relationship with Riddhima. And when he talks to Armaan about his problems, he talks to him as a friend and a brother keeping their past differences aside and embarking on new friendship with each other.

Thumbs UpI mean there are just so many reasons that are just right there in front of you to justify Sid's character if you have been watching DMG carefully and observing Sid's character with dedication. But, as Mother Teresa once said that, "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." If you sit there with an intention of already having a negative image of the person in your mind then even the smallest actions done by the person will lead to another excuse for you to prove your negativities towards that person.

Ying YangAgain, REFRAIN from making any bashing or insulting remarks on this post. Posting invalid, consistent abuses, nonsense bakwaas with no constructive points will really show the world your maturity level. In addition, I have not bashed Armaan in this post to all those Armaan lovers nor have I included any comparisons to him. I have merely defined the personality and beautiful character of Sid at his best. So, I would really appreciate it if you don't allow this post to be targeted towards his comparisons with Armaan. As Sid is unique and special in his own right. Hope Sidma fans enjoy this post as well! Muahhhhhhhh love you guys. Tongue

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Great Post. And I completely agree

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Siddhanth is every inch a man that a man should be - with his vices and virtues , he is an exceptional human-being and he always will be. He needs no moral character certificate and he depends on no judgments.

No matter who says what, Siddhanth is the kind of man who moves you to tears by his sheer goodness. And of all the people in this world, Riddhima , who hated Sid with her life was the one to admit that what a wonderful human-being he is and she literally cried saying that.

Sid is a sweetheart and a rare brand of humanity - TAKE HIM OR LEAVE HIM but you can never take his glory away from him.

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brilliant post
again , ppl will turn a blind eye to ur arguments coz they dont want to face the reality

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Originally posted by shamil

brilliant post
again , ppl will turn a blind eye to ur arguments coz they dont want to face the reality

ROFL.....Don't worry, baby. I love social work and how!Blushing

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Agree with Everything you have said.

Awesome Explaination.
Nice Post.Clap

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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