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Originally posted by paaal

Originally posted by siinnce.09

Originally posted by paaal

OMMMMMMGGGG... I was busy wid my exams.... n when today I just logged in..... I almost had to go through 5-6 chaptrs... but blieve me... the pleasure was all mine...Just loved them...

Thank here today... so could comment here b4 the last chapter..... Hats off to U...u indeed have the best skill to write the stories... just awesome... Clap

Keep rocking.... N yeah.... I came late... in the forum...n den my xams.. were indeed keeping me busy.. not that they r over...but am almost done wid my kinda relaxing Embarrassed Embarrassed So I relli beg pardon for commenting sooo late...

But yeah... U r a ROCKSTAR Star

Love Smile

W o w ! Thank you Payal dear! Embarrassed And best of luck for your exams!

And please do not apologize for commenting late or anything. The fact that you were able to comment now despite your busy schedule is enough for me.

aw your amazing! xo

Smile Smile am reading the last chapter again... yaar u have made me addicted to it Embarrassed

haha thank you! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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  Chapter Thirty Eight

Krishna instantly jerked awake as Pratigya's hands landed hard on his face. With a scowl, he looked down at Pratigya's sleeping form; rubbing his sore cheek. 'This woman also does karate in her sleep' he muttered, lying back down. Krishna rolled to his side trying to sleep when he felt Pratigya place her legs on his. The motion was so frighteningly familiar that Krishna tried to desperately get off the bed. His mind was still fogged up with sleep, thus causing him to move and react slowly. Before he could make do his escape, Pratigya kicked Krishna; sending him flying off the bed. Krishna landed painfully on the tiled ground; muttering loud curses.

Pratigya woke up from hearing Krishna's shouts and with great difficulty, sat up on the bed. She squinted her eyes towards the ground, 'what are you doing on the ground Krishna?' she asked sleepily. 'oh you know just relaxing' jeered Krishna sarcastically, 'since I so prefer sleeping on the hard ground rather than a soft bed'.

'Good night then' replied Pratigya as she laid back down and went to sleep.

With a frustrated sigh, Krishna climbed in the bed and shifted uncomfortably due to the painful ache on his backside. Minutes later, he was on the verge of falling asleep when suddenly Pratigya began to snore. Krishna's eyes widened in surprise as he looked over his shoulder and glanced at Pratigya's ridiculous sleeping pattern. Her arm was sprawled in an awkward angle; as she continued to snore, completely oblivious to the world. Krishna wanted to shout in anger as he frantically scanned the room, looking for something that would tape her mouth shut.

Krishna gave up in resignation and simply placed some cotton in his ear. He smiled in relief as he no longer heard her abnormal and disruptive snores. It felt as if he were asleep for only a few moments before being shaken forcefully awake. 'What?' he murmured sleepily.

'Its coming' Pratigya panted deeply in labored pain.

'What is coming?' he replied, half awake.

'The baby'! She shrieked hysterically.

Krishna's eyes snapped open as he rapidly sat up, 'so soon!' he shouted nervously.

The bouts of contraction caused Pratigya to shout as she held her stomach, doubled over in pain.

Krishna in a state of absolute nervousness; picked Pratigya up in his arms and ran out of the room.

'Oh no'! She moaned in sadness.

"What? What is it, Pratigya," Krishna yelled frantically. "Is the baby coming?"

"I've ruined the rug," she whined.

Krishna looked down the floor and noticed a small puddle on the carpet.

"What is that?" he finally whispered.  

"I-I think the water sack around the baby has broken" she replied, breathing deeply.

Hearing her words caused him to quicken his strides.

"Shouldn't we clean the carpet?" asked Pratigya.

"Goddamnit, Pratigya." Krishna yelled. "To hell with the damn carpet".

"There is no need to shout, Krishna," Pratigya responded, breathing in short spurts as she felt another contraction beginning. "I am right here".

Krishna ran outside and towards the car; placing her gently inside. He then sat in the driver's seat and turned the vehicle on, speeding his way through the traffic. On their way to the hospital, Krishna almost got into several accidents due to his anxiety. Every time Pratigya let out a scream of agony, Krishna lost control of the car. He dialed Aryan's number and waited for him to answer the phone.

Aryan: Hello

Krishna: City hospital now!

Aryan: the baby!?

Krishna: Yes!

That said, Krishna put down his phone and tried desperately to focus all of his senses on the road ahead. He was going to be a father! Was the only thought pounding through his overwhelmed mind. My first child'..




Krishna believed that he and Aryan had lost weight from endlessly pacing around the corridors, listening to Pratigya scream. None of the men uttered a single word; their thoughts solely preoccupied by various conflicting thoughts. The sound of Pratigya's shouts caused Krishna to run towards the door; only to be forcibly stopped by the nurse.

"You can't go in sir" stated the nurse.

"But the damn doctor is hurting her!" remarked Krishna.

"Its natural for childbirth to be painful" replied the nurse as she went into the room.

Krishna sat down reluctantly on the chair, gazing at the floor "If having a baby is so painful, then forget about having seven, one baby is enough" he muttered.

Aryan sat beside him, stressed out of his wits. "Shouldn't the baby be here already!" he said.

"Are you trying to stress me out man?" replied Krishna.

"Nah, I'm not" said Aryan, "it's just your baby is taking its sweet as time. But then again it is your baby so it's natural for it to be slow like his father" joked Aryan.

"Don't mess with my kid buddy" threatened Krishna.

"Hey! That kid is my godson" replied Aryan, smugly "I am after all going to be its god father".

Krishna laughed, "Smart ass, you mean fairy god father".

The smile on Aryans face instantly wiped off, "no not fairy" he murmured.

Krishna smirked, "what don't you like your name eh?"

"Of course I do, just like you love your pet name Krishhuuuu" teased Aryan.

Krishna scowled darkly, "don't call me that!"

"But Pratigya certainly enjoys calling you that" laughed Aryan.

"That damn woman used her pregnancy as an excuse for me not to get angry at her" muttered Krishna, "but as soon as the baby is born, I will kill her if she calls me by that horrid name".

Aryan was about to laughingly reply when suddenly the doctor appeared before them.

"Congratulations Mr. Singh, your wife has delivered twins, one girl and one boy".

Both Aryan's and Krishna's mouth gaped open, paralyzed in absolute shock.




Five years later'..


'Say daddy' Krishna said to his two year old daughter, Sanyana.

'Krishu' she squealed in response.

'No!' exclaimed Krishna, 'say dada'.

'Krishuuuuuu' she giggled happily.

Krishna sighed in frustration as he picked his third child up in his arms and glared at his wife angrily. 'This is your entire fault' he accused Pratigya.

'What did I do?' asked Pratigya, innocently. Krishna simply turned away and once again deeply concentrated on teaching his wide eyed daughter to stop calling him by the foul name.

Pratigya scanned the park, trying to spot her children's whereabouts. She broke into a smile as she saw Aryan giving both birthday siblings a piggy back ride. Krishna came and stood beside his wife, watching their children shout in delight.

'Maan is just as naughty and rude as his father' observed Pratigya.

'Muskaan is just as stubborn and emotional as her mother' retorted Krishna.

 'Maan looks nothing like you' remarked Pratigya.

'Muskaan looks nothing like you, thank god' murmured Krishna.

Pratigya looked at Krishna in annoyance, 'Sanyana looks like me!'

'No way'! Krishna exclaimed, 'my princess looks nothing like a witch'.

Pratigya punched Krishna in the shoulder, 'you're so mean'!

'Hey, be careful, you will wake up my daughter' warned Krishna.

'Daddy'! Muskaan shouted, 'come play with us'.

Krishna gently handed Sanyana over to Pratigya and ran towards his children.

'I can't feel my back' complained Aryan.

'You are such a softie' said Krishna, 'you can't even handle two small children'.

'If only you ever see your son jumping on my back' retorted Aryan, 'then you will know how ruthless that kid could be'.

'Krishna'! Maan shouted in his childish voice, 'are you stronger or Uncle Aryan?'

'You behooda, aren't you ashamed to address your father by his name!' Krishna scolded.

'Daddy, look at my arm its sore' cried Muskaan.

Krishna crouched down before his daughter, concerned.

'Does it hurt?' he asked, worriedly.

'Yes' cried Muskaan.

Krishna looked at her elbow and saw a tiny scrape; he bent down and placed a soft kiss on her elbow. 'Does it feel better now?' he asked. Muskaan nodded her head, and ran towards her mother. Pratigya scooped her 5 year old daughter in her arms and walked towards the boys.

'Krishna, are you stronger than Uncle Aryan?' asked Maan.

'Maan, I told you to call me by my name' scolded Krishna.

'Fine, daddy; can you answer my question now' exclaimed Maan.

'Yes, I am stronger than your Uncle Aryan' boasted Krishna, confidently.

Aryan snorted sarcastically at Krishna's words.

'Prove it' shouted Maan excitedly, 'pick Uncle Aryan up'.

'Beta, daddy's back is going to break' replied Pratigya with an amused smile, 'it's already broken from carrying me countless times'.

Krishna shot Pratigya with a knowing look, 'I'm glad you have finally understood my severe back condition' mused Krishna. 'Don't listen to your mum' said Krishna, 'Daddies back is strong enough to handle Uncle Aryan.'

That said Krishna walked towards Aryan and stood in front of him.

'Hey man, back off' threatened Aryan, 'it's a public place'.

'Just shut up and let me get this done and over with' retorted Krishna.

Both men awkwardly looked around the park, hoping that no one was in view.

Krishna bent slightly over and lifted Aryan in his arms, with immense difficulty. Aryans legs were sprawled awkwardly in odd directions as Krishna huffed and puffed with exertion. 'God damn man, what the hell have you been eating?' breathed Krishna.

'Once you put me down, I'm going to punch your face in' threatened a shame faced Aryan.

Suddenly a black scaled creature caught Krishna's eye. He looked intently onto the grass and noticed a long black 'thing' squirming around, coming dangerously closer to him. His breathing became labored and his chest constricted as he glared at the sickening nightmare, lying still before him. The evil creature crawled closer; its cunning intentions were all too clear to him.

'Lizard'! Pratigya screamed as she grabbed both Muskaan and Maan's hands and ran away. Pratigya reached the picnic table and stood upon it, keeping an eye on her daughter Sanyana, whom was sleeping in her pram.

With a shout of horror, Krishna threw Aryan hard upon the ground and ran towards his wife. Both couple stood on the table, waiting for Aryan to kill the damned thing.

Aryan stood up, rubbing his aching backside.

'Kill it' screamed Pratigya.

Aryan looked around and noticed that the lizard was no where in sight.

'It's gone' he shouted back.

Both couple sighed in immense relief as they got off the table, picking each child up into their arms. 'I'm getting out of this accursed place' muttered Krishna. Pratigya nodded anxiously and began to collect her belongings.

'Are you coming over?' Pratigya asked Aryan.

'No, I have some work to do' he replied, giving murderous looks to Krishna.

'Okay bye then' she replied as she walked towards the car. Krishna followed, looking over his shoulder and laughing at Aryan.




Aryan promised himself that he would get back at Krishna as he walked towards the car park; trying to locate his black car. From a distance he heard a scream and stopped instantly in his tracks. He turned around and his eyes widened as he saw a young woman running towards him, screaming at the top of her lungs. She was running so fast that she couldn't stop and thus ended up slamming into Aryan's hard body. Aryan quickly stopped the woman from falling by wrapping his muscular arms around her waist. Without realizing, Aryan found himself staring intently at the frightened girl and she in return gazed openly at his handsome face.

'Are you okay?' asked Aryan, breaking off eye contact.

'Y-yes' she replied breathlessly; gazing at him in awe.

'Why were you screaming?' he asked.

'Oh, uh their was a lizard chasing me' she replied ashamed.

The corner of Aryan's eyes crinkled in amusement; as a deep dimple appeared on his cheek.

The woman felt giddy and light-headed, being in the arms of a dazzling stranger. 'You have a dimple' she whispered, taken aback.  

'Ah yes I do' Aryan replied, blushing slightly.

'Can I touch it?' she asked in wonderment.

Aryan laughed at her ridiculous request and to his chagrin, realized that he was still unreasoningly holding her tightly in his embrace. He reluctantly let her go and stepped back.

'What's your name?' he asked.

'Samira' replied the girl, 'and yours?'

'Aryan' he replied.

'Well Aryan, thank you for er um saving my life' said Samira.

'From a life threatening lizard?' teased Aryan playfully, 'it was my pleasure madam'.

'That lizard was dangerous!' exclaimed Samira passionately.

Aryan recalled the ache on his backside and scowled, 'it sure is' he replied.

Both individuals nodded their head in mutual agreement; increasingly aware of the sizzling attraction arising within them.




Pratigya put the phone down with a huge smile etched on her face. Krishna noticed her expression and silently walked towards her back; wrapping his arms around her waist.

'Why are you so happy, beautiful' he whispered playfully in her ear.

'Aryan was just on the phone' she squealed excitedly, 'he just gave me some great news!'

'Is he finally leaving the country?' Krishna asked hopefully.

Pratigya poked Krishna in the ribs, 'that's so mean' she remarked.

'I was only joking' Krishna said, 'so tell me what the good news is'.

Pratigya turned and faced him, still wrapped in his arms. 'Aryan is getting married!'

Krishna's eyebrows shot up in genuine surprise, 'really? Who is the unfortunate girl?'

'Her name Is Samira and Aryan is bringing her over tonight, to introduce her' replied Pratigya excitedly.

'Damn' muttered Krishna in disappointment, 'there is always someone coming over' he complained.

'So what's wrong with that?' asked Pratigya.

'Everything' he growled in frustration, 'I never get to spend time with my wife'.

Pratigya rolled her eyes, blushing at his words. 'You've had me for 5 long years, isn't that enough?'

'Nope' replied Krishna, 'I can never get tired of being with you'.

'Oh really' teased Pratigya.

'Really' Krishna replied seriously.

Pratigya grabbed his tie and pulled him closer to her face, 'then prove it' she said seductively.

Krishna laughed and silenced her words with his passionate fiery kiss.

'Mine?' she asked lovingly.

'Yours' he promised eternally.



The lizard looked through the window and smiled at the scene before him. He squirmed onto the ground and glided through the grass. His thoughts were content knowing that due to him, both Krishna and Pratigya had come closer. He also took pride in the fact that he had introduced and united two new lovers, Aryan and Samira. All were happy, and his job was done'.that is of course for the mean time.


                       The End


Authors note

The Fan Fiction 'You are Mine' has finally come to it's end. I'd like to initially and most importantly thank every single one of you, whom had spared the time to both read and appreciate my writing. Secondly I'd like to thank my spammers, Aaliyah, Divya, Ania and also Priti! Thank you for constantly spamming my thread and making it a more hilarious and enjoyable experience. Third and fourthly, i'd like to thank those who either commented or pressed the 'like' button! LOL Your comments had further inspired and motivated me! That is why I am thinking of writing a new Fan Fiction.

I will really miss writing this fan fiction! And also shall miss all of you guys! (LOL I sound as if I am leaving the forum LOL)

It has been a very enjoyable experience, especially since it was my very first attempt of writing a Fan Fiction. Embarrassed

We all survived through 38 chapters! And I hope in the future, I will be able to share more experiences with you guys! So please please leave a comment for the last time! And press the 'like' button.

In order to prevent you guys from forgetting me too quickly LOL. I have written up a short 'inside look' to my new fan fiction. By the way I don't plan to start writing it straight away. I will perhaps write the new one after a very very very very very very very very LONG break! So enjoy!

Love you all, xo


New Fan Fiction 


The Price of indiscretion



She stood drowsy amongst the crowded dance floor; unaware and oblivious of her surroundings. She placed her hand upon her temples, confused at the sudden bouts of dizziness overtaking her intoxicated senses. Stumbling her way through the sweat consumed bodies, Pratigya found herself in a dark isolated room. The music could now only be slightly heard as Pratigya made her way to the bed, sinking into the depths of its softness.

Sunk deep in her spinning thoughts; Pratigya did not notice the door opening. A tall figure walked towards her in the shadows and loomed above her. His passion filled eyes shaded with intoxication, surveyed the beautiful woman lying sprawled upon the bed; ready for him.

Both individuals were unaware of destinies cruel and twisted way of showing, the price of indiscretion.

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me first ShockedBig smile

off to read then commentTongueWink

OMG gr8 part ClapEmbarrassed lub the whole part yr too good Big smileEmbarrassed really siinnce.09 u r a wonderfull writer Clap
nice ending Smile am glad u start ur another ff Smile

thankss alot for entertaining us ..dnt knw abt others but i really enjoyedddd thiss ff simple words LUB ITEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Ah!!the last chp was amazingThumbs Up.I am so happy that Pratigya and Krishna have 3 children.So sweet.And I am so happy for Aryan since he's gonna get married to youLOL.

I just loved this ff.

and ALL THE BEST for your next ffThumbs Up.I will be looking forward to reading itSmile
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ohk! so I glanced through it and found that part whr Krish lifted Aryan in his hands, and that arira shakti thingy! haila .... I am in fits of laughter again! ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL
First behoodi Kaash's FF n now this! ROFL ROFL ROFL my office ppl will for sure think that I have gone mad! ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL
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Haila behoodi coupled herself with KSG at the end! ROFL ROFL ROFL
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Originally posted by sangat

me first ShockedBig smile

off to read then commentTongueWink

OMG gr8 part ClapEmbarrassed lub the whole part yr too good Big smileEmbarrassed really siinnce.09 u r a wonderfull writer Clap
nice ending Smile am glad u start ur another ff Smile

thankss alot for entertaining us ..dnt knw abt others but i really enjoyedddd thiss ff simple words LUB ITEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hello! Tongue

Thank you so so much! By the way you can call me Samira .Embarrassed

Very sweet of you to comment. I shall look forward to reading your feedback in future fan fictions!

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