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FAN FIC -kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye

Rhydima Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 3:39pm | IP Logged


ANGAD-Just started his career as a rockstar.23 year old.Son of Dilip and Naina Khanna.Second year in SOUL MUSIC ACADEMY.Spoiled brat, Handsome, Dashing,Loves taking risks,is a biggest flirt but also caring.Loves his family esp.hisbrother a loy.Doesn't belive in live but also doesn't deny that in his heart he is still waiting for his princess..

KARTIK-Angad's bro.24 year old.managing Director of SOUL MUSIC ACADEMY.Completely opposite to his brother.he is handsome and caring.many girlsdie-hard for him but he is waiting for his miss Perfect or should i say found his miss Perfect..

DILIP-Angad's and Kartik's dad.loving and a caring father and husband.Works with Naina at khanna Industries..hisbest friend is Suryaban Sharma.

NAINA-Lovin and caring mother.Helps Dilip with company.

DADI-Loves her family a lot.Espeacially Angad


SURYABHAN-Lives in friend of Dilip.Manages Sharma Group of Industries.A loving father.

GAYTRI-Helps Suryabhan with buisness.A loving mother and Best friend of Naina.

KARAN-25 year old.Eldest son of Suryabhan and Gaytri.He was actually adopted.he is very caring and loved by everyone.Manages buisness in Canada.Is surely handsome

JOSH-23 year old.Second son.isdoing his Buissness Management at harvard University.A bit naughty.A big flirt.

KRIPA-Bubbly girl.Lovely and sweet sis of karan and Josh.Smallest in the family hence pampered by everybody,esp.Karan.Doesnot belive in love but doesnot deny that it may happen one day.


Angad's Friends-

SAM-Angad's best friend and secretly in love with him.

PRITHVI            ALLIYA              SAMMER           MISHTI           

HARSHINI          PAYAL             RAJIV                  RAHUL

PRITHVI and ALLIYA love each other

SAMMER and MISHTI love each other

RAHUL and HARSHINI are in love

PAYAL loves RAJIV but Rajiv love hotand sexy girls.


phsyco Groupbie

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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
ths kool continue soon Smile Big smile
Rhydima Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 4:40pm | IP Logged

We seea girl in tank top and Denim jacket and kapri running down the stairs with lot of books in her hand.The books cover her face so we can just see her Brownish Golden hairs.While running she collides with a guy and all her books falls from her hands.She sighs and bends down to pick them up.While picking up we can see her delicate hands.The guy just stands their looking at her.After some time she turns her head toface that guy.The girl is none other tham KRIPA.

Kripa:Bhai aap mujhe dekhte he rahenge ya meri koi madat bhi karenge????

Then we see the guy is none other than Josh Sharma.Kripa's brother.

Josh:Kyaa Kripa jana jaroori hai????

Saying this he bends down to help Kripa with her books.

When he saidthat Kripa stopped and just stared at Josh with tears in her eyes.

(Kripa had done her Fashion Designing from UFT.She wanted to become a singer so she was going to INDIA to join the SOUL MUSIC ACADEMY.Her brothers loved her a lot were very possesive about her.They didnot want Kripa to go to India all alone so they tried different ways to prevent her from going to India.But all their efforts were of no use.)She comes back to reality
Before she could say something one more guy bends down to help Josh with the books.The guy is none other than Karan.

Karan:kyaJosh pata hai na tujhe ki hamari baat sunne wala yahakoii nahi hai.Saying this he shot Kripa a angry glare.

kripa couldnot take it anymore so she ran upstairs to her room crying.After a feww minutes you hear a door banging shut.

Josh and Karan continued picking up the books without speaking.This whole scene was watched by their mother Gaytri.after Kripa went to her room Gaytri marched towards her sons.

Gaytri:Firse rula diya usse.Kya khushi milti hai tum dono ko.hamesh to satate rehteho to abhi jane se pehele to mat rulao bichari ko.jake manao abhi usse.

Saying this she went away leaving the two of them together with sad expressions oj their faces.After picking up the books they kept it on the table and went upstairs to Kripa's room
They knocked but kripa shouted.

Kripa:(crying)Chalein jao yahase.Mujhe sona hai kuchTum please... but before she could complete her sentence her brothers were standing right in front of her.

Karan took Kripa's face in hand and wiped her tears.But
Kripa stood up and walked to the window.The wind blowing softlytouching her hair.She watched the snowfall enjoying cold.Josh came to Kripa and stood their watching his sis crying silently.

Then the camera zooms around to Kripa's room.her room is baby pink with a double bed in middle covered with soft toys.On top of the bed is a Guitar.In front is a big photo of her Karan and Josh.Other walls were covered with photos of Josh,Karan and her friends.

Josh:Kya karan Bhai kuch log rote hi rahate hai,accha nahin lagta kuch logo korota hua dekhte.Balki hamesha ladkiya hi roti rahati hai.ladke to badestrong hote hai

karan:ha yaarsach hai.Ladkiyon ki aankho mai ganga baheti hai.Saying this they both started laughing

kripa hated when her brothers called her a girl.She says was a tomboy.She did everything their brothers used to do.She played all sorts of games.

Kripa: Agar tum dono ka hasna khatam ho gaya ho to please mere room se chalein jao please mujhe sona hai.

Karan:Kya Kripa sorry bola na .yaar tum janti ho na ki hum tumse kitna pyaar karte hai to hum tumhe hamse door jane kaise denge.
Saying thishe looked the other way and tried to wipe his tears but Kripa had already seen them and she felt bad as they had said all those things to her because they loved her dearly.She turned karan's face and wiped his tears.

Kripa:Aap dono ko kya lagta hai ki app logo se door jake mujhe khushi ho rahi hai.To galat hai aap.Saying this she she started crying and dug her face into Karan's chest and started weeping.Both of them cried in each others arms.

Josh:Kya tum dono rote hi rahoge.Saying this he wiped his tears and removed a box and on opening it we see three gold chains with heart pendannt.He removed one chain and gave that to Kripa and one to karan.he removed the third one and put it around his own neck.While Josh was doing this Karan and kripa had confused expressions on their faces.Josh when looked up he saw both of them staring at him.

Josh:(with mild humour)Kya tim dono ne itna handsome ladke ko kabhi nahi dekha kya ki ajj itna ghurke dekh rahe ho???

Karan:josh majak chod aur ye bata ye kya hai(pointing towards the chain).

Josh:kya bhai chashma lag gaya lagta hai chain hai jo maine tum dono ko pahenne ke liye di hai nahin pakadke rakhne ke liye.

on that kripa and karan put the chains around their necks and looked at Josh.josh smiled and asked them to open their heart pendannts,When they did they both had happy expressions on their faces.
The locket:-
KRIPA's locket had pic of KARAN and JOSH
JOSH's locket had pic of KRIPA and KARAN
KARNA's locket had pic of JOSH and KRIPA

Kripa:bhai kitna pyara locket hai.Saying this she gave Josh a hug and as she no longer could control herself broke down in tears.Both Josh and karan hugged her and tears started flowing down from their eyes.
But suddenly Kripa stood up and walked up to the window with her back to the.
Curiously both Josh and Karan wiped their tears and followed her.But before they reached her she turned around and threw two snowballs at them hitting both of them on their faces.After that she ran towards the door and started laughing..

Kripa:(laughing)kaisa sabak sikhaya.kripa ko rulane ka anjam.Saying this she started laughing even harder.

Josh and Karan realized what had happened and started chaising her around.They came down and started running all around the living room.

Gaytri:Dekhye na aap,itne bade ho gaye lakin abhi bhi baccho jaise pakda pakdi khelte hai.Flight ko sirf 3 ghante baki hai aur itna kaam baki hai..

Suryabhan:kya gaytri bache hai khelenge nahin to aur kya..
But Karan and Josh had caught Kripa and tickled her till the time shesaid them sorry.
Atlast all 5 of them were on the airport saying good bye to Kripa.Gaytri constantly telling Kripa to take care of herself,eat properly.Josh and Karan telling her to call them regularly.

Suryabhn:kripa wahan apna khyal rakhna aur kartik hai nawahan pe tumhara khyal rakhne ke liye.
Saying thisheasked her to leave as he could no longer see his only daughter leaving...
lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
interesting story waiting for ur next post
Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
hey that was realli good....plz cont soon!! and read my fanfiction Yeh Hai Zindag- my fanfic
Rhydima Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 5:31pm | IP Logged

After 26 hours..
Now kripa was waiting for the plane to land.She didnot call kartik as she wanted to surprise him but she had never before met Kartik.Kartik was a brother to her.They only had been in contact through mails and had talked on the phone several times.

After landing and completing the formalities she cameoutand saw a driver holding a board having her name.She went towards him..

Kripa:Maein Kripa hu aur aap

Driver:Ji mai Rocky aapka Driver
Saying this he took her luggage and kept it in the car and started off...

Kripa:Rocky kya tum mujhe SOUL MUSIC ACADEMY drop kar sakte ho???

Rocky:Ji maim sab..

kripa:Agar mein tumhe Rocky bula sakti hu to tum bhi mujhe Kripakehkar bulaoge.Samjhe..
Rocky smiled to himself..

Om their way Rocky told Kripa everything about Mumbai esp.SOUL MUSIC ACADEMY..

Rocky:Kripamein tumhara yaha gadi mein waitkarta hu.Tum jake ajao.

Kripa:Nahin tum chale jao.Mujhe pata nahin ki mujhe kitna waaqt lag jaye.kaam hoone par mein tumhe phone kar doongi..Saying this shetook his mb.number and started going towards the entrance.

She enterd the campus and looked around this was the place from whereshe is going to start her career.

You see some students fooling around.
Some are flirting with girls..
Some are talking with friends..
Some are trying to study but cannot..
Some are carrying out pranks on others...

Seeing this Kripa chuckled..
Kripa's eyes wandered around and remained still on the huge building in front of her and on the top was return-          ;           ;  SOUL MUSIC ACADEMY
Slowly she started going towards the entrance.Several eyes were shot in her direction.Especially by boys who were observing her fig.She was wearing a short skirt with a tanktop and half sleeved Denim jacket with long earingsandher hairs down upto her waist.She was wearing knee lenght leather boots.
many boys just stopped what they were doing and looked at her.Then suddenly she hearda beautiful soundof a guitar being played.She followed the sound andstood in front of a open door.Slowly she opened the door and walked in.

She saw a man sitting on the stool in center of the stage playing the tune of KYPH.many people were present their listning him play.

Suddenly the man stopped and looked directly at kripa as some one toldhim that she was watching.HE just kept starring at her green eyes.The innocencein her eyes ,her beauty,he was simply mesmerized.

On the other hand Kripa's heart missed a beat.When he lloked up she just stared at his velvetish brown hairs with some strands on his fore-head.He had soft brown eyes.he had strong muscular body..he was none other than ANGAD.

Angad kept starring at Kripa.He suddenly felt completely diiferent.he had never felt like this ever before.

But before he could do anything the trance was broken as people around him started clapping.He regained his composure and smiled at the audience.When he looked up he saw that thegirl was gone hefelt a bit disappointed but immediately shook himself saying that it was simply an attraction.

Kripa didnot know what had happened right now.She was totlly drowned in those eyes.She shook herself and said shewasmerely being crazy..

She came to a halt when she realized that where she was going.She looked around frantically but couldnot find a way to go back.
She decided to ask some one.
So she asked a boy nearby reading a book

Kripa:Can u please tell me the way to principles office???

The boy looked up and was dumbstruck when hesaw Kripa standing their.He wanted to answer but not a single word was comming out.

Kripa looked up at him with a confused look and asked him again if he hadnot heard her properly.

Kripa:Can u please tell me the way to principles office???

But she was greeted with the same silence.

She walked away feeling the eyes of the nearby people on her.She tried to remain calm but couldnot..

Then some one tapped on her shoulder and she turned around-

Someone:Are u new here?
Kripa nodded

Someone:By the way I am Payal Chopra.

Kripa:Hi I am Kripa Sharma.

Payal:Are u searching for principles office?

Kripa:yes,can u tell me which way to go.??

Payal:Ya sure come with me...

They maintained a smooth flow of talk as Kripa was telling Payal about herself but suddenly she aasked-

Kripa:Whyis everyone staringat melike that?

Payal:(Chuckled)Our college hasnotseen a beautiful girl like u for a long time sothey are looking at u.
Kripa simply nodded but suddenly stoppeddeadat her tracks when she heard someone telling someone to wear proper clothes in the college.

Payal:(confused)Kya hua ruk kyoun gayi???

But Kripa turned around and saw the man speaking.He was tall,mascular body with sharp features.He had similar features of the guy playing guitar.Were they related??She brushed thethought off..

Kripa:Kartik bhai..

The person turned ariound and u could see a guy in suit (black)with same brown eyes.He wasno doubt Kartik

Kartik:Arre kripa tum yaha kya kar rahi ho??Tum ne nujhe phone bhi nahin kiya.Saying this he turned around and hugged her.

Kripa:Oh god u r so handsome.God aap kitne lambe bhi hai..Kartik laughed

Kartik had known kripa from the time she was small but they had been like brothers and sisters.

Kartik had seen Kripa's recent phot but she didnot get a chance to see his.

kartik:To kabhi aaye??

Kripa:Abhi.Aapse milne hi aa rahi thi.

Kartik:To kaha rahe rahi ho??

Kripa;Mama papa ka ek ghar hai yaha pe.Sab atrrangements ho chuki hai

Kartik:To aaj raat ka dinner humare ghar pe.


Saying this she turned to go.

kartik:Address to pata hai na

kripa:Ha u tonight..


Kartik had told Naina and Dilip and Ofcourse Angad about kripa comming for dinner.Naina and Dilip were excited but Angad was unhappy as his friends were going to have a dinner at a hotel.

Angad:Bhai mera rehena jaroori hai kya.??
The bell rings and we see Prithve,Alliya,Mishti,Sameer,Sam,Payal,rajiv,Harshini and Rahul.

All:Hello Angad.


Alliya:Kya hua mood kyon utra hua hai apka?

Angad tells them everything and all are bit disappointed but still say that they will stay with him to see misss Kripa Sharma.

Angad has never seen kripa and he doesnot even know that she considers Kartik as her brother..

The bell rings and teddy goes to open the door

Teddy:Oh ayye ye Kripa maam.Sab log apka hi wait kar rahe the.

Kripa:Oh to tum Teddy hoge.Aur please mujhe Kripa maam mat bula.Sirf Kripa..

Saying this we seea girl entering..

What will be Angad's reaction on seeing Kripa???

What will beKripa's reaction on seeing Angad?????

Will Angad's friends like Kripa????

To find the answer continue reading.....
Rhydima Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
I live in Toronto
Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 November 2005 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
oh no!!!!...plz dont do this to me!!!...plz cont!!!

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