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Update for Tumhari Disha - 03rd February,

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Posted: 03 February 2005 at 10:34pm | IP Logged

Yesterday's episode rocked totally! It was an altogether Ashish Nayyar Show and he dominated the entire proceedings yesterday with his awesome screen-presence, his ability to emote with perfection and ofcourse the way he can capture anyone & everyone's attention through those deep, melancholic eyes of his!  I was actually in tears yesterday and had to stop from weeping openly because my hubby kept making fun of me getting all senti for DK! BTW, it also had the best Disha – DK scene shown till date on Tumhari Disha and honestly if Disha does not believe in DK after yesterday's episode, then she should just go and rot in hell, for all I care! She just doesn't deserve to be Mrs. DK Sehgal….there are lots in line for that position, right? Ok, I am rambling too much, lets get down to the episode update…..there was some awesome dialogue interaction b/w Lady D and our hottie, lemme try my best and capture those in my update!

The episode begins with DK and Disha in the Police Station where DK tells a wide-eyed Disha (who was looking very pretty in a lovely rust colored chiffon sari) about his Mother Sumitra Sehgal and Dhruv Sehgal, his Father. DK tells Disha in a lost, painful, but not a self-pitying tone (this is what I love about DK) about his past when he was around 10 years of age and he used to live with his Mother Sumitra Sehgal in what was an ideal, carefree existence for him. As DK's voice fills with the happy memories of his past, the flashback scene shows a house where Sumitra and young Dushyant lived. In that young, impressionable age, he could not understand why his Mother unlike the Mother's of his friends never used to wear a Mangalsutra or put sindoor on her forehead. All Dushyant knew was that he used to eagerly wait for the weekends to come when his Father Dhurv Sehgal used to come over to meet his Mother and him and spend some happy moments with the family. Dushyant could never fathom the fact that his Father and Mother were not legally married and that he was actually an illegitimate child. The flashback scene shows a cute, little boy with lovely brown eyes asking his Mother when will Daddyji come home, to which the indulgent and loving mother replies that he will be coming home anytime now. Just then a swanky Car stops near the gate of their house and a handsome, middle-aged man steps out (This actor's name is Amar Talwar, and if any of you remember, he used to come in the serial Shanti, Saaya and lots more, he is also a popular Television Model and appears in many movies as a character artist, very good-looking man!) and the young boy rushes out to greet him with a warm hug. Dhurv hugs the child and asks him if he has been a good boy and whether he had not troubled his Mother, Dushyant is very happy to see his daddy and both of them seem to have a good time. Sumitra is shown to be very happy at seeing Dhruv but also has a troubled expression on her face.

The scene then shifts to the Police Station, where Disha's face turns very sympathetic and sad and she looks at DK in a different way than usual, both of them walk towards the visitor's gallery and occupy a seat opposite to each other. DK looks very worn out and defeated and his eyes though not moist, have the agony of a burnt out soul. Disha asks DK in a soft, sympathetic tone :

Disha – Toh Maaji and tumhare Pita ke beech main shaadi ka bandhan nahin tha?

DK – (In a lost, emotionless tone) Nahin……main us waqt bahut naadan tha, yeh nahin samajh paya ki mera Daddy humse milne sirf Sunday ko kyon aate hain, main apni maa se bahut zid karta aur unse yeh baat baar-baar poochta ki mere Daddy aur bachon ki Daddy ki tarah saare din hamare saat kyon nahin goozarte hain. Meri Maa ki aankhon main chupe aasoon mujhe dikhte toh the magar unki samaj mujhe nahin thi.

Disha – (Looks at DK with a completely awwwww type of look and speaks for the first time as a supportive wife and not as his antagonist) Main samajh sakti hoon, tumhara dard, maa baap main se ek ka bhi saaya apne sar par naa ho, toh kya goozarti hai.

DK – (Gives a piercing, intense look at Disha…..I was completely floored by him in this particular scene) Nahin Disha, tum kabhi nahin samaj sakti. Pita ke hote hue bhi naajayaz kehlana kya hota hai, yeh dard tum kabhi nahin samajh sakti. Yeh sirf who samajh sakta hai, jispe goozarti hai. Tumhare sar pe bachpan se ek parivar kaa saaya tha, tumhara bachpan rishton ke chaon main khilta gaya aur mera akelepan ke dhoop me moorjhata gaya.

DK then goes on further and his voice turns cold and emotionless as he looks at Disha deeply in her eyes and declares,

DK - Maine kabhi bhi shaadi ke bandhan mein vishwaas nahin kiya Disha, meri maa  ne apni poori zindagi us aadmi ke liye qurbaan kar di, jisne use ek patni hone ka darja bhi nahin diya. Meri maa ne ek patni hone ka farz poori tarah nibhaya magar Dhurv Seghal ne apne jeete ji naa unhe apni patni kehlaya na hi mujhe apna naam diya. Hamare samaj mein aise rishtey ko kya kehte hain, yeh shaayad tumhe acchi tarah pata hoga.

Disha looks shattered and there is an instant connection between the two of them as they realize that if nothing else, atleast their tragic pasts connects them on some level.

Disha's eyes get moist and it seems that she gets a lump in her throat as she realizes that DK is not what he seems to be. Disha prods DK to go on and its flashback again:

The scene shifts to another Sunday where young Dushyant is pestering his Mother about his Father's arrival and Sumitra is pacifying the child that he will be coming soon. Just then Dushyant sees his Father coming out of the Car looking unusually worried and going straight to meet Sumitra. Dhruv and Sumitra have a conversation which Dushyant overhears. Dhurv tells Sumitra that he can no longer bear to stay with ''That Woman'' and that if it was not for Sumitra's stubbornness, they would have been living happily together. Sumitra looks very concerned and tells Dhurv that he should not talk like this about Gargi and that all said and done, Gargi is his legally married wife and she has the first and foremost right over her husband. Dhurv is frustrated and tells Sumitra that he is deeply in love with her and he wants to live with Sumitra and their son and not with the woman he married because of his Mother's last wish before her death. Dhurv says that he is going to divorce Gargi and then marry Sumitra so that Dushyant becomes his legal heir as he is entitled to. Dhurv says that he has anyway distributed his property in such a way that after his death, Gargi will get half of it and the other half will go to Dushyant. Dhurv says that he has ensure that Dushyant is well taken care of and that he will never face any hardships or monetary problems ever. Sumitra smiles lovingly at Dhurv and tells him that this is more than what she could have expected out of Dhurv and she if she is concerned about anything it is about Dushyant's future and if Dhurv has already taken such good care of it, she need not worry about anything and that there is no need to put a legal name to their relationship. Dhurv tells Sumitra that she has too big a heart and that he wants to marry her because he is in love with her and that very soon all of them will be living together. Sumitra and Dhurv hug each other lovingly and Dushyant who is watching them through the window is elated and the poor baby thinks to himself that he will now have a normal family like the other children.

Scene shifts to the Police Station where Disha is getting more and more emotional after hearing DK's past life story and DK looks positively heart-broken and sad.

At the same time, the scene shifts to the Bhosale Office where Indy baby is getting hyper (I think the Peroxide dye seeped through to his non-existent brain!) as he gets a call form his share-broker that the stocks of Bhosale Industry is falling rapidly and that if the Board of Directors don't take a call on it, the majority of shares will be in the market and the Bhosale and Khosla family will lose their dominant position in their own company. Inder places a call to Anil and explains the situation to him, Anil gets paranoid and asks him what is to be done in such a situation. Inder tells Anil that the three Board of Directors and authorized signatories have to take a call on it and have to employ some Rs. 10 lakh on buying back the shares of the Company from the market. Anil tells Inder then what is he waiting for, he should immediately take a call on this to which Inder says that the third director of the Company besides Anil and Inder, that is Disha is nowhere to be found. Inder tells Anil that he has been trying to contact Disha on the phone consistently but she is not picking up the receiver. Anil tells Inder then he should just trace out Vedant and since Disha has given her Power of Attorney to him, he can take a call on it. Inder is frustrated with Anil and says that Vedant cannot be trusted to make such a huge decision and that they cannot do anything without Disha's approval. Anil rebuts Inder by saying that if Disha is not traced within the next an hour or so, then Vedant will have to fill in her place and they have to take a decision else the power will get out of their hands. Inder bangs the phone down and tries to call up Vedant but his phone is switched off, Inder suddenly gets a jealous look on his face and wonders to himself whether Disha and Vedant are together. He tries Disha's phone once more, her phone is kept on the Inspector's desk, the Inspector tells the Constable to give the phone to Mrs. Sehgal. When the Constable gives the phone to Disha, the phone is still ringing, Disha looks at the phone and it shows Inder's number, she cuts the line and looks at DK and asks him to tell him what happened next. (I was like yeah, yeah, yeah, Disha ignores Indy's phone for DK…..way to go Disha!) Inder is flabbergasted and mutter to himself in his silly, fobbish style why did Disha disconnect the phone line. Inder gets increasingly tense about what is to be done now and tries to connect to Vedant once again unsuccessfully.

The scene shifts to the Police Station where Disha who is now totally taken in by DK's dukh bhari kahani asks him what happened next. DK goes on, with his voice becoming more and more painful and sad. Its flashback time again and the scene shifts to Sumitra and Dushyan't home. Apparently after the last meeting between Dhurv and Sumitra, some 2 months have elapsed and there has been no news of Dhurv's whereabouts and Sumitra is getting increasingly anxious and then her anxiousness turns to fear and then fear to a feeling of loneliness and grief. Dushyant sees his Mother's growing disenchantment and grief and his young mind understands that it is because of his Father's absence that his Mother is so sad and lonely these days. Dushyant asks his Mother why does his Father not come for such a long time for which Sumitra has no answer.

This was a beautiful, total DK – Disha moment and I just loved it so much , I think I am going to watch the repeat telecast of this episode on Sunday just to see this scene again. The scene once again shifts to the Police Station where DK's eyes are moist and he can barely speak with the pain of his childhood choking his voice. Disha looks increasingly sympathetic when DK says:

DK – Main jab bhi apni Maa ke aankhon mein aasoon dekhta toh, mera dil toot jaat tha. Main unhe kabhi bhi dookhi nahin dekh sakta tha. Who akele main jab bhi roti thi, toh main jaa kar unke aansoon poach deta.

Disha – (Lovely moment, don't miss it for the World, Disha looks at DK with such tenderness and empathy in her eyes….it was just too good, Chhavi acted very well) Aur Tumhare Aassoon? Unhe kaun poachtha tha.

DK just looks at Disha partly in surprise at her unexpected gesture and partly out of the deep sadness that dwelled in him for all those gone by years and the scene again goes to flashback. Young Dushyant is insisting to his Mother that they should go to their Father's house and meet him. Sumitra tries her best to evade the child, but is unable to put up with his innocent request. They both go to the Kanaka House where the Gate-keeper rudely dismisses them off by saying that ''Sahab'' is out of station and tells them to just go away. Sumitra (I felt really bad for her in this scene) just request the Gate-keeper that this child wants to meet the owner of this house, she never says that he wants to meet his Father (this was in order to protect Dhruv Sehgal's honor) As both of them start to go away very disappointed, Dushyant who seems to be quite a rebel from his childhood days leaves his Mother's hands and rushes inside the Bunglow. Sumitra is horrified and runs behind Dushyant to stop him from getting inside the house, but the little brat (who grows up to be such a treat for the eyes, btw!) gets inside the house and as Sumitra comes in to get hold of him, they are both confronted by Gargi, looking surprisingly pretty in a  bright red saree, with a big bindi on her forehead and a Mangalsutra. Gargi looks at them firstly with surprise then with a painful and angry expression and asks the petrified Sumitra as Dushyant looks around curiously with his lovely, brown eyes, that what is she doing here. Sumitra just keeps staring at Gargi with a scared and awkward look in her eyes.

The scene shifts to the Mental Hosptial where Sumitra has had a terrible convulsion and all the Doctors are trying their level best to keep her in control by tying her hands and legs to the bed. The Doctor asks the nurse how did this happen to which the nurse is unable to reply. Just then the Camera focuses on Gargi who is shown smiling devilishly from behind the door and has an empty syringe in her hands and gives a ''Uff Gargi you are too much'' type of a dirty look at poor DK's mom and just walks away triumphantly.

Once again, let me reinstate that yesterday's episode was amongst the best of TD especially in showcasing Ashish / DK's enormous talent in emotional scenes. (Seriously, the Bamboo Stick Inder should take some acting lessons from our Hottie) Though Chaavi / Disha hardly had any dialogues, she acted superbly with her eyes especially when she asks DK with such tenderness and concern  in her voice about who supported him in his times of anguish……I really, really hope Disha believes in him this time!

Am eagerly awaiting for Monday when we will come to know the rest of the story of DK's life, how his Father died, how did he got handicapped, how did Sumitra go insane, What was Gargi's role in his Father's death, How and why did Dhruv go away from their lives all of a sudden and most important, Is Vedant Dhurv and Gargi's son, if then why is he Vedant Vadhera??? Also, if Sumitra dies, will DK suspect Disha of the same?

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lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 04 February 2005 at 4:21am | IP Logged
I agree it sounded like one of the best episode. I cant wait to watch it. I hope they dont kill dk's mom, that will be too muc.I can see Disha you are totally wiped up your feet by Dk,I have one question I may have missed , what became of Di real mom, haven't heard anything. Do you have an Idea. Thanks for all your effort's disha, you have made the TD updates the best. I tried reading some of the other serial updates , but have not been consistent , as they are not so well written.
lkaran Groupbie

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Posted: 04 February 2005 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Your updates are sooo good!!! Sometimes, it is even better than watching the serial Clap  Thanks for your efforts and if you have any interest - seriously consider script writing as a profession...no jokes, I am in the film industry and think you will make an excellent screen-play writer.



shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2005 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Thx for the awesum update, Disha! Big smile
sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2005 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
thanku thank u thank u soooooo much..........................Wink
Kiran1018 Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2005 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update.
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2005 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
awww...disha...what a great summary of the episode. I have to wait may be a month to watch this episode.

But your summaries are so good.....I have no words to express.

Wonderful job. Clap

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