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A Contract of Love -MayUr FF Chapter 3 Page 9 (Page 9)

safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 April 2010 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -anisha-

awsum writitng..Big smile..will comment more in leisure..!

Thanks a lotBig smile

Mou. IF-Sizzlerz

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hey nidheya.thanks to divz she gave the link of this FF of urs! i love the first two parts........the story started off really great! i think mayank is leo & nupur is Virgo...tell me whether i m correct or not! & plz pm me whenever u update!!!!!

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safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Mou.

hey nidheya.thanks to divz she gave the link of this FF of urs! i love the first two parts........the story started off really great! i think mayank is leo & nupur is Virgo...tell me whether i m correct or not! & plz pm me whenever u update!!!!!

Thanks a lot MouBig smile
I will reveal the raashees in the next chapterTongue
tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks a lot!!
The-chosen-one Senior Member

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hey plzzz continue soon....

its most amazing marriage proposal ever
safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

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Okay here's chapter 3!! Hope u all like it! Raashee's revealed!

Chapter 3

"No no no absolutely not," Nupur said. "Dia are you nuts? I'm so not going to marry him!"

"Nupur Bhushan are you in your senses?" Dia asked. "It's Mayank freaking Sharma! This is a golden chance to live a perfect life!"

"Perfect life?" Nupur screeched. "Getting married with a pre-nuptial contract to a jerk face is your idea of a perfect life? God save you!"

"Nupur will you calm down?" Dia asked. "Gosh this is such an opportunity! You will be able to live life king size...I mean queen size."

"Do I look like a gold-digger to you Dia?" Nupur asked. "See this is JUST wrong."

"It's not," Dia said.

"Dia I hate sneaky and underhand work," Nupur said. "It's not me."

"What's so sneaky and underhand about getting married?" Dia asked.

"It's a contract marriage," Nupur said. "Everyone will be thinking we are actually getting married while the truth is-"

"The truth is that you guys are actually getting married Nupur," Dia said. "In all sense it's a legal marriage."

"Dia don't try to force me," Nupur began.

"Listen to me Nupur," Dia said. "You've suffered enough don't you think? Even if it is for a year you will be able to live the queen style life you rightly deserve."

"But Dia," Nupur protested.

"Nupur trust me," Dia said. "You wont regret it."

"I need to talk to Mrs. Verma about it," Nupur said. "She will be able to help me out."

"Go ahead, I'm sure she will say the same thing," Dia said smiling.


Nupur waited impatiently in Mrs. Verma's apartment. She wanted an adult's opinion on this matter, yes Dia was an adult, but not old and experienced. She didn't know what to do. On one side was a life...make that a year full of luxury with Mayank Sharma and on the other, following her morals and doing the right thing. She had never faced such a dilemma in her life.

"Nupur dear in the end it will be your decision," Mrs. Verma said, entering the room.

"I know Mrs. Verma," Nupur sighed. "But do tell me your opinion."

"Nupur listen to your heart," Mrs. Verma said. "Don't listen to your mind. Listen to your heart. Don't think what is right and what is wrong."

"Mrs. Verma I don't know what to tell Bauji and Maa," Nupur said. "First of all they are upset with my walking out of Morena and now if I drop a bomb on them saying I'm getting married...I don't know what they will say."

"Nupur you have always been the headstrong kind of girl who knows what is right and wrong," Mrs. Verma said. "That's what I admired about you. If I had a daughter, I would want her to be like you."

"That is...that is very kind of you Mrs. Verma," Nupur said, smiling softly. "I guess I should..."

"Think from your heart," Mrs. Verma repeated.

"Okay," Nupur said. "I will be back soon."

"Take care," Mrs. Verma said. With a wink, she added "Happy Married Life."

"Mrs. Verma," Nupur said.

"Good bye dear," Mrs. Verma said and smiled


After a sleepless night, a tired Nupur went to work early the next day. She had avoided discussing Mayank's proposal with Dia and went straight to work after signing the register. Dia tried to talk to her about it but Nupur just plain avoided it.

She had been feeling very restless the whole time and had been muttering under her breath the whole time. Her customers were confused with her constant muttering and thought she was cursing them. The whole time she apologized to one customer and committed the same mistake with another. To make things a little better, she decided to freshen her mind with a cup of coffee.


Mayank entered A Mumbaikar's Pick and approached the receptionist. He was dressed in a faded black jeans and a white full-sleeved shirt. He looked handsome (no doubt there) and was all smiles as he asked for Miss. Bhushan.

"Can I meet Miss. Bhushan?" he asked, his voice silken like honey.

"She is up in the coffee shop," the receptionist said, hyperventilating.

"Thank you," Mayank said. "Have a good day."

"Of course," the receptionist.

He went up the elevator and to the coffee shop. He had planned it out. He would convince Miss. Whatever Bhushan to marry him, no matter what. He saw her slowly slipping coffee. He went up to her and sat down in a chair opposite her.

"Hey," he said.

"You?" Miss. Bhushan screeched. "What are you doing here?"

"Listen darling," Mayank started.

"I'm NOT your darling," Miss. Bhushan said. "I have a name. Nupur Bhushan."

"Okay Nupur," Mayank said. "I can give you all the happiness in the world in the exchange of those seven vows."

"See I'm simply not interested in getting married to you!" Nupur said. "I have thought about it!"

"Did you think from your heart?" Mayank asked. "Because somewhere, deep down inside your heart, you also want this."


Nupur looked at him and saw him smiling brightly. Boy, did he have a beautiful smile or what? She scolded herself for thinking anything good about him. But he did have a point. Somewhere, deep down inside her heart, there was a longing Nupur who wanted this, who wanted to get married to Mayank Sharma, who wanted to accept his proposal.

But she was afraid of letting that Nupur out. What if she ruled the real Nupur? The headstrong, egoistic and arrogant Nupur? What if she gets rid of the real Nupur? Was this marriage really worth all that?

"It is worth it all," Mayank said softly. "Trust me, you do trust me don't you?"

There was something in his voice, what it was she didn't know, something that told her she could trust him. Her good instincts immediately told her to go ahead with this proposal and accept it. After all, even if it was one year, she could be happy.

"Okay," Nupur said.

"Okay what?" Mayank asked.

"Okay, I accept your proposal," she said softly.

"You do?" Mayank asked overjoyed. "I knew you would."


Mayank felt ecstatic. He had finally found a wife! It wasn't even a difficult or large fight. In fact, wooing Nupur Bhushan had been about the easiest thing he had ever done in his entire life.

"But I have some conditions," Nupur said.

"And what is that?" Mayank asked curiously. "I'm already giving you 1/8th of my property."

"It's not money," Nupur said. "I want you to come with me to Morena to convince my parents that you are right for me."

"What?" Mayank spat. "Me and come to a small town? No ways!"

"Listen Mr. High and Mighty," Nupur said. "I can always say a NO to your beautiful proposal."

"That's emotional blackmail Miss. I'm so great," Mayank said. "But I'm desperate."

"Thanks," Nupur said.

Both of them headed down the elevator. Mayank grumbled furiously at the thought of having to visit a small town with Nupur. Argh, why couldn't life be easier.

"By the way," Nupur said. "Make that Mrs. High and Mighty."

Mayank felt himself smile at her comment, and the two of them marched towards the reception, signed the register and sat in his car.


"Maa she is the reason I don't want to marry Anita Chopra," Mayank said, introducing a beautifully dressed Nupur to his mother. "Nupur the love of my life."

"What you have a girl friend?" Shilpa Sharma asked, looking at Mayank and then at Nupur. "Are you serious?"

"Of course Maa," Mayank said. "I didn't know what you'd say, so I had hidden this matter from you."

"But Mayank," Shilpa said. "For how long have you two been together?"

'For a day,' Nupur thought, laughing crazily in her mind.

"Two years," Mayank said. "I helped her from the day she arrived from Morena."

"Why didn't you ever tell me beta?" Shilpa asked.

"I didn't know how you would react Maa," Mayank said. "After all she is not from our caste."

"So what?" Shilpa asked. "Tell me Mayu, how do you really feel about her?"

"Maa, I love her," Mayank said. "I love her crazily, madly and deeply. I couldn't imagine a day without her. She was my life, is my life and will always be my life. She is the reason I'm smiling today."

Nupur looked at him in awe. He actually looked like he was deeply in love with her. Those words, they came out of his mouth with so much truth, or fake truth in them. For a minute Nupur felt herself blushing hard and her cheeks turned deep crimson. She let the words spoken by Mayank set in, and tried to convince he was crazy about her and that this was the type of marriage she had always wanted.

"That's, that's beautiful," Shilpa said. "Who knew my son would be capable of loving someone so much, beside himself?"

"Maa don't embarrass me in front of my love," Mayank said, looking into Nupur's eyes.

"Okay okay," Shilpa said quickly. "Listen Mayu you need to visit Nupur's family and speak to them personally about this proposal."

"I know Maa," Mayank said. "I know."

"Okay now both of you go to Morena and talk to her parents," Shilpa commanded.

"What? Now?" Nupur asked. "But Aunty..."

"No buts Nupur dear," Shilpa said. "And call me mom."

"Mom," Nupur said softly, letting the day's events sink in.


Mayank and Nupur were sitting in his, make that their private jet, which took them to Morena. Nupur couldn't believe it at all. She was traveling to Morena, by private jet. It was among the most unbelievable things that had ever happened to her. But then, of late, only unbelievable things had been happening to her.

When she opposed to the idea of traveling by private jet, Mayank shut her up by telling her it was a matter of status and class. Those things mattered to her too, but there were certain ways to do things, the Nupur way.

"Mayank," she said.

There was no answer.

"Mayank," she called out again, a little louder.

Still no answer.

"MAYANK!" she yelled.

"WHAT IS IT?" Mayank yelled back.

"Oh you can ignore me to your hearts content and I can't even yell at you?" Nupur asked, glaring at him.

"What is it woman?" Mayank asked.

"Oh what double standards!" Nupur remarked.

"What exactly do you mean by that?" Mayank asked.

"I mean that when you needed my help you act all sweet-ish," she said. "But when that is done you go back to your high and mighty ways!"

"Don't give me lecture," Mayank. "Stay in your limits."

"Okay this marriage is off," Nupur said.

"No no ways," Mayank said, panicking. "Emotional blackmail again."

"You better be nice to me Mr. Mayank Sharma," Nupur said. "Or I wont hesitate to completely trash your proposal."

"Yeah yeah sure," Mayank said.


After making a huge show in an open ground in Morena, Mayank and Nupur drove a jeep to Nupur's home. Mayank was surprised to see that it was a pretty big house.

"Who would have thought that you lived in such a big house," Mayank smirked.

"Be nice," Nupur reminded. "And anything less than this wouldn't suit the Nupur Bhushan. Come inside."

The duo were greeted by Nupur's 17 year old sister Gunjan. From what Mayank saw of Gunjan, he could make out the fact that she was the total opposite of her haughty sister. Gunjan was a quiet, reclusive girl with specs and an improper body language. This was compared to the egoistic, arrogant, tough, strong, confident Nupur.

"Di you?" Gunjan asked in shock. "Back in Morena?"

"Yes Gunjan," Nupur said. "Where is Bauji?"

"He is inside," Gunjan said. "Do come."

She never asked about Mayank, making him feel grumpy.

"She doesn't even acknowledge me," Mayank said. "What a girl."

"Mind your tongue Sharma," Nupur said. "That's my sister."

"Touchy aren't we?" Mayank asked.

"Shut up," Nupur said.


Everyone in Nupur's family sat in silence as Mayank re-enacted the "I love her so much" scene from his house. They all were very shocked to see Nupur there and the added shock of her suddenly announcing her marriage to Mayank.

"Mayank, son," Bauji said. "What's your raashee?"

"Huh?" Mayank asked, confused.

"I can answer this without knowing it," Nupur muttered.

"What is he asking?" Mayank whispered.

"He is asking what your zodiac sign is," Nupur said.

"Oh my zodiac sign," Mayank said. "Why?"

"Son for checking the compatibility," Bauji said.

"Oh I'm a Leo," Mayank said. "Born on 4th August 1983."

"Knew it," Nupur said. "Bauji he is of sinha raashee."

"Wow this is wonderful," Bauji said. "Even our Nupur is of the sinha raashee. Born on 2nd August 1987."

"Oh I know her birthday," Mayank said. "World's best day."

"No darling," Nupur said. "That's your birthday! The most blessed day ever."

"Aw you spoil me sweetheart," Mayank said. "How fortunate am I to have found you!"

"So when is the date of marriage?" Bauji asked.

"We are thinking of Saturday," Mayank said.

Nupur froze. Saturday? That was only two days from today! She had to prepare for so many stuff...her marriage day, the day she had been dreaming about since childhood where she and her King would unite...but this was so different from what she had in mind.

"So soon?" Bauji asked. "How can we prepare for so many-?"

"Leave it to me," Mayank said. "Mr. Bhushan you are forgetting that I'm THE Mayank Sharma."


Soon it was time for Mayank and Nupur to leave. Mayank was curious since he hadn't seen Nupur's mother yet.

"Where is Mrs. Bhushan...I mean your wife?" Mayank asked.

Nupur, Bauji and Gunjan froze. Bauji looked at Nupur.

"Mayank she isn't at home," Nupur said.

"What does that mean?" Mayank asked.

"That means that she is at her friend's place," Nupur said. "Now lets go honey."

"Oh alright," Mayank said and the two went to the jeep. Bauji looked meaningfully at his daughter and realized that she hadn't told the whole truth about her family to her fiance.


  End of Chapter

Hehe both are Leo's! Nupur is 2nd Aug born (same as me) and Mayank 4th Aug (same as Cole Sprouse)
Hope u all liked it!


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Amazing update Nidz:)
I dint quite get the logic of them getting married esp that of Mrs Verma
but but but I m so not complaining LOL
ahaaaa they are leo leo :)
teek hai baba u n ur love's bdays ROFL
2 leos together, seems like the house will be on fire! :)

keep writing, I ll miss ur ffs when u go off on vacation ..:(
jaldi jaldi update kariyo :)


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