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A Contract of Love -MayUr FF Chapter 3 Page 9

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Chapter 1

"Thanks a lot for all your help Mrs. Verma," 23 year old  Nupur Bhushan said. "I hope it works out today atleast."

"I'm sure it will Nupur beta," Mrs. Verma said. "You have had enough practice."

"Thanks," Nupur said. "I think I should get going, I don't want to be late."

Much against her parents wishes, Nupur Bhushan, 23, had moved from small town Morena to big city Mumbai for the much coveted about "freedom". It had been two years since she moved to Mumbai, but she still hadn't gotten a proper job. She worked part-time at the local library, thanks to the kind Mrs. Verma who pitied her and gave her the tiny job. She stayed in a dingy room in the local women's hostel. Everything was so small scale that she didn't regard it as anything other than "local".

Today, after two whole years, the biggest book store in Mumbai, A Mumbaikar's Pick was holding job interviews. Nupur hoped she would get even a small vacancy because even the lowest employee there, the watchman, earned Rs. 15,000 per month!

Holy cow! If I earned that much I would be able to afford a one bedroom apartment at the very least!

She was applying for the post of an assistant, because that's what she did in the library and it was something she liked, helping people.

She had decided to walk to the showroom instead of taking an auto, simply because it was cheaper. Her current pay was Rs. 500 per month and she didn't want to waste her money on the bus or auto-rickshaw in case she didn't get the job.

Shut up Nupur Rati Bhushan! You will get it! Remember you are CUT for the job! Mrs. Verma told you right? The job is MADE for you!

After a tiring thirty minute walk, Nupur finally arrived at A Mumbaikar's Pick. She walked inside with confidence oozing out of her. She walked up to the receptionist with a smile on her face.

"How may I help you ma'am?" the receptionist asked.

"I'm here for an interview," Nupur said, smiling. "For the position of the moving-assistant."

"Past experience?" the receptionist asked.

Nupur handed over her file from working at The Verma Library. The receptionist went through it and looked up at her.

"That's it?" she asked.

"I wouldn't consider it that little Ms. Kapoor," Nupur said, reading from her badge. "The first time I visited the library, it took me only two hours to tell where which book was situated."

"Really?" Dia Kapoor, the receptionist asked. "Wow."

"And I kinda helped around for a few days, just like that, and Mrs. Verma asked me to join her," Nupur said proudly.

"And you have been on the payroll of Rs. 500 ever since?" Dia asked.

"Yes," Nupur said. "Mrs. Verma helped me out when I most needed it. And it's not about money, it's about the fact that I could spend time with books and help people at the same time."

"Wonderful," Dia said. "Okay Nupur you will be given the next fifteen minutes to get around this place and memorize where each author's book is situated. Then after that you have to handle the next FIVE customers who come inside. If you do a good job, you are hired."

"That's it?" Nupur asked. "That's a cake walk for me."

"Don't think so highly about yourself," Dia said. "We have some real tricky customers here."

"No worries Dia," Nupur said. "Nupur Rati Bhushan can handle anyone."

Giving a broad smile at Dia Kapoor, Nupur headed off to check out and analyze the book store.


"Mom I told you a zillion times, I'M NOT GETTING MARRIED," Mayank Sharma told his mother through the phone. "I don't believe in all this love and commitment crap. I'm NOT cut to get married."

"Mayank every man gets married one day or the other," Shilpa Sharma said. "Listen get married to that Anita Chopra, my daughter's friend."

"MOM FOR THE LAST TIME I'M NOT MARRYING ANITA CHOPRA," Mayank bellowed onto the phone. "Gosh why don't you EVER understand?"

"What I don't understand is that why of all men, why my son had to turn out to be a hate guru," Shilpa said sadly. "Why is it you Mayu, why?"

"Mom PLEASE don't call me Mayu," Mayank said, frustrated. "And I don't want to hear your sob story please."

"Mayank Arjun Sharma," Shilpa said firmly. "If you don't find yourself a girl by next Friday, that is ten days from now, you are going to get married to Anita Chopra and that is FINAL. End of discussion."

"Mom you can't take such trivial and important decis-"

"End of Discussion Mayank," Shilpa said. "End of discussion."

With that his mother cut the phone and Mayank grabbed his hair, ready to pull it apart.

No I C A N N O T get married to that slut Anita Chopra. Ugh why can't Mom see her for who she is. Ugh she always looks at me with those lustful and love-sick eyes. If mom gets me married to her I will suffer for the rest of my life. I NEED to look for a girl, and FAST. But is there really any agency on finding prospective brides for a contract marriage?


Within five minutes Nupur had memorized where each author's books were, where each genre of books were located, etc. She stood proudly in front of Dia Kapoor and grinned.

"I know where everything is," she said.

"Don't be so confident Nupur," Dia said. "As I said, we have some real tricky customers here. Even customers who have worked here for years can forget everything."

"Don't worry Dia," Nupur said. "Nothing is difficult for me."

"Trust me Nupur," Dia said. "Spend the next ten minutes revising stuff, it will HELP."

"If you say so," Nupur said and had another look at the books.

She loved this place. It was spacious and filled with books. The smell of fresh books always warmed her up and made her feel wonderful. It relaxed and soothed her senses. She hoped to own a bookstore of her own. That had always been her ambition. It wasn't anything hi-fi or fancy, it was rather simple, to be surrounded by fresh smelling books all day and night for the rest of her life. She was snapped out of her dreams when the bell rang, indicating the 15 minutes were over.

She looked over to Dia who gave her a thumbs up sign.

Just then the door of the store opened, causing a gush of wind to enter. Her side fringe was blown away and she gasped as she saw a painfully handsome man enter A Mumbaikar's Pick. She stared at him walk up with his head held high and an arrogant expression on his face. Dia looked at her with a horror-struck expression on her face. Was this godly customer one of those scary ones she spoke about?

"Best of luck Nupur," Dia said. "Mayank Sharma. The son of Arjun Sharma, the industrialist. The pickiest and toughest and the meanest and the most confusing customer EVER. Good luck babes."

Nupur felt a tad bit nervous as she approached this Mayank Sharma. He looked so handsome. Could such a handsome person actually be mean? Nah, it was impossible. As impossible as it was for someone to be so painfully handsome.

"Hello I'm Nupur Bhushan," Nupur said, smiling. "How may I help you Mr. Sharma?"

"I want the Love Story," Mayank said. "By that goddamn author."

"Sir I request you to respect the authors," Nupur said, in a mixture of polite and firmness. "I will get the book for you in a minute."

Nupur head down to the romance section to get The Love Story, when Mayank commanded her to stop.

"I want Angels and Demons by that Brown guy," Mayank said.

"Alright sir," Nupur said. "It's by Dan Brown, not that Brown guy."

"Don't you teach me alright missy?" Mayank said through his teeth.

Both of them head towards the thriller section. Nupur found the book and handed it over to him.

"Nah I don't want to read this," he said shaking his head. "I want that Slumdog Millionaire book."

"Slumdog Millionaire is the movie," Nupur corrected. "The book's name is Q and A."

"Whatever whatever," Mayank said. "Just get me the book."

As they headed towards the Indian Fiction section Mayank once again stopped her.

"No not that book," Mayank said. "I want some book on economics."

"Yeah sure," Nupur muttered sarcastically. "I will get it to you in a minute."

"No not economics," Mayank demanded. ""

"Mr. Sharma," Nupur said firmly and loudly. "Please come with me."

Nupur led him up the elevators and smiled as the door opened to the 3rd floor. A warm aroma of fresh brewed coffee entered their noses and Nupur smiled brightly.

"Why don't you have some coffee Mr. Sharma?" Nupur asked.

"I don't want to," Mayank said.

"But I want you to," Nupur said. "Coffee clears the mind and ends confusion."

"What are you hinting at?" he asked suspiciously.

"Nothing," Nupur said. "I suggest if you have a cup of coffee your mind will become fresh and will clear all the confusion. I will be back in a jiffy. Just relax with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Ramu please give Mr. Sharma our best coffee please."


Mayank looked after Miss. Bhushan with an astonished expression on his face. Had this assistant actually managed to shut him up? Had she got the nerves to tell him to clear his confusion? Wow! She was something!


As Nupur entered the elevator door she let out a loud sigh. This handsome hunk might not be such a meanie, but he was definitely overtly arrogant and snobbish. He had annoyed the hell out her, to a point that she wanted to yell at him to stop ordering around. Then she remembered her purpose of being here, the job, the bookstore, it all meant too much to throw away because of some jerky customer.

She went over to Dia and smiled.

"Ain't I great?" she asked proudly.

"Wow I must give it up to you Nupur," Dia said, clapping. "The way you handled Mayank Sharma, some nerve you've got."

"This job and this place means too much to me Dia," Nupur said. "To throw away because of some jerk."

"Handsome jerk," Dia added, grinning.

"Yeah whatever," Nupur said, losing all that early attraction she felt for him.

"I think Mr. Handsome Jerk needs you Nupur," Dia said.

"Break time is over," Nupur said laughing. She went up the elevator and to Mayank.


Mayank smiled as he saw Miss. Bhushan approach him. The brave girl who told him to clear his mind. She was definitely interesting, very interesting.

"I hope the coffee helped you clear your mind Mr. Sharma," she said, smiling brightly. "Now can you please tell me which book I should get you?"

"I want that Angels and Demons book by that Brown guy," Mayank said, getting up.

"It's Dan Brown," Miss. Bhushan said. "I will get it for you. You may come down"

Mayank headed down the elevator with her. She got him the book and he was ready to pay for it when he received a call from his mother.

"I hope you are looking for a girl Mayu," Shilpa said. "I have no qualms of getting you married to that Anita."

"Bye MOM," Mayank said and switched off the phone. "ARGH MARRIAGE MARRIAGE MARRIAGE!"

"Sir please lower your volume," Miss. Bhushan said.

"PUT THAT BOOK BACK!" he ordered.


What? Is this guy suffering from multiple personality disorder or something? He was totally satisfied with the book. Why did he have to start acting all arrogant and snobbish again? Argh.

"Sir can you please tell me what book you want?" Nupur asked.


"What?" Nupur asked. "What do you mean by that?"

"I want a book where the word marriage shouldn't even be mentioned," Mayank said. "If the word is mentioned, I will make sure you lose your job."

"Oh let me get it first," Nupur muttered to herself.

A book without the WORD marriage? God! Why does this Greek God have to be some marriage-phobiac?

"Sir but," she muttered helplessly. If she didn't find him a book without marriage she wouldn't get the job. And she needed it, BADLY. Enough of suffering already. Something clicked in her brain and she smiled and went to a particular section.

She arrived with a book titled The Hippo and the Horse. It was a children's book which she had read out to many kids in the library during reading hour. She knew, for sure, that the word marriage wouldn't be mentioned in it. She hoped this jerk-face had enough sense of humor to laugh it off.

"Here," she said, handing him over the book.

Mayank examined it. "Are you positive there's no marriage?"

"I've read it a countless times and I can guarantee you sir," Nupur said. "No marriage at all."

"Thank you Miss. Bhushan," Mayank said. "Now let me pay for this before I change my mind."

"Good idea Mr. Sharma," Nupur said, smiling.

Mayank went over to the counter, paid for it and left, with a smile on his face. Nupur went to Dia who had a shocked expression on her face.

"Did you just sell Mayank Arjun Sharma a CHILDREN'S BOOK?" Dia asked, her jaw hanging down.

"I guess I did," Nupur said proudly. "One down, four more to go."

"You got the job dude," Dia said.

"Huh?" Nupur asked.

"Anyone who can handle Mayank Sharma like that deserves a job here," Dia said, in awe. "I'm sure you will be a GREAT addition to this place."

"Wow Dia!" Nupur exclaimed. "This is just so perfect, too good to be true...if you do not mind may I ask you something?"

"It's 25,000 per month," Dia said, smiling.

"HOLY COW!" Nupur exclaimed. "That's W O W with a capital W!"

"Yeah I know," Dia said. "If you can handle Mayank Sharma like that within fifteen minutes of knowing this place, you deserve MUCH MORE!"

"Wow Dia you ROCK!" Nupur said. "Can I have a little advance?"

"Sure Nupur," Dia said, handing over a wad of notes. "It's 5,000. Keep it safe."

"Thanks a ton," Nupur said. "WOW this ROCKS!"

Nupur kept the money safely in her purse, thanking all the gods she knew, and the Greek God Mayank Sharma for being her customer and ensuring her the job. Little did she know this Greek God would be much more than a customer in just a few days.

Okay guys!
I know I haven't updated my other FFs, but I just HAD to write this one!
Understand my majboori yaaronEmbarrassed
Tell me how you like it!
It will be a super passionate kind off FF, with some jokes here and there!

Do comment,

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Chapter 1 = Page 1
Chapter 2 =  Page 4

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Wow what was the that WOW this ROCKS loved it completely please do cont. soon

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great start dear....pls continue soon...

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Wow Nidz
That's a firecracker of a start to your FF
Amazing hun...
I gotta read this one...
Pls add me to your PM list...
Wouldn't want to miss this FF
Pls continue soon....

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Brilliant!! Loved it!!
Please continue soon and please pm me

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Originally posted by sharma.nat

Wow what was the that WOW this ROCKS loved it completely please do cont. soon

Thanks a ton!Big smile
safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by achoose

great start dear....pls continue soon...

Thanks a lot!!Tongue

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