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16/4 - Sid-Riddz-Armaan: Sane Armaan, Insane SR!

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Hey buttercups!


Sabse pehle koi mujhe floor se uthaao.ROFL.....Armaan baby is organizing another concert but it is for CHARITY as Armaan is gathering millions to send Sid-Riddz to the world's most expensive and fool-proof communication course where they both will be taught how to COMMUNICATE. Attaboy Armaan!Embarrassed 

Okay, let me get serious for a while and then , you guys pick me up from the floor again.....

I am skipping the gang and Nana's part as it was a waste but I will make a separate post on YuNa today. Arman and Yuvi were the only saving grace of that scene. Please send Nana back to where he has come from.


Riddhima , tired of her rona and bhaagna marathon that has given hypertension and migraines to SidMaan is resting in the BB court... still crying and swinging between what how she blasted both the beefcakes - how Armaan talked about the value and sanctity of marriage and how Sid poked her in the ribs about her feelings for Armaan......she is still not talking to those men while she should be doing and is still the mahaa-dukhi ablaa naari who has been tortured by two not-so-laayak beefcakes.

Armaan quietly walks in with his bag, looking at her. A  crying Riddhima notices his bag but straightens her face and walks away- sticking to her stern attitude and tells Armaan that there is nothing that they have to talk about. Armaan , shattered but at peace with himself and the situation and with a body language that says how he has embraced reality and the SR marriage walks over to her - Riddhima looks at him and her face softens a little - and what follows is a beautiful silent conversation between two ex-lovers who want to make peace with each-other and move on with the purest and most beautiful feelings for each-other. Armaan conveys something beautiful to Riddhima through the placards ....

Goodbye Riddhima.I never thought i'd say it but hey! Am cool. I am sorry that i made you cry so much .... am sorry that i caused you so much of hurt but today with all my heart , i tell you that i want you to be happy. You are my life....

A pensive smile and tears of calm come over Riddhima face as she feels a pinch in her heart that Armaan is going but she is calm this time - as though thinking that it is the right thing perhaps.She conveys to him by her expressions that she will try to be happy and you actually see a calm smile on her face. But when the placard says 'You are my life '... Riddhima's smile fades and she takes a few steps away from Armaan.... and Armaan saves us from another heart attack that will come from Riddzie's sobs by showing her the next placard...' But now you are somebody's wife'.

I value your marriage very much , Riddhima  and i know what Sid and this marriage is to you. I have accepted and embraced the truth and i wish you all the happiness - in this life , you belong to Sid but hey! I can still bet on the forthcoming lives , right? We will meet again, Riddz... in another time, in another place , in another life. But today your life with Sid is precious to me and am not going to let any winter wind bite it... and listen up, I am not the winter.

Riddhima keeps looking at him with a strange pensive expression , and Armaan being the innocent Armaan takes a step forward to hug her - on purely feeling basis but Riddhima... on the other bank of the river steps back twice instinctively. Armaan is hurt but he knows the woman he is trying to warmly hug is not basket... she is Riddhima Modi......

Armaan just looks at her and tells her with genuine happiness and you are amazed at the bravery and purity of this man's heart - " Sindoor mein bahot khoobsoorat lag rahi ho." It takes courage to tell the love of your life that she looks luminous as another man's wife but Armaan did it. And trust me, Armaan meant it and in that one sentence he really was appreciating Sid's wife. It stamped Armaan's heartfelt acceptance and approval of the Sid-Riddz marriage.....

On the other hand our sweetie Sidster who has been driven to the edges of emotional cliffhangers by the constant rona-dhona and marathon bhaagna of his wife thinks that he truly is unworthy of his wife  and is swinging in the Sanjivani corridors like a lost cow....

Riddz, you are not ready to talk to me. You keep running away from me and i don't think you are happy with me. You are not going to take a decision and am going to put a stop to all this K-soap tamaasha. I am going to take a decision that will be for your best... yes, my chosen best since you will not tell me what is your chosen best..... I am going to stop this bleeding MY WAY.

We move back to Armaan and Riddhima where Armaan takes a bow and quietly moves away from Riddhima but DHAN TANEY !.... Aa gaya twist ji! A huffing and puffing Jiggy comes running and hands over a big fat envelope to Riddhima.....and as Armaan picks up his bag to go , Riddhima pulls out the shocker...

A deed of divorce for Mr.Siddhanth Modi and Mrs. Riddhima Modi!

Riddhima freezes in the spot as tears rapidly run down her cheeks and she looks dumbfounded for a few seconds. Armaan looks at her and gauges that her world has just collapsed and he goes over to her to ask what is wrong? And Riddhima takes off again. All her anger and hurt that has sprung from the papers sent by Sid find an outlet in Armaan - I won't go into the details since the ACH used the dialogue copy from the terrace scene but there were just three things that stood out starkly from this scene.

1. Riddhima is super stung and shattered that Sid wants to divorce her - so much so that she is blasting a clueless Armaan for no reason. " Siddhanth Modi wants to divorce me.".... " Siddhanth nahiin chaahta ki main uske naam ka sindoor apni maang mein pehnoo.".... damn! The girl looks devastated, really.

2. After the initial shock settles in and the camera focuses on Riddhima sobbing like a child - there is a change in Armaan's expressions as he realizes Riddhima's emotional devastation by the mere thought that Sid could divorce her. It is here that Riddz' emotional attachment to her marriage with Sid hits Armaan.

3. Riddhima running away sobbing with the divorce papers clutched in her hands and Armaan stands in stunned silence.

And as I had said before, Armaan has seen both sides of the coin - in just a few days , he has seen what SR are. Yes , he doesn't know what SR have been through but today he understood what they are to each-other. Riddhima's sobbing over Sid , the anger and emotional angst over the papers struck him.

I know many people will not agree with me , but there is no way Armaan is going to stand by and watch Sid-Riddz ruin their lives. Until Shanky comes over, he is going to do what he can to save this cuckoo couple.THAT IS ARMAAN.

As Sid-Riddz deal with their psycho-emotional turmoils, it is amazing that Armaan has balanced himself . It was necessary. One of them had to find their brains in time and in all likelihood, it is Armaan who has found them. 

Oh , please pick me up from the floor again.LOL ....Sid tried to communicate but Riddz preferred running, so now, all the hard work has to be done by our dil ka doctor. Embarrassed

Love and luck to everyone,Heart

God bless everyone.Hug

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AngelTeen IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Armaan rocks the world!

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Vishluvsammy Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pocahontas

I know many people will not agree with me , but there is no way Armaan is going to stand by and watch Sid-Riddz ruin their lives. Until Shanky comes over, he is going to do what he can to save this cuckoo couple.THAT IS ARMAAN.

I actually agree with this....Armaan knows what is best for Riddhima and gives that to her even if she isn't ready to take it...He just wants her life in happiness and peace,even if that would mean that he should give away his life,his happiness and his love for her.He doesn't care about Sid's life...or may be he does because Sid is his friend but HE WOULD NEVER LET HIS BASKET RUIN HER LIFE.Yeah...she sure is Riddhima Modi...But for Armaan,the Riddhima is his Basket.OMG Armaan is the best guy any girl can ever dream of.I love you Armaan!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Once again....Clap to your post Poco.....loved it sooo very much....You are sooo good at describing things...especially people's feelings....Soo clear yet soo beautiful...Love you and take care!!Smile


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athithi Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:21am | IP Logged
CVs should pay you for supporting and analyzing their script.. giving some sense to it.. You, somehow, bring sense and meaning to this crazy mindless script that CV slaps on our faces and we eagerly wait and watch everyday and bash ourselves after for stupidity.. reading your analysis makes me feel not so stupid..for liking DMG - for watching it everyday and for trying to make sense of it and most of all for loving SR!!!
Their precaps are misleading - but I didn't like one bit of Armaan's raising voice against Sid and badkhafying him..I know he is doing it for a reason.
But - yes- it was a great portrayal of AR bidding byes - I am very sure Armaan is not leaving - but it was very well done!!ClapClapClap

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:25am | IP Logged
BEAUTIFUL Beautiful. Armaan has always been my favorite character from the beginning and I am so glad that character still retains it today. He is still the Dr. Armaan Malik, the perfect one.. I wish Dr. Armaan really did exist. It takes a lot of courage to say the things he said today! Love this character and glad it has not been butchered.

These were things that were confusing. Ridz has never looked at Sid and told him that she does not love Armaan which implies she does, because she can still feel his presense. So why is she shocked to let go of Sid? She cannot possibly love Armaan adn stay with Sid. It be unfair to both boys.

1. Riddhima is super stung and shattered that Sid wants to divorce her - so much so that she is blasting a clueless Armaan for no reason. " Siddhanth Modi wants to divorce me.".... " Siddhanth nahiin chaahta ki main uske naam ka sindoor apni maang mein pehnoo.".... damn! The girl looks devastated.

2. After the initial shock settles in and the camera focuses on Riddhima sobbing like a child - there is a change in Armaan's expressions as he realizes Riddhima's emotional devastation by the mere thought that Sid could divorce her. It is here that Riddz' emotional attachment to her marriage with Sid hits Armaan.

3. Riddhima running away sobbing with the divorce pa

and you are totally correct. Armaan will try to join them together because Armaan loves Riddhima. Unlike Riddhima, it's not a selfish love, it's unconditional and for her happiness, of what he has seen, he will get SR together.

Sid on the other hand, knows Riddhima loves Armaan, you can see it her eyes. He knows that marriage is stopping her so he wants to free her,

Both boys are not wrong and neither is Ridddhima. She is just confused. ridiculous confused.

Should I go back to the one who was my life, whom I love and will always love but then how can I turn my back on the person that was there when I needed him, and without a second thought, he filled with my life with happiness without caring about his own

If I stay with my husband, will I ever be able to love him the way I love for Armaan

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Loved your post Poco!

Here is my take on the episode a copy and paste

WOW What an episode!

Firstly need to mention AR on the BB court it was beautiful, it was such a heart breaking good bye but it had shown Riddhima had made a decision - Sid!

As for her goodbye to Armaan it was so hard for her because she had loved him with everything she had had, and now everything had changed and it must have been difficult her confusion today was not because she had not made a decision but because she had loved Armaan and thats all she knew and now that it has changed and that's where her confusion lay because her feelings had changed but it was still difficult.

Armaan's messages they were so sweet and it was so nice they had had such a nice goodbye but divorce papers changed everything! Armaan was fantastic and by heart went out to him but there was so much understanding between him and Riddhima and it was nice to know they haven't made it quite yet to friendship because they know that it would be too difficult but there is no regret left there as well, I mean of course they never got together but between them now (hope this makes sense)

Sid why couldn't you wait a day or two Riddhima would have been with you with all her heart as she was leaving her past behind!

Now onto what I want to say SidMaan Day Dreaming
OMG the coming up and the pre-cap Armaan was so adament to make sure Riddhima was happy once he is gone and Sid is like leave it dude. Sid I get he is tired of being strung along. The punches were great loved the fact that Armaan punched him back to prove his point but wow Sid is angry!

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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:29am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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CinciGal Groupbie

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:36am | IP Logged
The reason Armaan recovered from his mental illness is that he got a brain transplant. This is a new improved Armaan in old packaging. The effects of memory loss, brain injury and umpteen blows to the head are now totally gone. The goodbye scene was good. Two people finding peace after months of anger and unrest.
The donor of Armaan's new improved brain possibly is the man in the eternal sacrificing mode Dr. Sid. He must have exchanged his well functioning brain for Armaan's damaged one. He is still continuing with the "is mein usko sabse zyada khushi milegi" raag. Perhaps he forgot to mug up the new script and decided to do the dialogues from last week. If Riddhima wont talk to you, you can send her an email or a letter _detailing_ your feelings and whats in your mind. That way she does not need to react to you immediately. She can take her time, compose herself and respond at her pace. The main chup rahoongi/rahoonga format continues till next week where mukkebaazi takes precedence over words. Armaan's new improved brain will get damaged again. Did he get it insured?

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