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Ridz is crazy....isn't she???

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 2:29pm | IP Logged

This is my first official post...plz be kind Smile

I realized it was long...but didnt have the heart to cut it out...so by all means read the blue if your in a hurry or just scroll down to the red...

I have not seen today's 4/15/10 episode so this is simply make take b4 all of today's potential craziness'


This is my new take on Ridz'It's simply how after yelling at my computer for days at the crazy Ridz I decided to sit back and think on wht the other side of the coin showed'and this is what I got out of it'


I am in no way defending Ridz actions'she's crazy'.but in her defense (just playin a little devil's advocate)'I don't think her perspective is adequately shown to the audience.  Here we the audience understand that Sid is doing the things he has done for her happiness and out of his love for her.  He simply wants to give her the opportunity to pick the path that leads to a life of love for her' we also get to see that the truth of Ridz wedding has led to the complete shattering of his heart]


'but what we forget (I'm guilty of this too) is that Ridz doesn't know that a choice exists'she didn't see or hear all the thinking that went on in Sid's mind as he made the decisions he has'.just as we the audience have not had the privilege of hearing all of Ridz's inner thoughts'In fact if I were to place myself in Ridz shoes then I must admit that maybe some of the things she has done/is doing is not that far fetched'.


'I mean when she went off to Puna it was with the firm belief in her heart and mind that she was going to meet her husband and that they were going to embrace each other and step forward in life together'.she had made the decision to leave the past in the past and to look towards the future'.of course fate steps in (in the form of Sid's plan) and her past, not her future, is standing in front of her'.and we see what Armaan takes from the encounter but we are never quite privy to wht is going on inside Ridz head'I kno if it were me that I would probably be shocked beyond thinking, I would be feeling so many emotions that even if I did love my husband with all my heart (which Ridz was nowhere near close to feeling for Sid at that point) that it might take my brain a bit of time to catch up to my heart and for me to realize the implicatons of my past standing in front of me and what impact it would have on my husband '


'of course then we see the hide and seek game Ridz and Sid play with each other'.they each know something they want to share but they keep waiting for the other to ask about it instead of just revealing what they know'.once again we the audience are shown how Sid is hurt by Ridz not telling him about the meeting, how he in turn had to find out about it from A, and how the story of the encounter wounded Sid'.what we didn't get to see is what is going on inside Ridz's head'.i mean is she sad/confused/hurt because her past love is alive and she can no longer be with him cuz she's married? Or'is she feeling the things she is because she can't imagine the hurt it going to impart on her husband and what implications it mite have on her future which I truly believe she had embraced on her way to Puna'.


'then we have A courting her and we see her run away (I mean truly, what would you do if your love returned and was innocent to the bomb you held in your hands that would blow apart the whole world as he knew it'.would you be so quick to push the detonator??? If I was honest with myself I know I wouldn't)'once again I'm not condoning what Ridz did...she should have told the truth'.but when emotions become overwhelming'.they tend to blur the lines of right and wrong'.and we do what is easiest which in this case is run away'.then we see Ridz blast A'once again A is innocent of the crimes she's pushing on him'but as I said emotions'.they don't care about right or wrong'.she's scared and when an animal is wounded it lashes out'.


'but I think the real reason Ridz keeps running away from A, blasting A and avoiding telling the truth is because she is waiting for some clue from her husband (who at this point knows her past is back in their lives) as to what he's feeling'unfortunately everytime she gives him the opportunity to question her, or just show an inkling of emotion'he seems to ignore it for mundane things like work or whether she's eaten, asking her to hide the truth of their marriage, and the worst'pretend to be her ex's wife'(I mean we know that it's killing Sid inside to not ask her what's going on, for him to not stand by her side and hold her hand, and that he feels he has no rite to ask)'


'but if we once again place ourselves in Ridz's chapals (all six inches of them)'.here we are'as far as we know we let Sid know that this marriage and he were our truth now'in fact we were ready to grab his hand walk forward in life and face things'.together'but now that the past is back'.he seems to not care'at all'in fact he is quite content to move forward without us'he's content with putting on a charade'(a charade which by the way used to anger him beyond recognition when he thought it was for him)'for the ex'


'he even sits through a recount of Ridz's love story with her past'this guy that used to shout to the world of her innoncence, used to defend every wrong done to her even before they were bound by a bond of marriage'before he told her he liked her' just sat through the whole thing as if it were story time at Sanjeevni for the peds patients'then the kicker'he sits through a mock wedding with the ex'.doesn't say a word, doesn't show discomfort'he's just sitting there like a marble statute'.(once again we know that the reason Sid is like stone is b/c he has frozen his love for Ridz so that she may have the choice to choose) but as far as Ridz knows'he is frozen not out of love'but because of lack of love'here she is imagining her husband putting on the sacred symbols of their bond and there he sits'checking out is bberry not carrying that another man, her EX, is placing those very sacred mementos on her'.


'what we see next is the breaking point of Ridz'.she can no longer wait for a sign from her husband on what to do'what is about to be done is beyond acceptable'its cruel'so she out of hurt, and yes anger, spits out the truth'unfortunately the one who gets totaled is Armaan'I know Ridz got a lot of stink over the way the truth was revealed to Armaan and I too agree that it was cruel, and unfair and unjust'but once again'.look at where she was'.she would have blurted out the truth (once she wrapped her mind around the fact that her past and her future are colliding into one another every day in the halls of the hospital) in fact she had made the decision but then her husband asked her to do one favor'.the first thing he has asked in days'the first thing he has asked of her since her past came careening into their lives'.so she shuts up and does it'.even though its killing her'she does it'


'Now that the truth is out she can finally start to get her life back into order'she knows she has blown apart Armaan's life'and she knows that because of the way it was revealed he will never quite be able to forgive her but at least the truth is out'at least everyone knows where they stand'.She belongs with Sid, her husband'.the one she wants to walk through life with hand in hand, Sid knows that this marriage is her truth, and Armaan'.well Armaan now knows that the dreams he were weaving were not meant to become reality'destiny had something else in mind' and now he too can start to realize his true destiny and find his road (certainly it will be filled with potholes as life is often not all a bed of roses and sugarplums) toward happiness'.


'Unfortunately, this is the point where the truth of Puna gets revealed to Ridz'.and she starts putting pieces together about how Sid was the reason Armaan met her, how Sid had told her on the phone that he had a question for her, how he lied to her about not coming to Puna'and this is where we the audience think Ridz is realizing that everything Sid has done was done so she could have a choice on what path to choose'.that it was out of love'.instead, what we see is Ridz blasting Sid for lying to her'for ditching her by the wayside'.for breaking her heart'and as an audience we roar in anger at how dare she'how dare she accuse poor loving Sid of such evil'


'but once again'.become Ridz'.the man you have trusted completely, the man that stuck by your side through thick and thin, the man that put you together again, taught you breathe, to live, to smile, was showing you how to smell roses again'and was beginning to teach you to love again'was in fact, pushing you towards your ex'.here you were ready to move forward in life, take his hand and continue on this journey called life'.meanwhile he not only never grasped your hand but instead shoved you away from him'he didn't fight for you'he never once asked you stay'never told you to not worry, that together you could face any problem'Riddhima never got the confirmation she needed that they were indeed a unit' that they stood united'.in fact, every time she tried to get Sid's input he always showed her path that diverged from him'never did he show her the path towards him'


'so this brings me to the terrace scene'.yes Ridz is crazy no doubt about'.but when she overhears the men discussing her as an object and tryin to pass her off like a hot potato'I think the words she says are meant more for Sid than for Armaan'I don't believe that what was said was wrong or harsh'in fact I'm sure she only heard  part of the convo (true to DMG style and made assumptions)'but I can assure you she heard her husband telling her ex that he should take her'.now as an audience we see this as Sid being a good human, him telling Armaan he wants only Ridz's happiness which he truly believes is with Armaan'but if we look at this from Ridz's POV'.we would see that here is a woman who is broken by the man that is her husband because he wouldn't step towards her and comfort her, wouldn't stick up for her, in fact he has been pushin her away from him towards her ex'which she caught him doing once again'.i mean if you heard your husband telling anyone let alone your ex that you deserve to be with him'would you truly see that as him caring for your happiness OR would you see it as him rejecting you'.him telling you that he doesn't want you'that your not worthy of him'that this marriage doesn't mean anything'.I'm sure if we are honest with ourselves we would all take the words at face value and the context they are in and run'.we would out of anger tell him that we don't want him'when in fact the only thing we ever wanted was him'..


'.i leave with this'.now I know Ridz in every encounter with Sid talks about their marriage, instead of her feelings for him, and this in turn leads Sid into greater affirmation that all that is between is the "duty" of marriage'which in turn leads to anger from us at why won't she just say she loves him'why won't she say something about their relationship without the word marriage so that he will realize that they are not bound to each other because of some paper or a title'.but I think' to her marriage isn't a paper it isn't a title'its a vow'of seven lifetimes'.its a vow from the heart'.and although she hasn't put it into words'its definitely a vow of love'I think that as far as Ridz is concerned marriage encompasses much more than vows of sticking together, or cooking food'.but that it's a vow to love and honor, to cherish and protect, to stick together through thick and thin...and above all else'.it's her truth'and it just simply is'


besides she's probably waiting for him to show how he feels I mean all he told her was that he has started to like her'and then all of sudden she finds out that as soon as he found out her ex is back he pushes her towards him'this does not inspire confidence in a woman and the bond she has'so even if she does love him and knows it I don't think she'd be willing to give him more ammo to hurt her with by telling him and seeing if he decides he doesn't love her or worse doesn't want her and reject her'.which if we look at his actions (not his thoughts as Ridz isn't privy to those)'all seem to point towards'


Please do comment, but try to be civil'this is simply my view of whts going on and I thought I'd share it'


There is no need to bring in the SR AR wars'.i wrote more about sid cuz I am at heart a sidma fan'but I do feel for Armaan'but this truly was written to maybe get some of you to maybe see another reason behind Ridz's actions (even tho most of the time she's pretty much insane)




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-alimabi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
totally agree

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Wow this is an awesome post ClapClap
An eye opener Smile
but I think… to her marriage isn't a paper it isn't a title…its a vow…of seven lifetimes….its a vow from the heart….and although she hasn't put it into words…its definitely a vow of love…I think that as far as Ridz is concerned marriage encompasses much more than vows of sticking together, or cooking food….but that it's a vow to love and honor, to cherish and protect, to stick together through thick and thin...and above all else….it's her truth…and it just simply is
Well said, also if you see she also said when SR had that locker scene when she confronted him, thats she took pheras with him, her vows with him, and they mean something to her Embarrassed

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naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
m in awe you said everything there's nothign more i can add on to it

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 2:55pm | IP Logged

Very beautifully written.........ClapClapClapClap...

 And yeah we are all guilty of wrong judgement because of our biases....and very truly said as viewers we see and know whats going on with every character...and very conveniently forget the chnaracters dont know the same....yes from her point of view yes she has been wronged.....

She is right .....but she also needs to communicate.
George Bernard Shaw says
The single  biggest problem in  communication is the illusion that it has taken place


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rapunzel84 Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
Wow tht was a long post but i read every word of it n i must say i really love ur analysis...n also agree with everything u have said...u must see today's episode u knw...coz today sid asks her if she still loves armaan n she doesnt say anythin n just runs away...every1 on this forum and evn sid is interpreting it as a YES...but i tried to tell them the same thing tht mayb ridhhima is overwhelmed with emotions n hence is not able to say anything..n after reading ur post m sure am right...just hope ppl read it coz frankly its a tad too long Smile
but nonetheless..loved it! n yeah welcome to the SR fan club!!

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sajni786 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

reallyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome..............I agree to every word of urs........

@ Lennie

honestly that quote u did is wat also caught my eye..........yes the value of marriage Ridz holds is something both Sid and Armaan are not aware of.....tho I think Armaan has slight understanding of it......but Sid definitely is not able to understand this devotion of hers towards marriage

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arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -alimabi-

totally agree

thanks for reading Smile

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