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.~*~. Premeer/Harshiti ka Desh VI .~*~.

nandini27 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2010 at 8:16am | IP Logged

Welcome to the 6th Fan Club of Premeer/Harshiti

Do i need to really say how phast our FC V went by?! It was a roller coaster ride, full of energy and discussions. I hope we live upto the same level in this one as well and move it as phast as we can. Last FC's theme was performances coz we were getting HC & AG's performance at CINTAA after a long time. So any guesses what's our theme this time?! Okie, i know you all cheated and saw the sigs/write ups below already. Its Birthday Special. Ahaan, not just Additi's birthday, but we are gonna have Heer's birthday as the theme as well. And not to worry, we'll have Harshad's Birthday Special as well in our coming FCs.Big smile

Additi's birthday is on 20th April 1988. She is turning 22 this year. Aah, she joined Desh when she was 19 and now 22. Three years gone by. But she still looks the same young, enthusiastic girl with full of energy. Since she has her new show Zara Nachke Dikha telecasting from may 1st, All the very Best to her and let god bless her with all the success and fame she deserves to get. In celebration of this, we have her Bday segment of SBS from last year. It says her birthday is on 21st, but it is the 20th. Additi herself has confirmed it.

AG celebrated her bday with SBS on 21st April. Though not on 21st exactly, they had the celebrations on 19th, as her bday is on 20th and she had taken leave for 3 days. B/g song: Kabhi Kabhi Aditi from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa.

AG blows the candle and she looks at the rest asking them to sing a bday song atleast. Harshad and Sushant start singing as loud as they can. Later they feed cakes to each other. Sushant starts singing 'baar baar dhin yeh aaye...' and teasing Harshad with Additi. Harshad and Additi blush slightly or least embarrased. Sushant then sings kabhi kabhi aditi and starts laughing with Harshad.

Next was the birthday gift ie Birthday Bumps. Harshad, Vaishali give nice bumps while Manoj places all the stuffs on her lap instead.

Vaishali and Krystle tease Additi about her age, but she laughs at the end saying she is still young so she can tell that she is just 21.

DQ gave Additi chocolates with which the rest started to snatch it from her. AG tocuhed his feet for blessings. DQ sir wished her all the best in life and offered for a hug, to which AG said 'nahi...' and they all start laughing.

Harshad's wishes followed this: saari khushiyaan wish karna chaahtha hoon...bahut saari, jitna fame usne achieve kiya hai, jis level pe woh life pe pahunchi hai, uske aage bade...har saal, har dhin, har gante, har minute, har second...rekha modi (
ROFLROFLROFL) yes...aur....jo bhi chaahthi hai life mein, jitna bhi, jo bhi uska dreams hai, jo bhi uski tamanna hai, woh saari poori ho jaayein...

Manoj gave the most special wishes to her by saying "a very happy new year" and later correcting it by a happy birthday.

At the end, Additi thanks all her fans for always being with her and all the wishes.

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nandini27 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2010 at 8:16am | IP Logged

Heer's birthday in 2008 was rather sad and very much heartbreaking for the phans. Prem's death was the main reason. We had to see the pain that Heer went through to face all the news about her Prem not living anymore. Her stubborness that he is still alive and would come for her. Her belief in their love. Its more than words, what we actuallly see. Additi had given her one of THE BEST performance EVER in kis desh. The pain, love, deperation, courage, just everything was THE PERFECT performance by her. And Harshad is no less. Though he wasnt present on screen, His Voice made up to it. Listening him talk to heer, with so much love and the wait he has to go through to see her was well done by him just through his voice. Kudos to both of them for these fantastic performances. The scenes still make me cry for their brilliant act.

Its Heer's birthday and Prem is no more in this world. But Heer refuses to accept that he is dead and stands near her window waiting for him to come back.

aankhein humaari, raah nihaare...
hum hain akele, dard ke maare...
kab aayega, woh pardesi...
abh nahi laage, kahin apna jee...

A voice recorder starts playing, in which Prem has recorded a birthday message for her.

Prem: Happy Birthday Heer! Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Heer...Happy Birthday to you...
Heer: arrey yeh tou meri Prem ki awaaz hai..
Prem: chaunk gayi na tum? mere awaaz sunke? tumhe patha hai....iss pal tumaare chehre pe jo hairaangi hai, usse dekhne ke liye marr raha hoon mein...par nahi dekh saktha...chahke bhi nahi dekh saktha...dekhna chahtha hoon tum...tum iss pal kaisi lag rahi ho....par nahi dekh saktha...

Heer tries to find from where his voice is coming from and moves around the room...

Prem: Hmm?? kahaan jaa rahi ho tum? arrey kahin math jaana...wahi kadi raho...dekho tum iss waqt mujhe nahi dekh paa rahi ho, lekhin agar tum apne kamre ke favourite jagah pe kadi ho, yaani ki tumaari favourite kidki ke paas, toh tumhe meri awaaz sabse achchi tharah se sunaayi de rahi hogi...bass abh..bass abh kuch palon thak, mein jo keh raha hoon, jaisa keh raha hoon, woh dhyaan se suno...tumhi ne kahaa tha na heer? tumaare janam dhin pe, mein tumhe nahi dekh paoonga? aur tum mujhe apni chehra nahi dikhaogi!! kyunki...kyunki shagun teek nahi hai?? lekhin meine bhi soch liya hai...tumaare saath, tumaare janam dhin naa bithaane se hi tou achcha hai, mein tumse woh sab karvaoon, jo shaayad tumne pehle, kabhi na kiya ho....lekhin haan, kabhi na kabhi karna zaroor chahthi ho...kyunki yeh tumaara janam dhin hai, yeh aaj hum donon ki prem kahaani ka aakhri dhin hai...*prem laughs*

haan...aakhri dhin hai kyunki kal se, tou humaari shaadi ki kahaani shuru hone waali hai...mujhe patha hai heer...tum shiddhath se, kal ka intezaar kar rahi ho...aur mein uss pal ka, jab mein tumaare saamne aaoonga...aur hamesha ke liye tumhe apna bana loonga...iss pal mein kal ho na ho, kal mein woh saare palon ke, jo humaare honge, woh pal jab mein tumse kahoonga ki mein tumse kitna pyaar kartha hoon, woh pal, mein jab tumse kahoonga, ki mein tumaare bina nahi reh saktha...

hum donon ek doosre ke dil mein rehthe hain heer...ek doosre ke pyaar mein rehthe hain...aur uss pyaar ke saath tum sang ek nayi zindagi shuru hogi meri...woh zindagi jeene se pehle bhi tumaare bina, tumaare saath, tumaare janam dhin ka yeh pal jee dene do mujhe...aaj na mein tumhe dekhoonga, aur na hi tum mujhe dekh paogi...phir bhi mujhe har pal mehsoos karogi apne aas paas...aaj pal pal uss prem ko jeeyogi tum, jo.....jo marne ke baad bhi sadhiyon thak nahi martha...aaj tumaare janam dhin ko ek yaadgaar dhin bana doonga mein...kyunki yeh dhin, unn saare lamhon ki shuruwaath hai, jo humne ek doosre ke saath guzaare...aaj ek doosre ke dilon mein, dhadkenge woh saare pal...jo sangam se milenge kal...humaare pyaar ko afsaana bana denge...aur issliye humaari prem kahaani kathm hothi hai...*prem giggles* par haan ek kahani saath mein shuru...aaj aakhri dhin hai, hum donon ki alag alag pehchaan ka...

aaj mein prem juneja hoon, tum heer maan...kal hum do se ek ho jaayenge heer...mein aur tum...hum ho jaayenge...kyunki prem sabse zyaada heer mein hi samaaya hai...aur heer...prem ko poora karthi hai....tumhe jaanke hairaangi hogi...chaaleese kadmon ke baad, uss dhin ka pehla pal kadaa hai, jo dhin hum saath bithaayenge...ek saath ho jaayenge...*all this while..heer keeps blushing*

gate ki tharaf tumhe tumaari uss dhin ki shuruwaath ka pehla kadham dikhega....chalo chalo...jaldi nikalo....ghar se baahar nikhlo, ghar se baahar koi intezaar kar raha hai tumaara...

Heer runs down the stairs as fast as she can...She stops at the entrance and looks around and finally sees her Paayal hanging at the door...she grabs it and looks at it with all her love...she again looks up and takes a letter out from there...

'yeh wahi paayal hai heer, jisne tumaare pairon se bichadkar, hum donon ko mila diya tha....aaj yahi paayal, tumhe tumaari manzil thak le jaayegi...kehthe hain har ladki ka ek sapna hotha hai...ki ek safed gaudi pe uska shehzaada usse lene aayega...tumaara iss shehzaada tumaare saath tho nahi...lekhin chaar kadmon pe, humaari zindagi saath hai...'-- Prem

She goes out the house and finds the driver waiting for her. The driver tells her that Mr. Prem Juneja has a surprise for you. Heer happily sits on the car.

Heer arrives at the restaurant and is invited inside saying Prem has booked a table specially for her. She is handed a letter by the manager from Prem. She opens it up and starts reading...

"Heer...aaj hazaron loag hain...naach gaana, duniya ki beed, beed mein duniya,aur tum akeli...mein chahtha hoon aaj, aaj tum apne darr ko hamesha ke liye mitaa do...jo tumhe beed mein bhi akela kar detha hai...mein chaahtha hoon aaj, aaj iss beed ke saamne tum gao...jee kholke gao..mere liye gao....." -- Prem

She looks around and gets tensed....she then remembers how she told Prem about how she is scared of the crowd while performing....

--start of flashback--

Heer: jaante ho?! mere sabse bada darr kya hai?! ki mein kabhi bhi stage pe perform nahi kar paoongi...kyunki beed se bahut darr lagta hai mujhe...lekhin, mere dil ki kwaish hai, ki mein ek dhin, hazaron logon ke saamne stage pe apna mann pasand geet gaoon...aur woh hazaar loag, sirf aur sirf mujhe dekhe...mein hazaron ke beech mein ek nahi, hazaron mein ek banke gaana chahthi hoon...

Prem: karvaoonga...issi janam mein karvaoonga...matlab isi janam dhin mein karvaoonga...
Heer: matlab??!
Prem: matlab??!
Heer: matlab?!
Prem: matlab?!!
Heer: Prem?!
Prem: Heer??!
Heer: batao naa
Prem: kya??
Heer: pss...batao na..
Prem: chodo...tumaari samaj mein nahi aayegi...
Heer: please tou mujhe samjao naa..
Prem: matlab, matlab yeh heer ki, tumaara koi bhi darr, sirf tumaara nahi hai...mein tumaari kisi bhi darr tumaare paas rehne nahi doonga...tumaara har darr, har thakleef...sab hum milke ladenge...dekhna...ek dhin beed mein sabke saamne tum khade hoke nachogi...aur mein bhi wahi par kade hoke....sabkee...*heer punched his stomach as he gets closer to kiss her* samne dekhoonga tou....abhi bhi dekhoonga....
Prem's words repeats again to let go off all her fear and sing to her heart's content...

--end of flashback--

Prem's words repeats again to let go off all her fear and sing to her heart's content...

Heer's name is announced for the next song...she goes on stage and looks around nervous and scared....she closes her eyes and Prem's voice echoes for her...

'tumne kaha tha na heer...ki mein sabke ke saamne naa hoon..isliye dekho...mein sabke saamne nahi aaya...lekhin agar tum apne dil ke nazron se dekhogi...tou inn hazaar logon ke beech mein...kahin na kahin...mein dikhoonga tumhe....sirf mein...saare aawaazon, saare loag...saari duniya...inn sab ke beech...sirf aur sirf mein....gaao na heer...kyun nahi gaa rahi ho...tumhe tou patha haina...tumhe inn logon ke saamne gaana gaathe hue dekhne ke liye mein beytaab hoon...beytaab hoon....dekho naa agar tum nahi gaayi...tou mein chala jaoonga....gaao na heer...please!! gaana gaao....'

She opens her eyes to see just Prem in the crowd...his hands on his cheeks, smiling at her...

People from the crowd start getting restless and start shouting why isnt she singing...heer gets a lil sad...but the prem whom onli she can see, smiles at her and tels her to sing...

"logon ki baatein ko sune bina gaao...unhe pasand hai, ya na pasand hai..iske baare mein soche bina gaao...gaao kyunki mein sunna chaahta hoon...sirf mere liye gaao...gaao heer....prem ke liye gaao...humaare prem ke liye gaao...*heer nods* heer bass yahi hai...yahi pal hai...iss pal ke liye gaao..iss pal ko thaam lo...aane wala harr kal, tumaara hai...gaao...gaao naa...."

Heer sings the song 'yeh dil sunn raha hai...mere dil ki zubaan...' which end up being very very bad....and ppl start throwing papers at her...but heer is lost in her prem, whom onli she can see....preet arrives there...and takes her away.....she keeps protesting tht her prem is dere still...but preet takes her away from there...

Heer is still lost in her thoughts about prem...again the recorder starts playing... 'heer...yeh aakhri baar tumaare liye...'

Heer runs to the system and places her hand on the speakers....to feel his voice... 'heer yeh tape, meine time fix kar diya tha...taaki yeh tape bikul issi waqt baje...waqt dekho heer...tumaara janam dhin aane mein, aakhri dus minute...aakhri dus minute bache hain heer...heer apna aap ko, apne aapko aine mein dekho heer..dekho....dekhogi tou ehsaad hoga...'

She stands in front of the mirror like he said, and starts blushing.... 'kal se ek nayi zindagi shuru hogi...kal tum aur mein, hum ho jaayenge...humaari jaan, humaari pehchaan ek ho jaayegi....do naam ek ho jaayenge....prem aur heer ki matlab ek hi hoga...sirf prem...mera naam, mera naam tumaare liya jaayega....kehthein hain heer ki do logon ki zindagi sabse zyaada khoobsootath uss waqt hothi hai, jab woh donon ki zindagi, ek doosre ke saath guzarthi hai...kal se humaari nayi zindagi shuru hogi heer...par yeh aakhri dus minute....hum donon ki ek saath, iss roop mein guzrenge....'

She sits again touching the speakers... 'yeh hum donon ki aakhri dus minute hai heer...tumaare janam dhin se pehle...jaao heer, baahar jaao...inn dus minute mein tumaari ek aur kwaish poori karna chahtha hoon...jaao...aur jaake jiyo....kidki se baahar dekho heer....kidki se baahar....' she opens the widnows and sees an orchestra playing music in the garden.... 'jao heer...jaao...'

She runs down the stairs into the garden...and looks for Prem....Her smile fades oss seeing just the music troop and not her prem....suddenly Prem's mandalin's starts playing...heer looks up to see her prem playing it for her... (We, the audience know, her prem is just an illusion for her...) Prem goes towards her playing her fav tune (hum hain iss pal yahaan).... he circles around her while she blushes....she talks to him..  "jab tum yeh dhun bajathe ho naa...tab patha nahi aisa lagta hai ki hum donon jahan par bhi ho, iss dhun se ek ho jaayenge...iss dhun mein milenge...iss dhun mein kho jaayenge prem..."

She starts humming the hum hain iss pal yahaan song.... prem puts his mandalin down and shows his hand for her to dance with him....she takes his hand and starts dancing...*b/g song hum hain iss pal yahaan..* the orchestra people wonder why she is dancing alone....it starts pouring in, but heer dances unnoticed alone....for us to see she is alone, but for her, she is dancing with her prem...

We get to see prem kissing heer for the first time on screen, though it ws just an illusion...kulraj di sees heer dancing alone...and she goes to the garden with the rest of the family....she tries to convince heer that prem is not alive...but in vain.. finally a guy comes there and hands a cctv tape of Prem from the delhi bomb blast...its played in front of heer, in which prem talks to her before dying...finally it dawns on her, that her prem is no more in this world....

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It was weird how Heer got to celebrate her birthday the 2nd time on the show. As in only heer got to celebrate her bday on the whole show. Numerous times, her bday used to be mentioned and we used to wonder, how she celebrates her bday twice a year ROFL. but bloopers apart, Heer's birthday was very cute this time. Prem getting worried about Heer, as she is upset noone wished her, his surprise party for her, his belief that he can always trust her, his love for her....everything was just apt and cute. Harshad and Additi, yet again at their best. Lovely dance and decorations, except that Heer could have got a better Birthday dress.

Heer's bday starts with a very cute dream by Heer. The dream is as follows.
Heer wakes up with flowers all over her and the bed. She looks around the room, which is fully decorated with flowers and bouquets. She blushes looking at all the flowers for her when her eyes fall on the big bday card kept on the table. She opens the card and reads the msg inside it.

jo bhi tha, jo bhi hai, jo bhi hoga, sabse khoobsoorat baath yahi hai ki tum meri zindagi mein aayi, aur meri zindagi ban gayi..

Heer blushes again n smiles to herself. She turns and clashes with Prem who is carrying umpteen gifts with him. He starts singing Happy Birthday to you handing her the gifts one by one. He then starts unbuttoning his kurtha, heer gets scared as of what's he doing right in the morning. And then he gets close to her and takes out a rose from the inside of his kurtha, pinches her cheeks and wishes her happy birthday again. She tells him that he scared her a lot. Heer asks abt the decorations and he explains like an innocent kid that he had a sleepless night to do all this. So he asks her to get him his return gift and tries to take her to the bed. (i think u dont need explanation for why ROFL) Heer makes up excuses tht she needs to meet gayatri. They have a small cute argument where in Prem gets mad and stands aside telling her leave then if she wants to. She tells him twice tht she is leaving. He tells her fine go. And then third time she rubs the rose on his cheeks, that she is leaving and he shouts "JAO". She says she was asking for the last time and that she is leaving, and she goes to get ready. Prem grabs her from behind and lifts her and both fall on the bed.

tik tok tik tok....the alarm rings.....heer wakes up to see the room is completely normal. No flowers, decorations or cards...She thinks that Prem would definetly hav planned some surprise. She decides to go down and check it out. The whole family does a drama of not remembering her bday including Prem. Heer gets upset that none wished her.

Later Prem and Raj are talking, when Prem requests him to make sure Heer doesnt get back home till he tells him to bring, so that he can arrange the surprise party. Raj agrees and keeps her engaged. Prem is upset he couldn't even wish her and does all the decorating works. The whole family teases him with everything, but at the end of it, Prem feels worser than Heer for not wishing her.

Prem sends msg to Raj that the party is all set and ready. Prem is waiting for both of them, and they arrive. Heer is pretty shocked with the crowd and decorations. Prem hugs her and wishes her Happy Birthday. Everyone wish her and she asks if Meher and Kulraj di did all the preparations. But they tell her, it was all Prem's arrangements. Heer is shocked and surprised.

He gives her a rose, her gift and he apologises for not wishing her from morning. He kisses her forehead and the rest applaud. They bring the cake, and Heer cuts the cake. Premeer feed each other (ahem....eating mein, both hc and ag were mashroof ROFL)

Prem is upset with Heer that she is hiding something from him. He thinks she told her friend Raj but not him. But the bday plans proceed. Kulraj di makes a game, in which Heer's eyes will be closed with a ribbon. She has to identify Prem without seeing them. Heer tries to defend for herself but in vain. Lallu, Harman, Prem and Raj are made to stand in order. Heer holds Lallu's hand and tries to feel their fingers...Kulraj di finds out that she is looking for their engagement ring. Heer gos to Prem and tries to look for the ring. Prem first suspicious that she is not able to recognise him. He reads her face expressions and gets upset. Heer leaves his hand and moves ahead to Raj.

Prem who gets upset that she dint recognize him, moves forward past her....But Heer holds his hand right after he moves past her...She mouths his name "Prem....." and turns to face him. Heer removes the ribbon and smiles at him, with shades of blush on her cheeks....Kulraj di complements Heer that dis is true love, that she recognised him without the ring. Whereas Prem is confused...What should he believe....his eyes or wat he heard....Heer puts the ring back on his finger and smiles at him. Prem decides to listen to his heart, which says that he can believe his Heer. Watever be the matter, she'll definetly tell him one day. Prem hugs her tight.

Harman then announces for a couple dance. Premeer have a very romantic dance on the song "Hum hain iss pal yahaan" Heer is very happy with Prem's surprise party. After the dance, Prem announces that party isnt over yet.

Prem kneels down and gives Heer her bday gift, a diamond ring. Heer gets all the more happy and he slides the ring into her finger.

Heer has changed into her night gown and putting their dress back into the cupboard. Prem enters the room and hugs her asking she seems to be very happy. She punches his chest saying with all these surprises, she has to be happy. She goes to make the bed and Prem again asks how much she liked the party...she said she loved everything especially the diamond ring. Prem teasingly asks just the ring or the person who gifted her also. She gets naughty and replies of course the person who gave also and names the entire family except prem.

Prem gets a lil sad and moves away telling her to keep loving the family itself..Heer smiles and then pats him on his shoulder to look around, but he doesnt look. She then runs her finger through his shoulder and kisses his cheeks. He smiles and hugs her and starts walking to the bed asking if she loves only them..Heer chuckles and says she loves them and he replies but he loves her only. She imitates kissing him and they fall on the bed.

Another Birthday was mentioned in 2009 as flashback post leap.

Heer goes back to her Prem and they are back to their house in Ludhiana. She remembers her past moments with Prem and there's one bday sequence there also, when Prem is throwing flowers on her standing upstairs, singing Happy Birthday to her. Later she goes to him for gift and he gives her the plate which had flowers and runs away. She runs behind him. A cute segment overall.

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 Nickname: Monu | DOB:17th May 1983

He is from Gondia. His family moved to Pune after he completed his class 12 exams. His parents never approved of his celluloid dreams so they enrolled him into an engineering college. Post his studies, he headed to Bombay, successfully auditioned for Zee's Mamta and so began the journey of actor Harshad Chopda. He bagged his first prominent role in his second serial Left Right Left where he essayed the character Cadet Ali Baigh. He joined the cast of Amber Dhara after quitting Left Right Left. Unfortunately, his stint with Amber Dhara didn't last long as he was reportedly bumped off from the show. After remaining out of action for a while, Harshad bounced back strongly with Balaji's Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil.

Nickname: Luvy | DOB: 20th April 1988

She is from Bhopal. She is doing her second year in fashion designing at Symbiosis University. Acting was never on Additi's mind as a career option. But things took a turn and she was chosen to play the main lead of Balaji's 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil', after auditioning for it in Pune. Additi have taken a year's break from her studies. She would like to move further in this industry, but she will also continue with her studies as and when time permits. Additi's name wasn't spelled Additi, but Aditi. Due to Ekta's belief in numerology, an extra 'D' was added to her name.

The actors who have made Prem and Heer, unforgettable by brilliant portrayal. No one can forget how well they compliment each other and of course their chemistry onscreen and off-screen which makes us sigh, laugh with them and sometimes even be melancholy (remember the Harshad leaving the show live interview). They are cute, matured, sweet yet totally wacked when they get together. Each of their performance and appearance on TV as themselves have been so honest and refreshing that we cannot help but fall a little in love with their bubbly, full of masti antics.

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Prem Juneja. He was an ideal role model for every role that he played in any relationship. He was the perfect son, brother, lover and husband. He was wealthy, idealistic, brilliant business man from a loving family who always knew that there was only one girl that was made for him and was waiting for her.

Heer Maan-Juneja. She was a poor orphan from a loving family, a girl who had always been in love with a guy whom she has never met or seen and was waiting for him.

Premeer. At first sight, their hearts touched and each knew the other to be their soul mate, the one they have been waiting for all their lives.

Their marriage was fixed as soon as they were born. Lalit Juneja later went to Canada to pursue his dream (to get rich obviously), promising his friend that their children will get married no matter what. Sadly the two friends lost touch. Years later Balraj Maan called Lalit Juneja to remind him about their promise but due to mis-communication, he misunderstands that Lalit no longer honors that promise. He fixes Heer's marriage with another guy (who turns out to be a villain: shock, horror, shock). her parents realize this, but before they could tell the truth and break off the marriage; they die in an accident.

Lalit Juneja unknown about the misunderstanding lands up in India with his whole family for Prem and Heer's marriage where he is met by Balraj Maan's evil brother (Balwant) and sister-in-law (Daljeet). They convince them that Heer and Meher died in the accident too and fixes Prem's marriage with their daughter, Ashlesha instead. Destiny brings Prem and Heer, face to face and it's love at first sight. Later, Heer get's a job in the hotel that Prem had bought and their love and bond get's stronger. But since they are both committed they don't speak out their feelings.

Prem finds out that Heer's intended is actually unsound mentally and his family plans on using her to get his inheritance. He tries to bring out the truth many time but fails. At last, during his marriage to Ashlesha he stands up for Heer and they leave Juneja House together. Due to stormy circumstances (literally), Lalit comes to know that Heer is actually his friends daughter but Heer sadly flies away (literally again). Prem saves her, Daljeet's evil intentions are disclosed and she and her hubby are kicked out of the house. Lalit announces Prem-Heer engagement (Interestingly, there was no ring ceremony..only dancing and some drama) and wedding. Before the wedding Prem goes to Delhi for some work and sadly dies in a Bomb Blast.

Heer is inconsolable and so is Prem's stepmother. Heer takes care of the family and even agrees to marry Rishab Rampal, the enemy of Juneja's. Unable to bear Rishab, Heer runs off in the sand dunes of Rajasthan and there Prem saves her. Heer thinks it's her hallucination and becomes a vamp in Juneja family's eyes to save them. Turns out Prem has Memory loss and doesn't remember anything. She fixes, hers and Rishabs marriage expecting Prem to stop it. Prem does stop it and how.

He marries her then and there but some days later, Heer finds something fishy in Prem's behavior. She finds out that Prem is actually Gaurav, a pawn sent by Rishab to ruin Juneja family. She bribes Gaurav to help Gayatri get better and in the process finds out that he is actually Prem, faking to be Gaurav because he thinks he has a heart ailment and will die in 6 months. Turns out Gaurav's mother and fiance had lied to him about the heart ailment to keep him with them; they confess the truth to Prem and leave. Prem-Heer finally start their happy married life.

Unfortunately Prem's sister Veera harbored hatred for the Maan siblings (including her husband) and played her petty games, in turn making Prem and Heer to separate physically. Heer is sent to her brother house by Prem's mother. Prem feels sending Heer away was wrong as she was innocent and so brings her back against his mother's wishes. Due to these circumstances Prem's mother feels that Prem cares for Heer more than herself and so she starts poisoning Prem's mind over Heer and her childhood friend Rajveer. Things get worse when Veera hoping to impress her hubby accidently burns herself and dies. Gayatri blames Heer and her brother for her daughter death and starts poisoning Prem's mind with more deadly intent. The circumstances play in her favor and in a moments madness, Prem believes her and accuses Heer of cheating on him, publicly. Heer leaves disgusted and Prem get's roaring drunk. Ashlesha takes advantage of his drunken-ness and takes him to Kasauli log-house where Prem passes out. Her fake act makes Prem believe that he slept with her.

Prem confesses this to Heer and Heer unable to bear it, decides to leave him.

6 years leap

"Heer is working in a marriage bureau. Prem-Heer have a daughter called Chaahat. Prem is unaware of her existance and is living in Canada with Juneja family. He is a work-a-holic, detached from his family and doesn't talk to anyone. Lalit get's a heartattack, when he misunderstands that Heer is getting married due to a certain call. He tricks Prem and his brother into going to India. There Prem meets Heer and misunderstands that she is marrying again and has moved on from him. He wishes her well and leaves but then finds out that Heer is just the marriage consultant. He tries to ask forgiveness and call Heer back to him but she refuses.(I guess it's true  that; the stronger the love, the deeper is the hatred after a betrayal) Before leaving he finds out he has a daughter, but Heer insults him and Prem leaves heartbroken.

In Canada, Prem resolves to get back Heer no matter what, he comes back to India. His family follows. After a lot of problems, accusations, tears, Heer forgives Prem but since Prem's marriage is fixed with her best friend during that time, Heer keeps quite. Her friends tells Heer that this was all a plan and Prem loves only her. Heer goes back to Prem but Gayatri spews venom all over Heer and Heer runs away again. Prem finds her once again and they start living together. Lalit decides that Prem-Heer should marry again and so their marriage is done on a large scale. Ashlesha enter's the marriage apparently only to wish Prem-Heer well but we come to know that she has evil intentions to break them up. She has also brought her daughter Sneha as a pawn in the game claiming that she is Prem's daughter who was conceived through the mistake that broke Prem and Heer's marriage. She has Sneha befriend Chaahat and then get close to Premeer. On Chaahat's B'day, Prem accidently comes to know that Ashlesha is Sneha's daughter and so he tries to find out if he is the father. Ashlesha has carefully placed all the proofs to convince Prem that Sneha is his daughter, confused with it all, he goes and confronts Ashlesha and she fakes a breakdown claiming that Sneha is his daughter. Prem is shattered and terrified of Heer's reaction. He tries to confess it all to Heer but Harman, wanting to save Premeer marriage; always stops the truth from spilling.

He confronts Ashlesha and threatens her about knowing her goal and gives her money to leave Ludhiana forever. On that day itself, Sneha has an accident and Heer comes to know that Ashlesha is Sneha's mother. Ashlesha uses this accident as a way to enter Juneja house, by bribing the doctor and claiming that Sneha cannot move for a week or two and also claiming that her landlord kicked her out. Harman understands her motives and threatens her again. In desperation, Ashlesha decides to fake suicide and writes a suicide note stating that Sneha is Prem's daughter, etc, etc. Funnily enough she almost dies in her fake attempt. Premeer save her. Harman changes the letter and instead writes that she wants to leave Juneja house and live with her daughter alone. Juneja's decide to give her a house to live and Heer helps Ashlesha pack. Ashlesha drops Sneha's scrapbook with Prem's picture as her Papa. Heer uses her amazing grasping power and gets suspicious that Prem is Sneha's real dad. Ashlesha feeds her some dirt about she and Prem having a relation still and Sneha being their daughter. Heer believes it and decides to confront Prem. They have a fight and Heer decides to leave Prem AGAIN and she aces her stupidity by leaving her daughter with Prem too. She leaves and Ashlesha makes a move on Prem who is in a mourning process with Heer's picture. She tells him to forget Heer and blah blah. Heer hears all this and tries to kick out Ashlesha from the house.

Ashlesha claims she has a place in Juneja house due to Sneha being Prem's daughter and Juneja's show amazing logic and demand a paternity test. Ashlesha very reluctantly agrees and the test is done. Meanwhile Geet's marriage is fixed with a guy from Canada and she invited the whole Juneja family. When leaving for her engagement,  Ashlesha tries to burn down Juenja hotel and Prem alone goes to handle the problem. The rest of the family leaves for Delhi. Prem confronts Ashlesha in Juneja House but she umm..tries to ..umm force herself on him (Everything get's recorded in Geet's voicemail as Prem was on a call with her) Prem throws Ashelsha out and she get's a bit banged up in the process. She decides to put him in jail for attempted rape as a revenge. Prem is jailed and Harman fights the case for him. Ashlesha bribes the peon to change the DNA reports and that is used against Prem in the court. They are about to lose when Harman comes in with Geet's cellphone and the doctor who had done the test. The proofs prove Prem's innocence and Harman tricks Ashlesha in spilling that nothing had happened between her and Prem 6 years back. Prem is freed and Ash is jailed instead. Daljeet comes back to Juneja house to beg them to free her daughter. When the family refuses she threatens them. She goes to a long lost stepbrother of Lalit Juneja (Joginder Singh) and instigate them against Juneja family over property issue. The Singh family decide to take revenge and Daljeet happily leaves.

The Singhs end up at the summer house of Juneja's where everyone is present to celebrate Lalit and Gayatri's engagement ceremony. The Singh' demand batwara and leave. They attack Lalit in the night hoping to kill him  Juneja brothers file a complaint against Singh' but Lalit saves them and offers to give them Summerhouse and the surrounding properly. Gurinder the eldest son refuses and says they want half of everything Juneja's own, they threaten to sue Juneja's with the Old Will they have of Lalit and Joginder' father. They are kicked out, well deservedly by Juneja's. So they hatch a plan to steal the Will Juneja's have by sending Gurinder's wife as a servant and to kill Lalit again but Lalit get's saved by Preet and Harman with some help by Prem who is in Delhi for the property' case and Viren, the youngest brother of Singh'. Prem transfers the property to his name and so the Singh' trick him on a "landmine bomb with timer". Preet saves Prem but die himself after a warning given by Viren. The family mourns and Gayatri blames Prem for Preet's death and Meher blames Heer. Viren tells the family that Preet's last wish was for Meher to be happy and he would like to marry her to fulfill that wish.

Lalit talks to Heer and convinces her that Meher marrying Viren is the best option to bring Meher out of her depression and into the land of living again. Heer tries to convince Meher but Meher refuses point blank. Prem is not happy with the MV marriage and he tells Heer to cease, but Heer convinces him. Lalit tells Gayatri that Viren and Meher's marriage will happen and Gayatri fights with him. Lalit get's an attack. Gayatri uses the opportunity to create a Misunderstanding between Premeer by telling him that Heer fought with Lalit for Meher-Viren marriage and that brought on the attack. Prem ofcourse blindly believes her and accuses Heer of she being the reason for Lalit's health decline. He threatens to break off their relation if Heer doesn't stop convincing everyone about Meher-Viren marriage. He snubs Heer later again and again till Lalit clears his misunderstanding and gives him the job of convincing the family members for Meher-Viren marriage.

Prem Heer convince Meher for the marriage and Prem hands out MV marriage cards to all the family members. Gayatri doesnt like it and accuses Prem of being a "sautela", killing Preet and wanting Viren to take Preet's place so that everyone would forget the latter. Prem is comforted by Heer later. Meher-Viren marriage happen and Gayatri breaks off all relations with Prem and family and leaves Juneja House. We come to know that Viren is actually the master mind behind the Singh's plans and intends to take over Juneja house as well as the business and properties. He frees his brothers from jail and when Heer spies them, he feeds Prem and the family, lies about Heer's mental stress and how she is hallucinating Preet's killers everywhere. To de-stress Heer, Prem takes her to the Farmhouse where Viren tricks Prem into signing some papers which helps Viren in transferring all the business funds into his account. Heer accidentally overhears Viren plotting with his brothers against Prem and the family and confronts them. The Singh brothers try to kill her. Prem saves her but before Heer could declare their plan, Viren and his brothers kidnap Chaahat and blackmail Heer. Heer finally does confide in Prem and Prem rescues Chaahat, then traps Singh brothers with his plan and sends them to jail successfully.

"After some days Heer confides in Prem about being pregnant again and the whole family cherishes the new addition. The show ends on a peaceful and happy Juneja family.


write ups: about premeer - taken from telly tadka | premeer story - trivs

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  • No Chatting and SPAMMING
  • No Bashing of members or actors
  • No abusive language
  • No discussing other shows or actors
  • Respect other members Point of View. If you don't agree with someone then agree to disagree, it's better than fighting like cats and dogs.
  • Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated
  • No getting too personal over the actors personal life
  • Ignore Troublemakers and if they are members of the FC then they will be removed from the Members-list ASAP.
  • Last but not the least. It's a Premeer/Harshiti FC..so if you are not a fan then don't bother joining just to make fun or bash.


















tv star/Dimple








annwesha kayal






















































































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Once upon a time there was(isLOL) a girl called estee who loved Prem's hand holding Heer's hand so much that she created a whole new word for it (phhandohh). The word spread in the forum like fire due to her btlt(big things, little things) and so our Phictionary was born as every member enthusiastically chipped in with their version of  words with a PH twist.

This PHictionary is the dictionary of the words used by Premeer fans. It's very large and extensive and we cannot promise that we have managed to add all the words in this PHictionary. Though, we have tried our best. If we have missed out on any word, don't hesitate to inform us. We don't bite..Evil Smile ..sorry we meant...*angelic muh*

StarBTW, this is probably the first time that a FC or a forum for that matter have their own language. (Kis desh forum actually has 2 languages..one PH language and the other Lu(dhiana) language ROFL)Star

Caution: We have added pictures of the ohh moments so there are chances that you may PHaint and fall off your bed/couch/chair. You cannot sue us nowStarROFL



PHhandooh-The chemistry of Prem hand holding Heer hand  or vice versa which makes us go ohhh. Day Dreaming (This word started the phictionary and the words got piled in) (credit: Estee)

PHforeheadooh- Prem and Heer's forehead touching each other.Day Dreaming (credit: Estee)

PHcheekooh-Prem cheeck rubbing Heer cheeks (vice versa) and creating sparks on screen. The picture is self explanatoryBlushingDay Dreaming(credit: Estee)

PHnoseooh- The cutest thing (also known as Eskimo kiss) that PH do...it PHelts our mindBlushing

PHeyeooh-Prem-Heer eyes talk better than they themselves doROFL Their looks at each other; scorches us, our TV screens and them too.Blushing


PHforeheadkissooh-Prem kissing Heer's forehead and vice versa.Day Dreaming Sadly Heer has never kissed Prem's foreheadOuch

PHukda- Premeer's tukda, our Chaahat.Star


PHan- Fans of Premeer
PHtupid- Stupid
PHrool- Drool..generally on PH scenes
PHerfect- Perfect
PHelt- Melt
PHrolling- Prem-Heer rolling on bedBlushing
Hhead on Pshoulder- Heer's head on Prem's shoulder
Hhand on Pcheek- Heer hand caressing Prem's cheek in reassurance or just plain loveBlushing
Hhand caressing Phair- Heer hands finger combing/caressing Prem's hair. *thud*Blushing
Kiphph- Kiss between Prem-Heer
Heyes on Plips- Heer eyes on Prem's lips. Blushing
PHomance Premeer Romance
PHorum- Kis Desh Forum
PHug- Prem Heer hugging
PHeeding- Prem-Heer feeding each other
Backphug- Back huggingDay Dreaming
PHabulous- Fabulous
PHovely- Lovely
PHreaming- Dreaming
PHind-melting- Mind-Melting.
PHhud/Thud- Thudding on floor, of course after watching some PH scenesBlushing
Phand on Hwaist- Prem hand on Heer's waistBlushing
Phead on Hshoulder- Prem's head on Heer's shoulder
Phand on Hcheek- Prem hand caressing Heer's cheek in reassurance or love.
Peyes on Hlips- Prem eyes on Heer's lips.Blushing
PHaints- Faints
PHast- Fast
PHantastic- Fantastic
PHasti- Premeer Masti
PHun- Fun
Conphusion- Confusion
PHingoli- A very very very important word for the Premeer fans. It means Premeer having an intimate ahem moment.Blushing It's totally mental and so us. There's a whole story on how the word was born but the creator has promised me painful death if I reveal it so let it be a suspense for the sake of my lifeROFL A little hint Winkwon't go amiss though huh? First came ding dongROFL, then it got modified to dingolificationROFL, then it got shortened to dingoli, then of course we had to remove the "d" and put ph there so it became PHingoliROFL

 More will be added, as they get createdBig smileLOL

P.S: So ya..mainly it's using PH instead of the first letter of the particular word.ROFL

written by: Triv

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FC#1: Introduction

FC#2: Best Jodi Awards

Prem and Heer Scenes
videos by kavita.patel

Saas Bahu aur Saazish (SBS)
videos and pictures

Saas Bahu aur Saazish (SBB)
videos and pictures

Events and Appearances

Star Sansaar, Lehren TV, TellyBuzz

Premeer/Episode Pictures


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