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50 Threads of Unbreakable Bond:We Put The C And S

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Siddhanth + Riddhima=SidDhima

Jennifer Winget + Karan Wahi=JeRan

SidDhima means "Achievement"  and "Blessed"

JeRan means "Cry Of Rejoicing"



(Feel Free To Use)


    This is a thread for Siddhant Modi-Riddhima Modi Siddhima and Karan Wahi-Jennifer Winget JeRan fans. If you don't have anything nice to say about them or the actors who portray their characters, please refrain from posting here as this is an Appreciation thread. Constructive criticism is definitely allowed. Just no outright hatred and bashing.

Name calling and plotting against other members will not be allowed.
Discussing/Bashing other actors is not allowed unless in relation to SR or general episode discussion.

Try to keep the personal chatting to a minimum.

Please do not discuss other AT's and other couples.

Please refrain from bringing in other characters into the this thread - it's fine to comment on them in the episode, but if the discussion becomes lengthy regarding other character then strict action will be taken.

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Chalo Chalo Ji Nach Lo Gaa Lo
Pakad Kisi Ki Wrist

And We Twist We Twist We Twist We TwistDancing

Congratulations on 50th Siddhima-JeRan Appreciaiton ThreadPartyParty


prerna4rishav (Guddi)
 sidsk (Sidra)
 jenny1000 (Jen)


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The first meeting of Sid-Riddz at the airport where Riddhima slapped Sid thrice and got him arrested. All natural calamities fail in front of this stormy start that blew the living daylights out of our Sidster. Wink

The gender and ego war between Sid-Riddz in the locker room where Riddz accused him of being a molester and Sid told her that he would rather die than touch an ugly woman like her. That was the kickass start of the Sexyface-Ickyface love saga. LOL

Sid realizing that how much pain Riddhima has suffered and understanding the reason behind her cuckoo behaviour. When Riddz hugs him and he pats her head , telling her reassuringly that he believes in her belief . He will do as she says . Big smile

Sid standing up for Riddz honour in front of everyone and telling Shankypanks that he will marry Riddhima and protect her honour. Embarrassed

The Sid-Riddz Noor-Ek-Khuda sequence . SOUL-STIRRING.Embarrassed

Sid blasting Riddz for trying to commit suicide and Riddz apologizing and asking him to marry her.I will include the whole marriage sequence here. Emotional and power-packed , wow!Clap

The famous SR seduction scene where Sid proves to Riddz that what exactly is wrong between them. It was hot , it was chemical and it delivered the message that it had to. Wink

Riddhima crying before going to the honeymoon where she is moved and touched by Sid's goodness. That was the start of her realization that Sid can move her to tears simply by being the beautiful human -being that he is inside.Clap

Riddz running into Sid's arms , clinging to him and telling him that this marriage and he himself is her only truth. Embarrassed

Sid stopping Riddhima from going away and telling her that famous 'Matt Jaao' . The way he tells her that he is beginning to like her beats all the rooftop confessions of love in this world. Love is beginning to come softly. Embarrassed



I like SR because of the journey that they have come through and how in a short span of time , they have built a relationship laboriously. Chemistry works to the couple's advantage , true but that is not the only reason that a couple clicks. It is the overall package that makes a couple attractive and intriguing. That KW-JW brought SR to life has worked to the advantage of the couple. For me , SR work because of the sheer poignancy , connection , pathos, sensitivity , the whites and the greys and the unspoken understanding of the relationship.


To me it is how the characters have evolved-Sid from a brat to a caring,wonderful husband who only wants his wife's happiness and Ridhimma from someone who had closed her heart tightly to someone who has totally come to depend on her husband and whose eyes seek only him.
What an amazing journey they both have had.I love them because they have changed with each other and have changed each other! The best thing is how they are totally honest with each other-they dont hold back their feelings.When Sid was angry with Ridhimma he showed it an when he began to like her he let her know.
They have seen the worst of each other and the best of each other and they don't live in soft clouds of fairyland where love is all about wind flowing and eyelocking.They live in the real world and they both make each other strong. They are each others strengths NOT each others weakness!


SR are something deep - so angst, something wonderful beautiful sad about SR, that is endearing and touches your hear. They are not you typical serial couple, the journey they have had is so deep yet so touching, the so called bond that developed earlier which was nameless yet so precious. Sid brought a broken woman back from death, literally - mended her, gave her life, made her feel again, hope again, weave dreams again. Its all about Second chances, and sometimes in life those don't come again - also a journey about growing up together which SR have done, they have changed for each other and with each other.
Another thing is SR have such a deep connection that its impossible to just let it break - their inner thoughts match, they touch each other so much - the level understanding they have, the mature outlook on life right now, - how each one of them hurts when they see each other hurting etc and in all that it comes down to that SR are soul mates. Some ppl crave in life to what SR have in their relationship that depth of deepness and understanding, not many ppl get it. Sid has seen the worst of Ridz, total worst of the depth Ridz has been at - and how much pain and hurt she has carried all these months, and somehow Sid has managed to understand it all and stand by her - never once letting go.
SR are each other's strength - they are stronger together, because if one of them leaves, there life and inner being is inbalanced, there will be a void which no one can fill.What SR have, I dont think nobody can fill that spot in each other again if they are separated.


this beautiful journey started as the new year arrived paving way for new hopes new beginning n stepping into a new horizon with new sunshine..And showing a wounded fairy tale about SECOND CHANCES was exceptionally beautiful and heartwarming.The minute intricacies of this relation was dealt with sheer poignancy matured and realistic manner and the story woven around them is truly heart wrenching and evolved every passing day.

The first scene itself blew me off and I could see sparks flying between them there itself..their relation went
through many different stages through these three months..we got to see different Shades of this adorable couple in the short span of these three months..the immense hatred,the platonic ties,the unnamed bond and then their marriage..life was not hunky dory for them post marriage too. They went through thorny paths yet stayed together with each other.they hurt each other n healed each other..they saw many ups and downs in this relation and mostly were the downs and yet they would come out conquering all the odds and be with each other n for each other. They have Risen From the Ashes how much ever they try to get away from each other they draw more steps closer n get pulled back towards each other. The glory of this relation is their Breeding companionship and making each other complete.


In the beginning they did not appeal to me much but after that photograph incident their relationship took a new turn that's when I started to like them. Whatever followed just kept me hooked to them be it their fights, their subtle display of emotions, the way they cared for each other everything. They both were finding it difficult to adjust with one-another still there was some unbreakable bond that pulled them towards each other and they managed to sail through the storm. Despite all the hatred and adversities each one of them found their way towards the other. In a short span of time they have covered a long distance and have succeeded in building the bridge between them. As I have mentioned earlier, their track has been very intense and gripping. Also, they looking awesome together and the chemistry they share is great!


The most important thing is the complete justice of the actors enacting Sid and Riddhima ,they breathe life into the characters made them larger than the story for us.
 Siddanth and Riddhima are not your one more couple. There is something very deep and attractive about them that you cannot ignore them. You feel the pain, the hurt, the smile, the love. I for one do. Siddanth gave Riddhima another chance in everything in life, she lost her belief in life he brought back that faith and cemented it with trust ,respect and above all unconditional  love. Sid does not even know whether she will ever love him but he still waits for her stands with her. Siddanth is a huge part of why Sid and Riddhima are what they are today. Riddhima knows that too and that is why she suffers the turmoil.


There are several reasons I've loved Sid-Rid's journey of love. One more distinct than the others, yet all equally enthralling. I think the aspect that I connected the most with was definitely the reality that the whole situation encompassed. Sid-Rid are perhaps the most believable, real couple to date that Dill Mill Gayye has seen. Of course though, this may be credited largely to the fact that they're relatively still very new as a couple. Watch the CVs tamper with them and we all know what will follow. I already see signs of that if you ask me.

I really like the real-life situation. Very rarely do people actually marry their first love. Oh yeah, I never stop hoping I'd marry the first love of my love, but we all know how scarce that situation is. Sid-Rid's journey has been one of adapting, compromising, and knowing. Something which should be the very touchstone of any marriage. It's been one of spontaneity, where Sid does not make any plans to make Ridz happy, it just happens; where Ridz does not plan to start falling in love, it just happens. You can relate to their life as closely as one could to life, and that's always been the best thing that's drawn me to them.

Oh you know, a lot of AR fans would contest me, but then, I really am adamant on my choices.  You know, I was an AR fan too, somewhere deep down, will always remain one. But Sid-Ridz definitely are more real to me, since AR make you dream, whereas Siddhima wake you up to face reality, and oh, what a beautiful reality it is. It takes a lot to accept someone knowing he/she loves someone else, it takes even more to accept that they'll never ever love you as much, but then, it takes very few people to understand that life does seldom work the dream world way, but most often the SR way.


What drew me to SR was they are very different couple unique in their own way! SR are not an everyday couple. Their love is not first love but its more deep n pure! thats what I feel. Sid Ridz two very different people brought together by fate...having little in common expect both were nursing abroken heart at that time but together they decide to give love n life another chance.

The painful journey they have shared n how they have changed each other for the better is something that touched my heart! Sid's goodness his unconditional love for Ridz n the unspoken trust that was there even before love happened esp Ridz knowing that  Sid will always be there for her is something i haven't seen before n that's what drew me to SR more! Like everyone says for me to SR are soul mates and for me they truly are each others better halves...who complete each other! n yes they are meant to be!


Okay I never approved of the Sid-Riddhima wedding and the reason for it is that Riddhima herself didn't know what she wanted when she agreed to the wedding. Yes from Sid's point of view he was doing it from his heart and he definitely didn't deserve it. So you can say I was not a SR fan in the beginning. Both I felt were too rash, immature and even though Sid melted after seeing Riddhima's pschyo state in Panchagani they were far from what I would have wanted to see.

I was in favor of them becoming friends and then getting married. But anyways now I have become SR fan and it is because of the way Sid has been handling the situations and Riddhima. It is very rare you come across a husband who knows your past and is okay with it. Not only that he loves you and waits for you. The love Sid has for Riddhima really touches me but I am yet to feel the same love from Riddhima's side. I don't  feel that Riddhima loves Sid with the same intensity so yes I am going to be a SR fan till they show Riddhima loving Sid jejaan se. And KW being my fav actor I definitely am hooked onto KW's acting and JW compliments him perfectly.


I like SR as a couple becoz they are 2 human beings who have undertaken a journey that  that was never rosy on that journey they changed together. They grew together.
he to a person who not only empathized with her past, accepted it and stood by her for the sake of  her happiness. Ridz grew to a woman who accepted how beautiful life can be, a life with second chances, restoring her belief that no matter what life throws at you. There is always a guardian angel in the wings to hold you when you fall, support you when you need and stand by you when the going gets tough.
They grew to accept and respect one another. There is just something about them and their story  that gives me a warm feeling of hope that good things can happen like the light at the end of the tunnel feeling. I am a sucker for second chances because lot of people don't get them and so many of us wish we could have them.

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Sid and Ridz- Siddhima- Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (A matrimonal Journey to love)

Siddhima/SidMa- What do we do about Hum Tum?

From Sid to Ridz- Bikhri Bikhri


Siddhant/Sid-Riddhima/Ridz Siddhima SR Tu Hai Wahi:Dedicated to Ravjot

Siddhant/Sid-Riddhima/Ridz Siddhima SR Karan Wahi-Jennifer Winget JeRan Romantic Mix (Short)

Siddhant-Riddhima Karan Wahi-Jennifer Winget JeRan 25 Threads Celebration:Royalty Of The Hearts   

Siddhant/Sid-Riddhima/Ridz Siddhima SR Karan Wahi-Jennifer Winget JeRan Mar Jawaan Romantic Mix 

Siddhant/Sid-Riddhima/Ridz Siddhima SR Karan Wahi-Jennifer Winget JeRan Kuch Khaas Hai Romantic Mix

Siddhant/Sid-Riddhima/Ridz SR Siddhima SR Yeh Dooriyan Version 1 (Plain) 
Siddhant/Sid-Riddhima/Ridz SR Siddhima SR Yeh Dooriyan Version 2 (Effects)

Siddhant/Sid-Riddhima/Ridz SR Siddhima Karan Wahi-Jennifer Winget JeRan Main Hoon Na Sad Mix 

Karan Wahi-Jennifer Winget JeRan Sid-Riddhima SR Siddhima Jodi Kamaal Ki 

Siddhant Riddhima-Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Male) Promo 


Tu Jaane Naa (Atif) Sid Riddhima Mix


Shayad Yehi To Pyar hai (vm SIDDHIMA)

 Ishq Hai Sid-Riddhima Mix


Siddhima Mar Jawaan

Siddhima Tune Zindagi Mein (female)

Siddhima Dancing Jodi

Siddhima JeRan Sajda


Siddhima VM - TuHiHaqeeqat

Siddhima Fanaa Romantic Mix 


|| Siddhant-Riddhima || - Bewafa


Sid Riddhima Tere liye Jaanam (Gift4Parul)

Siddhant Riddhima Dil Ne-Kismat Se

Siddhant-Riddhima Zindagi Do Pal

DMG SidMa Love Magical Mix 


Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hai Preview - Siddhanth

Siddhanth Rriddhima Yeh Dooriyan Preview

Siddhanth Riddhima Tadap Tadap Ke Mix

This Is Why I'm Hot- Siddhanth Mix

Siddhanth Riddhima Tadap Tadap Ke Preview

Siddhanth Fanmix - Lights off

Siddhath Riddhima Far Away

Jennifer, Karan's Dostana

Jaane Kyon Preview JeRan Jenniffer Karan

Siddhanth Riddhima The Fatak Jodi





12/4 (from precap)OS: Sid-Ridz confrontn: Kyun? 

FF:continued from the precap (my version)

FF: 23/2- Unspoken -Final Version    


Kuch Is Tarah

Betrayal or Love? (AR-SidMa)





Lamhon Ki Guzaarish Hai Yeh,Paas Aa Jaaye


9/04- Sid-Riddz-Armaan-OS - Matt Jaao..... 

3/04 - Sid-Riddz- One Shot- Open the Door

2/04- Sid-Riddz-One Shot: I should've slapped you

Armaan-Sidd One Shot : Follow your heart


..:: SR OneShot "Romance in the Rain" ::..

Siddhima OneShot - "Yeh Dil"  


Tumhare Bina Nahin S/R/A OS


SR..One Shot


11/04-Siddhima OS- 'Open Your Heart'

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Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:You Are Stuck In My Heart

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Hurts To See You In Pain

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:If I Could Melt Your Heart 

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:The Feeling Is Undefined  

Siddhima/JeRan Unbrekable Bond Shayad Yehi Toh Pyar Hai 

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:A Stirring In My Heart  

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Love Comes Softly

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:You Are My Truth 

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Tu Hi Haqeeqat

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Never Let You Go
  Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Feel Safe In Your Arms

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Teri Ore ....Teri Ore

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Your Heart Is My Home 

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Royalty Of The Hearts

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Too Precious To Lose 

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Can't Lose You

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:And I Will Always Love You

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:You Complete Me 

SiddhimaR/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:My World Lies In You

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Guzaarish

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Fanaa Tere Pyaar Mein 

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Unbreak My Heart

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Kiss Away My Tears 

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Zindagi Ka Ajeeb Moad

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Kismat Se Tum Humko Mile Ho

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Silent Whispers Silent Tears

Sidddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Rom Rom Tera Naam Pukare

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Meri Aankhon Ka Intezaar Ho Tum

  Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Follow Your Heart

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:I Saw My Tears In Your Eyes

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Tu Jahan Main Wahan

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Akele Hum Akele Tum

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Heal My Wounds

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Can't Live Without You

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Drifting In Waves Of Pain

Siddhima/JeRan Unbreakable Bond:Dil Gira Dafatan

50 Threads of Unbreakable Bond:We Put The C And S

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