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Arrange Marriage #2 [Mayur] : NTL : Page 147 (Page 110)

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I am extremely thankful to u for making ur presence visible...


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Hey guys! aaj meri gaadi apne nirdharit samay se kaafi der par sorry.....but i am in 12th class [medical] with many ffs and it is a little hard for me to be on time...but still, u all give me love despite of my late updating....THANK U SOOOOOOO MUCH for i said, i am really lucky to have u all in my life.....

+ for this update, mjhtnupurmayank has helped me a lot...Pooja really did everything for me....she scolded me and asked me to update......if it was not for her help, i would have never updated....or else would have taken loads of time...but i whole sole-fully dedicate this part to Pooja....thanks sis for helping me sooooooo much.....

Nupur's pov-


It was such a pleasant surprise when I woke up. I came to know that my Uday bhaiya can returned from his trip. I can't control myself when I am with him. He is the only one who knows me and is always with me. He is my best friend and best brother. I just went and hugged him tight.


I said, "Uday bhaiya! Kitne dino baad aaye hain aap! Yaad aagayi aapko apni choti behen ki?"


As usual, I pouted and turned around. I knew he would pacify me. It was our routine. And as i looked over my shoulder, I saw packets of chocolates behind me. I jumped and turned around in joy, grabbing those chocolates.


He said, "Kyun? Tumhe toh mujhse baat nahi karni thi. Phir tum meri chocolate kyun le rahi ho? Rehene do, main inhe kisi aur ko de doonga."


I snatched those from him and said, "yeh chocolates meri hain! Aur sirf main hi inhe khaoongi. Kisi aur ki himmat hai toh inhe choo kar bhi dikhaye."


And I started eating chocolates. I can't resist when it comes to chocolates.


Udays' pov-


I can't explain how happy I am to see my doll eating her chocolate. She might seem strong and bold, but only I know how sensitive she is. She is very childish when she is with me. She is only open to those who are her friends otherwise she is quiet a reserved kind. But I love her the way she is. She never shows, but she is very emotional and weak. She needs someone to understand her and support her morally. I just wish that Mayank is the right guy for her.


And this reminds me that I have called Mayank. I have the right to know the guy who is going to steal my princess from me. I just hope that Mayank is best for my sister. I was really enjoying seeing my doll eating the melted chocolate like a two year old girl. And now she would soon be gone. I would miss her.


I would really miss her loads. I would miss her when I return from my foreign tours. I would miss pacifying her with the chocolate. I always wonder why do girls go away to someone's house? Why not the other way?


Mayank's pov-


I was nervous as hell. I had a feeling that if Uday didn't liked me, then what would happen? But it is an arrange marriage so I don't think that he would have that views. But still I am nervous. And Samrat had made me exactly more nervous by saying that, "bhai, tum Uday ko nahi jaante ho. He is one heck of a person when it comes to Nupur. Nupur toh uski doll hai. Bas ek baat samajh lo, you have to make him on your side. Vaise bhi kehte haina, saari khudai ek taraf aur joru ka bhai ek taraf."


I just wore my jacket and reached at her place. Gunjan opened the door but I saw her cross. She told me that she didn't have her share of chocolates. She wanted them badly. She seemed quiet cross with Nupur.


She said, "jeeju….dekhiye na….har baar yahi hota hai. Uday bhaiya aate hain aur saari chocolates di ko de dete hain. I hate di. Woh ek bhi chocolates share nahi karti hain. She just eats them all. Aaphi apni hone waali patni ko samjhaiye to share."


I was quiet amused by the fact that girls always love chocolate. And Nupur loving chocolates? This thought seemed irrational. Nupur was too matured to act so childish. But somehow, she was going to be my saali and I didn't want her to be cross.


I said, "koi baat nahi saali sahiba…..aapko agli baar ham chocolate laa denge varna Samrat toh hai hi."


When they can tease me, so can I. I saw her blush and I knew better. She muttered thanks and led me to the room where Nupur and Uday were.


I am really thankful to god that aunty was not at home or else the formalities would have occurred. She would have brought Nupur down and I wouldn't have been able to see the scene in front of me. I was shocked to see Nupur eating chocolate cheekily at a corner and Uday fighting with her to give her some.


Nupur said, "nahi Uday bhaiya. Yeh chocolates meri hain aur main inhe kisi bhi kimat par aapke saath share nahi karoongi." And she ran in my direction. She hadn't seen me until now.


Uday said, "par Nupur, tum thodi si chocolates Gunjan ke liye bhi chod do. Woh bhi toh meri behen hai na."


This was really very interesting. The brother sister act was reminding me that of mine and Dia. Dia is exactly the same way.


Nupur said, "par bhaiya, main toh aapki sabse achi behen hoon na? aapki favourite?"


I could feel that Nupur didn't like the fact that she had to share her brother with Gunjan. She is so cute. I wonder how I could never see a child hiding behind a mature girl. But then, since how many days do I know her?


Uday came forward and said, "haan Nupur, you are my favourite sister. My doll."


And like expected, she hugged her but started running saying that she won't give him her chocolates.

And after witnessing this scene, I realized that I really don't know her at all. I was just marrying a stranger. I think I got to know her before our marriage.


She just cheekily ran when I noticed that she ran into me. She was hit by me and her chocolaty [literally chocolaty] hands got rubbed on my white shirt, making it have stains of chocolate. She was about to say something when I noticed that she was shocked to see me.


She was wearing a brown suit and her hands were smeared with chocolate. Even her nose was smeared with chocolate. I wonder how cute can she get? She abruptly moved back due to our closeness. Uday left us for sometime and I wonder why.


Nupur's pov-


Silly me! I was so damn busy with this chocolate that I didn't see when I ran into Mayank. What would he be thinking of me? Ma had earlier told me not to act silly in front of him. And I think I screwed up everything.


I was so damn shocked to see him. I never expected him to come and see me act like a child. Why did this happen? It's so humiliating! And I even ruined his shirt. But it seemed that he was lost somewhere.


He just came close to me. Now this thing surely made me nervous. But I was nervous for only sometime. He just only came and took out his handkerchief. He rubbed off chocolate from my nose. How sweet is he! But how embarrassing I am!


I gathered up my courage and said, "woh…mujhe lagta hai ki aapko change kar lena chahiye…aapki shirt kharaab ho gayi hai."


He smiled and said, "its ohk. Main ghar jaakar change kar loonga. Vaise bhi I don't think ki yahan par mere size ki shirt hogi. And I can literally go in this shirt rather than Uday's oversized shirts."


He smiled and I did the same. He is so humorous. But he has forgotten that I am fashion designer. I have a shirt of his size, courtesy Dia. Dia had called me for her dresses for our engagement. She told me that she wanted to have her dress made by her bhabhi. This gesture had really touched me a lot.


I said, "But uski koi zaroorat nahi hai. I have a shirt. Main ek fashion designer hoon so I have shirts and dresses of all sizes. So aap chaliye….mere room mein hogi."


He smiled and said, "ohk."


And he followed me to my room.


Mayank's pov-


I entered her room and saw how beautifully it was organized. It was a completely contrasting to that of mine. My room is a place where everything is so disorganized, but here everything was kept at a proper place. The walls were painted in off cream color and a single wall was covered by a painting. That painting had radha Krishna ji seated on a swing. That painting kept me mesmerized.


Unable to hold it anymore, I asked, "From where did you buy this painting?"


She smiled and said, "Actually this is not bought. This is hand made. I made it myself."


I was extremely shocked that she can make such a beautiful painting also. It was so amazing. I really don't know this girl with whom I am going to get married in just five days.


I said, "Really? You made it yourself? Wow! This is so beautiful."


I saw her slightly blushing. She replied, "Thank you. Aap yahin rukiye tab tak main aapke liye ek shirt lekar aati hoon."


I replied, "ohk."


And I started surveying the room. The furniture were quiet different. The room was pretty clean. The study table had a computer on it. I could see a diary kept on it. I had the sudden urge of checking out that diary. So, I just went in that direction.


I picked up the brown diary. On turning the first page, I could see something written. It read – 'No reading allowed without my permission. This is my personal diary and kindly keep your curiosity away from my diary.' And it was signed by Nupur.


I thought what to do? Whether to see it or not? Have I got the right? But then, I am going to marry her. So I have the right to have a sneak peak into her diary. What if she would come to know? But how? After a thousand questions, I turned the page and started to read.


'Hi diary. This is Nupur. You know what happened today? Today ma was after me for marriage. But I don't even know the guy, how can I spend my entire life with him? What if he is not the one I am waiting for? What if we are not meant to be? What if he doesn't fits into my "Mr. Perfect" category? His name is Mayank Sharma. Well, he looks good but what if he turns out to be a nerd? I am telling you that my ma will marry me soon. Am I a burden in this house? okh, I can leave the house and go if she wants, but why does she wants me to marry someone and leave her forever? Who will take care of her? I don't expect anything from Gunjan. She is the busiest one. She is so busy in Samrat that she forgets that she lives in this house. But I don't want to make her upset; I think I will give this guy a try. But I am telling you in advance that if Mayank doesn't turns out to be good, then I am going to refuse. Don't blame me then. Love you, Nupur.'

So she faced the same problem like me too. I too had the same questions in my mind but I never thought that she too can think like this. And by the way, who is her Mr. Perfect? I am so curious to know that. Anyways, let me the read her views about out first meeting. But is this right? Yup it is as she is going to be my fiance tomorrow.


'Hey diary, well to tell you something, I am going to marry Mayank. He is really very sweet. And do you know what pooja said? Pooja, my best friend, took his side. She said that Mayank is my rajkumar joh mujhe uda ke apne saath le jaayega. Can you believe that? Aur phir maine toh kabhi bhi kisi rajkumar ki kalpana nahi ki hai. Mujhe kabhi se ek rajkumar nahi chahiye tha…mujhe toh apne liye ek normal sa seedha saadha insaan chahiye tha joh mujhe mere liye pasand kare. Aur phir agar sabhi ko rajkumar chahiye hoga toh phir normal insaan kise milega? Isiliye, mujhe toh bas mera hamsafar chahiye joh mere dil ki har baat samjhe. Mummy aa rahi hain. Baaki baatein baad mein. Bye. And love you loads, Nupur.'


She is so simple. I always knew that she was a simple girl with simple needs, but how can one be so innocent and down-to-earth? I was about to turn the page when I heard someone's footsteps coming in her room.


I kept the diary on its place and saw that intruder was none other than Nupur. She gave me the shirt and I changed into it. It was really a very nice and comfortable shirt. I guess after our marriage, I won't have the headache of selecting dresses for me atleast. Suddenly I realized that I need to tell her why I had come here.


I said, "woh actually I wanted to give you this card. Ma wants you to see it too."


She said, "par yeh card hai kisliye?"


I said, "woh Nupur, yeh hamari engagement ka card hai. Ma ne kaha tha ki main unki bahu ko bhi ek card de doon. So I thought to give you this."


She took it from my hand and placed it near her diary.


Nupur's pov-


I took the card and kept it near my diary. It was very close to me. My heart wanted to tear up the envelope and see the card but my mind stopped me from doing anything foolish.


We said nothing but he gave me his number. I was shocked and he said, "Ek doosre ko janne ke liye mujhe lagta hai ki hame baat karni chahiye." And then he went away towards Uday bhaiya.


While I stood baffled and happy. I just picked up the card and saw it. To say that it was beautiful would be really less. It was a really very simple yet elegant card. I was very happy to see it. I felt something different on seeing our names links together.


I am glad that the card was made simple. Because according to me, the beauty lies in the simplicity. And I know that our engagement in tomorrow, so it feels a little different. It is a rally very new sensation. What it would be like to wear someone's ring in your finger? Does it really connect hearts? Well, I can know the sensation tomorrow only.


Mayank's pov-


I went to Uday bhaiya and he asked me general questions regarding work and all. Basically, he wanted to know if I can keep Nupur happy or not. And I guess I satisfied him. He seemed really impressed.


Suddenly he asked, "agar Nupur se kabhi koi galti ho gayi, toh tum use daantoge toh nahi na?"


I could have said no, but I wanted to tell him the truth. For me, the basis of any relationship is trust and utmost faith.


I said, "Uday, I can assure you that I will keep her happy. But, if she does any mistake, it's my duty to scold her so that she doesn't repeat the same mistake again. After all, scolding is done only to those people and only for those things that you like. Aap kisi bhi anjaan insaan ko thodi na daantege. And I think main use thoda sa toh daantoonga, after all she would be my wife."


He hugged me and everything went past off in a blur. And I returned home, only to be tormented by Samrat, who wanted to know everything regarding my meeting with Nupur and Uday.


But I am waiting for the engagement. I really want to know the feeling which the ring would give me. I have heard that it connects hearts, but does it really? This answer would be unveiled tomorrow.


Tomorrow, the sunrise would bring a new phase in our lives….


That's all for today!

Hope u liked this part!

Precap- sajan dance.....mayur's new feelings.....engagement...

Do comment if u liked the part.....

Do press the like tab and comment.....

i would update soon...really i would...aakhir unki engagement ki baat joh hai....and needless to say, u all r invited......


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Wow..Am I really the first one to comment??

Seriously this was like thing which I loved about the part or maybe this whole FF is its simplicity..its beauty. So sweet. Loved the chocolate part..nicely written. Nupur feelings well expressed! LOVED Uday..hes my jaanu! Heart And also the Mayank-Gunjan part..sweet Embarrassed And obviously my jaanualble MAYUR are always the best! Superb! Keep it up!! :):)

Mahak you write extremely well. Im Mansi btw :)

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bhavana92 IF-Dazzler

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Mahiiiii!Hug i'm glad u updated this FF....seems like itz been ages since u did!Dancing

wow dude! u've become an expert in describing every feeling of Mayank n Nupur Thumbs Up [occasionally others too], be momentary pleasure/unhappiness, confusion, hesitation or embarassment...

hmm....Nupur's dear Uday Bhaiyya came n Nupur's behaviour was understandably baccha-ish!LOL

Mayank's  joy at discovering diff. aspects of Nupur's personality feels nice 2 read...
the choc. scene was too good!LOL [i assume its based on ur own love 4 chocolatesWink]
& also nice was their small convo...

aha! Mayank read Nupur's diaryApprove....maybe its good in a way coz it helped him 2 understand her own dilemma when she 1st got 2 know of the helped Mayank 2 relate with her...

thanx 4 the invitation Mahi, needless 2 say, its beautiful!Clap
eagerly waiting 4 their engagement....

P.S:(1)i love the title of this chapter! 'chocolate effects'- how cute!Big smile
        (2) sorry 4 editing late....Embarrassed

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by -Mansi-

Wow..Am I really the first one to comment??

Seriously this was like thing which I loved about the part or maybe this whole FF is its simplicity..its beauty. So sweet. Loved the chocolate part..nicely written. Nupur feelings well expressed! LOVED Uday..hes my jaanu! Heart And also the Mayank-Gunjan part..sweet Embarrassed And obviously my jaanualble MAYUR are always the best! Superb! Keep it up!! :):)

Mahak you write extremely well. Im Mansi btw :)

Thanks a lot mansi.....

Yup u really are the first one to comment.....aaj toh main itni der se kisi comment ka wait kar rahi thi...

first comments are always very meaningful to me.....coz i don't go offline until i see one comment atleast.....

Thanks a lot.....i am really very happy that u loved my ff.....

i really believe in i wanted this ff to be very simple.....

i am really happy that u loved the chocolate part......i was really very nervous about it......

Glad that i could express their feelings.....

Thanks for loving Uday......

Thanks a lot......

I am really very happy that u think that i write's really an honour....and i will try to improve my level best......

Thanks a lot......

MehRya.. IF-Addictz

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OMGGGG Mahiii Janiiiiii you are the bestttttttttttHug Goshhhhh lots of MayUrrr in thisss partttt Ahhh canttt imagineeeee their engagement dayyyy and i am sureee it will concet their heartsDay Dreaming Ahhh u ve written it soooo beautifullyyyyyHeart i am sooo falling in love with this part Gosh loved the childishhh Nupsssssss Day DreamingDay Dreaming and her buming to MayankkkkBlushingOMGGGGGGG

Ahhh we all are invitedd wohoooooo dooo conn sooon janemaanEmbarrassed

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jeniluvmayur IF-Dazzler

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                      Sorry.jpg im sorry image by nhaz3256

i noo u will forgive ur lazy friend for unreserving this later...!
anyway i was the first one to readLOL am proud on it...Embarrassedyet u should no am lazy enough though...!
i loved ur title.....ur title itself i know ur give a beautiful part...Clap
from me for making a lovely part....!
wow here uday change of character from mjht...i can imagine him very much caring...really it suits him very much..!SmileTongueWinkBig smileEmbarrassedSmileClapClapClap
here nupz acting so funny and kiddy...but i too love chocolate but i do share with i am giving gunjan some of my chocos......
mayur hitting scene....  
 click to zoomam still on my imagination...! i couldnt get out of their cute world...!
i really enjoyed the part were mayu reading nupz feelings....god y not nupur came little bit that mayu would have got some time to read moreEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  
so cute , card was simply great....!am gonna make you choose my wedding invitation card...but i should stop dreaming more...yet full 3 years left for it though...LOL  
this rose is for u...!it looks so soft...if ur not updating soon it will turn terror and bite u wow wow....LOL
am sure am getting more new feelings thinking of my future encagement me nah...!LOLLOL....!
now better update your ff soon else thats it...!
mahak...i loved this ff very was so cute....!i lvoed pooja in this part...she is really cute friendBig smileEmbarrassedWink..!



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anju011 Goldie

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wow finally u've updated.
that was a sweet & cute part.
the way she was talking with uday like a kid & having ice creams. so sweet.& uday thinking abt nupur was so touching.
loved the jeeja saali convo.
loved the confusion that was mayu feeling abt reading the diary.
awww he gave her his number..
can't wait to read the next part.
continue soon.

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