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ArTi MN FF:- Writing Our Story Pt3 P21 24/4/2010 (Page 6)

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Originally posted by NidzCole_ArTi

Originally posted by ShruAtIF

arre wah!!
double dhamaka!!!
ek pe ek muft muft muft!!!
badhiya cs!!
aur mujhe Pm list mein add kar!!!!

Waah bhai waaah!
Dost ho toh tere jaiseHug
Thanks a lot PagliiiiBig smileBig smileBig smile

kya matlab bhondu???

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Originally posted by ShruAtIF

Originally posted by NidzCole_ArTi

Originally posted by ShruAtIF

arre wah!!
double dhamaka!!!
ek pe ek muft muft muft!!!
badhiya cs!!
aur mujhe Pm list mein add kar!!!!

Waah bhai waaah!
Dost ho toh tere jaiseHug
Thanks a lot PagliiiiBig smileBig smileBig smile

kya matlab bhondu???

Everyone deserves a friend like you Hug
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safeplacetoland IF-Stunnerz

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Writing Our Story

An Arjun-Rati and Mayank-Nupur FanFiction by NIDHEYA.

Chapter 1

As the sun rose at sharp 6 am, a young woman moved swiftly around in her one bedroom apartment, doing one chore after the other. Her long beautiful hair was tied back into a loose, messy pony and she constantly pushed  some hair out of her face. After all her work was done, she plumped down on the sofa with a cup of hot coffee and sipped it lazily.

She had decided to skip breakfast as usual, and tried to remember when it was the last time that she had actually had breakfast. Nope, she couldn't remember, the day was too far away. Her daily schedule was the same, doing all the chores, having coffee and sit down with her books. She used to go to the book store every Sunday and buy 7 books each time, one for every day. Books were her world.

But today was different. From the past few days an idea had been circling her mind, a story which she badly wanted to put on pen and paper. Writing was her passion, her other source of happiness, and this time she had finalized her idea and was going to write, a book.

The young lady, Rati Pandey was a big introvert. She never conversed with anyone except the clerks at book stores. She always kept to herself and never let anyone get even remotely close to her.

She loved love stories and was going to write one. She loved those love stories, which were realistic and beautiful rather than magical and something close to a fairy tale. She hated fairy tales. After all, she had once lived a magical fairy tale of her own, though the ending said sadly ever after rather than the usual "happily ever after". She realized those type of stories just didn't exist.

Her life had been perfect, or she thought so. She had been a bubbly extroverted girl who lived her life by her rules. Her best friend, the handsome, charming Mohit, who any girl would fall for and she was no exception. Mohit reciprocated those feelings and for a while everything seemed perfect. Only if she could foresee the future.

Rati shook her head and pushed those thoughts out of her mind. Those were unnecessary. She didn't want to spoil her mood by reminiscing them. Today she was going to start writing, writing a story which she hoped moved hearts.


"Tell me once again why I am doing this?" a young, handsome man asked.

"Because you are one of the top business tycoons and you are young," his sister answered. "And most of them look upto you."

"What difference does that make to me Sanaya?" the man asked, adjusting his tie. "I don't give a damn about them."

"Also they are offering you a very high sum bro," Sanaya answered, grinning. Money was something that mattered to her brother.

"That kind of makes sense," he said. "Money...interesting."

"So what are you planning to tell them? About your success and all?" Sanaya asked.

"Passion," he said. "About passion. Now leave. I want to spend some quality time with my mirror."

Sanaya smirked and exited the room.

Arjun Bijlani gelled his hair and smoothed it to perfection. He flashed a smile at his best friend, aka his reflection in the mirror. He clapped his hands and mouthed the word "perfection", grabbed his suitcase and walked out.

"I'm going Sanaya," Arjun said. "Whom are you talking to?"

"Mohit, my fiance," Sanaya said. "Good bye bro."

"Argh Mohit," Arjun said. "Not good company if you ask me."

"Bye Arjun," Sanaya said and went back to her conversation.

Other than himself, the only other person Arjun cared for was his younger sister, Sanaya. She was his half-sister, but he was extremely fond of her, and not to mention protective. He clearly disapproved of Sanaya's relationship with Mohit, but she was too much in love to listen.

He drove to Excel College for Business Studies to give a lecture on his success. He had achieved so much in such little time, and as his sister pointed out, he was a role model to many aspiring business men/women.

He was driven with passion and he says passion alone got him to where he was today. It was his passion for his business, his passion for making his dream into a reality, his passion was the key to his success. He never cared for others, but always felt compassionate about someone who had passion inside him or her. He felt he connected with him.


Rati had only one person she could call a friend and that was Rutuja, her college going neighbor. Rutuja was a form of the old Rati, talkative and bubbly. She was the only one who knew her troubles and fears. In a lot of ways, her younger sibling.

Rutuja also knew about Rati's decision to start writing and she fully supported it. Rati opened up to Rutuja only and preferred to let it stay that way.

Rati got onto her laptop, opened a fresh document and began typing away.


Arjun entered the auditorium of Excel College for Business Studies. Many students were waiting eagerly for him, carrying notebooks and pens in their hands. Some even had video cameras in their hands, waiting to record him.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen of this prestigious college," Arjun started. "I'm Arjun Bijlani...well I'm sure all of you know why I'm here."

A lot of noise was heard from the audience, indicating that they knew him. He got many encouraging, eager and proud looks from the audience. Smiling, he carried on.

"I'm not going to speak much and bore you all to death, instead I will emphasize on one point which is the reason I'm here today," Arjun said, smiling widely. "And that is passion."

The audience were quiet, indicating him to continue.

"Passion for business, passion for making it big," Mayank said with a pause. "If it were not for passion I would never have become who I'm."

"Many of you must be thinking hard work is also a key, it is, but not as big as passion is," Arjun said. "Passion is everything."

The students were amazed. What they expected to be a speech on hard work and persistence, turned out to be much more interesting. Passion, that seemed interesting, and cool.

"That's pretty much what I've got to say students," Arjun said. "Be passionate about what you love and there is no limits to watch you can achieve. I also want to add that I'm having a Party For the Passionate on Friday. I would like you all to bring a guest with passion for something. You will get the invitation at the front desk."

"With that students, good day to you and hope to see all of you and your guests in my party," Arjun said, getting down from the stage.

He made way to his car before he was hounded by the students and quickly drove home in peace. His Party for the Passionate was an idea he was extremely proud of and was looking forward for it. Yes, it would be fun.


Rati paused for a minute and started typing.

Untitled by rati pandey

Chapter 1.

Her bangles clinking against each other, her hair blowing in the wind, she ran, flicking a strand of her hair from her face. The kajal in her eyes gave them a better spark. She smiled at everyone on her way. She adjusted her light pink duppatta and ran into her house. She was the sunshine in the little town of Morena.

"What is it Maa?" Nupur Bhushan asked, touching her mother's feet. "What's up?"

"Nupur talk properly," Mrs. Ratna Bhushan said. "I'm your mother, not your friend."

Though Nupur loved and respected her mother, she always treated her as a friend. It usually worked, but today Ratna seemed upset, rather tensed.

"Maa what is it?" Nupur asked. "Why are you looking so worried?"

"I don't know how you will react beti," Ratna said, pacing about the room worriedly.

"Mom if you don't tell me what is it how will you know how I react?" Nupur asked. "Please tell me Maa."

"Do you remember the Sharma family beta?" Ratna asked. "The family of your father's friend Himanshu Sharma?"

"The ones staying in Mumbai?" Nupur asked and received a nod from her mother. "Yes I do and their sadu son."

"Well they are coming to Morena tomorrow beta," Ratna said.

"Oh no that means I will have to put up with Mr. Sadu, that too for Diwali?" Nupur said, groaning. "Nahiiiiiiiiiiin."

"Nupur stop being so filmy," Ratna scolded. "They will be leaving the day after Diwali."

"Thank god," Nupur said. "I will have to put up with that sadu only for five days...but DIWALI?"

"Erm, that's not the case Nupur bitiya," Ratna said softly. "You will be going with them."

"WHAT?" Nupur asked loudly. "But why? I love it here in Morena."

"Actually they are coming for the marriage," Ratna said.

"Who's marriage?" Nupur asked, suspiciously.

"Yours," Ratna said slowly.

"What? Why? When? To whom?" Nupur spluttered. "I'm getting married? So soon? To whom? Tell something maa."

"To Mayank," Ratna said finally. "You and Mayank are getting married here in Morena on Diwali."

"To that SADU?" Nupur asked, emphasizing on the word sadu. "No maa sorry no ways, absolutely NO WAYS."

"Beti you can't do anything about it," Ratna said. "Your father and Mr. Sharma have already decided everything. We have no say in this."

"No say in this?" Nupur asked. "Maa it is a matter of my life, this is NOT done."

"It has been decided," Ratna said. "And it will be done in five days."

"Maa," Nupur gulped, trying to digest what she just heard. "I'm getting married to Mr. Sadu uff Mayank Sharma on Diwali Day."

"Nupur tomorrow is the sagai function, day after mehendi and after that sangeet," Ratna said. "Then one day it will be some remaining functions and on Diwali day, aka the 5th day, you and Mayank will get married."

"Maa is this necessary?" Nupur asked, tears forming in her eyes. "I don't want to leave you all and go so soon."

"We can't do anything about Nupur beta," Ratna said sadly. "It has been decided by the men and we women have no say in it."

Nupur wiped the tears and ran into the bedroom she shared with her younger sister, Gunjan. She lay on her bed and cried her heart out. No, she absolutely didn't want to get married so soon, especially to that Mayank Sharma. By God, he was so boring and stiff. He didn't know what fun meant. He was always on his laptop, clicking away to glory, and this was 10 years ago when they were young teenagers. Imagine how much more boring he must have gotten with time.

Nupur was the sunshine of the little town of Morena. Everyone loved her there and she loved everyone. Whether they were adults or kids, she gelled with just about anyone. And the person she least got along with, Mayank Sharma, she was going to get married to in five days. Her life was going to be living hell.


Clicking away to glory, without pausing to think even for a second, Mayank Sharma was forming another business idea in his mind. For him business meant everything. His father, Himanshu Sharma hadn't let him be a part of the family business, but Mayank being the ambitious boy had tried to come up with his own ventures, but they all failed because he didn't have enough capital investment. Once again, his father refused to give him that. He turned when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey dad," Mayank said, standing up. "How are you?"

"I'm fine beta, now pack your bags," Himanshu said.

"Are we going for a business trip dad?" Mayank asked, smiling broadly.

"Didn't I tell you?" Himanshu asked. "No joining the family business unless you start a family."

"But dad for me business is more important than family," Mayank said. "And by family I mean marriage and stuff, and not you or mom."

"We are going to Morena," Himanshu said. "We are catching tonight's flight to Bhopal and taking taxi to Morena from there."

"Morena? Isn't it that small town in MP?" Mayank asked.

"Yes, that one," Himanshu said.

"Why are we going there?" Mayank asked.

"For the marriage," Himanshu said.

"Who's marriage?" Mayank asked.

"Nupur and-"

"That histrionic, drama queen is finally getting married?" Mayank chuckled. "Who's the unlucky guy?"

"You," Himanshu said smiling, which seemed a tad bit too wicked to Mayank.

"W H A T?" he spelled out. "Me? Why? What? Why? How? WHAT?"

"Yes, you," Himanshu said. "You and Nupur are getting married on Diwali day."

"Diwali day?" Mayank asked. "But that is only five days from now! Why so soon? And most importantly, why her?"

"Because she is below our status," Himanshu answered quietly.

"Below our status?" Mayank asked. "I don't believe in all this status nonsense like you do. And I thought her father was your friend."

"Shashi is my equal because he is a man," Himanshu said. "But not Nupur, Nupur is a female."

"Obviously Nupur's a female," Mayank said. "What did you expect? That I turned out to be gay and ended up getting married to an equal?"

"Don't use your sarcasm on me son," Himanshu said. "I know you are displeased about this, but you must bear with it."

"But dad this isn't fair," Mayank said, pouting.

"We will have no further discussions about this," Himanshu said. "Just pack your bags and come down in half-an-hour. We will be leaving for the airport in one hour."

"Okay," Mayank grumbled. He saved his latest plan and switched off the computer.

After Himanshu left, he crushed his can of Diet Coke and threw it into the dustbin in anger. He didn't want this. His mother had always told him to get married to the girl of his dreams. He had never met or never tried either, but knew he would. But getting married to someone like Nupur who would never support nor understand his dreams, aspirations and ambitions was so atrocious.

After packing his laptop and his push-to-serve Internet USB, he zipped his bag and headed down to begin a new chapter and journey in his life.


After saving the document as "untitled", Rati shut down her computer and looked at the clock. Phew. It is 7 o clock already.

Sighing, she got up from her laptop table and went to the kitchen to prepare herself a light dinner.

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About that capital investment in the Mayank bit, sowwie guys LOL
I'm an Eco student and I start talking Eco-ish sometimes ROFL
Waise do comment :P


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MehRya.. IF-Addictz

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OMG Nidz jaaaniii what an fabulous update i love each Pov's u wrte and showing their feeling was Amazing i was amazed while readin it:))

Awww MayUr Are Going to be married soon and what too arrange marriage hehe they dont love each other toooo badLOLLOLLOLLOL
Aww i feelll like wanna cry while was reading Rati's Povs:))))
Con SooooonEmbarrassed

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--Mahima-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 April 2010 at 7:28am | IP Logged
really wow.......
the way you showed both the arti and mayur stories was fantastic.......
i have fallen head over heels for your ff.....
plzzzzzzzzz update soon 

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Hi Nidz,

Wow dear it ws fabulous starting.

In one word awesome

The way u describe arti and mayur story was fantastic and unique also.

At first I thought they played the role in this ff side by side.

But now I found that mayur story was written by Rati- what an amazing idea.

Loved arti a lot. Rati a writer and arjun a business tycoon.

And  Nupur as usual bubbly, fun-loving and maynk sadu type.

U portrayed all the char beautifully.

Great job nidz.

Keep it up

Update next part soon.

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fabulous update nidzy

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