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chapter 2
"Lets have some fun together. Im Mitch and you are?" he pulled me back up and tried to kiss me.
I winced under his touch, not only because I felt disgusted, also becaue I had twisted my ankle.
"Please, let me go! Ill scream!" I called, but he held me even tighter and moaned into my hair.
"No, you wont do that, othewise Ill kill you." he whispered. I was shocked and not able to move, panic rose inside me.
"Mitch please, let me go. I wont tell anybody." I whispered desperate.
"Let you go? No, I wont let such a beauty go. Come with me." He tried to pull me with him.
"Hey!" I heard another male voice.
"Let her go!" I sighed a bit relieved. Mitch turned around, still holding me tight at my waist.
"What do you want?" he asked hoarsly.
"I want you to let her go. She obviously doesnt want to go with you." answered the other.
"Haha... do you never have a fight with your wife? Shes only mad at me because Im drunk. Thats all." he laughed loud.
I shot the stranger a panicing look and shook violently my head.
"Hey, what are you doing? I told you to stay calm." calle Mitch and turned my arm on my back, I cried in pain.
"I told you well have some fun now. So, lets go." But I refused and tried to get away from him, the stranger took the chance, pulled me away and started at fight with Mitch. I fell to the ground again and could do nothing more than to watch the scene. Surely Mitch had no chance against the stranger, as he was far too drunk and so he stumbled over the bench.
"I give up! Keep that little *****!" He called and tried to get away, but the stranger held him back, tied his hands with tie and called the police.
"That will teach you how to speak to women." he wiped his mouth and looked at me. I still sat on the ground, my eyes filled with panic and my body trembling like a leaf.
"Hey, are you ok?" asked the stranger, slowly coming over to me. I was so afraid, that I only tried to get away, but my ankle hurt too much.
"Dont be afraid. I wont harm you, promised." he spoke softly to me, tokl slowly his jacked of and put it slowly around my shoulders.
"Please..." I whispered, but he only "Shh" me.
"Its ok, the police will be here any minute." he smiled at me and tried to stroke my hair, but I backed up.
Soon the police arrived and arrested Mitch, they called the emergency and brought me into hospital.

"Well, well, well Ms. pratigya..." said the doctor and took a look at the radiograph.
"Ok... So, your right ankle isnt broken, but you have a major sprain, that means no late night walks for at least 2 weeks, ok?" he winked at me, I nodded and tried to smile at him.
"No late night walks anymore, promised." He shoot me a sympathic look.
"You were really lucky that your friend helped you, otherwise..."
"I know. He safed my life." I answered in thoughts.
"Ok, I think you can go home now." I got up and took the crutches, given to me by the hospital.
"Thank you very much." I smiled and left the room.
Outside sat the stranger, he seemed to wait for something. I slowly hobbled over to him and stopped in front of him and sighed.
"I just wanted to thank you for saving my life." I said. He looked suprised at me and got up.
"No, you dont have to thank me. Are you ok?" he asked.
"Yes, Im fine. Just a sprain and some bruises, thats all." I offered my hand to him.
"Thank you again. Ill go home, now." he shook my hand and looked deep into my eyes.
"Youre welcome." A strange feeling welled through my body, I couldnt put a finger on it, but it was warm.
I hesitated for a second, but then I turned to leave.
"Umm...Miss...wait!" called the stranger, grabbed his jacked and followed me. I turned suprised to him and shot him a confused look.
"How do you get home?" he asked as he reached me.
"Ill take a taxi." I answered suprised.
"Ok, Ill come with you." he simply said.
"You really dont have to do that. Im fine, really." but he held up his hand.
"Im sure about that, but Im afraid to go home on my own." he winked at me and flashed me that wonderful smile, again.
I looked stunned at him, then I giggled.
"Ok, I cant take the responsibility for that, can I?"
"Wow, what a lovely smile." I blushed. "By the way... my name is krishna." now he offered his hand to me.
"Nice to meet you, krishna. My name is pratigya." I smiled shy and shook it.

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me ....hahahaha...first againDancing
i thought the person she was bump on will be krishna...uff i was ff is un predictable
argh! what nasty fellow Mitch is! he acted as if he was her husband...Angry
"Hey, are you ok?" words of krishna to pratigya and he accompanied her till her house... shows how concerned he is.
i liked the way you introduced krishna and his first meeting with pratigyaTongue.
great up date tamannaClap.short and sweet.Big smile

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Originally posted by shumi.

me ....hahahaha...first againDancingthat too without pmSmile postin one more part nw....
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Wow tht was a very sweet chp Tamannah.Looking forward to the next one. Smile
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chapter 3
We took a taxi and drove to my flat.
"Here it is, thank you so much...again. Mr. krishna. I really owe you something." I smiled and was about to get out of the car, but Mr. krishna jumped out of the car, ran around it, opened the door for me and helped me to get out.
"Firstly: you owe me nothing, secondly: My name is krishna not Mr. krishna and thirdly: if you want to thank me you could give me the honour of going out with me..." I looked shocked at him.
"Oh my god, pratigya! What has happened?! Are you ok?" Poo came running out of the house.
"Its ok, Poo. Im fine." I tried to calm her down, but she was furious.
"Youre fine, Didi? Sure, thats why you have to walk with crutches... And who are you? What are you doing here with my sister?" krishna looked confused at Poo.
"My name is krishna and I brought your sister home." he explained, but Poo was still mad.
"Why is she walking with crutches? Is that your fault? If yes, Ill..." she called, but I cut her off.
"Thats enough, Poo. krishna saved me and was so kind to accompany me home from the hospital." answered tired.
"WHAT?! Hospital?! What the hell..." Poo began to complain, but I only felt tired and exhausted, my ankle hurt, my head was about to explode and I could barely stay awake. Suddenly I felt a little dizzy, everything was spinning and Poos voice sounded like it was far away.
"pratigya? pratigya!" I heard krishna call me, but I couldnt answer. All went black.

I was woken by the sun shining in my face. First I didnt know where I was, but then I recognized my room. I tried to get up, but I as I had forgotten about my ankle, it brought me back to reality in a hurtfull way.
"Ouch!" I called and looked around for the cratches.
"Ah, good morning! How did you sleep?" krishna came in with cup of tea, I looked puzzled at him.
"krishna? What are you doing here?" he smiled at me.
"Well, as you decided to faint in front of your house and your sister was hysterical...I carried you upstairs and calmed your sister down." I was still confused.
"Your sister is ok, shes at the university now and I slept on the couch, as I had promised her to look for you." he explained.
"Oh my god, Im so sorry for causing you so much trouble." I apologised, looking at the ground, but he only giggled.
"Youre not causing any trouble, pratigya. May I call you pratigya?" I nodded shy.
"You are really causing no trouble, believe me. Its really a pleasure to care for you." I blushed.
"But what about you? I mean, you surely have a family and a job. And you should take care of that, not me." He didnt answer. When I looked up at him, he stared out of the window, with I look I couldnt put a finger on. There was so much sorrow in his eyes.
"I...Im sorry if I said something wrong." I apologised, but he shook his head and smiled at me.
"No, you said nothing wrong, really. Ok, you get ready and I make breakfast for us." He handed me my crutches and left the room.
I didnt know why, but there was somethin strange about krishna
We had breakfast together and got to know each other a bit better. He was working as an engineer and lived on his own. That was all I could find out about him.
"But what were you doing in the park and why did you help me?" I asked now, sipping from my tea. He shot me a confused look.
"Well, its obvious why I helped you. I mean, should I have left you with this guy? And I was there because I needed fresh air." I nodded.
"What about you? What were you doing there at that time of night? You must know that its dangerous to go out alone at this time." I looked guilty at him.
"I know, but I just needed to get out. I had a terrible fight with Poo yesterday and...God, she must hate me." suddenly krishna took my hand, which lay on the table and stoke it soft.
"She doesnt hate you, believe me. She was so anxious about you, she nearly killed me because she thought that I did this to you." I looked shocked at krishna as he was still holding my hand.
"Thats Poo... always bubbly."
"She thought it was her fault, because you had that fight and..." I looked suprised at him.
"No, no it wasnt. She can nothing for what has happened!" I called and pulled my hand away.
"What does she think?" krishna looked sympathic at me.
"She also told me about your fight..." I stopped and looked shocked at him.
"She did?" I asked unsure, he nodded. I thought for a moment, but then I got up.
"Well. Thank you so much for your help, but I think its better you go now." I said cold, he looked puzzled at me, but then he nodded and got up.
"Sure. Will you get it?" he asked concerned. I only nodded.
"Yes. Thank you." I walked him to the door.
"I wish you all the best." I said and closed the door behind him, then I sighed deep and tidied up.

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meeeeeeeee  again third time....Dancing
chapert 3
aw krishna helped pratigya to get down from the car...unlike in the serial this krishna is kind and well  mannered.
krishna said if you want to thank me you could give me the honour of going out with me...'umm ummm...he is very smart too.mookhay ka faida utaa raha hai...Wink
the way poo worried about pratrigys shows how much she loves her. the pra-poo relation is greatBig smile sweet...krishna made her break fast too.
i am worried about his past.sure he has some  sad part...Unhappy
with in few hours krishna  learned every thing about pra-poo  ... became part of their family. that was greatSmile
yet another beautiful part. thanks tamannaSmile

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meeeeeeee ...Silly
Shocked...@ tamnna what happend? i was expecting chapter 4 on your above post...Confused

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