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FF|All the Wrong Moves in All the Right Ways I

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All The Wrong Moves In all The Right Ways

Author's Note:

Hi Everyone!  A new member here at IF.  I'm so happy that Kis Desh is being re-run again with English subtitles!  I'll be able to re-watch it friends should be happy they don't have to translate again...hehe...(I'm Chinese American by the Indian American friends got me into watching Indian TV serials). 

Anyways, every now and then I get the writing bug and after watching Kis Desh I've really taken to the characters.  So, I decided to write my own little FanFic.  I tried to keep the essence of most of the characters the same, but since it's a fic I've also altered some of them or highlighted some things I found within them from watching the show.

Type: College/20's Romance and Comedy

Setting: Canada, US, India

Characters: Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil characters and some cameo character appearances from other Balaji TV serials...and of course some new and made up characters

Storyline:  Prem and Heer have a series of eventful encounters...a friendship slowly begins to blossom...complications arises testing their trust in each other...will they survive or be torn apart?

No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the characters but the storylines are my own.

Hope you all enjoy reading it!  Please leave a comment, it motivates me to write more...hehe...Wink

Fic Index:

PM List (page 3)

Chapter 1: The Unexpected (page 1)

Chapter 2: Sweet Dreams Are Made of  These... (page 3)

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Home (page 5)

Chapter 4: A Hindi Film Moment (page 7)

Chapter 5: First Impression the Second Time Around (page 9)

Chapter 6: Love is for Losers (page 10)

Chapter 7: Lost and Found (page 12)

Chapter 8: Grand Welcoming (page 15)

Chapter 9: Getting to Know You (page 17)

Chapter 10: Projects, Projects, Projects Part 1 (page 19)

Chapter 11: Projects, Projects, Projects Part 2 (page 21)

Chapter 12: Projects, Projects, Projects Part 3 (page 23)

Chapter 13: Date Night (page 24)

Chapter 14: Sweet Nights (page 26)

Chapter 15: The Green Eye of Jealous (page 28)

Chapter 16:  Where There's Smoke There's Fire (page 29)

Chapter 17: Burning Fever (page 31)

Chapter 18: Thinking About You (page 32)

Chapter 19: Road Rage (page 34)

Chapter 20: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (page 35)

More chapters to on the Full FanFic/Chapter Index for rest of chapters:

Click Here For Full FanFic/Chapter Index

(page 34)


Chapter 1: The Unexpected


The rain pelted harder as they drove down the muddy road.  It was getting close to impossible to see through the sheets of rain as the windshield wipers viciously swiped for the driver of the Mahindra Bolero to see.  He sighed inwardly and muttered several cruses at the passenger beside him.  "I heard that," smirked the young man his eyes dancing with mischief.  "It's not my fault, how did I know it was going to rain this hard?"  He wiped the window in front of him and innocently asked, "you got the defrost on?"


"Preet, you idiot the defrost isn't going to help.  It's raining so hard I can barely see two feet in front of me! " the driver yelled angrily.  "I should have known better than to listen to you...Prem! Prem!  There's this awesome rock formation up over that hill I heard about wanna go check it out?  Oh, please, it's so boring here...let's go out.  I promise to take out the trash for the whole week," he continued to chide.   


"How is this freak weather my fault?!" Preet yelled back.  "I don't control the weather, bro.  What do you expect from me...magically wave my hands in the air and shout be gone?" He combed his hand through his hair and sighed, "India stinks man, I can't wait to go back to Canada.  Hah, can you believe that...I actually want summer vacation to end and go back to school."


Prem narrowed his eyes as he inched the jeep as fast as he could through the torrent weather.  The little dirt road was slowly becoming a pond and it was worrying him if they would make it back in one piece.  "Preet, see if you can call Dad on the cell," he ordered.


Preet gingerly pulled his cell out of his pocket and tried dialing out.  He studied the signal bars and to his dismay it flickered from the lowest signal strength to none at all.  He continued for few more minutes before he gave up, "Bro, can't get signal at all.  There is no way we are going to be able to make a call out."


Prem sighed, "I don't know if we are going to make it home.  We may have to stop somewh--" he swerved quickly to the right as a fallen tree branch floated into view.  Preet bounced hard to his right smacking his head on the passenger side window.  The jeep jerked forward to the right then back to the left as Prem tried to correct the vehicle from rolling over.  The brothers exhaled in relief that they were still in one piece.  But then suddenly they heard a pop and felt a large thud as the jeep slowly came to a stop on the side of the road.  Prem turned to look at Preet who had the same horrified expression plastered on his face.  "Oh, shoot!" they both shouted. 


"Great, just great," Prem said as he hit his hands on the steering wheel.  "Sounds like the tire went flat."   He opened the door and entered the down pour.  He struggled to the back of the jeep, wiping the water from his eyes without much success.


"I Don't Think We Are Going To Be Able To Change The Tire!" Preet yelled.  He looked down at his feet the watery mud was coming up to his ankle.  "I Can Barely See!  And It Looks Like The Water Is Rising!"


Prem knew his brother was right.  He shouted back, "There's A Lot Of Farm Land Around Here...Bound To Be A House Somewhere...Let's See If Someone Will Take Us In For The Night!"  Preet nodded in agreement as both brothers tottered off against the rain and wind down the road.


Balraaj Maan sighed as he heard the thunder clang loudly through the night sky.  The lights flickered briefly; challenging itself to carry on through the stormy weather.  He put down his paper remembering that the front gates where still open.  Looking up towards the ceiling he muttered, "Better close them now before the weather gets any worse."


"Papa, where are you going?  Dinner's almost ready," informed a sweet voice.


Balraaj turned his attention to his youngest daughter, "Don't worry Meher, I'm just going to close the front gates.  I'll be back. "


"By yourself ?" Meher replied, "Nihaal isn't here to help and the servants have been sent home.  The weather is sounding pretty nasty outside."


He smiled and gently caressed his daughter's cheek, "I'll be fine.  Get some towels for me, okay?" 


She grinned sweetly, "Of course.  Don't take too long you know how Mama gets when you come late for dinner.  Plus, Heer Didi's cooking dinner tonight."


He nodded, "I know.  Let's hope it better than her experiment with the gajar halva," and then heartily laughed as his daughter's contorted face.


"Please, don't remind me," Meher said disgustedly, "It took me two whole weeks to get that awful taste out of my mouth.   But she swears this time nothing like that will happen.  We'll see I guess," and left to get some towels for her father.


Balraaj stretched his shoulders before heading out the front door.  The rain had lessened ever so slightly as he made his way to the left under the covered walkway to the front gates.  The covering wasn't helping much as the wind was blowing the rain sideways getting his clothes soaked on one side.  He stepped out in the open patio and made his way to the wooden gates, which were swinging back and forth from the wind.  Just as he was grabbing hold of one side pulling it in he saw two very dishevel looking young men standing in front of him with their hands clapped together in front of them.  "Namaste" they both spoke.


Preet was trying his hardest to stand still but he was shivering from the hours spent in the rain and the wind was making him knock into his brother.  Prem bump him with his shoulder and gave him a glaring look to act properly.  "Uh, sir...mister,, sir...w-we've been walking for som--"


Balraaj smiled at the two, "You're not from around here are you?  America, Canada, England?"


Prem and Preet both grinned.  ", we're from Canada.  How did you..." Prem started.


"Know?" Balraaj replied finishing his sentence.  "Something about your presence plus you had trouble deciding how to greet me," he laughed.  "Come, come, come..." waving his hands invitingly, "looks like you two have been out in the rain for awhile.  Here help me close and lock the gates."  Preet and Prem enthusiastically nodded in agreement.


"Meher!" Balraaj shouted as he entered the house.  "Where are the towels?"


"Coming Papa," she replied as she appeared from around the corner.  She looked up to see her very waterlogged father standing with two strange men.  She politely bowed her head as she came forward with the towels.  Preet and Prem placed their hands together in front again and greeted her with "Namaste."


"These two will be our guests tonight, " Balraaj informed her.  "Take them up to Nihaal's room so they can get freshen up.  Nihaal's probably left some kurtas or something that they can use to change into," he continued instructing as he wiped himself with a towel.


Meher obediently nodded and started to lead the two brothers up the stairs to the room.  She made a right at the top of the stairs and then walked down the long hallway finally stopping at the second door on the left.  "This is my older brother Nihaal's room," she said as she opened the door.  "He's away on business."  She pointed to her right, "The bathroom's there," then opening some drawers in the dresser, "Here's some of his kurta's...don't know if they will fit.  If not the second drawer here has some sweats."


"Thank you, Meher," Prem politely spoke.


She turned around with a smile, "You're welcome.  Dinner should be ready pretty soon," then with a mischievous warning in her tone, "But I have to warn you my sister Heer is cooking so I can't guarantee anything...hope you don't mind chaat for dinner if the worse happens."


Prem grinned widely, "Thanks for the warning.  I love chaat," then sticking out his hand, "Name's Prem by the way.  It's very nice meeting you."


Preet offered his hand as well, "I'm Prrree---" he stuttered as he suddenly sneezed in front of Meher.  He sheepishly looked down, "I'm, sorry?"


Meher smiled with a grimace, "It's okay.  I'll leave you two to freshen up," and closed the door behind her.  "Better go wash my face," she muttered to herself.


Now alone the two brothers looked at each other with intent.  Prem smirked, "Since I'm the eldest I get first dibs."


"Sorry, haven't you heard first come first served?" Preet taunted.


They sized each other up trying to see who would make the first move towards the bathroom.  Preet moved to the right only to be block by Prem's shoulder, "I don't think so little brother."


"Don't think so?" Preet replied questioningly as he threw his towel around Prem's head blinding him.  Taking advantage of this scenario Preet elbowed his brother hard in the chest and kicked him away with his leg. 


Prem fell backwards onto the bed.  He quickly scrambled back up and ran to the bathroom door only to hear it lock closed.  He banged on the door with his fist, "Preet, you little..."


"Nah, nah, nah...ahahaha...I won for once," Preet shouted happily from the other side.


Prem sulked back to the bed and ordered, "Hurry Up!  They're Waiting For Us!"


Balraaj quickly came out of the bathroom with a fresh kurta on and a song in his mind.  Softly singing along as he made his way to the kitchen to inform his wife and eldest daughter of their new dinner guests a fragment aroma filled his nosed.  He nodded smiling as he thought to himself smells pretty good. 


"Dinner's about done, dear," his wife replied upon seeing her husband entering the kitchen.


"Good, good, Teji.  We need to set two more plates.  Some guests have arrived," he informed.


"Guests?" she responded, "Who would be coming to our house in such bad weather?"


Heer who was busy stirring away at the stove turned in concern, "Guests?  Paaapaa don't tell me Balwant Uncle and Daljeet Auntie came.  If my food's not good it's going to be so embarrassing," she whined.


Balraaj shook his head, "No, your aunt and uncle did not come.  But don't worry I'm sure your food will be perfectly fine...smells great," he assured his daughter.  "The guests, they got caught in the storm so I invited them in." Teji nodded and went to set the table. 


Heer sighed to herself great we have guests for dinner...I'm so nervous...if this doesn't turn out right I'm never going to hear the end of it from Meher...and I don't want to be responsible for some strangers' stomach ache...


Preet cautiously looked to his left and then to his right sensing that no one was around he grinned devilishly.  Exploration time he thought to himself as he wandered around the second floor.  The house was of a decent size and was very nicely decorated.  He could tell by the structure and design that this family had some money.  It wasn't as lavish as their house but the people who lived here definitely lived comfortably.  As he was tip-toeing around the far left hallway he sudden heard a door behind him open.  He spun around to see Meher eyeing him curiously.  He looked at her noting her short stature, fair skin, chubby cheeks, and the glowing innocence from her eyes.  He decided quickly in his mind that she seemed like a nice girl and was kind of cute.


Meher stared at Preet wondering why he was looking at her that way.  She noticed that the front of his kurta was unbuttoned allowing a good portion of his front chest exposed.  She thought to herself this guy is totally weird...never thought someone could wear clothes yet still be half naked at the same time  "You forgotten to button your kurta," she politely pointed out.


Preet looked down, "Oh, this?" he said grabbing the open collar and thrusting it outward in a pose, "This is how you wear it with style, Preet style," he confidently explained.


Meher raised one eyebrow at him, "Ah, I see," and then smiled politely.  "By the way did you need something?  You seemed lost."


Preet shook his head violently, "Um, no...lost...of course not.  Your father said dat...dat uh, dinner's ready.  Yeah, and we should go down now."  Meher smiled innocently and followed him downstairs.


When Prem came down the stairs he saw Mr. Maan sitting in his chair reading his paper.  As if sensing his arrival the old man smiled folding the paper back up, "Must be feeling a lot better," he asked.


"Very much.  Thank you Uncle," Prem greeted.


"You must want to call your parents and let them know you are all right," he guessed as he got up from his chair.  He took Prem into his office showing him the telephone, "Hopefully the landlines are still working." 


Prem thanked him again and proceeded to make the call.  He waited anxiously as the phone rang.  His ears perked at the voice from the other end, "Hello, sis?  Kulraj?  Haa, it's me.  Yeah, we're all right.  We got caught in the storm.  The jeep had a flat but don't worry we found a nice family who let us in.  We're staying overnight.  Tomorrow morning we'll get the car fixed...should be home no later than noon.  Tell Mom and Dad not to worry," chuckling, "Yeah, I'll make sure Preet behaves.  Love you too.  Okay we'll take care."  Prem smiled as he hung up the phone.  He heard his stomach give a loud gurgle.  Patting it trying to sooth it he walked out of the office in search of the dining room.


Preet breathed deeply letting the savory aroma of food float into his body, "Smells great!" he enthusiastically exclaimed.


Meher laughed, "Don't be deceived so quickly."


"I heard that," Heer replied crossly as she walked from the kitchen with a large serving vessel filled with dal.  "If you don't even try it I'll pour this whole thing down your throat," she threatened.


 "You'll have to catch me first," she taunted back.  "After that nasty gajar halva you fed me last time, I finally got my taste buds back.  I don't want to lose them again."


"Meeeher," Heer replied gritting her teeth.  Her sister just teasingly grinned back at her.


Preet blinked several times looking at the young woman who was arguing with her little sister.  He couldn't help but think she was extremely attractive.  If Meher inherited the cute genes than her sister Heer got the gorgeous ones Preet reasoned.  He smiled, "Um, hi.  I'm Preet."


"Oh, nice to meet you, Preet," Heer shyly replied embarrassed he had heard the exchange between her and Meher.


Seeing her embarrassed Preet smiled, "No worries...It's like this all the time at our place.  It's actually far worse when you have four other siblings to deal with."


Heer smiled and placed the dal on the table and turned towards the kitchen.  At that moment Mr. Maan and Prem entered the room.  Seeing his brother, Preet patted the chair beside him motioning for him to sit down.  Prem gave a lopsided grin at his reaction and sat down beside him.  His eyes light up at the sight of the dal, aloo gobi, and rice on the table.  As Mrs. Maan placed a dish of stuff bhindi on the table Prem's grin grew wider with happiness.


"Looks like someone's hungry," Teji teased.  Prem looked up and introduced him and his brother.  Teji tilted her head and smiled, "Please help yourself there is plenty of food."  Then turning her head towards the kitchen she yelled, "Heer, bring the chapatis."


"Yes, Mom," Heer replied from the back of the kitchen.  She was making the last one on the stove flipping it gently as it cooked.  She suddenly felt a weird sensation floating in the pit of her stomach.  There was this dull tingling feeling rising up to her chest and she could feel her heart beating faster.  She knew she was nervous about tonight's dinner and the surprised guests that showed up but she couldn't understand why she was suddenly feeling all jitter.  She pulled the cooked chapati off and placed it on the serving dish with the others.  Quickly turning off the stove she grabbed the plate and headed out to the dining area.  As she walked across the room she felt the anticipation from several sets of eyes as they followed her to the table where she placed the chapatis down.  She sat next to her sister Meher and glanced up finally taking notice of their other guest sitting directly in front of her.  She was immediately struck by his brown eyes that were attentively watching her.  His hair was cut short, his bangs gently hanging down on his forehead giving a boyish charm about him.  She noticed the subtle stubble around his mouth and chin; if she had to wager a guess he was probably around the same age as her, 22 or 23.  She felt herself giving an awkward smile as her father introduced him.


Prem couldn't figure out why he was staring at the young women sitting in front of him.  With his eyes he traced her nose, lips, chin, and jaw line; ending his path with her almond shaped eyes.  They were beautiful he thought to himself.  There was something there that he couldn't put his finger on, something unspokenly beautiful and haunting at the same time.  He quickly straightened himself out when he heard his name being called and smiled focusing on dinner. 


Dinner was a success for Heer as it turned out; all her dishes received glowing praises.  Meher even apologized to her sister for misbehaving earlier.  Prem and Preet told their story about how they got stuck out in the storm and the flat tire that occurred.  They continued to inform them about their family, their family business in hotel chains, and their crazy sibling stories; all without mentioning their last name, Juneja.  Prem and Preet felt at ease with the Maans' laughing and joking with them heartily unaware of the history and deep bond that the Maans and Juneja's shared. 


There you go hope you enjoyed it.

Please comment ^_^

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nice and awesome
do continue
add me to ur pm list

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hey dear
Welcome to forum
this ff seems v interesting
update soon
if u have any pm list add me in

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Hey girl (sorry dont know your name)Smile
This is Mehak and a very warm elcome to Kis desh ForumBig smile..I am glad you started an FF cause thats one of my hobbies..Reading FF'sBig smile
I simply loved the first chapter of itStarStarStarBeautifully written and great concept..I loved how you started the story, Prem and Preet being caught in a storm and ultimately staying at Heer's placeEmbarrassedI am eagerly waiting for Prem and Heer's first talk nowLOLPreet and Prem share a loving brother relation and I am liking itBig smile Oh I loved how Meher complained Heer about the gajar ka halwa..I actually like the fact that Heer is a bad cook because thats very unlikely in other FF's even mineLOLWink..The way you structured sentences and then used appropraite vocabulary was greatThumbs Up I am now expecting you to update soonBig smile
Love MehakEmbarrassed

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cont....soooon! and add me 2 pm list its absolutly amazinnnn

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Really nice.............
Do continue n add me in ur pm list!!!!!

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wat a coincident.....junejas lending in mann's household for overnight bt not knowing da depth of da pst....luv it so cant wait to da next prt.....
nd ya eager to know da pst is it good or bad...i hope its really close bnds between dis tow families.....nyw....its superb luv da sister bonding nd brotherly bndings....its interesting.....

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oh wow!! first of all hun..welcome to the forum! :D i'm sure u'll love it here :D
as for u ff...please add me to ur pm list! i simply love the way u write! the proper vocab and grammar are brilliant..and the storyline is just superb!
i like how heer can't cook tht well....haven't seen tht in any other ff that i read on this forum tht's a nice change! and over all the way prem and preet ended up at heer's house was soo cute! i loved how u described their dinner convo! the siblings fighting was super adorable...esp. prem and preet! i loved how they called dibs! balraaj and teji are also really friendly..and it was nice to actually read about their're usually sidetracked in some ffs!
all in all....this is a very unique concept..and i'm loving it!
the title soudns really i can't wait to see how prem and heer's relationship grows! and the deep bond between the maan's and the juneja's is just getting me more and more excited! so i really really hope that u update soon...and that whenever u do...please keep me posted! :)
as for me, i'm live in Canada and am obsessed with kis desh! it was really nice to "meet" you...but i don't know ur lemme know if there's anything i can call u since i don't like using "hunm darling, sweetheart" all the time....LOL
once again, great ff!
Samra :)) <33

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