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Complicated Love(MN,RM,SG)part5-pg15 (Page 7)

-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
awesum CS....
wts d mystery behind mayur.. i'm so desperate 2 know it...
ahh.. cant wait...
rush 2 read d update...
luv u lots..

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-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 November 2009
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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
aww... lekha...
d 1st part ws shooo cute....
luvd RM & Mayur...accidents & convos...
luvd it 2 d core...
luv ya..

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-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 November 2009
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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
part 2 ws awesum...
luvd muskaan's revenge 2 rahul...
poor nupsi... thnk god muski & gunji care 4 her...
luvd it..

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-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 November 2009
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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
thts perfectly ok lekha....
will wait 4 ur next update...
pls add me 2 ur pm list & pm me wenver u update...
luv u loads...
& haan.. Best of luck 4 ur exms..

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storytellerm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 2:11am | IP Logged
ok dear but dont forget to pm me pm me toooooo

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Echo.of.Hope IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2010 at 10:08am | IP Logged

A HUGE sorry for a late update. After my exams I was busy trying to save mayor from being destroyed in the death track. We failed and since then I was busy with the mission get rati back as Nupur. So I didn't find time to update.

A BIG sorry again. Hope you enjoy the update.




Nupur met with an accident. Mayank took her to the hospital.

Rahul meets mukaan on the track of his street race.They fight. Rahul gets arrested because muskaan complains to the police.

Gunjan prays that nupur gets a very caring and loving life partner.

mayank introduces himself ot nupur.

he gets a phone call from rahul and goes to the police station.

muskaan meets rahul at the police staion and they argue.

rahul develops hatred for muski and vice versa.

samrat is forced to choose a girl out of the girls who come for a party conducted by his dad.

sam sees gunjan's name on the list and is happy.



1 week later...........................


nupur closes the front door behind muskaan.

"sab khuch theekh ho jayega", she had told.

nupur was walking towards the kitchen when .........


the noise was from upstairs and there could be only one person who did this....Gunjan.

nupur's uncle and aunt give her looks filled with anger and hatred while nupur heads towards gunjan's room which is up the stairs.




30 mins earlier..................


Bhushan's mansion-

Muskaan settled down with her diary. It had been a week since she had written in it. She was very busy taking care of Nupur who is still not completely fit. She opens the diary and was taken aback to see the name "Mayank Sharma" on it.

Mu: ye Mayank Sharma hai kaun? Aur meri diary kahan hai.

She racked her brain trying to think of how she could have misplaced her diary. She finally remembered how she ran into Mayank a week ago but was totally clueless as to how to get to this house. She found the address on the first page.At that moment curiosity crept into her. She wanted to read the diary but something stopped her.

Mu: Nahi mujhe panda nahi chhiye. I hav to respect others privacy.

She decided to get her diary back. "Hope he didn't read it."






Grewal Mansion-

Rahul lived here Mayank. They both had separate rooms since Rahul is all messy while Mayank doesn't like Rhul's habit of messing up. Rahul enters Mayank's room. Mayank always had the best wardrobe according to Rahul. They often exchange wardrobes. Mayank had gone for a jog in the nearby park so ther was no onein the room. Rahul looked around and spots a black book on the table.

R: Ye Mayank ki diary hai na''''let me have a peek.

He turns to the first page of the first entry and doesn't notice that it was Muskaan's name in the front.


Dear diary.

Let me tell you about myself. I'm the most unluckiest person in this world. My family is shattered and so is my love. I hate myself. Why was I even born? Just to know the most dangerous secret of my life. Well let me tell you this secret which I swore I wont tell anybody.


At that moment Rahul heard footsteps. It was Mayank. Rahul immediately closed a book. Mayank entered to find Rahul in his room.

Ma: Tum mere kamre mein kya kar rahe ho.

R : Kuch nahi. Bas mujhe tera kapda chahiye tha.

He takes a shirt and walks off.




Bhushan Mansion-

Nupur was limping around the living room dusting the television and the stereo. Her one hand was still in a cast but that didn't stop her aunt from making her do the work in the house.She was almost done and she was exhausted. At that moment her eyes fell on Mayank's sign on her cast.


3 days ago''''..

Nupur was busy reading magazines in her her room when Mayank eneters the room with roses in his hand.

M: Remember me?

N:Aap!andar ayiye. Main aapko kaise bhool sakti hoon.aap mere liye itna kucch kiye hain.

M:Anything 4 u.

Mayank answers without thinking and hand she the roses. Just then they both realized what Mayank just sad and look straight into each others eyes. Nupur looked into mayank's chocolate brown eyes and saw that behind his smile there was another Mayank who was dieing for sorrow inside him just like her.. they come out of the trance and she takes the roses. Their hands touch and nupur feels like an electric current is passing through her and she immediately brakes the contact. She feels very uncomfortable as she felt something different when she interacted with Mayank.

Just then he noticed her cast.

M: may i.

He pointed at the cast with his pen.

She nods and he signs on it. He was the first person to do so.

"Get well soon Nups. J "



Nupur was surprised when Mayank wrote nups on her cast. The word nups always made her shiver, brought back her horrible memories. That was the only reason why she prohibited muskaan from calling her that but she felt relaxed when it came from Mayank. She didn't know why she felt that way but she did.

At that moment gunjan comes down the stairs looking like angel in a white tunic.




Mayank's room-

Mayank refreshed and settled down with his diary. He had been busy fir the past one week that he had no time to update his diary. Just then he remembered Nupur. He had visited her just once the previous week but that ine visit has left great impact on her. He felt like he had known her like forever. She is something special to Mayank. No1 could get Mayank sharma's attention especially not girls. He never wanted to set eyes on any girl cause he knows that if the girl loves him all he can give in return is pain. Hyet he felt there was something in Nupur that actually made him change him. Her smile,her talks,her voice..somethign that Mayank could not make out or maybe it is everything. Suddenly he realized what he was thinking.

M:what ami thinking. Main ye phirse nahi hone doonga. I cant fall in love '.. again.

He closed his eyes and immediately the inevitable memories came back and a tear rolled down his cheek.


He opened his diary and realized that it was npot his. He noted down the address  from the first page and headed towards the Bhushan mansion while rahul went off to take  shower.




Bhushan's Mansion-

Gunjan came upto Nupur and hugged her.

N:My princess is ready?

G:haan par main tumhari princess nahi faisy godmother hoon aur main is Cinderella ko party par le ja rahi hoon aur wahan par tumhe apne rajkumar mil jayega.

Nupur just gets back to work. She didn't want to fingd any prince.

G:please di tum bhi ajao.

N: meri pyaari si gunjan,ye party tumhare liye hain.

G:main utna popular nahi hoon ki mere dad ke koi dost jisse main aaj tak nahi mila hai,ve mere liye party rakhe. Ye party mere dad ke dost ke bte ke liye hain. Mere liye nahi.

N:are babamera matlb ye tha kit um is partyparladke dekhne jaa rahi ho.

G:KYA?Ladka?Matlab shaadi?!

N:Ji haan.

G:NO WAYS!shaadi door ki baat hai.

She gets very upset. She didn't want to get married especially after what happened a few months ago.Gunjan's mom comes down and finds her daughter upset and Nupur with a guilty look. She immediately walks upto Nupur and slaps her so hard that her lips started bleeding. Her aunt blames her for gunjan getting all upset and spoiling their plan and also insults her parents. All together Nupur washurt and burst into tears.Gunjan was trying to control her mom but in vain and soon her dad joined her mom an together they nearly traumatized Nupur. Gunjan lost her patience and when upstairs to her room and banged the door while her parents left Nupur crying. As soon as they were gone muskaan came rushing upto her to console her. She didn't want to interfere in between the situation. After a few minutes muskaan gets Nupur to stop crying and gets ready to leave.




nupur closes the front door behind muskaan.

"sab khuch theekh ho jayega", she had told.

nupur was walking towards the kitchen when .........


the noise was from upstairs and there could be only one person who did this....Gunjan.

nupur's uncle and aunt give her looks filled with anger and hatred while nupur heads towards gunjan's room which is up the stairs.



scroll down.

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Echo.of.Hope IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2010 at 10:11am | IP Logged

Nupur quikly goes upstairs. She was cursing herself for being the root cause of the chaos that gunjan was creating.

N:I am such a fool.why couldn't I have shut my mouth about what I know.

She was standing at the door of gunjan's room and was shocked to see the mess that was created.

She immediately hid herself against a pillar near the door.

Gunjan's back was truned towards Nupur and so gunjan didn't not know that Nupur was overhearing her. Nupur saw a broken photo frame on the floor with a photo of gunjan with another guy. Soon enough Nupur recognized Samrat from the photo her aunt had shown her and was surprised that gunjan knew Samrat.

G: Ye sab tumhari galti hai (looking at the photo) main tujhse kyun mili?maine tujhse pyaar kyun kiya?

She cries and goes down on her knees. Teardrops fell on the photo.

G:if we had never met, then today I would have had no problem to go to the married or get married and di wouldn't hav got hurt. I hate Samrat. Main is party par nahi jaoongi.

Nupur clears her throat and enters and gunjan quickly pushes the photo frame under the bed.

N:wo awaaz kyat hi?

G:Kaunsi awaaz?

N:khair'..i'm sorry gunjan.

G:kiske liye?

N:tum mujhse naraaz ho na ki maine tumse ye baat chupayi thi

G:off course not. Main bas''''. Accha hua kit um mujhe ye ab bataya. Ab main phaisla kar chuki hoon ki main party par nahi jaoongi.

N: (she remained silent for a while) theek hai. Mat jao. Chichi mujhe dantegi aur main sehen loongi.

Gunjan suddenly remembered the consequences of not going.she remained silent.

G:ladka ka naam kya hain?

Nupur remembered what happened a while ago.


G:hmm'..theek hai. Tumhari liye main jaoongi.

Gunjan refreshed and left with her parents.






The party was at Samrat's farmhouse. Dia was busy supersizing and checking on the arrangements. At that moment Samrat enters looking really handsome in his black suit and behind him were 10 people looking exactly like him except for their faces and soon they had eye masks on so dia couldn't make out who was Samrat.

D:ye sab kya hai?

S: mera plan.

D:what plan?

S:aaj sab log eyemasks pehenege.


S:isliye kyuki agar ladkiyon ne mujhe dekh liya to ve sab mujhe impress karne ki koshish karenge aur agar hum sab masks pehenege to un logon ko pata nahi chalega ki main hoon ya koi aur  and in this way mujhe sabki asliaat ka pata chal jayega and I can judge well.

D:that's an awesome idea sam.(they hug)


Just then Samrat gets a phone call and sees gunjan's caller Idand smiles.

S:hey babes. Kya baat hai/



V: nahi main Nupur bol rahi hoon. Gunjan ki-

S:DI!.............u don't mind me calling you di. Do you?

N:Ji bilkul nahi.

S:batayiye di. Kya baat hai.

Nupur was taken aback by samrats respect towards her and thought maybe gunjan misunderstoon himand she didn the right thing by lieing. She explained to Samrat about why she had to lie and Samrat thanked her for helping him as he himself was planning to fake his name to gain gunjan back.




Grewal mansion-


Muskaan entered the house but she could find no body. She tried to call out mayank's name but there was no reply. She then heard a sound from a nearby room. She knocked at the door of the room but no one answered so she trien to open the door but it was locked. She was trying her best to open the door she leaned against the door and suddenly the door opened from the inside and muskaan lost her balance.




Coincidentially 3 things happened.


Muskaan was saved from falling by rahul's strong arms. He had just come out of the shower and was shirtless. They both were lost in each others eyes.Embarrassed


Nupur opened the door to find Mayank standing in front of her. They both were surprised to see each other. Nupur was stunned by how hot Mayank looked.Embarrassed


Samrat noticed gunjan enter the party looking like an angel from heaven and he felt like he was taken to another world.




If you like it please press the like button.

NOTE- i have started a new ff on mayur reunion(my style)called "eternal love".please read and comment if you are interested.

Link to FF-



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Nirvrithi Goldie

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Mujhe aise kyun lagta hain ki Nups ke parents ke death mein Mayu ke haath hain...Confused i mean not deliberately - by mistake something would have happened...and now from the exchange of diaries, some hints will be given to each other... Quite interesting Approve

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