Uravugaludan Oru Naal (Pics posted)

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Hello Everyone,
It was a baby's out on Saturday!! Thinking who the baby could be??? Its none other than Me(ena)- if u have any doubt in this i.e, me a baby nu, uncle, RC sir and Babu will be telling u how small kid i am Wink...


Yes, I have been on the uravugal shooting spot in Virugambakkam on Saturday.. It was a great experience.. Had a great Day!!
I should really thank IF in this regard. IF- Tamil Section- Uravugal section, without these, I wouldn't have got a nice friend like Amara_25 Wink and wouldn't have got a chance to visit the shooting spot and move with people there..  I would like to Thanks Atina ma, Meli, Rojapooo and Shreenidhi (who was really appreciated for her free-flowing comments) and everyone who makes the Uravugal thread so lively...  I received a warm welcome there and people were so friendly.. Thanks to IF...
I would really thank Amara uncle for the care. Thanks Parthi anna and GB sir, u were here and hence amara sir is also here now. GB Sir, thanks for the nice team. I really had a great time, missed u.. Thanks for the  uravugal which was all like my uravugal..
Coming back to Uncle, he was so humble, so generous, so great, so friendly, so helpful and so on..  IF gave me such a nice friend and he took me there, where I was received very well as an IFian and also greatly as Uncle's guest.. It was so nice of him in his part that he picked me up on the way to his work and took great care of me in the spot too. He stayed back even after his schedule and gave me a great day.. Also, he took care to make me reach safe by dropping near my place, even when it was late for him. Thanks uncle.. Thanks a lot..
Then I would like mention Varneshwar, who was kind enough to take care of me when uncle was in the shot. It was great on his part to explain things over there and take care that I am comfortable there. He also has a special mention here. He gave a warm welcome and extended his invite to visit often.. Nice man with nice heart..
It would be really great injustice if I had not mentioned about the Dir sir, the man behind the camera and the cast over there, who inspite of being celebrities made me feel comfortable there.. Every one talked to me nicely.. People over there were down to earth.. Everyone was one type, but all were so good.. So generous.. Dir sir and co, Camera sir and co, Sivakavitha, RC Sir, Shree, Rajkanth, Bharath, Sudha and everyone..
No one there is least, the crew, technicians and everyone showed love and care the whole day.. it was like a life I lived there with them all. The person making all the cast look apt, the person making them talk, the person helping the others with costume,  ppl helping the main crew, person taking care of food.. Each and everyone derserves a mention here. I can't mention few names and leave out others, so I think I would thank u all. Nice time with u..
I don't know if I really deserved all this love and care from everyone, but sure IF deserved it.. It would have not been such great but for IF and uncle.. Ningal inge ezhudum ovondrum perutha magizhvai avargalukku tharugiradhu.. Enaku ange oru sthanathai thandhadhu.. Pics ellam pottu updates seidhu, comments seidhu.. great.. Uncle in manadhil idam pidithu vita indha magal, andha shooting spot layum got a seat reserved..
Pictures below - thanks Atinama for uploading the pics..

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Ok, here I am back to Tanglish.. please adjust...

Morning ennai kooti sendradhilirundhu, iravu veedu thirumbum varai oru nimidam kooda namadhu Uravugalai thavira vera endha sindhanayum illai..
Uncle a morning paathadhum aadi poiten.. Pinna ivalavu young person, ivara poi uncle uncle ni koopidaroma nu.. irundhalum pazhgidichu, so ini apadiye continue pannuvomnu nenachen..
Virugambakkam - Baba House, hospital set. Entry laye ennai iruvar varaverthanar.. oruvar mattum ennai paarthu sound romba vittar.. matroruvar silence effect.. Avanga, ange parking lot la irukum nangu kaaludan nandriyum ullavargal..
First thing after I entered the spot, ennanu sollunga paapom.. Breakfast.. Super a irundhadhu.. Parimaraiyavargalidam irundhum anbum kidaithadhu.. Oru kattu kattiyachu.. Apuram angu silrai sandhithom.. Yaara enga meet panenu gnyabagam illai.. adhukum mannichidunga..
Uncle ku make-up poda pattadhu.. uncle in vayadhu migavum kuraithadhu sorry kuraindhadhu.. apo oru click panen,..
Apuram naanum amara uncle um outdoor shooting ku sendrom...
Oru kovil.. Paavam uncle and varneshwar en kooda NADANDHU vandhanga.. kashtama irundhadhu..
Kovil a silarai sandhithom... Director, Camera man, assistants, technicians ellarayum..
We had four scenes outdoor.. Out of that Amara uncle was doing two scenes.. The first scene I got to see was Ranjani and Sendhil.. Sivakavitha was mind-blowing..
Then RC sir was doing one scene in a shop.. he was so active..  with Amara uncle..
Here we had one more joining us, Afzar, who was also shooting near by. So nice of him, he too gave me a hi.. He was there for just few seconds.. And again, in the afternoon, he made another flying visit to Baba house during his return..
Next Amara uncle and Krish did one scene.. outdoor.. I was watching the scene along with HB sir.. Avaru ku assistant join pannilamnu dhan..
They never allowed me to stand, also not to sit in veyil but made me sit in puliyamarathu nizhal..
Veyil koluthing, all pichu odharin in acting, I drinking more, juice, tea etc..
Wasn't able to see the scenes much, as I was busy.. Enna busy na, sapida koduthite irundhanga.. I had to mokkify those..
Then we came to indoor and had a great lunch again served with care.. Meg veg.. super sapadu.. ipo nenachalum apadiye thookam varudhe..
We all had together.. Neraya peru romba diet consc.. Sari vidunga.. its not our thing.. Diet giet ellam pathi i should not talk..
Then comes the highlight.. Next half day, i was 50% watching shooting and 50% chattin with ppl over there.. Sudha (gowri) and Bharat, krish, Rajkanth also joined.. We had a nice time till evening.. Then me and uncle left.. Uncle dropped me near my place with so much care...
I forgot to add up Poori which I got for evening tiffen and then a cup of boost..
This was the actual things that happened..
Kalakkals yet to come... Bharath romba nallavaru.. Uncle please convey this to him.. Wink
Editing.. Extremely sorry.. Will update tomorrow.. I have lots to do still.. Please forgive..

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Here is the kalakkal part.. I am trying to remember as much as possible..

Uncle pathi no comments.. Avaruku enna gavinuchakave neram pathala..

Morning Sivakavitha azhudhadhu paathu - i danced and went (aadi poiten).. That is the ulamaga nadippu.. Sk was simply superb.. Changing her expressions just like that..

SK was talking jovially.. uncle ai ootum oru aal.. So roja akkavukku romba vendiyavanga.. SK kooda irundha oru kutti cute - aana romba thaan vekkam..

Babu kooda, i heard that will give so many expressions in few seconds, that the camera man will find it difficult to capture every single reaction of him..

RC sir - sema cool buddy... Evening kelambum bodhu oru blue shirt pottu irundharu paakanume, super.. Ivaru enna romba nallavanu sollitaaru pa.. Enna avaru azhaga vera peru vechu dhane kopiduvaaru..

Varneshwar -enna poruma.. Pakathula ninnu ellathayum explain panraru.. Shree akka, unga comments super nu solla sonnaru... Romba comment panna azhudhiduvar pola.. apadi irundharu..

Rajkanth - Sariyana SOund party - nejama dhan... But still he was talking to me nicely - few words.. Oru shot pogumbodhu edho sonnaru, reply pannalmnu paatha aalu escape.. Apurama poi Mugs kitta bye sollitu vandhen..

Shree - Romba amaidhi.. Amaidhiku pin enna nu nan sollamaten.. Avaru naalu vartha pesunalum narukunu pesuvaaru.. otradhula ivaru mattum korachal ila..

Sudha - paavam pola oru ponnu.. konjam neram paavam pola irupanga.. Paavamnu ninga nenachacha,, apo ok.. apuram yaar enna sonnalum avangalukku reply tharuvanga.. ANge ullavargalukku Malay teacher kooda.. Nalla paaduvangalam.. Super singer pattam peradha super singer..

Afzar - minnal madhiri vandharu sendrar..

Dir sir - Anniyan madhiri.. Epadi maaruvarnu theriyadhu.. Ivaru otradhula palara minjittaru.. Camera pidithirupavar kangalukku mattume velai.. No work for his mouth.. so calm..

Bharath - tension and cool both together pakalam.. epadi nu kekadhinga.. Avaruku dhan theriyum..
Bharat is good, super, very good, nice, great, kalakkal- ok va Bharath? Correct a sollitena?

Singam surya madhiri ellam irukanumknu aasa pattu Ramesh nu oruthar meesa valarthu irundhar.. Paavam.. Avarum avar kooda inum oruvarum madurai, so no comments..

Ppl were talking about many things... Award function (Paathu therinjukonga), general things, kalachufying each other.. ellame.. Enna shree amaidhiya iruken sollitaaru..  ha ha ha,. nan romba amidhinu nu dhan  first ellarume solluvanga..

Paavam bharatha pottu romba dhan kalaichutanga.. ellarume dhan..

GB Sir illadhadhu, konjam kashtama irundhadhu..

Kovile oruthar Enna paathu, nee Uncle a resemble panra nu sollitanga.. Avaru ponna nu ketanga.. Idha ketadhum, mathavangalukku enna rou sandosham.. ellarukum uncle mela, avaru innum ilamaya irukaradha paathu porama...

Uncle showed me some photos.. Uncle oda young age photo paathen.. Nalla azhagana pair..

Few in that crew were talking to me nicely, nan vara varaikum.. Avangalukulaye neraya comments.. Apuram avanga crew members kooda thane irupanga, so DIr sir and Dhanda sir kooda sendhu comments adichitu irundhanga..

Vasal varai vandhu bharath vazhi anupi vecharu.. apuram avarukku bore adikumenu feel pannaru pola.. Varneshwar parking lot varai vandhar...

On the way back, i was telling how happy i am and how much thankful for this.. I was describinng thigns and how i felt.. we had a nice journey back home.. He dropped and left..

I have requested everyone to join us in IF.. They had the kindness to day yes. May be, the will when they find time...

Final note:

Jokes apart.
They work really hard and note every small thing as much as poss.. They even see if  images are seen in glasses.. If any brands are displayed.. Whether the timing is sharp.. Whether the dialect delivery is correct. The height difference.. The lightings.. the angle of their sight.. Whether they hold the door or leave it..  Whether they hold the things, whether they stress words as needed.. everything..
Its not an easy job for them.. They put their best to give us the best... Really great work by each and everyone.. Hats-off to all of them...

We comments on them.. its not bad.. Coz comments are their boosters.. Updaters also spend theri time in watching, posting updates and commenting.. But let us consider their work also, try to make our criticism as healthier as possible.. Let us help them grow and attain more heights..

They appreciate our work a lot.. and IF has a lot of respect.. We respect them for their hard work to entertain us and they respect viewers and their Comments.. On a whole, it is a mutual relationship.. That needs support from both sides.. And we have very healthy relationship with very good family members...

Thanks to everyone for ur suoport.. It is a great journey..

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Thank you for sharing the experience daa Meena ClapClapClap.  Looking forward to reading more!  Please take your time maa.. it already sounds so lively and might I add, I was able to picture a gorgeous girl clad in green saree (or blue chudithaar) in Annamalai Appa's house (based on what we had seen from the behind the scene pics Tongue)... glad you were able to make it like you had planned Thumbs Up!!  Now kushiyo kushi for our IF uravugal kudumbam! 

Special thanks to Amar Uncle, Varneshwar sir and the entire Uravugal team for making our IFian so welcomed Star.  Thank you! 

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Thanks Meena for sharing your day out.  Take your time in posting the pics.... no hurry!

Thank you so much Amar ayya, GB Sir, Varneshwar & the Uravugal Team.  It feels like each one of us have enjoyed the day with each one of you after having read Meena's write up. So a spl thanks for that too!!

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Wonderful, Meena!  So you got to meet the Uravugal crew in person, thanks to our Amara sir.  I am so so so envious, I have never been so envious before, not even when Atina talked about her 150 tulips or her five cardinals, this is truly great.  Hmmm, hopefully the Uravugal crew will still be shooting when (and this is with a big IF added to it) I visit Chennai next year, so that I can also go and visit them.

Am waiting for your pics.

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