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CM April 22 Thursday Updates

CM sitting in the backyard and feeling sad. Mams convining her, Vasu also. CM asks them to leave her alone, Vasu and Mams back off. This is watched by PA and he call Madhu immediately to update. She tell she will be there in few minutes and make her cry more.
She comes out to find that driver is missing. Her daughter updates that driver S due to her torture and insults her. Madhu asks son to drive but he too insults her. Madhu then orders vadai to drive. He hesitates, Madhu tells driver means have to anything they need. They drive away..

The car reaches college. Madhu orders Vadai to park and clean the car!! Vadai hesitates but Madhu orders. SiVasu and PA welcome Madhu and show the way to where CM is!! Madhu reaches canteen and calls CM.. Mams and Vasu comes and asks her what. Madhu talks rubbish and asks CM to come. CM comes by herself.. Madhu talks too much of rubbish, that the notice should be true or she should have spread the notice. CM controls herself. Mams tries to explain and convince Madhu, but as we know she dint buy. Outside, Vadai carai romba thudaichu theikararu. Thinking and seeing the way Madhu has gone. Inside, Madhu talks ill about CM. Cm also explains. But Madhu tells then y did her hubby leave her. CM shut. Madhu talks too much that CM tries to valachu pottufy sothu and Ak also. CM loses control and gives back againt to Madhu. CM raises her hand but stops without slapping. CM gives back well. Madhu doesn't have any more words and asks CM to move out. CM tells that she also knew about Madhu's lakshanam and she will not be there after this much. vasu as usual tells let Ak sir comes. Vasu also gets scoldings from Madhu. CM leaves with Mams and asks Vasu to come settle accounts.

Madhu storms outside after beign insulted by CM. Sivasu and PA dhoobam pottufy her and thanks her. Vadai is ordered to start. Madhu leaves in the car. Vadai in thoughts. PA calls Madhu. Madhu talks to him. PA asks her to save from Ak. Madhu tells she will take care and asks him to point her out. She talks about AK and CM, but wthout mentioning names. Sotha pottu mayaka patha and some nasty stuff. PA confirms if Ak will convince her and bring her back, Madhu tells that will never happen. she will not come. She tells CM's story should be told to all other ladies trying to interfere in her life. Madhu perumaya tells how she planned and managed to send her out. All this is heard by driver Vadai, with a doubtful face. Madhu never lets out the word Canteen/Chellama. Vadai in thoughts.


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Friday 23/4/10

Naattu sarakku / kalla saraayam Madhu is in the car . Vadai is the
driver . Madhu gloats to Shiva that any one who crosses her path will be dealt with severely. "pirathiyaar hubby ai thiruda ninaichaa???? Madhu voda rajyathil ithu thaan punishment" Vadai is oblivious to the fact that it is his wife who is being discussed. On the other end, Shiva is worried about AK's reaction but Madhu is confident that Omni will run away with her tail in between her legs.

Madhu comes home - all set for a celebration drink. The daughter wants to know the reason for the celebs ( well, baby, she does not need a reason for drinking anyways !!) and Madhu gloats " antha Chellama kathai kandal. theriyumaa??" (gundu onnu vaichurukken, vedi gundu onnu vaichurukken - BG by Roja) Like Roja, the daughter is cluless " Pray, why are you bent upon maligning Omni?" Madhu says that Omni is a hubby stealer (cant blame the inference - the trait runs in the family. First Omni stole Vadai from Thavasi's daughter, then Amutha stole Bell !!) Well, finally Vadai is privy to this detail
as he comes in to return the car keys. Goes to Madhu with a
"niruthu di "

"May i introduce myself?? I am Mr.Omni....." Well, Roja is being polite - no such intro was made - Vadai slapped madhu for bad mouthing wifey darling. For a moment Madhu is stunned ..the daughter has a look which says "some one hitting my kudigari???? oh, maannn " ..Madhu finds her tongue and asks "what are u doing here??? Pray why did u throw your wife out??" Vadai says that he mistook Omni "just be friendly with her for an hour, you will be a changed woman " - In fact  a few more blows are doled out ( muthalle kudutha Idi sariyaa vizhaliyO??) Now madhu is livid. "naan ninaicha,
nee inge mattum illai, intha city le engiyum security guard velai paarkka mudiyaathu" Now Vadai sings his pazhiya perumai (ennai theriyumaa??? Naan Chellama Bhavan owner endru theriyumaa??? - BG by Roja) and says that he can take up any job, anywhere and survive. Leaves a stunned Madhu..the daughter retreats to her room..
to have a good laugh , may be??? Roja adjourned to the fridge and got herself a glass of cold water !!!

Kovil undiyal is emptied - the same one where Omni deposited a note " innum 6 months kkulle na ninaikkarathu nadakkatta, what is written in this note will sure happen " Omni walks in to the temple as the undiyal is taken in for counting. Now Omni confronts the Goddess - who prefers to just stare through any one who comes across "you showed me a way for business and now you spoiled the whole thing !!! Hey look, no one will laugh at me for my failure.. it is You who
will get a bad name for letting down good people, gotcha??" Inside, the note is opened and one guy (who obviously got a salary of 10 rs /hour) and says that some one called Chellama has challenged the Goddess -"innum 6 masathile avanga kettathu nadakkatta, Ammanukku, avangalaiye kudukka poraangalaam !!" The group decides to take care of this issue by themselves - " no police please, the reputation of the temple is at stake, ok?" Outside Omni reminds the Goddess " 1 month gone, 5 more left, got it??? If what I ask you does not happen, you will have to accept me as the sacrifice ..not some aadu and kozhi, ok??" Amman has the same look ....


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CM April 27th Tuesday updates

In Temple, Vadai is convinced by Mams to be with CM. Vadai denies saying that he is not eligible to be hubby for CM's character. (Apdi thaan sonnaru - CM gunathuku nan purushana iruka thagudhi ilanu. CM thanga guathuku thaan tamil naata ezhudhi tharatuma?) Mams tells about how CM gets bad name since he left her. Vadai tells about beating Madhu. Vadai tells he doesn't have job and dont want to be baaram for CM. Mams tells nothing baaram, if he is not there ppl will talk bad about CM more and manages to convince Vadai to be with CM. They both leave.

AK reaches CM's house. CM gives some unknown expression for a min and then welcomes him. Ak talks about the college notice matter and asks Sorry. CM tells his wife doesn't like her and he has nothing todo with that. AK singing CM praise and then tells y she dint give back. CM tells no use. She will always miss the ones she loved and the sameway the college too (Ak nu solluvangannu paathen). AK again tells sorry. CM tells ok but dont ask me to come to college again. AK tells he cant after all such insult. AK also tells that how he felt bad when he saw Sivasu in canteen. He went to Madhu, scolded her, and from now on she wil take care of college administration it seems. AK tells how he doesn't like his wife but still lives with her. CM tells her feelings. Ak asks CM is she finished cooking. CM tells just before he reached. Ak tells he went straight to canteen to have her food but was upset on seeing Sivasu and hence dint have anything. CM servers her food. He praises that tasty food and eats fast out of hunger. AK comes out and washes hand after food.

Mams get down from an auto along with Vadai. AK gives a sarcastic look and asks whether Madhu sent him and he will come late. Mams tells that Vadai is his annan paiyan and CM's hubby. AK bit shocked. CM slowly comes out doing adi pradharshanam. CM sees Vadai and vadai sees CM. Annanum nokinan avalum nokinal. They both exchange glances for about 2 mins. Tears in CM's eyes. Vadai romba paavam a nikraru. Vadai eyes shows guiltiness and sadness. Super acting by both. Then CM Mams and CM takes him inside. Now all four inside the ball room. Vadai asking Sorry. CM telling not to me. CM asking about y coming to canteen and going without seeing me. Mams interferes and tells viewers knew all this. So come to present. AK and Mams feels happy for Vadai and CM. AK asks sorry to vadai. Vadai tells he is feeling sorry and updates Madhu talking bad about CM and he beating her. CM asks y? Angry for talking bad about me is happy news but atleast for Ak u shouldn't have beat her. U should ask sorry. AK tells its ok. She needs some sort of shock treatment. AK then tries to get some sense and leaves te arena telling u both have met after long time, so jamay. Ak leaves. CM asks Vadai to wash hands and face. Vadai tells i will take bath. CM shows bathroom enga irukunu. Vadai moves with his bag. Mams tells from now on they should live together happily.


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Chellamey Updates,
Wednesday , 28th April 2010................
Scene at Jail.
At the jail, Jalior wakes thavasi and says one girl has come to meet you.. Thavasi walks very sadly and sees a girl siiting there ( It is actress Devipriya..) He calls her PeriyaNayagi and she turns around.. Both have a emotional moment. PN says that she is not the old periyanayagi and she is a tranformed woman. She also says that she has changed her name to ''Sneha'' (Heroine illai!!!).Thavasi is happy and questions her how she is able to know that he is in jail. She replies that the whole thing has come in the news itself. Why cant she able to know? Sneha curses AV and Thalaiammas family and assures her dad that she will bring out from the jail very soon. But, Thavasi has another plan. Thavasi says ''It is not important that I must come outside now. I have done already half of the job what I planned to do. Already Thalaiammas family is pirinjified. CM and Vadai are on nadu roads. (Thavasi doesnt know that CM and Vadai are united) So, the only one left is AV. AVs family should be separated now.'' Sneha asks how? Then AV tells '' First you have to start with Kadarkarai. You have to separate him from MA (MA kku nalla aappu) and his whole family. Then AV will be unhappy.But Kadarkarai is not an ordinary man. He doesnt have any bad quailities.'' Sneha understands his fathers evil emotions. She then says ok and leaves.

Now, in Abhis house,

Madhu is already fully boozed and now in bodhai. Abhi knocks the door and Madhu opens. She then questions him '' Where have been all this time. with CM?Some heated conversation takes place btn the two. Abhi is vexed up and gives a look at her. Then Madhu says ''Why r u staring at me?Will you beat me?'' Then Abhi reveals ''Why I should beat you? Already you received a nice palaar'' Madhu is thiru thiru muzichifying asks ''Did that secuity come and seen you?'' Abhi replies '' He is not security but CMs husband.'' Madhu is angry now.She catches Abhis collar and cries ''Your wife has been palaared by another guy. But, you dont have any regrets. You went to their house and asked for mannippu.You are not a good husband.blah blah blah.....'' Abhis son and daughter arrive at the scene. They come to stop their mother. But, Madhu is in full emotion (full kikk).She throws Abhi here and there like a small toy and faints. Abhi takes her to the room. Abhis son comes and asks him '' Why r u still staying in this hell?'' Abhi replies '' Because of you and your sister only.If I am not there, you are all veena poidving.'' and goes to his room.
Screen freezes on brother and sister. (Abhis children)

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Thursday 29/4/10

In the middle of the night Beach gets a call from the police station. " A lady tried to commit suicide and left a note. You are the chosen one. Come to the station immediately" Pearl does a labO dibO and wakes up the entire clan. Of course, she does not know the reason for this mid night rendezvous. Garden and Bell are ready to go along as Beach says that it involves their laborers. Beach shoo shoo s them and goes alone. Time for the clan to knead their hands and wait !!!

Police station - the inspector is doling out dharma adis to some paava patta jenmam. Beach lands..inspector is dying to change his avenue of operation....but Beach safeguards his interests by saying that he was summoned. The inspector is disappointed that any further manhandling is ruled out - tells Beach that they have admitted that lady in the hospital "she has not made any mention of her name !!!" Beach reads the suicidal note and is shocked to see that he is instigated. Requests to meet the said lady. The inspector takes him to the hospital, of course the said lady is out of danger..... well Roja gets to see Periyanayagi aka Sneha....and so does Beach.

Beach immediately (???!!!! chinna vayasile Odi ponavalai damaal nnu identify pannittare??? besh besh ) recognizes and learns that there
is a gazette notification on the change of the name. Sneha dismisses the police inspector "please, leave us alone, we have
matter to settle " The inspector is unhappy about the dismissal but is also happy - "nari edam ponaal enna? valam ponaal enna??? mele vizhunthu pidungatta ok " - attitude. FAMILY talk starts. Sneha says that she has no one but her father "and u sent him to kambi counting !!" Beach says that Thavasi was kept like a close relative until he killed Thaalai. Sneha says that she is now convinced that beach could do no mistake "ungalai paartha romba nallavaraa theriyuthu ..but I need some security for my future !!!" Beach promises to do the needful.

Omni and Vadai - reconciliation talks "ennai nijamma mannichuttiya? yen apdi kekkaringa? Naan yaaru? OMNI - omnipotent , omnipresent" happens - Truce is called. Vadai promises to be a doting hubby " nalaikki muthal velai ya, will take u to the doctor....I will never leave u....ever again ..." (aama, inimel security velai panrathu, kanda Naattu Sarakkai ellam palaar palaar nnu adikkarathu ellam mudiyalai di amma !!) Omni beams and ofcourse freeze on her ( yovvv , directaa, vera yaar meleyaanum freeze pOtte, magane,  unakku chinnathirai life Govinda Govinda...gotcha??)


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Friday 30/4/10

Beach visits Sneha - who  is all set to enact her N th act . Beach says that she can go and stay in a ladies' hostel but Sneha is not game. Cries... " I was ..once.... and every one talked bad about my family...athaan, I wanted to die !!" Beach promises to look for a house for her and settle her. Sneha gives "piriya vidai " ( yovvv, Beach, nee enna makkana?? you are being stalked mannn !!! Can't you see through her?)

Next segment is sick - Avudai household - 50,000 Rs is missing from the cupboard. Just then a boy delivers goods ordered by Kavitha - 10,000 rs worth. For once, the clan decides to deal with the issue in the drawing room (nadu theru conference hall is engaged??? for more important issues??) Kavitha agrees that she took Rs.10,000 from the cupboard but the clan is not ready to buy the story " give back the rest, sil vous plait " Words fly from all ends and Bell slaps Kavitha. Kavitha adds one more to her "to avenge for" list.

Beach and Sneha again in the hospital. Sneha to be discharged. Beach has rented a house for her. Gives her the keys and asks
her to take an auto. Time for another act - Sneha wants him to
come along "introduce me to the owner....then whenever u come to see me, no one will misunderstand " Beach obliges. As expected, the owner thruvufies " ungalukku ivanga enna uravu, sir?" Sneha gives some suggestive clues....the owner is a makku like Roja...finally, Sneha says that Beach was to marry her. Beach is shocked to hear this ..

Freeze ( amma di, for once it is not Omni !!!!)

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