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No Chellamey Today......

Its 'Masilamani' day
Puthandu Nal Vazhthuzkal

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* Chellameh April 2010 Archives
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CM Tuesday 13th April updates

Venue: Canteen
The girls who planned against CM are acting like as if they are hesitant to come inside.. CM tells that she forgot those things night itself and welcomes them and asks to have food. They along with the canteen workers execute the plan given by Sivasu. CM is talking with Mama, when these girls drop a lizard into the sambhar and shout out.. they make things messy. CM rushes and she is being questioned by all.. They say that everyone had taken that food only.

A girl acts like fainting.. AK is informed and he reaches the spot. He litsens to everyone. CM defends that no chance of such thing happening. A guy arrives there with the plate with lizard. CM, Mama and Pune defends CM. AK is scolding CM that she is not accepting her fault but trying to find fault on others. AK tells that he has given AO post since she was capable. Now she, due to perasai, has done mistake canteen itself and he asks how she will do garment business which is new to her. He insults her some more. CM tells that it should have been done by someone from outside. AK' pa also insutls CM when she shouts that he cannot talk. AK again insults CM saying that she did mistake. CM says that accepting AO post, beign there after being insulted by Madhu are all her mistakes. And beleiving that AK will be nice and will trust her was her biggest mistake. She says she quits both AO and canteen and storms out followed by Mama. The students and others there are celebrating. AK seems thoughtful.

CM and Mams reaches home in auto. CM gets in and starts kottufying her anger on Ak. Mams tries to convince her saying she has to see from AK position also and from his poitn of view he wasn't able to trust them without any proof. CM doesn't buy and shouts that how he changed. Mams tells that he succumbed to situation. Cm tells anyone can, but not great human like him. Mams tells that everyone should at one point of time. CM doesn't buy anything and keep on complaining about AK changing.

Screen freezes on CM's face.

Sorry for the delay.

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CM Thursday April 15th updates

Vasu spies over Ranjani and her friends and seees them chatting in a garden. They all give a oral confession of whatever happened till now from CM asking them not to go to cinema in the night, plannign with sivasu, executing the plan, CM moving out as expected, everything sitting in grass lawn.. Vasu records all this in his mobile camera.. Then he reaches Ak's office who is tensed. Vasu supports CM and AK scolds him. Vasu then tells what happened. Ak doesn't buy.. Vasu shows the video... The same what the girls were talking in the lawn.. The video shows 2:24 for 3/4th of the video. And just after the last two sentence, the girls spoke, the video shows 5 mins and some secs.. Epadi pa idhu.. Naduvulla censor panniteengala??? Video clarity kammi dhan, but it helps AK to realize his mistake. They decide to meet CM immediately.

Both of reach CM mahal. CM is sitting idinju poi. Sees Ak coming - no welcome. Warm welcome by Mams. After so many come in sir, come in Vasu, they both come in. CM comes there. AK asks sorry telling he knew how much she was hurt. AK tells he undertsood everything now and a flashback of vasu CID work and AK judging CM as innocent. CM angry - tells she was insulted. AK tells no forgiveness for his mistake but CM will forgive. CM also after few mins of vaaku vadham forgives based on the request from Mams. Mams thansks Vasu, vasu so humbly says it was small work. AK offers AO and Canteen, CM refuses. Vasu sides CM. Ak tells no AO ok, but canteen atleast to prove those who made her fail, that se hasn't failed. Mams asks her to accept, CM accepts after a thought. AK while leaving asks CM to smile. Ak always gives a romantic look to CM. CM after 4 seconds gives a smile. AK happy an leaves. Mams tells that he was thinking CM will not forgive Ak but now he is happy. (Aama ilena sothuku enna panradhu)

CM in thoughtful face.


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Friday 16/4/10

The " Omni yai ozhichu kattu" group is outside AK's room. Vaasu comes out and digs a bit "seyyarathai senjuttu ippo head downing???? come on in, AK is waiting" ( Vaasu . neenga enna peon aa??? PA vaa??? enna designation ppa unakku?) The real PA comes out and addresses the girls with out Vaasu's knowledge -
"Sivasu involved nnu AK  kku theriyum, naa involved nnu theriyathu, maha rajigala, ennai pOttu kuduthudatheengadi amma" One girl says "thuruvi thuruvi ketta olarinaalum olariduvom, can not guarantee but will try.."  The group goes in and AK lectures " I would have chucked you all out but your future will be gone. Only after Omni came,
you all have good food, antha gratitude kooda illiyaa??? Sivasu nallavana kettavanaa nnu kooda theriyaatha??? You have a full life ahead, why do you think and act like criminals.." Vaasu nicely kombu seevufies "sir, not just Sivasu, there are others who encouraged this criminal activity.." Shiva sweats. AK takes the lead and asks " who
else?" The girls do "thiru thiru thiru" and look at Shiva...who nods and signals "kaatti kuduthudatheenga di kirukkugala.." Enga appa kuthurukkul illai ngra kathai .. AK quickly points out "unga vai solla tha news ai unga kannu solliduchu..... enna Shiva?" Shiva immediately says "ayyo, sir, I am not involved.." AK says " I just asked you, never pointed fingers at you ~~" Finally tells the girls " go and apologize to Omni.." The girls are livid and AK says that the moment he knew his mistake he apologized to Omni " look, only if Omni grants you clemency, you can continue here, otherwise
you can all get out. " Asks Vaasu to get a written statement from the girls..."disperse.." All get out including Shiva.

Sathigara gumbal has a marathadi mahanaadu - Siasu, Shiva and the girls.  The girls are angry that AK was mad and found out their criminal activity. "ippO naanga Omni kitte mannippu vera kekkanum... athukku pesame college ai vittu pOidalaam.." Sivasu makes fun
" you do not know the power of students..collect all the students from here and from other colleges and go on a strike..." One girl says that their parents have been informed as well " veet le pOnaa dharma adi thaan .." Shiva says that the plan may not work - "AK sir
college aiye moodittu pOiduvaar, apram namba gathi athO gathi thaan... right now, the best option is to apologize..." So, the minutes of the meeting is : the girls will go and tender an apology to Omni "summa ulu ulu kattikku manippu kelunga, period. wait panni Omni kku oru marana adi kudukkalaam, what say??" One girl frets "enna kolai yaa??" . Shiva says that they will break Omni's esteem in such a way that she will commit suicide herself ( uh huh, think again Shiva, Omni unakku marana adi kuduppa !!)  The girls agree and leave. The other two master minds decide to take the case to Madhumitha madam. Sivasu says "oru pOnnu thaan innOru pOnnai nalla plan panni kavuppa " ( ayyo da, yaruppa dialog??? un pen ai neruppile pOttu posukka.....)

Omni kitte mannipu kekkum padalam.... "AK sir wanted us to apologize...mannichudunga.." Omni is in a lecturing mood " so, you have not realized your mistake?? as yet???" ....goes on " nalla kaalam, AK did not dismiss all of you !!! What would happen to your future??? Your parents educate you with so much difficulty...... blah blah...." Chithappu makes it a point to sing Omni ashtothram  " see even after your misdemeanor, Omni is  worried only about your future !!!! Sorgame endraalum engal Omni irukku edam
aagumaa??? " ( yenna thavam seytheergal.... Omni viewers ..ennnnaaa thavam seytheergal engum nirai para bramham Omni avatharam edukka...enna thavam seytheergal... - BG by Roja)
Omni continues " I only stopped you from sneaking to a night show !!! When you do not have classes, you can go for the afternoon show!!" Finally the girls are let off the advice hook. They go out and seethe " namba neram, Omni, antha kizhavan...aal aalukku advise mazhai !! Hmm namakku oru kaalam varum, Shiva sir yethanum seyvaar.." They leave. Roja wonders "thodarum antha girls mele thaane pOdanum, why on Omni???? ayyo paavam, intha amma
kku semai complex .... saavu veet le kooda sethavangalukku close relative aa irukkanum, appo thaane attention kidaikkum !!"


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Monday April 19 2010 - Update

Credits to

A beautiful BGM in the background ClapClapClap [wow.. really enjoyed listening to the BGM... just like a few others from CM].  CM eagerly waits for someone.... AV arrives on an auto and gives her Thirupathi prasaatham.  CM hesitates at first, but AV assures that the moraipaadu thing will never come in between having prasaatham.  AV then says how he had gone to Thirupathi for his CM and his to be born perapullai.  Just then Mama brings lunch from outside.  AV wonders if CM never cooked... CM hesitantly adds that she did for the two of them (her and Uncle)... AV gets it, that the food was bought for him and that this is all due to the moraipaadu.  He sulks over not having to eat the food made by his daughter. 
He nevertheless takes the food and goes outside to eat.  Just then a begger comes and asks for food.  Mama tells CM to serve him some food.  CM goes inside to grab saatham with the dishes... and serves the begger.  The latter enjoys it soooooooooo much.  AV on the other hand with teary eyes watches the begger enjoying his daughters food.  CM also get teary.  After eating the begger blesses CM for serving the 'best food ever'.  The begger soon leaves.  CM wonders why AV hasn't had anything... AV says the way the begger enjoyed the food made by CM filled him up soo much ... he instead drinks the water.... at last he bursts out about the moraipaadu!!
Pearl waiting for maamanar (ithu akkaraiaiya, illai Beach kitte pottu kodukkava nnu theriyaala Confused).  Beach passes by and pearl informs she'd been waiting for the longest time but no sign of her maam nnu... then she informs Beach about AV's long periods of dissapearance (AngryAngry .... what is your problem ammani??  He is a grown up man... he can't always shake his head to whatever you say like your husband AngryAngry... let him do what he wants to do.... ).  just then AV arrives and Pearl goes to serve him.  But AV doesn't bother to eat and says he had already had it and leaves... ClapClap.  Pearl is a lil ticked off.. she goes to her hubby darling and vathi vaiking that AV must be visiting CM and all despite the moraipaadu... she scares him by saying how their kolatheivam will only harm them if the moraipaadu is broken (seriously... Saami kettavanga kannai thaan kuthuvaanga... nalavanga kannai ille ammani Wink...).  Beach is stunned at hearing about AV's visits to CM.. but asks for evidence.   Pearl says the biggest evidence is CM being preggers.  Pearl then requests Beach to warn AV (suthom Ouch..paavom AV... ellam intha wanna be Saguni aala varathu). 
Next day AV happily approaches Beach and inofrms about CM's prenancy... Beach ignores it big time... of course, ithai paarthu rasikaraanga Visalam, Pearl, and Mrs. Solai (ivangalukiku thaan ithu full time job atche Dead).  AV wonders why Beach isn't happy about this.. and adds it is beach's responsibility to do all sadangu (haiyoo AV neenga poyum poyum yaaru kitte kekareenga?).  Beach bursts out that he need not do such things to strangers.. if her were to do it.. at the end of the day he wouldn't have any sothu for his wife and kids (ellam wife darling seyal thaan).  AV is shocked.  Beach further warns AV that he either remain in their house or leave the house to CM's considering the moraipaadu.. AV is hurt big time (poor man CryCry..).  He isn't able to digest the fact that his own sun is asking him to get out of the house.  Upon seeing this Pearl tries to sweet coat her words and calm him down.. but AV knows it all.  He starts crying over his thalaivithi... just then Solai and Bell arrives.  They are shocked to hear AV say about Beach asking him to vacate the house.  But the moment they find out why Beach had told him this.. they support Beach... Solai further asks AV to listen to Beach and not deal with CM (hmmmmmm thoppanaarai vida thamayan perisa paduthu pola... ivangalum oru kaalathileh theiryum.. when Pearl gives them aapu LOLLOL). 
AV is shattered and cries.. "ennaiye ippadhi padutharaanga.. ennoda CM ai eppadhi ellam kasta padithiyirupaangaloooo" nnu Cry (truely the actor did well here ClapClap).

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CM Tuesday 20th April updates

Bell and Kavi are sleeping. Kavi wakes up and feels hungry. Goes to kitchen and finds nothing is available. Wakes Bell and asks him to buy something for her as she is hungry. Bell says no money. Kavi doesnot buy and check his purse, finds no money. Asks bell to wake hs brother. Bell doesn't agree. Kavi tells even when she is carrying wont he do that. Bell tells he will do for her but he will not disturb his brother. Kavi morachufies. Bell asks y suttu erikira madhiri paakura?? Will buy u tomorrow morning. He gives soem reason and goes to sleep. Kavi is upset.

In the super family, AK's son comes home drunk when daughter tells that it is smelling bad. Son asks when mom is there, dint u feel the smell. Madhu asks him when she scolds u, y u pulling my legs? AK reaches there and asks Madhu to get ready soon as they have to attend a marriage in Bangalore. Daughter goes to sleep and the same does Son. AK goes to get ready. Madhu's mobile rings and it is PA telling he wants to talk important. Madhu tells she is going to B'lore. PA tells it is very important and aboout CM. Madhu asks him to come with Sivasu and she will send Ak alone that too by making him tell that.

Madhu takes her drinks and starts drinking. AK coems there sees this and gets upset. Asks, how she il come to party. Madhu tells y should only guys drink and not girls. AK tells he never. Madhu tells it his mistake and if he drinks no better company for her. Ak asks if she is not feeling ashamed to talk to hubby like that. Madhu tells she can tell her thoughts only to hubby and not to some other person. Ak tells guys will have reason. In between, daugher crosses teh scene watches this, regrests and leaves. Madhu tells the same reason girls will also have. She doesn't want to fight against men's mistakes and it is not ehr policy. Her policy is to do the same mistake and make men ashamed. Ak gets upset and tells he will leave. Madhu, who was waiting for this tells, it is better to be there drinking than going with him without liking. Ak just pushes the chair over there and leaves the arena.

Madhu comes out and finds Ak's car leaving. Vadai, who is the security there closes the gate. Madhu asks him to come and drink. vadai denies and tells he doesn't. Madhu asks y is he living wihtout any sugam, no wife, no drinks. Vadai strictly says no. PA and Sivasu reaches. Madhu asks Vadai to open the gate. PA asks how she maanged to send Ak alson and she shuts them up aand asks them to go inside. Madhu tells vadai to stand near the gate and he will be standing there forever. Inside, PA and sivasu updates her on the happening at the college. Madhu gets furious. She asks them to drink. Sivasu asks what should they do now. Madhu tells that she has a plan and by that both CM and Ak will be affected. PA asks y AK sir? Madhu tells then only he will not go to CM again. She says she will tell them the plan.


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Chellamey Updates,

Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010...........
Morning time, In AVs house,
Kavita prepares a long list of items and hands over the list to Pearl.AV is seeing all this. Kavi says to Pearl ''Since, I am a pregnant woman, I am getting suddenly hungry some times. But, Nothing is there in our house to eat. So, I need the mentioned items urgently.'' Pearl morachufies and says ''This house has some rules and regulations. These items cannt be bought in this month. Wait till next month.'' Kavita pleads but Pearl doesnt agree. She says that items will come only in the next month. Kavi tells that she has a right to get this items.Pearl confirms that Kavi is only a guest and not a marumagal.Kavi is shocked. Pearl leaves from there.Disappointed Kavi goes to Valli and tells her to look at the list. Valli also tells not to go against Pearl and leaves. AV says to Jr.Beach ''Enna inga ella cloudya irrikku? Mazhai varumo!!!!!!'' Jr.Beach replies ''Tsunami varama irinda ok'' AV comes to Kavi and advises her ''Prepare what u like and eat. Why r u asking all these people?'' Kavi asks how come that. AV tells her  ''Think well, you will get an idea what to do next'' and leaves. Kavi gives a smile  
 (AV did a good job after these many days)
Madhu implemented her plan
Papers about CM and Abhi written wrongly are pasted on college hostels. Papers were also thrown in and around college premises. College students read that. Vasu hears some students speaking bad about CM. He finds papers at the college. He reads that and is shocked. He calls Abhi to tell the matter. But, Abhis phone is busy.
In CM canteen,
CM is serving food to the students. (CM is superb).Three girls arrive and asks CM to serve the food which has been prepared for Abhi. They laugh looking at CM. CM is clueless. She tells that she has not prepared specially for Abhi. But, Studenst dont stop laughing. Another two stundents arrive and tell the same. Mama comes and asks them ''Why r u laughing like this? Is there any joke. Pls tell.We wil also laugh'' Meanwhile,Vasu comes to the canteen and shows the papers to CM. CM is shocked and is very much upset. Mama also sees the papers. CM goes into the canteen (Sogam BGM). CM tells why all this is happening to her. Vasu and Mama try to console her. But,CM tells them to leave her alone. They also do as per her wish.
As usual, screen freeeeeeeezes on CM

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