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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2010 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Tuesday 13/4/10 Episode No 722

pOkkai paartha ippO mudiyathu pola irukku ppa !!!!

Starts with those cheats - the group which cheated Kalai and robbed him. They are displeased about the police intervention and want to cheat Kalai all over again. Pray, how??? They plan to abduct some one whom Kalai lovveesss and demand a signature on the dotted lines as ransom. Megs the frog will be kidnapped again??? Aandavaaaaaaaaaaaa

Roja is fed up of this trash - so only a few lines of update. As expected, the josiyar exposes athai - shows the bangles and the money and says that athai bribed him - " she asked me to say that Viswam's horoscope has some dosham. I do not want to be a party to such misdemeanor..and so..." All eyes on a sweating athai. Kalai is livid - tells athai that she is not a pombalai " right from the beginning you have been an absolute rakshashi...get out of my house"
Athai is shocked to hear "yen thambi Kalai" saying this/ She tells him that her "old yen thambi Kalai" will never say such things "all my life I "cared" for my thambi and his family !!! now this??" Kalai says that he IS the OLD Kalai - well flash back time - on the day when frog was croaking to her mother about how Maniac became an orphan, Kalai eavesdropped, right??AppOve he got back his memory yaam - we see that lorry accident and how Kalai refused to help that little boy. Back to the present " I was just acting all along..just so I can
see how far you guys go !!" Well, athai leaves...Paatti is actually happy.... Tilaga runs behind athai and "tries" to stop vain.

Frog is back from her Oor suthal trip..learns that Kalai chased athai away. Tells dad that it is a mistake "she is your sister, can't you forgive her??? UBS is my sister and she has made quite a few mistakes....fought with me... but I can't throw her out !!" Well, goes out to search for athai..who has taken an auto and on the way to no-man's land..... next, frog will be abducted....
Aandavaaaaaaaaaaaa innum ethanai naal ppa intha sothanai???


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yoshiniZEESXYpriyakramankuttyponnuJanuhoneydaisyeljaySue Nairnithya..

priyakraman Senior Member

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
April 15th - Thursday Update:

Auto chasing around chennai city ... with vadivu in one auto and megs in one auto....
after showing it sometime the auto driver says to megs that he can't go anywhere from here....
and they return back...
viswam trying to do something.. not sure what it is...
dhadi is coming and asking viswam megs purunjikave mudiyalai... so much of praising for
megs about megs going behind vadivu even after the evil acts by vadivu athai...
Viswam justifies that only megs can be like that... not any other girl..
viswam takes example of how kalai was with megs but look now that she took all the burden
of kalai.... viswam keeps continuing about megs mannipu gunam.. and praises high about her
as how much torture that anbu would have given to megs but megs gracefully mannichuta that anbu
viswam says that megs mannaichutta viswam too for all the silly acts he did to her...
dhadi praises megs to the height and says that dhadi and lachu are lucky enough to have megs as their
DIL and viswam says that he is happy and he wants only megs and his parents to be happy for ever...
Megs looks for athai...from her house and sezhi calls megs and they talk about the
project details of how to find athai....
kalai probing more about why megs is trying hard to find athai... megs starts the lecture as
kalai says that may be megs is trying to find out athai as someone will finger point on megs..
megs bursts saying that kalai didn't understand about megs... and megs says athai did
all bad deeds to both megs and Tilaga... guys.. I am bored..megs also talks about how tilaga managed
so long with athai's torture by just doing RKO...........
Bottom line Megs is not upset athai but only that she wants athai to understand megs..
Kalai now says that he has done enough kodumai for both Tilaga and Megs.... that's the reason
he left athai to leave the house... and finaly says that he doesn't want athai to come back
as he wants to leave peacfully with megs and Tilaga.....
The guys who cheated kalai with money and stuff.. is planning to kidnap megs.. but athai
goes by that side and one gundu guy says that they will kidnap vadivu as she is kalai's brother...
one gundu guy tries to talk to vadivu and probing more about kalai and vadivu
talks about the problem in the house...and then kidnapped her.......
now they torture vadivu saying to call kalai and have him give all property so that
they can let vadivu go otherwise they scare her saying they will kill her...
same old story guys... megs asking about athai to kalai.. kalai is stuborn about athai won't come...
those guys call kalai's house and he picks the phone and athai cries saying someone kidnapped her...
kalai just disconnects the phone... patti is aksing who is on the phone and kalai says
its only vadivu and she is creating new drama...
megs adutha magan............ says why can't we find where she is.........
next time megs picks the phone..........athai cries saying please save me....
megs goes on lecturing about how athai saved this whole family... kalai says enough of vadivu's act......
those guys rejects to talk to megs...finally kalai talks... those guys saying that kalai should give a pathiram
saying that he received all the wealth... vadivu says no.. don't do that...
athai keeps saying don't do that... but megs says that only athai is important not hte money...
makes kalai agree to sign and give the pathiram....
vadivu is in deep thinking.... Freeze on vadivu's face...

I am hoping that this trash will get over tomorrow........ Perumale... please make it end successfully tomorrow...

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2010 at 10:21am | IP Logged
Friday 16/4/10 Episode No
nnikki mudiyalai ppa - so adutha vaaram Go Roja Go

Well well Athai goes for a round of apology - any one who cares to stop and listen. The cheats have managed to get the signature from Kalai.
The bond paper is passed around and every one is gloating. Roja has no clue as to why they decide to release athai !!! pOttu thalla maattangalo?? Anyways, they take off the ropes and athai has free hands to do whatever she wants. Athai once again shows that she is smart - asks them "ungalukku no mana satchi??"
One guy answers "mana satchi yai vaichindi grocery shop le 1 kilo arisi vaanga mudiyathungOv"  - athai cooly snatches the bond paper and tears it to pieces. The
guys are livid and all set to pOttu thallify athai but for once, the police enter BEFORE the crime happens. Rounds up all the cheats . The inspector says that he saw all the four going around in that area and knew that some thing was fishy. Inspector asks a policeman to escort athai back home.

Athai being athai, decides to take a city tour
( police maama thaane auto kku panam
kudukka pOraar !!)
Goes to Viswa's house first. Cries her heart out and says that she hated Megs for a very silly reason but Megs has a heart of gold. Wants Viswa and his dad to forgive her , asks for Lachu but Vuswa is nott ready to expose mommy darling to evil athai. Looks like he does not believe the sudden change in athai. Athai does one whole drama of crying - of course all this happens in the portico, Viswa is still not
sure if he should let this woman in !! - Viswa consoles athai, dhadi says that they have
forgotten athai's villi acts - Lachu never makes an appearnace. Athai finally says that Frog's marriage has to happen asap -" Please fix a date soon" - the poor policeman is waiting
in the auto until all this tamasha gets over. Time to go home and do another round of crying and

Megs and Sezhi are pacing up and down - of course in the nadu theru. Megs wonders as to
what is keeping athai behind "sign pOtta Odane anupparennu sonnangale appa !!" Appa is
not very keen to have athai back and so adivses patience. Well, athai arrives..... nondi nondi
nodichukko, vellam tharren kadichukko..Roja sings happily....
. Megs rushes to the auto
but is scared to touch athai ... nari edam pOna enna, valam pOnaa enna, mele vizhunthu pidingatta sari attitude...asks Sezhi to lead athai inside. Megs goes in front and athai holds on to
Megs. The whole clan is stunned. Well, athai does another parambalaattam of crying and
apologising. " I did not love my brother, I just wanted him to listen to whatever I said..
ahangaraam thaan...ungalai ellam kashta paduthitten.. Tilaga enge?? ..... " Frog also cries
along and says that she does not have any enmity - RKO family justifies its nick - paatti,
Kalai and Megs cry....cry and cry some more.... Don't forget the fact that all this happens
in the portico itself ( Yeyyy Roja, kirukku, ticket book enge di???? ) Paatti finally says that
they should adjourn to the drawing room - since the main drama is over. Athai says that she
managed to tear the bond signed by Kalai and says that she went to Viswa's house for
apologising. Finally requests Megs that she would like to be the key person in the marriage celebs - "naane munnadi ninnu un kalyanathai nadathanum, say what??" Megs gives the green..the clan is happy...and so they cry some more.....


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2010 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Monday 19/4/10 Episode No 725

Megala Kalyaana vaibhogame - Ok folks, some magazine says
that this is the final week - so Roja gets the honor of izhuthu
moodifying on coming Friday yeeeyyyy yipppeeeee

Well, the RKO clan has assembled COD /UBS, Moron /Loosu,
Kalai, Paatti, Kirtana , athai, Sezhi and of course Tilaga - all are
talking about the much awaited Viswa /frog marriage. All except
athai want it done asap ( yeah sure, high time guys, high time !!)
Pray why athai wants to delay??? UBS narrows her eyes like Roja -
"ennamO thittam irukku " look. Athai reasons out "I have never
pampered the frog let her be here for some more time and
let us allow her to craok some more..say what???" All agree (hmmmm innum 4 episode izhukkanume !!)

The next two segments are uh huh - Viji is taken in a police jeep -
possibly to the court. The inspector lists "muthalle oru cinema
producer payyan, apram oru Magesh whose whereabouts are not known.. blah blah " lists all of Viji's beaus and Viji hates the conversation . Inspector says that he will make sure that she is sent to abacus training for the rest of her life. As usual, the jeep is pulled out for a cool drink and of course Viji escapes - as the inspector is listing her achievements Viji has visions of moron master minding her abortion.

Viji runs....police guys chase...and of course Viji is smarter. That Magesh who was madly in love with her and who is now mentally challenged sees her. He chases her .."Vijiii Vijiiii, namba veetu kku vaa, my mom will be happy to see you.." Viji manages to shake free and runs. The maddie sees a parked car..key is very much there .....drives madly and hits Viji. Viji goes to La La Land. The police guys promptly arrive...happy to see that they need not answer their superiors..... and the mad guy is arrested.. not that he cares... he looks totally happy


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2010 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Tuesday 20/4/10 Episode No 726

wrapping up wrapping up - more kodumai !!!

Balu household - Balu is kanakku theerthufying - the newspaper wallah is the target. Reason?? Balu saw him beating his wife in the market - "wife ai adikkaravan manushanaa???? un sangathame vendam pO" (ayyo ayyo, Pesuvathu Balu vaa?? Illai Bodhi mara Bhuddhanaa??? Solvathu nijamma, illai Roja vOda dream aa?? - BG by Roja) The whole family watches - the paper wallah apologizes - namaskaaram thaan pannalai. Now , it is voting time - ayyo da talk about democracy !!! Balu says "mannichudalaam nnu solravanga ellam kaiyai thookkunga" Whole clan grants clemency. Balu rehires the guy and says "no more wife beating, ok?" Meena and Kirtana think that Roja just finished a degree in dentistry !!!!

Subha visits Megs - sordid details are skipped - details like Kalai
crying blah blah. Now you all get to know the wedding date - "coming
Monday thaan kalyaanam " Subha says that she cant come " girl seeing ceremony for me...on that day...." The frog gumbal wishes luck and promises to attend the wedding.

UBS and COD - baby ai konjum padalam. Roja was sitting on the edge - Sandai vanthathu Lakshmana, saatha moottai yai kizhe irakku might happen apdi nnu - Nalla kaalam, rendum asadu vazhiyara kashthOda mudinji pOchu - Roja is grrrrriiinnnnggg.

Sezhi and Kavi - Kavi kadupadichufies - Sezhi explains - rendu maadum raasi aagiyachu - habbbaaaaaaaaaaa

Adutha segment karna gaduram habbaaa - Loosu is dressed like Angu - no transfer of wheels, just some add on wheels - buying fish. Moron wears the green belt and plays Danda No 2. Both Angu and Danda look extremely pleased. Angu contains herself from rolling ..the wheels are restless, though !!!! Sara is asked to take the place of Pechi - debt collection. Loosu says that this thozhil is enough "ellar stomach burning aiyum, why sambathichufy??? Let us do business .." Danda agrees. Nandu and Tams - Tams categorically says that she does not plan to change her nature.." Oor le ellarum buthi kettu pOna, I am not responsible. I am me and you better play door mat" Nandhu nondhufies his vithi. Loosu, Tams and moron are going out - Frog kalyanathukku dress vaanga vaam.. kodumai da sammmyyyyy


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eljay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 April 2010 at 9:16am | IP Logged
My mother used to say Pon kidaichaalum budhan kidaikkaadhu, so here is Wednesday, and here's your chance to make a graceful exit out of here, Megala!

Update for Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - episode 727:

A car draws up outside a house, and Kalai and family get out.  Everyone admires the house (and I was thinking, Wasn't this the same house that RK used in Anandham, then Abirami lived there, and I have seen this same house in so many other serials!) and goes inside.  Bhupathy and Kanmani also enter, admiring the house (when did Kalai buy this?  Did I miss something in the updates?).  Vadivu welcomes them, and then the whole clan assembles and giggles together.  Kalai shows Bhupathy and Kanmani around, everyone admires the house and the huge dining table,  then Kanmani is cutting apples (?) and Bhupathy asks her to be careful.  She feeds him a piece, everyone cheers, then everyone starts feeding each other, including Kalai feeding Thilaga.  Motthathile, everyone is having a good time.  Anbu comes in, more fun and merriment, Paati giving him tea, sitting on the thinnai and so on.

Kavitha brings in some saris, tells her mom that Megala has bought all these saris for them for the wedding.  Her mom talks about the expenses, Kavitha says that  Meg said that kaasu panam eppo vennaalum varum, uravugal thaan kadaisi varai irukkum, her dad says Kuthi kamikaraaya?  He feels bad for having misunderstood all their good manasus earlier.  Kavitha notices a new chain on her mom, mom gives it to her.  Sezhiyan comes in, more apologies from dad, Sezhi says it is all forgotten, etc., etc.  Sezhi sees the new chain, Kavi explains that mom gave it to her, Sezhi says he wants to buy everything for his wife, asks her to return it, and tells them not to feel bad.  Everyone is in an understanding mood.

Megala's wedding invitation proofs have come, Keerthana insists on reading it out, she reads it all out, it has Vadivu's name on it as the inviting person, Vadivu is obviously pleased.  She is moved to tears when Kalai explains that it was Megala who insisted that her name should be there.

Invitations being handed over to Dhanda and family, more paasam speeches and happiness all around.  Vadivu apologizes for being horrid to them, Dhanda apologizes in return, everyone is happy.  Happy, inru mudhal happy ...!  (Appaa, enakkum oru paattu nyabagam vandhadhu!)

Thodarum ...


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2010 at 9:45am | IP Logged

Thursday  22/4/10 Episode No 728 - Update By Priya

Kalyana mandapam.. lots of cars and peoples are going...
Megs & Vishwam kalyanam ::) :) board shown outside....
lachu & dhadi praying to lord ganesha... (Me too praying to perumal for getting this wedding done and mangalam singing for megala...)
Lachu's people are coming for wedding...
tilaga for a change with no RKO walking fast and orders kalai to go and sit next to
iyer to make things ready for wedding...
ellarum ore velai parkaranga...
anbu taking care of dinning hall... and with anbu's smile (it remains only his sick smile to me...)
attending all people and accidentally hits on anitha... There is BGM as well.. Mostly
anbu will get stuck with Anitha and not subha ;)
anbu says sorry... but anitha says that's ok...
anbu again and again says sorry but anitha keeps says that's ok..
anbu with all pasam asks anitha if she had food and she in turn asks the smae to anbu but they both say no...
anbu with all smile takes care of all the people...someone asks how come you are working in
the kitchen instead of standing with all attitude;;)anbu says he is the kalyana veetukaran and
not guest...
ennala mudiyalai... anitha/anbu romance ngra perula paduthala irrukku....

tilaga and kalai asks Iyer if he needs anything else... iyer says about ghee needed and waiting for a long time....
Tilaga tells kalai to take care of that and she orders some more people to do al the things...
vadivu athai (nallavangala ayittangalam...) athanala grabs both tilaga & kalai with pasam
to the front door and makes them to stand and invite all the people and says she will take care of all the other works...
one more round of oppari by vadivu... saying that she will soothi pottufy for tilaga and kalai after the wedding is over...
and she goes in with a anadha kanner ;)....

Boo, COD, samy, viswam in viswam's room... boo & COD talks more about kitchen work...
Boo, COD, samy makes viswam wear saree.. sorry.. veshti ;);)
ormba jokengra perula joke adikkaranga...
Boo asks viswam if he has watch or not.. then COD gives his watch to viswam..
now samy helps viswam to put perfume and stuff... finally viswam is ready for wedding...
viswam asks for coffee.... samy just tries to talk and talk...finally boo reminds
about coffee for viswam...

next Megs alankaram.. ennala mudiyalai.. mudiyalai...
all 3 sisters and kavitha is doing all alankarams for megala...
megala screams at UBS as she poked the slide on megs head...
kirtana tries to act like old vadivu by saying vadivu athai thirunthiachu so some one has
to take control of you all.. every body stares...then kirtana gigles..
patti comes and talks more perumai of megala and says that megs should have got married first
all sisters say to patti and megs to enjoy..
anitha trying to romance...with saying UBS friends have come and so needs coffee..
vadivu sees anbu working in the same 4 tables for those 10 - 15 follks..
anbu insists vadivu to drink coffee and asks how the coffee is....she gives a good certificate....
next athai visaruchifies to everyone how food is and everyone says it is too good..
anbu says he arranged the catering with a person who normally does for all the functions
at his office... and vadivu says there was one or other problem for all the weddings that
happened in their family...
anbu is just starring at vadivu.. one soga musicle vadivu athai is telling something .. ofcourse all muted...
freeze on Anbu face looking at vadivu athai...

Roja, enjoy mostly tomorrow will be last day as I saw an ad for "Munthani Mudichu".....


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2010 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Friday 23/4/10 Episode No 729

Looks like we are free yeeyyyy yippeeeeeee

Athai is crying once again (awww athai, so unlike you, you have to
make others cry !!)
"all the weddings in our house always end up with
some problem. This will be the only wedding where all of us will be happy " Maniac consoles athai and continues with his kitchen duties. Vazhisal and more vazhisal between maniac and Anitha - maniac forces her to eat, Anitha has visions of declaring her love to frog
..... blah blah - Roja skips details, she has had enough updating this trash, anyways urgghhhh.

The marriage happens - atttttt laaassstttt,  habbbaaaaaaaaaaa - priest hogs prime time and chants all the mantras with gusto. Roja almost heard a voice "niruthunga" ...but thank God, this trash is ending ....Roja can you believe your luck??? For once, the RKO family and all associated with them by default are smiling - too many mercies for one day !!!!! Mothiram in the kudam - the men and women cheer and maniac manages to leave the kitchen. Frog gets the ring and the womenfolk gloat ..hmm apdiye mudichirukkalaam...enge...Roja has
to see more vazhisal.

Maniac runs a fever and who else but Anitha will find out??? Anitha has a "purse pharmacy" and gives a tablet to maniac...asks him to rest... " meethi velai, settling ellam I will take care" The clan watches this, surrounds the couple....makes  fun..which actually looks pathetic...... well Anitha and maniac will marry some time soon - Eljay, Priya and Roja are spared of that  story..... Eljay ,  Priya, Chech, Nithya, Janu, quicksilver, Daisy,  Supree,Eclat, Kuttyponnu, Simbha kutty(grrrr)  Niti and all those who pepped up the update team with their comments and consoling words,  join Roja please....

Kottunga di kummi kottungadi
Intha trash mudinjathu endru kottungadi....
Frog and maniac nammai vittu pOna
nalla naalile kottunga di......

Trash ends yeeeyyyy yippeeeee

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