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Posted: 29 March 2010 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Thursday  1/4/10 Episode No 714

Starts with Meenu thiru thiruthu fying and Balu enjoying the scenario.
Kirtana goads athai "sollunga athai, intha panam epdi vanthathu??"
Athai acts innocent " ennamma, ennai kekkare??? Sezhi kuduthaan
nnu nee thaane sonne??" Balu looks victorious. Kirtana is puzzled
( aama, u expected Meenu to spill??? padicha muttalaa di nee??)
since she does not know the background of Balu threatening Meenu.
(enga Eljay correct aa soonnga.....ipdi oru purushan thevaiya unakku
Well Balu wants Kirtana to be sent out - Karuna obeys.
(Thanthai sol mikka manthiram illai - BG by Roja) Karuna starts bad
mouthing Kirtana's family ( onnum thappe illai - unga amma valarppu
sari illaiye!!)
and Kirtana says "stop, I am outa here " Leaves with a bag  thanking athai for her "support" . As she goes out Sezhi comes and wants to know the 1 lakh story. Kirtana says that she made a mistake of getting Sezhi in to this mess "take me home now, I am not in a mood for story telling" Sezhi takes Kirtana home.

COD's house - COD and UBS are on a "mutual accusation" trip -
"nee ipdi panniniye??? nee ennai mathichiyaa??? nee mattum uthamanaa? called my frog sis Odukaali !!!" - happens. Frog tries to mediate but UBS yaaru??athai kku thappame porantha niece aache !!! Finally, Megs decides - " looks like the problem is us and so let us all leave this place, let them decide their life" Sada and Durga are ready with their bag - Frog, Tilaga, Sada and Durga along with the baby are going to the Kalai household ( ayyo athu oru puthai kuzhi - ange pOnaa uruppada mudiyaathu !!) UBS and COD stare at each other and start fighting all over again.

Athai is coming to some josiyar's house. Looks like she wants to copy Viswa's modus operandi. Looks at the josiyar's house and says "famous josiyar nnu sonnanga !! Only dharithiram is dancing ..thalai viri kOlamaa !!" Mrs.Josiyar gets an opportunity to chide hubby "nermai, nyayam nnu pesi engalai ipdi thaan vaichu irukkar. I have a daughter to be married..enge??" Athai says that she is the incarnation of Dhana Lakshmi "naa vanthutten illiyaa?? inimel yogam thaan!!" Calls her bank manager and gets her account
details - has over a lakh in her account ( Sezhi FIL kitte suttathu intha amma vaa??)  - says that she is coiming to withdraw 1 lakh. Mrs.Josiyar is greed personified. "pOdu thOppu karanam nna, intha ennikO nnu ready aa irukkanga".

Kalai household - another meeting discussing the life of COD and UBS. Frog says "whatever decision they take, we should be ready to accept.." Kirtana and Sezhi walk in. Kirtana sees Durga sitting there all ears for vambu and so decides to hide the " getting thrown out" episode. But that is not to be - Sezhi's FIL lands and asks Sezhi " 1 lakh?? to Kirtana?? how??? my money??" Sezhi does a TJP saying that he is not a thirudan. The rest do not know what hit them
(aama unga kudumbathukku ithellam puthusaa enna??? all in the game guys !!) Kirtana says that she lied to her FIL about Sezhi giving the money "oru lie of many problems??" BCS specialist postpones the kacheri "unmai veliye varattum..appo irukku kacheri.." He leaves. The clan sorrounds Kirtana who says that she is not in a mood for anything - goes in. Durga says that Kirtana should cry her heart out "apram solva..." Tilaga is all set for a RKO "intha
veet le nimmathi nnu onnu varave varaathaa??? (ennathai nimmathi??ennathai vanthu??/ ennathai frog marriage? - Roja apes Ennathai Kanniyah)


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Posted: 29 March 2010 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Friday 2/4/10 Episode No 715     Update by Eljay pappa

Sakthi and Diwa in the living room - Diwa goes outside and calls someone and asks for a job, any job, even if it means less pay, even if it means only two meals a day (don't take me wrong, but many people will do better on less food daily!), as long as he gets to leave this place (is he looking for a job out of town?).  Friend says he will try to talk to someone (no need to show your resume or qualifications?).  Sakthi is listening to all this and she calls Anita and asks her to find a job for her, says she will die if she has to stay in that naragam, asks if she can go and stay with Anita, to which Anita promptly says she is not at home but has gone out of town (smart girl!), but will arrange something. 

Keertana is crying and Tilaga, Paati and Megala are concerned.  T wants to know why she didn't say anything earlier, she says that they had enough problems with Megs, Sakthi and Sezhi, she didn't want to add to the list, Paati wants to know why she didn't tell her FIL that MIL gave the money.  K explains about FIL's nature and that he would have kicked MIL out and she has nowhere to go, whereas K can at least go home.  Paati and T are concerned - is she going to be like this forever, and Megala says that they will go and see her FIL the next day and explain to him, K tries to explain that her FIL doesn't listen to reason, but Megala overrules her.

Athai is waiting for the josiyar, he comes in, she asks him about the changed jadagam of Viswam's, says she knows everything, now she wants him to do something and offers him Rs. 1 lakh for keeping quiet about the changed jadagam, should someone from her house come to enquire about it.  He tries to tell her that V is a good man, she won't listen as always, so he tells her to cough up some more money, takes two of her bangles, and she leaves, angry that he asked for more money.

Athai comes home, sees Kalai sitting in his room, he sees her, asks her if she has eaten, when she says No, takes her to the dining table and makes her sit down and starts serving her.  Paati sees all this, and she goes to the puja room and prays that he should not join sides with Athai again.

Thodarum ...

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2010 at 5:19am | IP Logged
Monday 5/4/10 Episode No 716

Looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Intha karna gaduram might be getting over!!!

Viswa brings some army rum for dhadhi daddy - Lachu has gone for a wedding - out of town and expected back only the next morning. Looks like dhadi was asking for this treat from sonny boy for a long time....appa and son - water beating. Dhadi
slurs with just one glass ( athu sari , horse kku kudukkara drink ai dhadi kku kuduthaa??) Viswa indulges daddy - makes a hot omelette and brings. Well, time to broach the topic of frog taking over Lachu's kitchen . Viswa asadu vazhinjifies and says "hmm , namba rendu perukkum yaaranum omelette pOttu kuduthaa...." Dhadi responds quickly "aama ppa, unga amma oru maid servant ketta..nalaikki that will be my first task..." Viswa says that Megs is ready to play cook "no salary, all for free appa.." Dhadi says " we were waiting for YOU to say first task for tomorrow is.... fixing the marriage" Viswa blushes ( athu sari, murder case??? you are out on bail, right??? abacus school immediately after the wedding???)

Hospital - moron is still lying down - only his face is seen. Sara walks in with the good news of Viji's arrest. Moron chides Sara for taking the blame. Loosu also joins ( ayyo, intha Loosu kodumai thaangalai ) Wheel aunty justifies Sara's act. Well, now Loosu does some more loosu talk - wants 5 lakhs money..for what??? To give to Viji ( ithu not just Loosu, JFI - Jamakkalaam Filtered Idiot) reason??? Loosu wants to give a second chance to Viji " namba kudumbam thaan avalai intha nilamai kki kondu vanthathu.... her parents have no one....." The arivu ketta Danda clan ( et tu Tams???) agrees. Moron asks Loosu to take Danda along to the police station and settle things.

COD and UBS ( Mouna Raagam scene , dialog ellathaiyum suttu ttar Mr.V !!) - night time - both in different rooms but can see each other lying down. COD's phone rings - some reminder about falling in love with UBS - same message for UBS too - both have flash back of courtship days. The land line phone rings. COD's friend has a job ready "nalaikki morning kilambi Bombay kku vaa" COD is hesitant but agrees - expects UBS to stop him. UBS is listening to the phone
conversation ..COD slowly climbs up...apes Mouna Ragam Mohan "pogathey nnu solraala paarthiya?" ... before he enters his room UBS calls "Divaaaa" Well, " I can not live with out you and you can not live with out me" happens ( aama ppa, itha UBS ai neeye vaichikkO, unakku thaan use aagiduthu, paavam innoruthan ethukku kashta padanum?) Finally UBS says that she will be a changed person
" ennoda ego, thimir ellam vittudaren....all these are nothing in front of our love... please do not leave me..." Both hug each other..reconciliation in the air....


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Posted: 04 April 2010 at 5:19am | IP Logged
Tuesday Episode No 717 6/4/10

Well it is Konjal neeerrraaam for COD and UBS - UBS is fast
asleep and COD walks in with a cup of coffee. Apparently, UBS
was saying "sorry" at the interval of every 10 mins the previous
night and slept only in the wee hours of the morning. Some light
hearted banter about keeping the fight alive for a week or more -
just so the elders will stay off and the love birds can have some
privacy ( yovvvvv COD unakku buthiye illiyaa??? antha privacy le
thaane villangame !!)
Anyways..... Sada walks in with a serious face
and acts as if the court has granted the desired divorce "you both
are free to do what you want.." COD and UBS do a TJP and say that
they will never fight - ever again. Sada says that he wanted those words from the horses' mouths " Kalai veet le vanthu summa vekka pattu kittu nillunga.... meethi yai naan parthukkaren..." Oru saga over - looks like Tamil New year dawns bright for us - this trash will be over by then??

Police station - Viji kku dharma adi - Viji has just one request - plays
parrot and says "oru naal ennai veliye vidunga, antha moron ai pOttu
thallittu vanthudaren, apram you can hang me.." Inspector is unrelenting. ( Viji, no sweat, Loosu varuvaa Aabadbandhavi Anatharakshaki mathiri)

Balu household - Shankar comes and shouts at mommy for sending Kirtana out. Meenu now reveals that the whole drama is daddy's tiruvilaiyaadal - "Karna kitte sonna, I will commit suicide nnu unga appa mirattaraar !!" Shankar echoes Eljay's sentiments "intha mathiri manasatchi yai konnuttu vazharathai vida, you can live as a widow. I am collecting my son from the school and taking him with me. I do not want him to be brought up by you.... " Balu walks in and Meena appeals to his good sense ( apdi pOdu, unakku viyavasthai illiyaa??? yaar kitte pOi Eevu erakkam illiya nnu kekkare??) Finally Meenu says that Balu can kill her once for all "konjam visham kuduthu konnudunga.." Balu sings "saga ninaithaal sagalam, vazhiya illai veetile... grocery list il poison pOdu ..sappittu neeyum saaguuuuu "
( Roja konnutte pO , Kannadasan apdiye turning in his grave ) Meenu does the one thing she is adept at....cries..


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Posted: 04 April 2010 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
Adhukulle Wednesday vandhaacha?  Aiyo, indha Megala update irukke!  Idhu eppo mudiyum, mudiyumo mudiyaatho, kadavulukku thaan theriyum.  Hmmm, innikku hope kuduthu adhai director thirumbavum konnutaare!  At least, I was spared the on again, off again Diwa - Sakthi konjals.

Update for Wednesday, Apr 7, 2010 - episode 718:

Kanmani asks again for Rs. 5 lakhs, Dhanda explains that this is the same Viji who did so much harm to Kanmani, and has tried to kill Bhupathy, will Bhupathy like this?  Won't he get angry?  Thamira says that Bhu has already approved of it, and Kanmani says that Athai has also agreed.  In the meantime, Thamira has her own idea, why can't they keep the money, and instead, she can go and smack Viji, and her hubby agrees with her.  Dhanda says that he will do what Kanmani wants, so he goes to get the cash and Kan goes to get ready.

Thamira's hubby has an idea, why not set up a chinna veedu himself and get some cash?  Thamira threatens to kill him, so he says it will be a fake one, and he will bring her to this house, but T says she will get the skin off his back.  Dhanda comes in, asks what the matter is, they say Nothing, Dhanda leaves with Kan.  Hubby starts the topic again, Tham threatens him with his life, she is no Kanmani to put up with such things (well said!),  he runs away from that room.

Viswam and dad - someone rings the doorbell, it is Subha.  Dad doesn't recognize Subha, Vis explains the connection, he grasps it, everyone kusalam visarichufies, then Subha wants to know when Vis is going to tie the knot with Megala.  Vis says they were going there to set the date, Subha is happy to hear that, she then wants to call Anbu, and dials his number.  Anbu picks up, more conversation about how he is ashamed of his former life, she tells him to forget all that (methinks this is the blossoming of a romance between Anbu and Subha!), says she will meet him at the Vis-Meg wedding, and leaves, with Vis and dad following.  However, dad trips briefly (abasagunam!!), so he says why not go another day, Vis disagrees, and Subha says who is there now to prevent this wedding from taking place?  So how much longer do we have to wait for this wedding?  Till the javvu mittai tastes like dirt?

Reply to above question - Vadivu athai, who is talking to the josiyar's wife, tells her that she will have plenty of money (paNam kottO kotta poradhu!) once the josiyar does what she wants him to do.  The wife talks about how all other josiyars make so much money, her husband does not know how to make money, he is too honest a guy, and Vadivu says all that will change, she is such a raasiyaana person, and now that she has come in their lives, all will be well!

Shankar is lying on the street, passed out.  Karuna comes that way, sees his brother, calls him Anney, Anney ... and tries to pick him up.  He brushes off Karuna, Karuna tells him to come home, he says he will not come home till Keertana is back there.  Karuna says that Keerthana stole his office money and tried to use it herself, he says that Karuna is a fool for believing this, Karuna says that Keer tried to separate him from darling Daddy.  Shankar tells him that it is Daddy who is separating them both just as he did with Shankar and his wife, and eventually it is Karuna who will end up in nadu theru, just like Shankar.  He refuses to go home with Karuna, insisting that Keerthana should return first, and finally Karuna leaves him there.  It looks like Karuna is thinking about all this.  Shankar is thinking too, and he thinks that he will first have to ozhichu kattufy his dad ...

Thodarum ...


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Thursday 8/4/10   Episode No 719 Update By Priya

Kirtana is packing her bag.. Megs summons inside kirtana's room and ask her to go with her... Kritana keeps saying that K's FIL is not good person....
Megs says she will straighten everything..... tilaga comes and supports megs acts...
megs & Kirtana starts to Kirtana's FIL's house after giving a big boat load of advice to sezhi from megs....Finally megs tells sezhi to adjust with his FIL and go and live his life happily... and also reminds him to find out whoever cheated kalai so that they can get back their wealth.... Megs suggests sezhi to visit anbu saar... and ask his help as he will definitely help them.. sezhi is little hesitant but megs takes it for granted and says that anbu saar will help them... after all 3 leave kalai talks to tilaga about his feelings...kalai says thankku avamanama irrukku that megs is doing everything for the whole family and kalai repents for his mistakes in the past for not treating megs well.... and kalai says that megs is not his daughter anymore but kula theivam... innu oru kula deviam megala.. after ganga devi from Thangam...
Kirtana & megs comes to Kirtana's house... kirtana is little hesitant to go.. but megs forces her and they go in... Balu comes out......with a lot of background music....
balu with cut throat attitude saying megs to take her sis and go back as they can't live with a thirudi.. I hate this balu... Dead .. Karuna & his mom comes and gives a look.. not sure how to tell what kind of a look...megs asks karuna whether he belives kirtana has stolen the money... Balu interferes saying why ask there.. talk to me... Megs with a attitude says ungala ketkum pothu sollunga.. ippa vendam... Clap for a change megs storms... Karuna reminds megs that balu is his father and give respect... Megs why respect after everything is over between kirtana and this family...
Megs says everything is over between Kirtana and this family... megs continues saying that she will have kirtana sign the papers and then we wil go... megs sookshama says 2 out of 3 people know the truth in this house... so to whom kirtana has to prove that she has not stolen the money after the fact that is decided that she is not going to live in this house anymore....
meenakshi says why are you saying that kirtana life in this house is over.. ava vazha vendiya ponnuma... but megs keeps drilling to get the truth out and finally meenakshi says nan unmai sollidaren ma... balu threatens her..meenakshi says that she doesn't want to have a life by spoiling her sons life.... and tells the truth...about balu's thiruvilayadal... Megs is happy.. karuna is shocked. Balu moonjiyila fly adale...meenakshi tells the truth and balu pushes meenakshi outside the house and karuna shouts at balu and finally says that balu has to leave the house... and karuna says that it is aruvarupa irrukku to call balu as appa... megs starts her lecture...saying 30 years you just listend to balu without knowing whether it is correct or not and now you are asking balu to leave the house? and she supports meenakshi that she is in between balu and karuna by not able to talk anything...and now kirtana for past 6 months... Megs points out that karuna didn't even question his dad why balu is doing all ill treats to his mom and now how come karuna says that his dad should leave the house....
megs says kirtana tried hard to make everyone live happily as she has understood each one of you... megs tells kirtana not to live in this house anymore and just go with her as they proved that kirtana didn't stole the money...
karuna asks why take his wife away?..
karuna does some more talking and calls his mom and kirtana and says that they can go out and live happily... balu says sorry to everyone and says that he realizes his mistake and requests no one to leave the house by living him alone... balu says sorry to everyone... thirunthitaraam...
balu says to karuna to drop megs and megs says not needed as she has to go to sezhi's FIL's house.. ange poi panchayathu pannavendume athu than...balu says that he will also go with megs to sezhi's FIL's house as he only patha vachufy about kirtana to sezhi's FIL and after too much of resists from Megs balu and megs goes...
next scene shifts to police station..
all gundans who cheated kalai are caught and sezhi and anbu saar are sitting... with a shocking look.. the gundas says that they won't cheat anyone in the future... and inspector asks for anbu saar what to do.. and the gundas says that they will return the money that they took from kalai to them tomorrow... anbu saar says not to go court/case or anything as it will delay to get the money back from them to kalai sir... Inspector asks how anbu found these cheaters... and anbu says that he saw and that's the reason anbu asked samy to call the police...finally kalai is getting his money back.. sezhi says he wanted to inform megs akka about the money getting back stuff and so he tells anbu and lives the police station...
megs & balu goes to sezhi's FIL's house... Balu says he is there to talk S's FIL and S's FIL says why not balu come alone and why coming with kandavanga...
Megs says that she came to talk to S's FIL... but S'FIL doesn't want to talk to her Sezhi stole the money and gave Kirtana the money.. Megs vaiadichu poi nikkara face expressionle Freeze.... with Sezhi coming near the door........

Folks.> I can really see a light at the end of tunnel.. but I am not sure if tomorrow is the last episode... did anyone watch any ad??

Perumale, I hope today is the last update I make as tomorrow the serial should get over soon....................


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Friday 9/4/10 Episode No 720

Nichiyamaa mudiya porathu yeeyyyyyy yipppeeeeeeee

Starts with the frog croaking - " it is me who has come to talk !!" But, BCS specialist has had enough. "un thambi is a cheat and you play advocate for him??? I do not want to have any biting , chewing and spitting session with you". Frog croaks further as if she was deaf to BCS ( give me a breakkkkk , Even if u are 10 miles away you can not but hear BCS !!) " I am not going to defend my brother. I just want you to know that he did not cheat you, period" BCS harps on "money for Kirtana" and time for Balu to come out in the open. Tells all and says that they are all D**N lucky to be the sambhandhis of the Kalai clan.
Just then Sezhi lands with the good news of "return of the fortune". Frog is happy to hear that and of course has to give a parting advice to BCS specialist. " it is not just my bro, your daughter's life is at stake as well" - drags the clan back to her own well after ta ta bye byeing Balu.

Police station - Viji wants her parents to be released " i made all the mistakes, why punish them?? " Inspector agrees to let them free if Viji signs the statement accepting her crimes. Viji does so. The inspector says that he will finish a few formalities and then release Padma and Santhanam. Padma cries saying that they can all go to abacus school "more the merrier !!" But Viji has other plans. Tells mommy that she is not getting them out because she lovvveees
them " you go out and get me out on bail.....apram I know what to do..." Padma is confused ( moron ai pOttu thalla poren....Loosu kku shock kudukka pOOrren...Danda vai azha vaikka poOreen....apram na jail kkulle vaarreen - BG by Roja)

Kalai household - Sada walks in with COD and UBS - the treaty for "no more fights" gets announced. The RKO clan is all smiles. Just then Viswa walks in with his entourage. Vera enna ?? Marriage talk thaan . Clan is now brimming with joy. The one soul which is not happy has a kadu kadu face. Sada plays josiyar - to fix a date for the wedding. Athai speaks up "niruthunga.." Brings up the issue of the
fake horoscope. Challenges Viswa " Bring that josiyar here. If he says that it is not a fake horoscope, then you should forget Megs the frog.... for ever, say what?" Now the clan is ready for a RKO. Kalai says that such beliefs are meaningless. Athai says that she is worried about his longevity. Viswa accepts the challenge and offers to fetch the josiyar. Athai wants to go along " nee avarukku money kuduthu sari katti kootti ttu vanthutta??" Viswa agrees..COD tags along with them - moral support for Viswa???...... The clan waits with bated breath...


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Monday 12/4/10 Episode No 721

Hmmmm nalaikki mudiyaathu pole hmmmmmmmmmmm

Starts with Danda and Loosu visiting Viji - Viji looks tired - probably
finished learning 1 2 3 for the N th time !!! - The inspector warns Loosu "athu thiruntha tha jenmam, athu kitte pOi???!!! sari, sari. pesunga.." Loosu goes and starts mooking. Like Roja , Viji is also fed up of that mooking - unceremoniously shoo shoo s Loosu. Danda shouts at Viji and Viji rightly points out "nee onnu pethu olagathile nadamaada vittu irukkiye, athai vida naan onnum korainji pogalai. Nadayai kattunga, I do not want to stand through this mooking, gotcha??" But Loosu adorns the priest garb (age??) and starts lecturing " My hubby is also a reason for your current status. Unfortunately, we do not have the authority to grant you clemency. But let me know your account no. We will deposit 5 lakhs...
will help your parents...." Viji cries and talks "unakku evvalavu periya manasu?? I have ridiculed you.... have done some nasty things.... but...." As Loosu and Danda think that the Loosanandha lecture worked.... Viji shows her colors.. " hmm, nee panam tharreen nnu sonna Odane, did u expect me to talk like this?? Look, your hubby is a moron...a moron... a moron..... You thought that I will rot in abacus school all my life??? I will come out and your hubby darling will go
South....and that is a promise.... now get lost..." Danda takes Loosu away (athuvum ...athu mooking um..thangalai da saaammmyy) Loosu looks lost... "hmm, panam endraal pinamum vayai pilakkum nnu ninaichOm..except Viji nnu adage ai maathanum ... seyyaren ...seyyaren..."

Roja escaped from one lecture.....but avalukku innikki neram nallalle.....yogam nallalle.. Time for a lecture from Kirtananandha !!!! Balu wants to leave the house - plans to go to some home and live there " appO appO naanum varen..neengalum vanthu ennai
paarunga..... I have  been such a rakshashan that all of you can never forget and be happy in this house " Meena and Karuna try to stop him but Balu is unrelenting (hmmmm , ellaruma sathi panraanga ppa..Roja has to listen to the lecture !!!) Junior most frog starts croaking " From the time I came to this house, I only wanted
to reform you. Never have any intention of taking my hubby away from all of you. I prefer koottu kudumbam...not a nuclear family..want our children to enjoy this environment...." Of course Balu changes his decision. Karuna wants to strike the iron when it is hot "Shankar and his son....inge kootikittu varalaama appa??" Dad grants permission. The drawing room sees 32 X 3 sets of teeth !!!

Police station  again. Viji requests for the release of Santhanam and Padma. Padma starts the 3 rd lecture ( ayyO paavam nee Roja..) Wants Viji to "forgive and forget" Viji says that she has her plans all laid out "just get me out on bail...till date, all the money I earned have gone to you both. I want to pOttu thallify Loosu and moron
and that is final, ok??? Now, scoot...." The parents leave....Viji holds on to the kambis.. and it is kambi counting time.. 1   2    3   lala lump lump lala lumpum...


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rojapoooo 128 10404 26 April 2010 at 9:26am by jagdu
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eljay 25 5604 28 March 2010 at 3:53am by rojapoooo
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rojapoooo 243 10341 27 March 2010 at 9:21pm by Sue Nair
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eljay 23 4581 26 February 2010 at 9:21pm by priyakraman
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rojapoooo 17 3586 23 January 2010 at 11:26am by eljay

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