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281 Reasons Why Siddhima can't break

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I have read topics before that express why Siddhant and Riddhima should be together but this is a bit different. This is why they shouldn't break up. Be it for show's sake, culture's sake, moral's sake, love sake, story sake, family sake, CVs sake. State all the reasons you can find. Don't repeat please. Feel free to elaborate further on the things already mentioned Embarrassed


I will make a list here. Don't give dumb reasons please, because we do have brains which luckily function..teehee
 Siddhima can't break because

  1. Because Riddhima has feelings for Sid and vice versa. :)
  2. Because it shows that second chances are as important!
  3. Because they have formed a relationship out of nothing! (easy for a young girl to fall in love but not a heartbroken bitter woman)
  4. Because they complete each other.
  5. Because they're like magic
  6. they're divine
  7. they're a new hope
  8. they're eternal
  9. they're one
  10. they're our Siddhima CryCry
  11. Beacuse JeRan set the screen on fire.
  12. Because they create magic
  13. Because their relationship didn't stem from attraction it stemmed from strong hate.
  14. Because Sid has seen her at her worst
  15. Because Sid fell for her even when she loved Armaan
  16. Because Sid never forced her to do anything
  17. Because she fell for him too.
  18. They are real!!!
  19. They are current and Happening!!!
  20. They are soulmates!!
  21. They are the IT couple of tellydom!!
  22. Their love is unconditional!!!
  23. Because the concept of first love is overrated! Wink
  24. Because they are sensible
  26. Because Destiny brings them together
  27. Because Kuch jodi yahan banti hai. Aur kuch jodi uparwala bana tha hai
  28. Coz dat will save our darling Armaan
  29. Stunning chemistry and lovely jodi.
  30. Match made in heaven.
  31. Perfect husband and wife jodi i have ever seen so far.
  32. One is hot then the other one is hotter
  33. They are Karan W. and Jennifer W.
  34. Because They are "THE MAN AND THE WIFE"
  35. Coz they're perfect together
  36. Coz there'z a certain X-factor to their pairing..... u know somthing undefinable.....
  37. Coz Jeran's casting...is refreshing...they're lively
  38. Coz Siddhima bond is so realistically believable.... Its a contemoprary take on relationships...where the husband respects his wife's freedom of choice as a woman.... gives her enough space to make her choice, is man enough to face his wife's ex-lover with all patience & grace rather than get annoyed over her past. It is only human for Ridz to fall for him..heads over heels...who wudnt....!
  39. They are ready to stand by each other at all times
  40. Because he let her choose who she wanted
  41. Because Sid knows "Pyar ke naam par haq jatana theek baat nahi hai"   P
  42. Because he would sacrifice for her
  43. Because she prefers the cute doc.
  44. Because she doesn't know why she feels what she feels but when he lifts her in his arms she feels at home.
  45. They are heavenly
  46. They are beautiful
  47. Ridz's new life was given by Sid
  48. Ridz has helped Sid to grow up
  49. they have taught the values and meaning of love and life to each other..
  50. Because they let their eyes do the talking :)
  51. Because they need each other
  52. Coz they've amazing chemistry
  53. Coz they look funtabulous together
  54. Coz they're intense & passionate like no one else
  55. Coz they've grown with eachother.....!
  56. Coz  they've never hated anyone as much as they've hated eacother at one point in life....n you can only hate those who u love the most.
  57. They're unique and so adorable.....and i can watch them forever yet never be tired of watching them.
  58. Because they define what life is all about loving and letting go...
  59. Because sid is too nice a husband to leave
  60. because they both have an undefinable, unbreakable bond..
  61. Because they have started loving each other
  62. Because siddhima have a unique story, much more beautiful than love and which words can surely not describe..
  63. SR actually portray the true meaning of "Dill Mill Gayye"
  64. Because they define the true defination of friendship which is the most important thing in any relationship....
  65. because they define hope for broken hearts!
  66. because they break the myth of one love!
  67. because their pair seems real not reel!
  68. because they r dealing withe their relationship with so much maturity. they aren't  behaving like 2 year old kids doing over teh top nautanki and over the top bollywood style romance  and duppatta playing
  69. Because both of them give space to other they aren't the possessive hubby wifey. they don't interfare in each others business. that's what i call trust. and trust is the base of any rishta esp if it happens to be husband wife.
  70. because SR both went through the same phase of losing their first loves and so understand each others problems....
  71. because they make us wish we had that kind of love
  72. bcoz the Siddhima is A wounded Fairytale which goes beyond the Limit of Imagination...its unthinkable..
  73. bcoz the concept of Second Chances to love and life tugs ur heart with its subtlety n yet its intense n passionate..
  74. bcoz Siddhima are blessed to have met each other been For each other n they are made with each other..they are blessed with their togetherness n Support for each other n their companionship...
  75. Bcoz the true edifice of their relation is the Trust concern respect care n understanding dey have on each other..and now they are heading towards love...yes love will definitely find a way..sometimes love happens wen its least expected..
  76. Coz their togetherness is their achievement and they share an unbrekable n inseparable Bond..
  77. Coz they r soulmates n destined to be together always.
  78. Coz JeRan are Siddhant n Riddhima they are truly Magical and adorable..they are the best in the league..
  79. bcoz dey hav given a meaning to a relationship wic has preoccupied our minds.....
  80. bcoz their beauty is inevitable........
  81. bcoz they hav d capacity  to make us feel love, cry, run into emotions....
  82. bcoz dey luk very beautiful wid each other....
  83. bcoz they share a relationship where there is respect, care, space n most importantly sacred love .........
  84. Because they dont just feel for eachother but also respect each other..
  85. bcoz they understand each other like noone else...
  86. bcoz they both have hearts of gold...
  87. SR break the myth that everything in life is just once. They make you believe that for every Prince Charming that you lose , you find a Knight in Shining Armour who teaches you to love again.
  88. because the creatives have portrayed them as SOULMATES.
  89. Coz they're like magic ... they're divine....they're a new hope.... they're eternal, they're one.... they're our Siddhima
  90. Because They taught each other meaning of life. Their story is not a happy fairytale filled with romance but a wounded fairytale.
  91. Because no matter How much they try to go away from each other something pulls them back together it is the bond they share "An Unbreakable Bond"
  92. Cozz these two silly ppl love eachother deep down inside
  93. coz we want to see their happier and lighter moments.
  94. we're dying to see them happy and all Luviiii Doviiiiii....... Phuleaseeee CVzzz..
  95. Because "One's first love is always perfect until one meets one's second love."

    And dis stands clear incase of Riddhima. D world knew dat A-R r made 4 each other, perfect 4 each other, cant live widout each other.

  96. Because Sid's hiding something hurt more than Armaan's coming back
  97. Because she wants to move forward with Sid
  98. Because her 3 month old bond, means the world to her
  99. Because Sid can't see her hurt
  100. They seen hell together and overcame it together. (PURE HELL!)
  101. Their relationship is pure as gangajale.
  102. They heal each other completely.
  103. Destiny and god has blessed them as soulmate for eternity.
  104. They are the spring of love, that feels ones heart with happiness and emotions.
  105. Because Sid is willing to do anything for Riddhima's happiness.
  106. Because Riddhima is willing to do anything so Siddhima's marriage is happy.
  107. Because Sid never once took advantage of Riddhima.
  108. Because their passions gives us goose bumps and makes us blush. " Hum besharamon ko sharam aa jati hai thinking about SR's hot romance"BlushingBlushingBlushing
  109. Because SR fans are highly intelligent, and we appreciate the creatives.
  110. Because SR's Fanbase is on the rise. If we give former fan bases a tough competition in just 3 months imagine what we can do in 3 years.Big smile
  111. Because they have a telepathic connection. they can read each others mind Embarrassed
  112. Because they are fond of each other.
  113. Because Sid always always always protects his wife without coming out as the annoying alpha male.
  114. Because even if romance is taken out they genuinely like each other and respect each other.
  115. Because within the shortest period of time the same Sid who claimed he didn't want to kiss Riddhima's dirty face is the same guy who gets mesmerized by her and loses track of everything. (that's how he dropped tea on himself)
  116. Because Riddhima has placed Sid above all in her life
  117. Because they deliver an encouraging/strong message to those ppl who have not been able to come out of their previous loved one (and that's a lot of people)
  118. Because they respect our cultural values and traditions. We could use that. Just because a show is youthful and fun does not mean it has to let go of our values.
  119. They are bonded in the most beautiful and close relationship.. something which is beyond all Cry
  120. Because If Riddhima leaves.. Sid can stop her just by saying "Mat Jao" and watch the impact. She just won't be able to go.LOL
  121. Because Riddhima loves her "cute doc" and will pick him any day over "hot docs"
  122. Because they show commitment is not an ugly thing. They make it look beautiful.
  123. Because they play Doctor doctor to each other and we find it HOT!
  124. Because they stabilize each other.
  125. Because they have become each others strength.
  126. Because they have the hottest lifts. When Sid picks Riddhima up it's heavenly. We wish Riddhima would fall all the time just so Sid can pick her up.
  127. Because Riddhima loves her Dad and Sid is a man her father approves.
  128. Because these two not so selfless people have become selfless in each other company. Not just for each other but others around them.
  129. Because they prove love doesn't need to blind. It's something that awaken us and makes us more human, more aware, and better people!
  130. SR = Marriage cum understanding cum giving space to each other cum friendship cum love cum trust cum respect..
  131. They did not land with each other own their own.. god bought them together..
  132. Riddhima is alive only because of Sid and their marriage..Smile
  133. They signify one of the most amazing concepts of television - love after marriage
  134. SR means SR.. Kucch different hai Wink juss like maggie hot and Sweet tomoto ketchup juss yum!!! (because they are hot and sweet at the same time)
  135. They  are two beautiful flower bud, which will evolve into a beautiful magnificent flower.  (their relationship changed them into a full grown person)
  136. They can even melt a heartless person into falling in love again.
  137. They are all about silent of love
  138. Jennifer's day won't be complete now without slapping Karan
  139. KW needs someone who can match up to him which is JW perfectly
  140. DMG needs them ( YES it DOES) UNLESS the show is ending in one month.
  141. KW needs to rock the screen again like Remix days with Shwetha
  142. Because they attract more fans day by day. People who didn't care to see DMG before.
  143. Because Jeran sounds extremely cool Cool
  144. Because they are two W's Cool
  145. B/c they are sexyface and ickyface
  146. They are brought by the powerful forces of nature
  147. Because the shyness in their  relationship keeps us on edge
  148. Because sid is riddhima's Saving grace
  149. because she said i dunno who means more to me you or my papa as my papa brought me up but you gave me a new life a reason for living , a deeper meaning
  150. becoz they've proved, "Love doesn't consist in gazing at each other's eyes, but in looking at the same direction together.."
  151. Because without sid in ridz life, she will be unbalanced.
  152. Becoz it's painful to lose ur love for the first time, but it's devastating and can lead to cause mental imbalance when u lose ur love again :D
  153. Coz she dwells in his angel eyes....
  154. Coz he can feel her pain more than her and she can feel his pain more than him....They feel eachothers pain more than the othr and are hurt more coz the other is hurt....
  155. Coz he looks at her as if he finds his world in her....OMG....tht glance at Ridz just kills me.... *me falls dead*
  156. Coz Ridz ko Kuch to hua hai..kuch ho gaya hai......Party
  157. Coz they're a droolworthy couple.....
  158. They are cute together so will have cuter offspring for DMG sequel *CVS fayade ke baat* Wink (THIS IS a GOLDMINE COUPLEE!!!)
  159. There is only one SR not three ROFL and that is played by one and only JERAN
  160. because they connect without wires
  161. Because they do not need to be physically near to convey their sentiments for the other, but their silent whispers and gazes are enough to communicate.
  162. Because both of them let us grasp that life can be beautifully buit upon second chances, and it should be lived as it comes at us rather than regretting or pondering over 'What ifs', since life's way too short for that.
  163. Because they both have loved each other at their BEST and WORST, and that signifies their relationship.
  164. They share the chemistry of being BEST Fataak couple ROFL
  165. Because whenever ridz will look up, she will see sid in front of her. CryCryCry how beautiful!!
  166. oh because they communicate like normal human beings without the wind blowing and violins and songs in the bg ( AND YET THEY ARE M-A-G-I-C-A-L
  167. Because Sid is Riddhima's ice which will save her from burning from her past ROFL
  168. Because Sid doesn't feel any physical pain when Riddhima is around and he is lost in her.
  169. Because they awe each other and us.
  170. Because they can't help but like each other. Sid couldn't help himself from saving her, taking care of her, she can't help himself from caressing his hair out of adoration.
  171. Because they took 7 pheras around the fire, made promises for life.
  172. Because Riddhima wants her pati's " SAATH"
  173. Because for Riddhima it's not society, friends, her house or anything else that matters. It's SID that matters.
  174. Because even after getting insulted by Sid's mom Riddhima couldn't leave Sid. Even when her mind told Rids to leave the part of heart that's occupied by Sid stopped her at the door. Cry
  175. Because Riddhima was willing play around with her former lover's feeling just because her husband had asked her to go along with it. NOT for anyone but just Sid.
  176. Because love does not claim possession, but gives freedom.(which sid has done for ridz)
  177. Because Sid brought smile in Rid's life when she stopped living.
  178. Because creatives did such a great job making SR a strong beautiful couple breaking them apart would be pointless and a total waste.
  179. Because Sid has always protected things related to Riddhima.Cry CryCry If not her life, then her honor, her family's honor, her Dad, her love. From marrying a woman who loves another man to even handing her Armaan's pic in the mandap he has always kept everything related to Riddhima safe.
  180. Because only they can  give a supurb scene for " Ek Ajnaabi Saa Ehsaas ....song its true meaning !!"
  181. Because Sid knows how to put ridz in her right placeBig smile
  182. Because they tell an amazing story of Mr.Perfectionist vs.Mrs.Perfectionist
  183. Because he sees her everywhere.
  184. Because she has to try so hard to resist him.
  185. Because she melts in his arms.
  186. Because Hawa also blows during SR moments.
  187. Because this a love saga of Mr. Battameez and Mrs. Chudail. It's not easy to handle Mr. Battameez and Mrs. Chudail
  188. Because they know each others' secrets.
  189. Sid is like Shanky ( Ridz's dad) in essence. It is the old law that the girl look for her father in her husband in order to feel safe and secure. Sid is compassionate, reasonable, practical and loving just like her father.
  190. Because there is only one person who she cares about and that is SID!
  191. She can't see Sid with another girl.
  192. She always thinks of him.
  193. Because they get so lost in each other they can even romance in a morgue.
  194. Because Sid made Riddhima into a wise woman who now has the ability to share some valuable lessons with Yuvi, that life doesn't stop with a loved one gone. If life takes away that one loved one it will give another one who will make us complete.
  195. Because their fan group is growing by the day.
  196. Because you seldom find people who have nothing in common except love, respect and trust which makes them inseparable.
  197. Because they came together in eclipse and walked out to sunshine.
  198. Because no matter how much they scream to each other they know they didn't mean that.Cry
  199. Because Sid's one smile makes Riddhima feel peace at heart.
  200. Because they have the dialogue " why did I marry you when there was no love at all?" That's what makes our jodi so unique.
  201. Sid will hurt Rids just to make her happy, by telling her to pretend to be Armaan's wife, by sending her the divorce papers.
  202. Rids will hurt Sid to make him happy, by signing those papers and being mean to him knowing he is a gem of a person and she still wishes to be Mrs. Modi.
  203. During Karwachauth Riddhima saw the man's face who will be her partner in 7 lifetimes. That was Siddhant!!!
  204. Because their relationship has gotten to a point where they are not afraid to romance in front of others. They even managed to have an eyelock in front of Rid's former love Armaan.
  205.  Because they dream about each other
  206. Because when Riddhima sees Sid all her emotions are either in turmoil or she has the biggest smile on her face.
  207. Because Sid sleeps with their photo
  208. Because even when Riddhima pretends to break off their relationship and leave she takes along their wedding photo with her.
  209. Because Sid writes about her in his diary.
  210. Because Sid wants to take her hand, make her sit beside him and look at her all day long without saying a word.
  211. Because when Rid walks in Sid just knows.
  212. Because Sid might be extremely mad and irritated but the second he is Riddhima he goes into Riddhima dreamland.
  213. Because Riddhima gets hurt when Sid pushes her away.
  214. Because Sid's stripping makes his wife blush.
  215. Because even when Rid is drunk and has no sense of anything she only wishes to dance with her husband.
  216. Because Rid might've said I love you to Armaan but Sid taught her the real meaning of love.
  217. Because it seems both husband and wife turn into little kids when they are drunk.
  218. Because Riddhima wants Mean Modi to tell her how he feels.
  219. Because Sid hates Cappuccino but he will drink it anyways for Riddhima.
  220. Because Sid will wear a girly color like HOT PINK for his wife.
  221. Because Sid has turned into a patient of Cardiac arrest due to Riddhima, and he needs her love to get better.
  222. Because Sid wants Riddhima to fall in love with him not his leg, in other word he needs her to love the real him.
  223. Because Siddhima makes fake baarish and moonlight magical.
  224. Because Riddhima pines to hear Sid express his feelings so she runs to his arm when she thinks Armaan's words are Sid's words.
  225. Because Sid would never want to base his relationship on lie no matter how much he loves Riddhima.
  226. Because Riddhima has complete faith in Sid, in them, in their bond.
  227. Because Riddhima can never stay mad at Sid for too long.
  228. Because somehow Riddhima just know she belongs with Siddhant
  229. Because Rid looks at her pictures with Sid when she is alone.
  230. Because even when everyone was exchanging red flowers Sid chose the pure white Riddhima, which signifies the purity of Siddhima's relationship.
  231. Because Sid considers Riddhima to be the most beautiful woman on earth.
  232. Because When Riddhima's life in danger she calls Sid first.
  233. Because Sid could feel it in his heart that Riddhima is in trouble.
  234. Because Sid puts Riddhima's safety before his without sparing a second thought.
  235. Because even when Sid couldn't see Riddhima he found her.
  236. Because Sid is her knight in shining armor and her angel. He will always protect her from all harm.
  237. Because Riddhima would fall to the ground as Sid is not only there to catch her but carry her through all the troubles in life.
  238. Because even after almost losing her life Riddhima noticed Sid was cold and she pulled the blanket over him.
  239. Because Siddhima looked magical under one blanket.
  240. Because Rid can never get too cold as Sid will always warm her up.
  241. Because Siddhant's touches makes Riddhima feel something inside.
  242. Because no matter how much Sid wants her he will give her all the time int he world to get comfortable with him.
  243. Because they drove their fans crazy in the white scene.
  244. Because even after a 3 yr legendary romance with a guy he finds his wife the most pure and innocent woman.
  245. Because Riddhima feels Sid's presence and when he is not in front of her she gets sad.
  246. Because even if she can't say it she doesn't want her husband to stop romancing her.
  247. Because Riddhima was more worried about people not taking her husband seriously than losing her beloved position to him.
  248. Because she is naughty enough to break all his precious things so she can be his only precious.
  249. Because she writes letters to him saying " love your wife".
  250. Because she can't stand Sid being hurt even if it comes from her ex lover and his best friend.
  251. Because Riddhima follows his rules outside and Siddhant follows Riddhima's rules inside.
  252. Because Sid is naughty and he tries to kiss her at every chance.
  253. Because Riddhima smiles coyly as she shies away from him.
  254. Because Riddhima craves Siddant's attention.
  255. Because she didn't need anything else in her birthday except private time with her husband.
  256. Because he has enough faith in the relationship to let her discussion Armaan freely.
  257. Because every time Riddhima gets awed by her samajhdar husband who is very good at heart.
  258. Because Siddhant spend his day and night wooing his wife.
  259. Because Riddhima believes she is only Sid's. """Main tumhari hoon..sirf tumhari"
  260. Because even if Riddhima didn't like the nighty she would wear it for Sid.
  261. Because Riddhima know she has Sid in her heart. And even if she can't say it she expresses it with one beautiful tear.
  262. Because Sid understands all his wife's emotions and he covers her back up when she offers herself to him.
  263. Because even in the most hardest days and nights when a smile is truly impossible she would put on a smile just for him.
  264. Because even knowing someone else loves her like a madman she wants to be with Sid, and finds comfort in resting her head on his shoulder.
  265. Because they are both honest and they will tell each other the truth no matter what.
  266. Because they hold hands in hospital like shy kids and momentarily forget they are surrounded by other people.
  267. Because they share enough of a strong bond where Riddhima can ask her husband to switch her duties with her ex lover.
  268. Because he has enough faith in her and he has enough guts to switch her duties with her ex lover.
  269. Because no matter how bad situations get she knows she can't go back and leave Sid.
  270. Because when she is too tired to walk Sid carries her in his arm.
  271. Because when he hurts himself in the most weird ways Riddhima becomes his doctor.
  272. Because his touch is comforting and makes her smile.
  273. Because Siddhant and Riddhima fight like kids, and she stomps her feet and storms away
  274. Because Jeran believes in Tujh mein rab dikhta hai yara main kya karoon, both in hindi and english.
  275. Because Karan Wahi will follow Jennifer to Hollywood even if it meant he will be her spotboy.
  276. Because Riddhima scares Sid like horror movies and Sid likes horror films
  277. Because they will do anything for each others happiness ANYTHING
  278. Because if one is hurt, the other heals his wounds even before the wounded one is aware of his pain.
  279. Because even after confronting the worst in other (they seen each other be crazy, angry, insensible, violent, wounded, ruthless) they only acknowledge the best.
  280. Because KW gives JW 11 on 10 ROFL
  281. Because KW not only irritates JW all day long but he also manages to make her crack up.

SR post only

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Because Riddhima has feelings for Sid and vice versa. :)

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Because it shows that second chances are as important!

Because they have formed a relationship out of nothing!

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Coz they complete each other.
Coz they're like magic ... they're divine....they're a new hope.... they're eternal, they're one.... they're our Siddhima
Siddhima Forever!!
Sid+Riddhima: Siddhima....

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I will be back! keep adding guys! Smile

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Beacuse JeRan set the screen on fire.

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~Because they create magic
~Because their relationship didn't stem from attraction it stemmed from hate.
~Because Sid has seen her at her worst
~Because Sid feel for her even when she loved Armaan
~Because Sid never forced her to do anything
~Because she fell for him too.

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Rush_25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2010 at 7:23pm | IP Logged
They are real!!!
They are current and Happening!!!
They are soulmates!!
They are the IT couple of tellydom!!

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hewascool90210 12 2877 06 September 2010 at 3:55pm by duazara
Siddhima good scene ..Precap siddhima lift scene

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Author: norzar   Replies: 18   Views: 3299

norzar 18 3299 06 August 2010 at 7:02am by -alimabi-
siddhima OS-siddhima 3rd date

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Author: blossom1234   Replies: 25   Views: 4571

blossom1234 25 4571 02 August 2010 at 7:17am by blossom1234
Siddhima cute sa scene (siddhima fans)

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Author: hewascool90210   Replies: 41   Views: 5175

hewascool90210 41 5175 01 August 2010 at 12:57pm by QueenbeePallavi
Siddhima 5 minute scene (siddhima fans)

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Author: hewascool90210   Replies: 18   Views: 3331

hewascool90210 18 3331 01 August 2010 at 3:24am by diyajiya

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