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**PRC Crazy Land 2** ||INVITES ONLY||

Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Hello Prcians

You Have Just Entered Sagar Arts Dharti ka veer yodha Prithviraj chauhan Chat Club #2

All Decoration n credits for rules n ideas
goes to
Big smileThnku from HeartBig smile
Prithviraj Chauhan 
If you are a fan of either of this show,  you are most welcome here and your inputs will be much looked forward to.Big smile
But please keep in mind a few rules....

1. No bashing of these serials/actors whatsoever. We are not averse to criticism if done in a constructive manner, but once a member(s) resorts to using names and insults in his/her posts, he/she will first receive a warning and if it continues, the mods of this forum will be alerted.

2. Comparisons with other shows will be allowed as long as no one's feelings end up hurt and no mean words are used. Please refrain from talking in a superior tone even if you feel your view is correct, because remember, it is your opinion that this or that show is better, and not a fact. We do not want any feelings to be hurt, and most of all, we do not want these peaceful threads to turn into battlegrounds.

3. Feel free to post any pics or creations, or any of the other shows of the actors. They can also relate to the actors only, so if you post pics of another show in which the actor or actress acted, it is fine.

SmileIf you have any questions, please feel free to ask anyone in this CC.Smile

Thanks Guys! Have Fun! And Don't Forget to Press the Like Button if you'd like to be a Member.
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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
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**PRC Crazy Land** (Invites Only)closed

Sagar Arts Website
 Info abt show  pg 3 by simi
History of PRC pg 3
Love story of prc sanyo pg 5
Vmz n creationz by rakhi pg 5
Rajat's New Interview By TB PG 7
Creations by guglu pg. 9,11
Creations by Janaki pg 15
Irfan's budday celebration
Rajat's B'day Celebrations Pg 23
Charactersketch pg 28 

Praty's creations pg 34,37,44

 Rakhi's Creations Pg. 37 

Sweetshera's creations pg. 37,38
Ruchi's VM PG. 40
Sanchita's Creations pg. 40 
VM by Anupama pg 41 
Song dedication by megha pg 43 
PRC One-Shot By Guglu pg. 47
Rajat as prithvi pg 2
Rajat entry pics pg 2
yudh pix pg 3 by simi
gurukul pix with
maharani n maharaja pix
prithvi fight with bhimdev
prithvi on khajane ki khoj
pg 3 by rakhi
Sanyogita at yatra pix pg. 13,14
Anas as prc pix Pg.14
prithvi in gurukul pix pg 25
prithvi goes to learn shabdh bhedi baan vidya pg 25
 1st, 2nd & 3rd Epi Pics pg 27,28 
 Prithvi sanyo [RTMC] yatra pics pg 30,31
 PriYo [ANSH] spl moments pics Pg. 32 
December 15,16 2006 pics pg 43 
July 6,7,8,13,14 2007 pics pg 42 
December 17,28,29,30, January 5, 07 pg 45,46

  The Story of Prithviraj Chauhan
          Prithviraj Chauhan - Tragic Irony
          Prithviraj Chauhan
          The past of the strongest ruler of India
          Tragic death of Prithviraj Chauhan
          Heroism of Prithiviraj Chauhan
          Myth OR Fact
          2 battle of Tarain
          Era of Prithviraj Chauhan

          Prithviraj - Sanyogita - Forbidden love
          Prithvi and Sanyogita - Immortal Love
          Sanyogita's haran
          Raja Pajawan
          Prithviraj and Sanyogita-Fact or Fiction?
          The real Pithvi-Sanyo Lovestory
          Sanyogita and Prithvi
          Nehru's views abt Prithvi-Sanyo love

          Coins Of Prithviraj Chauhan
          Rajput's sword
          PRC memorial in Ajmer
          Qila Rai Pithora
          Rai Pithora
          Lal Kot and Qila Rai Pithora
          Where Prithvi lived in Delhi
          Pic of prithvi's other fort at Delhi
          Qila Mubarak - Bathinda
          Something about Ajmer
          Delhi memorials, crumbled... .saved
          Gohana fort +Mahendragarh town
          Taragarh Fort All the information and Pics
           Taragarh Fort's hidden treasure          
Prithviraj Smarak Taragarh Fort +Jaigart
          Mesmerising taragarh fort- Virtual Tour
          Don't miss!Pic of PRC'S Palace!!!
          About Neemrana Fort
          Neemrana fort palace
          NEEMRANA PIX-another fort of da chauhans
          Neemrana Fort Pictures

          An extract from history
          Rajput Resistance to Muslim invasions
          Must Know about Rajput's
          History of Rajputs
          Rajaputra - origin and evolution
          Rajputs information
          PRC and controversis
          Landmarks Of History
          Chauhan rulers of Ajmer

          Some true facts
          Some info about Jaichand
          Jaichand's Ghost?
          The Gahadvala n Jaichands death
          Sanyo had a Brother & Kannauj's History
          Where is Sanyogita's Brother in prc?
          Yashovarman of Kannauj

          Pratha's Marriage
          Chittaurgarh Fort
          Priviraj 's family

          Chand Bardai information
          Chand bardai - The 850th birth anniversary
          Some shocking facts

          Prithviraj Raso
          Prithviraj Raso By James Todd
          Prithviraj Raso information
         Prithviraj's Army Size from book Prithviraj Vijay
          PRC has a lil Bro ??
          Sanjam's death
          Story of chitrarekha n mir hussein
          Info on Prithvi-Sanyo- prev birth

          Bhemdev's son
          Bhimdev has another SON

          Whole Info of Alah & Detail
          Herez da Truth bout ALah n Udal
          History of Mahoba
          Statue of Alha
          Prithvi destroys a powerful dynasty
          Alha's Romantic Side
          Mahoba temple
          Some information on Alah and Udal

          Article about the Qutab Minar
          Kutub Minar built by Ghori's Slave

          Kannauj map & information
          Dist b/w ajmer n kannoj
          Varanasi city of samyogita
          Historical map of India@ PRC time

          Ghori real photos his real name and coins
          Muhammad Ghori's blunder
          Hindu Temples converted into Mosques
          Article 'Ghazni's best keep secret
          THIS IS NOT FAIR, very cruel


                Anas In Times of India
            Vote for me only once: Irfan
            Anas and Sheetal's autographs fou u all
            Article in Baroda Times abt PRC
            Article on Anas and Sheetal
            Article on PRC

            Nisha Sagar's affair with Prithviraj Chauhan
            Star India launches comic book series
            Irfan Hossein bowled over by Anas Rashid..
            Article on Sheetal Dabholkar
            SPA PICS+Anas n Irfan...
            Pics of Sheetal and Vaishali from SPA...
            Sheetal Dhabolkar expects a win
            Anas refuses to perform on SPA
            Anas Rashid ---> Chat transcript
            Anas, Sheetal & Irfan -  Tellybuzz
Sheetal's interview on Tellybuzz
            I felt I could do all the stunts of Jodhaa Akbar
            Making of PRC serial - the inside story
            An Article on Anas Rashid:Times of India
            I do not have friends, as i never made any - Rajat Tokas
            Rajat Tokas in Star Voice of India      
Anas Rashid's interview
            "I Get Lots Of Proposal" -  Rajat
            Maintaining The Image of PRC
            All set to conquer hearts
            History Comes Alive - Anas Rashid
            Meet Anas Rashid: The new Prithviraj
            How I got the role of adult Prithviraj??
            Anas Rashid steps into Rajat Tokas' shoes
            Shurveer Prithvi Ab banaa Yuva Prithviraj
            Prithviraj in a new avatar
            Baath-cheeth with Anas
            Rajat Tokas leaves fans in fury
            Ramanad Sagar had TEARS IN HIS EYES!!!
            Sanyogita is missing Mughdha
            Some info about Mughda Chapekar
            Gals across India want PRC 2 b their bro
            Prithviraj to rule the small-screen
            Prithviraj Chauhan captured!
            The Sagar saga continues...
            Rajat Tokas as young Prithviraj
            Rajat gets marriage proposals
            12-yr-old flees 2 Ajmer
            Angad Bedi to say bye to PRC
            Chat with Rajat Tokas
            some info.....just thought u may like
            Mugda on her role as Sanyogita
            Rajat's interview in newspaper
            False Information About Prihviraj Chauhan
            Jas Arora Exclusive Interview!!!!
            SPOT LIGHT : Hot prince plays it cool!
            Its finally Angad's Turn
            For team of Prithviraj Chauhan, it's all about shooting and eating
            Rajat Tokas hurt on the sets
            Angad Bedi hopes PRC grows up soon
            'Meri bari kab ayegi,' asks Angad
            Audience love Rajat as Prithvi
            Chetan's bhagam bhag to airport
            Rajat was offered a film!!!!!
            Guess who loves PRC?
            The top tv shows of year -PRC no. 7
            Jas Arora's (Someshwar) chat transcript
            Who was Prithviraj Chauhan?
            Chetan gets nostalgic
           Pariva opts out of Prithviraj Chauhan
            Angad to play Prithviraj Chauhan
            TV soaps cash in on catchy soundtracks too
            STAR Plus tops the weekend slot
            Can Prithviraj match up Big B?
            Chetan's cameo in Prithviraj Chauhan


            Anas in SBS - Bichda Bhai
            Interview in Aaj Tak
            Shooting of Swayamvar
            Anas rashid's interview
            SBS  - 24th October
            Mughda Chaphekar's Interview
            SBS - 19 October
            Prithviraj Chauhan
            Rajat's b'day
            Mugdha in SBS!!!
            Mughda's choti choti baatein on SBS
            Rajat Pics, interview - SBS
            RAJAT is UNHAPPY!!! on winnin fav bacha!!
            12 May - SBS
            06 March -SBS
            02 March - SBS
            08 January - SBS
            3rd October - SBS
            17 November - SBS

PRC siggi contest
Entries open post ur names
Rules on pg.5
voting pg.8
Results PG. 11

Salaam-e-Ishq Prithvi sanyo 
Jashn of love 
Pg. 29

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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About Dharti ka veer yodha Prithviraj Chauhan



Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan is a television programme aired on Indian television channel STAR Plus that was launched by Sagar Arts who have earlier started the television series Ramayan, Mahabharat and Hatim. This Hindi TV serial shows the story of one of the most famous Hindu kings of medieval Indian history: Prithviraj Chauhan, his early life, his exploits, his love for princess Sanyogita. Much of these comes from the Early Hindi/Apabhramsha epic of poet Chandabardayi called Prithviraj Raso, but the producers have taken huge liberties to add romance to the show. This captivating saga ended on March 15, 2009 with a sad ending.

Prithviraj Chauhan, the last ruler of Chauhan dynasty to sit on the throne of Delhi, was born in 1165 as the son of Someshwar Chauhan, the king of Ajmer. He was a brilliant child and very sharp at learning the military skills. He had the skill of hitting the target only on the basis of its sound. He succeeded to the throne of Ajmer at the age of thirteen, in 1178, when his father died in a battle. His mother's father Anangpal, ruler of Delhi, declared him heir to the throne of Delhi after hearing about his courage and bravery. He once killed a lion on his own without any weapon. He was known as the warrior king. When he ascended to the throne of Delhi, he built Qila Rai Pithora here. His whole life was a continuous chain of bravery, courage, chivalrous deeds and glorious exploits. He defeated the mighty Bheemdev, ruler of Gujarat, at the mere age of thirteen.

His love story with his enemy, Jaichand's daughter, Sanyogita is very famous. He rode off with her on the day of her 'Swayamwara'.

He expanded his empire, during this time Mohammad Ghori attacked India in 1191 and he was defeated at the first battle of Tarain. The following year, in 1192, the Ghori army returned to challenge Prithviraj at the Second Battle of Tarain. Sultan Muhammad Shahab-Ud-Din Ghori proceeded towards India with a large force numbering 120,000. When he reached Lahore, he sent his envoy to Prithviraj Chauhan to demand his submission, but Prithviraj Chauhan refused to comply. Prithviraj Chauhan then issued a fervent appeal to his fellow Rajput chiefs to come to his aid against the Muslim invader. About 150 Rajput chiefs responded to his call.

Prithviraj too came up with a large army, a huge portion of which consisted of Indian war elephants, and proceeded with it to meet Sultan Muhammad Shahab-Ud-Din Ghori in Tarain where a year before he had inflicted a crushing defeat on his adversary, confident of defeating Ghori again. Sultan Muhammad Ghori delivered an ultimatum to Pritviraj that he convert to Islam or be defeated. Pritiviraj countered with an offer that Muhammad consider a truce, be allowed to retreat with his army. Sultan Muhammad Shahab-Ud-Din Ghori decided to attack.

Ghori divided his troops into five parts and attacked the Rajput armies in the early morning hours sending waves of mounted archers to attack the Rajput forces, but retreating as the Rajput elephant phalanx advanced.

Taking advantage of the Rajput tradition of not fighting after dusk he attacked the rajput army and defeated them. What happens after this is clear from the local folk songs still prominent in Rajasthan. It is said that PrithviRaj was taken to Afghanistan along with his raj-kavi cum friend, Chandbhar. In Ghori's court, Prithviraj and Chandbhar were brought in shackles. PrithviRaj was asked to show the art of archery, wherein he could aim and shoot just by hearing the sound. It is also known as Shabdbhedi-baan. Ghori asked him to show him this art. To make game interesting for himself, he got his eyes pierced with hot iron rods. Chandbhar says, "A king, though as a prisoner, can receive command only from a king. So it would be an honour if you command Him to shoot". Then he says few verses or poetry, few of those lines were,"Char baans chobis guz, aangal asht pravan, maar maar mote to chook na Chauhan". Chaar baans meant four bamboos stick, chaubis guz as approximately 24 yards, aangal asht praval meant eight fingers width. All this combined gave the exact location of Ghori sitting on his throne i.e. 4 bamboos stick high, 24 yards away and exactly eight fingers up was the Ghori sitting. "Go ahead O Chauhan and don't miss the aim". This is how PrithviRaj kills Ghori in his court and obviously to meet his own death.

Rajput kingdoms like Saraswati, Samana, Kohram and Hansi were captured by Ghori without any difficulty and he marched onwards unchallenged towards Ajmer. The defeated Prithviraj was pursued up to his capital where he was taken as a captive, back to Afghanistan. Sultan Muhammad Ghori spared the son of Prithviraj Chauhan, Kola, who in turn took the oath of loyalty to Ghori.

As a prisoner in Ghor, Prithviraj was brought in chains before Sultan Muhammad Ghori. Ghori ordered Prithviraj Chauhan to keep his eyes down but Prithviraj refuses to that and said "true rajput only keep his eyes down when he is dead after listening that Ghori burned with anger and ordered his man to blind Prithviraj with red hot iron rods. After some time Ghori arranged a archery competition then Chandra Bardiee who already joined his kingdom as a poet told Ghori that Prithviraj is a so called archer that he can aim on sound Ghori refused to believe that then he ordered his mans to bring Prithviraj to the competition but Chandra Bardiee told Ghori that he will shoot the target when Ghori ordered Ghori wondered why on my call only then Chandra Bardiee answered that he was aking and like to take order from king not with his courtiers it will satisfy his ego. actually that was the strategy to kill Ghori which Chand and Prithvi discussed already and they also decided to stab each other after killing Ghori. Next Prithviraj Chauhan bought to the competition arena. Chand was already there and gave further assistance to shoot Ghori in form of dhoha which was only understandable by Prithviraj chauhan "chaar haath chaubis ghaz Angul Hansth Pramman, ta uppar sultan hai ab mat chooke chauhan" as soon as Ghori ordered Pithvi to shoot he stretched his kamaan up to his ears and shot Ghori right in his throat. Ghori died on the spot. Prithviraj shout i had taken my insult's revenge and then Chand stabbed Prithvi and Prithvi stabbed Chand so that they will not be captured by the enemy again and died a heroic death. As Sanyogita feels that Prithviraj is dying, she also dies and we all remember all the lovely cast especially Prithviraj and Sanyogita.

Teenager Cast

Grown Up Cast

  • pundir
  • preet saluja...... samer singh

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May 2006 pg.11
June 2006 pg.11
November 2006 pg 11
 Pratha's bidai! pg 11
PRC tries to meet sanyo and arjun teases him! pg 11
pratha's mehndi ceremony  pg.11
march 2008 pg 11
Prithvi Return From khajane ki khoj ,Started Feeling About Love N Sanyo Entry & Ther First Meeting PG 33

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Rajat Tokas  19th July

Anas Rashid 31st August
Mugdha chapekar 24th March
Sheetal dabolkar 21st October
Mehul Vyas 3rd September
Harsh Rajput 5th January
Raja Gulati 19th February
Irfan hussain 13th July


If any of you know the birthdays of any actors (small or big...doesn't matter), plzzz tell us so that we can add them to this list and celebrate their birthdays with pomp and joy

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This CC is now open!Dancing

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thanx jaan.....................

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