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New YuNa-MiShti FF: Tere Naina...27/01-Pg33

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Hey guys im back with a new FFLOLLOL i knw u all wanna murder me but plzz guys dntLOLLOL last night i was forced to watch news as i was lazy to go upstairs and get my lappy so i had to watch the news with my broLOLLOL while watching it suddenly another story flashed in my mind, i made up the whole khichri while watchingLOLLOL then i typed the intro and decided not to post it but then prix said i shud post itLOLLOL as it is u all knw it wudnt stay in my stomach for long and i wud post itLOL so anyways no more explanations here goesWink

Its basically about YuNa and MiShti but here naina has two more guys drooling for herWink

Tere Naina

                           Its in your eyes...

 A story about a girl, her life, love and career(Naina)... Its about two superstars who work together and are great friends but how this friendship changes (Mishti) Its about a boy who loves to live life under wraps and always worried about work (Yuvi)

Its a story about how life changes as love enters it, but will they find love at once?? It's a story of a girl who finds love but not once, three times, how life keeps playing hide and seek with all of them, it's a story of a journalist who wants to make it big, from a journalism student into a highly known journalist, a boy who wants to become the best business man, a guy who is famous, rich and has everything but still lacks something, about a girl who lives her dream, in the glamour world but whats deep within her heart only she knows...

its about a girl who lives life to the fullest, with a smile on her face and naughtiness in her eyes "NAINA"


Part 1- IntroSmile

Page 1

Part 2- Kuch to hua haiEmbarrassed

Page 6

Part 3- Ek mulaqat hi kaafi haiEmbarrassed

Page 10

Part 4- Tumse milna, baatein karna

Page 15

Part 5- Kuch kuch Hone laga hai

Page 21

Part 6-

Page 23

Part 7-

Page 24

Part 8-

Page 28

PM List: 

cute gauri
Radhika Shah

Hope u like the conceptTongue i'll post the Intro a little later with a VMBig smile

Hope u njoy reading this aswellWink



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dmgfan03 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
hey nadz really nice concept....plz update soon and pm me....
Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

Joined: 28 March 2008
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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dmgfan03

hey nadz really nice concept....plz update soon and pm me....

lol glad u think so, will post it toniteSmile
dmgfan03 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nadz_J

Originally posted by dmgfan03

hey nadz really nice concept....plz update soon and pm me....

lol glad u think so, will post it toniteSmile

thanx...m waiting for it........
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
Thank You So Much
Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 April 2010 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monikaseth

Thank You So Much

thank u for replyingBig smile
Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 April 2010 at 4:12am | IP Logged

~:~:~PART 1-Intro~:~:~


1:00am, you see a girl typing something;

Mumbai: a city of dreams' everyone here has a new dream, but not everyone's dreams come true' from the post man to the milk man to the clerk in that office, to the manager everyone wants to make it bigger, get higher and higher, but they don't realize the higher you go the more further you get from the world' and one day you have to fall, but it depends on you where you want to fall, on the ground or in someones strong arms??


The girls turns her computer chair around and looks at the tv dreamily'

"Raj" she says leaning her face on her palm and staring at the TV.

"jaa simran, iss se zyaada tujhse aur koi pyar nahi kar sakhta" she says with amrish puri (DDLJ is playing) simran runs with DDLJ music in the background, the girl tilts her head staring in awe, simi catches raj's hand and jumps in the train.

"aah, its okay senorita aise bare bare desho me aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain" she repeats and laughs.

The film ends and she smiles and turns back to her computer that she was working on, you see her naughty and bright light brown eyes, her cute smile as she blows a bubble on her chewing gum and smiles' her hair is just below the shoulder and straight black hair, just perfect for her, she saves her work and turns back to her tv, then makes a face.

"No naina, no' Work' Work' Work" she tries to convince herself and turns back to the computer but her heart was in the TV, Dil to pagal hai just started, she grins naughtily and turns off the computer and rushes to her bed and leans down to watch it, she watches it till she falls off to sleep'




Anand Mansion:

A guy was sitting on a computer table with his black Apple lap top, he's eyes sparkling with determination, he's lips in a proud grin, he's hair was a little long but just perfect for his sexy face' he closes his laptop to reveal his face "done" he says proudly and looks at the time 2am.

"Tomorrow will be THE day" he grins.


Next Morning:

A guy walks out of his lavish room, he rushes out "jyoti yuvi kahan hai??" he asks, she doesn't know, he gets really frustrated.

"Kya hua mayank??" a lady says and he turns around, a cute yet reli hot face, fair, dreamy blue eyes, the most adorable smile.

"Mum" he goes and hugs her "morning" he mutters.

"Happy Birthday" she says and kisses his forehead, she then does his arti and puts tika for him, she gives him Prasad and he smiles at takes it.

"Mom, dad kahan hain??" he asks looking around, she looks sad.


"its okay mom" he says "yeh yuvi kahan reh gaya??"

"wahin jahan hamesha hota hai" she smiles and he smiles back nodding his head and hitting it slightly.

"oh yeah how could I forget??" he says and rushes out.


Naina is sleeping when her alarm rings "mere khwaabon me jo aaye, aake mujhe chere jaaye" she smiles and wakes up with a yawn, she turns it off and looks at the poster on her wall on the far right "morning" she says to the SRK poster, then she turns to the other side "morning" she says to the other poster, you see it's a Mayank Anand poster' she gets up stretching, she goes next to it "Happy Birthday, hope all your wishes come true" she says and then looks at the clock annoyed.

"yeh college subha hona zaroori kyun hota hai??" she thinks irritated then ruses to the bathroom.


Yuvi is in the outhouse, there is a huge Office structure there, he looks at it with a smile, he then, moves to his gyming area' a huge room with all gyming equipment, he starts his workout in a black vest looking extremely hot, the TV's are on and tuned to news channels, all stock ratings, business news etc etc'

He concerntrates on his workout aswell as the news' he comments on each company, then he hears a company name and stops to watch.

"Bharat group of industries phirse losses me, this time the loss is 50% this is the sign that Bharat group of industries may shut down very soon" he smirks at this.

"THAT will be my first company" he smirks **with yuvi's bg tune**

Just then mayank enters the place.

"tu yahan hai?? Aaj bhi??" he asks annoyed and yuvi looks surprised then smirks.

"mayank, gym me at this time?? Are you okay" he grins and wipes his face with the towel.

"Dude YOU need to get a life, saara din gym and work, gym and work' abhi kaam shuru nahi kiya to yeh haal hai office ban jaayega to kya haal hoga??"

"You don't need to worry bro, I'll handle that" he says and sits sipping his water, mayank nodds his head and goes to his bro.

"aaj kya date hai??" mayank asks.

"14th November??" he looks at him while mayank gives him a "so??" look and realization hits him.

"yeah 14th November" he nodds his head with a raised brow.

"shit sorry mayank wo' urgh" he thinks irritated then gives a smile to his big bro "Happy birthday" he says and hugs him mayank smiles and hugs him back.


Naina gets out of the bathroom with her famous pink towel, she starts dancing on 'mere khwaabon me jo aaye'

"Tamanna' Tamanna" Dadi shouts:

"Namastey Dadi" tamz says and touches her feet.

"jeeti reh, beta naina ko dekh to uthi, aaj uskeliye bohot important day hai na?"

"Oh haan, main abhi usse dekh kar aati hoon" she rushes to her room.

"by god yeh larki na, kahan gayi ab?? Maine usse kal kaha tha pooja ke phool le aaye nahi laaye ab main ki karaan?" a lady dressed in a pink Punjabi and loud make up comes out.

"Naina" she shouts and dadi smiles.

"kya hua bhabhi?" Pammi comes out and asks

"kya hoga? phirse aap sab ki laadli naina uthi nahi hai aur aaj yahan pooja hai, aur uparse kal usse kaha tha pooja ke phool lekar aa wo bhi nahi laayi"

"Lovely Bhabhi" Pammi says "aap na uspe ghussa bohot hoti hain, bechaari poori raat apna kaam kar rahi thi"

"paraayi kya kar rahi hogi, tujhe kaise pata??"

"wo tamana kal mere saath soyi thi na, isliye"

"Phir to pakka hai, wo kya kehte hain, DDLJ wohi dekh rahi hogi, hath main khud usse bulaati hoon" she moves her and heads to naina's room, dadi and pammi hold there heads.


"Naina' Naina bas kar" tamz says annoyed while naina pulls her in for dancing.

"Kya tamz, boring ki boring hi rahegi, ab kya hua??" she asks and gets her bag, she offs her radio, jst in time.

"Kya ho raha hai??"

"mom, good morning" naina hugs her and she kinda smiles.

"ab chal patta matt, kal phool lane ko kaha tha kahan??"

Naina sticks her tongue and holds her head "sorry mom wo to main bhool  hi gayi, but not to worry, main abhi lekar aati hoon"

"lekin naina aaj to tera project milne waala hai na tujhe??' tamz asks and naina looks shocked.

"Shit ab to main kaam se gayi, mom mujhe jaana hoga, bye" she runs out while her mom calls out but she doesn't listen "bye dadi, bye bua"

"Arre ruk to tufaan mail" pammi says.

"kya bua??"

"yeh le yogurt shogurt khaa kar jaa, to sab theekh hoga dekhna" she smiles and naina takes it, jst then another girl comes running, she is sweet and pretty, her eyes sparkling and a scarf covering her.

"naina tu Kashish ko school chordegi??"

"bhabhi main late horahi hoon, uh, okay laao jaldi, waise hai kahan kashu??"

"main yahan hun bua" she comes and hugs her.

"okay ab main chalti hoon, BYE" they run out while the rest of the family smiles watching her go.

"Ye larki bhi na, patanahi yeh journalism ka bhoot kahan se chara hai, exam ke baad to iski shaadi karwaani hai" lovely says making a face.


"kya hua naina gayi??" a man asks as he sits on the table.

"haan aaj uska wo project ka result hai na"

"hmm' yeh armaan kahan reh gaya?? Late horahi hai" he says and ridz goes to call armaan, who was busy combing his hair, she smiles and goes to him.

"Bohot handsome lag rahe ho, ab jaao" she smiles hugging him from behind, he smiles and pulls her in front.

"Love you" he says getting close, she is blushing.

"bhabhi aapka' uh maine kuch nahi dekha" tamz says closing her eyes and smiling, they get embarrassed.


Rustogi College

"Naina kahan thi tu??" Su comes and asks, naina jst smiles and shows her a paper, she looks confused.

"Kya hai??"

"Dil hua tumhaara ki tickets" she smiles and kripa holds her head.

"naina tujhe filmon ki pari hai??"

"well mere second favourite bollywood couple ki movie hai to I have to watch it, waise aaj uska interview hai"

"Uska kiska??" she looks confused.

"tub hi na bilkul dafford hai" she hits her head "mayank anand ki, aur aaj uska press conference bhi hai DRASHTI ke saath, she's sooo lucky" she says lost and su looses hope.

"ab class me chal warna tere saath meri bhi band bajegi" they leave.

Press conference;

"Aapko kaisa lag raha hai to do another film together" one reporter asks and drashti is shown, beautiful with long curly hair and sparkling and bright smile, they smile at eachother.

"well im reli happy, since humaari last teen films were super duper hit and besides its always a pleasure to work with mayank" she smiles.

"as drash said its always a pleasure to work together, and abhi hi humaari film release huyi hai and we have another project it feels great" he smiles.

"yeh jo rumours hain about you and drashti having an affair, kiss hadd tak sahi hain??' another reporter asks and they both start laughing.

"Affair? Okay let me clear this, we both are single and ready to mingle" he laughs "just kidding but seriously, yeh saari stories aati kahan se hain?? We're just good friends, humaare beech aisa kuch bhi nahi hai" he clarifies.

"one more question "aapki birthday ki shuruwat kaisi rahii??"

"it was heart whelming, my house was flooded with fans, I just wanna thank them all, love u" he says blowing a kiss to the camera.



Okay  guys that's the intro hope u njoyed it, will post the characters sketch pretty soon, there is quite a lot characters but not all are important!


Precap: Naina is late and gets shouted. Yuvi buys bharat industries. Mac meets naina they are friends. Naina plans to get the project she wanted, she enters the press conference by lying and gets caught, yuvi goes with mayank to the new years party and bumps into naina.


Hope u all njoyed!




Part 2: page 6

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Character Sketch

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