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It All started with a prank(SG &MN)-upd pg 27 (Page 8)

cuteangelgirl95 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
awesomeeee part
loved it
ur converted thaht os into ff
loved it
do continue soon
n thanx 4 the pm

The-chosen-one Senior Member

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Posted: 13 June 2010 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
i told u zeeru i loved this os, but now i love this story mor!!!

plzzzzzzzzzz update super soon


kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2010 at 1:42am | IP Logged
wow Zee
totally awesome
i am so in love with whatever u have written
plz plz plz do update super soon

pooja :)
AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 June 2010 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
thanks a ton guys!
To all those who hit the like tab
here's a hugHug thnx!Smile
salma009, 358674, harish_mjht, charming.angel, xxJaSsIxx, SaJan-SaJan, vital123, marisol45, kris97, saduf, love.mayurarti, sam-18, deepikavasudeva, cutekins, sukirti_sanaya, cuteangelgirl95, ght_sajan, kweetrockstar, Shafoo, -afsha-, sajanroxx20, kasufan4ever

Am glad u all liked the idea of turning this one into an FF.
I got a few requests to continue this one and finally i thought i shud give it a try:)

I am a lil busy dese days, m really sorry not able to continue any of my ff's its been a week and no pm from my side...really sorry abt tht.
I will try to update asap..will probably update tomorrowSmile

@deepika- hey hun:) dont worry M a die-hard sajan fan thts true, but when it comes to writing if i have decided to write mayur then i try to do full-justiceSmile Do tell me if i succeed.

Lots of Luv

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AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Here It is..!
It was hard to pay attention as she could feel someone's gaze boring into her head, and she very well knew who that 'someone' was.

Nupur yawned as their sir scribbled some notes on the board.This class was so boring. She felt the lightest touch on her shoulder and turned to spot a girl who pointed at the last bench. Nupur glared a the direction, Mayank was waving at her smiling cheekily as he leaned back on his chair with his hands folded behind his head. Her heart thudded a million times faster. He looked ultra cute. Mayank's smile died as in a sudden movement he immersed himself in his book. Her eyesbrows creased at his odd behaviour as she turned back, shock froze her as she met the professor's stern gaze.
"Is the subject boring to u Miss Bhushan?" the professor asked.
"ermm no sir" she murmured.
"Pay Attention" he muttered and continued with the class. Nupur scowled at mayank.
The class was back to usual boring. She looked at sir with half-closed eyelids as she stifled her yawn and started playing with her pen. An idea clicked her mind and she started to sketch a caricature of the professor. She grinned at her funny creation.
"I suppose Arts I interest u more Miss Bhushan" She looked up to gaze at the professor who stood infront of her desk with his arms folded.
"Uh Sir" she squeeked.
"Out of my class now" He glared at her.
Nupur jumpred from her seat.
"Sorry sir" He shook his head
"sir" someone had interrupted them. Nupur's head snapped as she stared at mayank, he approached them and took the paper from the desk grinning.
"Yeh maine banaya hai"
Nupur looked puzzled as ther professor turned a shade fo red in anger.
Mayank held his ears innocently as nupur;s heart sank again at his cuteness, she liked the ay his lips moved with ease "wont happen again" that snapped her back to reality.
The entire class grinned at the 3, not everyday did they get to see their professor jacked.
"Back to ur seat" the professor heaved a sigh.
Bell rang indicating the end of the class. Mayank turned to her and winked…again! (lol)
Nupur gaped at him as he slapped hands with others and joined uday and the dark girl.
"Students" the professor spoke "do check the notice board" All of them nodded at him curiously he picked his books and left the class.
Nupur approached the 3 at the last bench.
"what was that?" she asked.
"what?" mayank asked he took out his ipod from his jeans pocket and turned it off.
Nupur squeezed her eyes close and opened them again in awe.
"first off you took the blame and second he let you go" nupur spoke surprised.
"yup" he lined his lips
"Nupur" Uday began "don't be too puzzled, his uncle is the trustee here"
"Ohh anyways ermm thanks"
"Wat for? We are friends" mayank smiled "lets Go"
"Yeah" she agreed too dazzled by his smile. Together they headed towards the door to exit.
Halfway through the corridor she realized she hadn't picked her desk.
"my bag" she smacked her head and turned, other nodded at her.
"See you at the canteen" Uday called. Nupur raised her acknowledging that she heard them.
She entered the class and picked her bag, her creation lay on her desk.
It was very sweet of mayank to help her out of probably the worst situation she ever faced.
She hesitated for a moment as her mind recalled the happenings of yesterday night and today as well. He was quite arrogant at times, she felt irritated in an instant.
He's very arrogant! She spoke to herself.
The way he would wink at her or that huge grin or simply his dark brown eyes staring at her, or his stupid smug look he irked her to no limits! He made her feel stuff she never did. Anger flushed through her as she headed out stamping her feet not to the canteen but to the library. She needed some peace.

Meanwhile At the canteen.
Dia and Gunjan joined Benji at the canteen
"Hey girls" he greeted them with a cute smile., the two smiled and joined him at the table.
"chinu" he called.
"Ji baba"
"One strawberry shake" benji smiled at dia and turned to gunjan "what would u like?" he asked.
"chocolate smoothie" gunajn smiled.
Benji grinned in response "2 chocolate smoothies" he ordered.
"on its way" chinu called from the counter.
Benji nodded at him and turned back to the girls.
"So gunjan" he started "whatsup?"
"ermm nothing much" she replied as she extracted two books from her beaded bag "wanted to issue a few books from the library" she continued scowling at dia "but she didn't let me"
Ohh cmon" Dia began "you don't have to worry about notes so much"
"yeah" beni agreed.
"hey guys" samrat greeted them in a jovial tone.
"Hey" benji stood up and sat next to gunjan allowing sam to sit next to dia.
Samrat stared at Benji confused but let it go as chinu brought 3 drinks.
"so wats the latest buzz?" he asked.
Dia grinned " that two thieves broke into malhotra mansion and scared the hell out of 2 gorgeous girls"
Samrat smiled at Gunjan who nervously flipped the pages of her book.
Dia, Benji and Samrat continued chatting along while gunjan sipped her drink reading through her notes.
"Gunjan" Benji spoke.
"Yeah?" she asked curiously.
"You look really pretty in pink" Gunjan blinked trying to register benj's words. Samrat and Dia mirrored her reaction while benji bit his lower lip smiling.
"thanks" gunjan smiled nervously.
"Time for English class" benji broke the awkward silence.
"oh no" Dia groaned.
"yeah" samrat agreed.
"I hope she ends the class soon today" benji murmured as together they headed to the classroom. Benji stepped ahead of Dia and slid into the seat next to gunjan, dia furrowed her eyebrows and politely sat next to samrat.
"u think benji is interested in gunjan?" she asked, samrat stared at the duo.
"maybe..he always sits with me…infact u two always fight for that" he replied unsure.
"thts wat m wondering"
"settle down please" miss aha entered the class.
She met the students gaze and smiled sweetly. "I know how much the subject bores you infact I was going to cancel the class" she started "but we have something new today" she grinned.
All of them stared at each other curious.
"an interesting project on our way!"
Most of the students slumped back on their seats while a few snorted.
Miss Aha ignored them and continued
"you have to write on Immature and Mature love" the class gawked at her.
"I suggest to pair up two students, as its on love, lets team up a girl and a boy together. So team up and give your names" Samrat on impulse turned to benji and glared at him. Before benji could speak he turned to miss aha.
"Maam" his hand shot up in the air.
"Yes Samrat?" Miss Aha smiled.
"I pair up with gunjan" he smiled ignoring benji;s disappointed look.
Dia was quick to raise her hand next she didn't want to pair up with any weirdo, and second best to samrat was only one.
"And I pair up with benji" she smiled at his direction, benji grinned and turned to gunjan who stared offspace confused.
"sup?" he asked.
"anything wrong?" he asked curious.
"no..nothing" she mumbled deep in thought.
Oh God! Me? Why why me? This is going to be soo bad, project on love with him, noo this cant be happening!
"You all have to submit the project next week" Miss aha grinned.
"cool" Dia smiled.
"oke off you go" Miss Aha smiled and left the class.
Benji stared at Gunjan deep in thought.
I think I should just tell her
He opened his mouth to speak but samrat and dia interrupted.
"cool, so benji my place tonight?" Dia asked.
"ermm sure" he agreed smiling at gunjan.
"and gunjan my place" samrat glared at benji whose smile died as he turned back to gunjan,
"okay" gunjan gulped. If her di came to know about the project she would definitely tease her a lot.
"great lets go" samrat grinned.
"actually I think I will go to the library now, for this project and some notes as well"
Dia rolled her eyes irritated now.
Gunjan clutched her bag to herself and stepped out with babysteps.
"Are you interested in her?" samrat asked benji throwing him off balance
"ermm yeah she's pretty" benji replied nervous.
"look!" dia glared pointing her figer at him "stay away from her understand!"
"wat? That's not right" benji spoke smiling at the duo's reaction.
"look dude, I know she wont like u" samrat replied. "she;s not the type"
"exactly" dia agreed.
"look guys" benji spoke "I will try nevertheless" With a huge grin plastered on his face he exited the class.
(Note- Gunjan's class was short…and nupur had approximately one hour class)

Nupur entered the library to find Gunjan seated at one of the desks.
"Hey" she whispered.
"Di" gunjan smiled as nupur sat next to her.
"how was the class with mayank?" she asked.
"it was..wait how did u know mayank is in my class?" nupur asked surprised.
"Dia told me" gunjan replied.
"oh, well I will teach him a lesson pretty soon"
"pretty soon abhi tak kya kiya?"
"array gunjan, chhod is baat ko teri class hui kya?"
"haan, project bhi mil gaya, achha di notice board dekha kya?" gunjan asked hurriedly not wanting to tell nupur as to wat the project was about.
"nahin kyun? Sir bhi keh rahe the…"
"array" gunjan sighed "announcement hai, aap logon ke liye kal koi educational trip hai"
"educational trip" nupur twisted her face in disdain.
"haan kyun?" gujan asked confused.
"yaar bohut boring hogi by god!" aur mayank bhi to hoga Nupur gulped.
"nahin di, its amazing!" gunjan exclaimed.
"quiet please" the librarian glared from her table.
"oops" gunjan whispered "waise di, achhi hogi, nature ko aur karreb se dekhne ke liye yeh rakhi gaye hai" gunjan smiled.
"achha jo bhi ho" nupur sighed.

"Hey buddy" mayank grinned and gave samrat a one armed hug.
"hey, sup?" samrat asked.
"nothing yaar, met nupur.."
"cool wat did she say"
"she's ermm a teekhi mirchi" mayank winked.
Samrat errupted in gales of laughter. "teekhi mirchi?" he gasped.
"yeah, If looks could kill I wouldn't have been here with u" mayank smiled.
"well mere jaisi hai, handle to karna padega tujhe hum donon ko, waise gunjan na"
"gunjan kya?" mayank asked.
"woh apna benji usse dil de betha" samrat sighed.
"kya keh rahe ho?" mayank gaped.
"sahi keh raha hoon"
"nahin mera matlab, love triangle" mayank sighed dramatically.
"kya matlab?" samrat asked confused.
"ekta serial yaar! Aur kya?"
"dude, theek se bol" samrat smacked mayank's head.
"Oww!" mayank rubbed his head "well do best friends ek hi ladki pe fida, ekta serial nahin to aur kya hua? Tere aur benji ke beech main mahabharat part 2 suru"
Samrat stared at mayank shocked.
"waise maza aayega" mayank grinned cheekily like a small kid promised a chocolate treat.
"shut up dude" samrat smacked mayank's head again.
"dekh tu haath mat laga" mayank glared rubbing his head again.
"tu bakwaas band kar, warna pure college main keh doonga ki tujhe nupur pasand hai" samrat warned.
"hey!" mayank yelled "keh dunga ki jhooth hai" mayank whispered shutting samrat's mouth with his hand.
Samrat yanked his hand away. "aur phir nupur bhi tere haath se…phurr nikal jaegey"
"tu dost hai ya dushman?" mayank asked.
"dost isliye ab gunjan aur mere bare main aisi baat mat karna"
"fine main sirf sach kahunga" mayank agreed "aur sach yahi hai ki tujhe bhi gunjan pasand hai"
Mayank ducked to avoid another blow form samrat.
"dude!" samrat sighed aggravated "aisa kuch nahin hai"
"waqt batayega" mayank grinned and started walking backwards
"waise hum log kal kisi educational trip pe ja rahe hain"
"haan notice board pada maine" samrat sighed and joined mayank. Together they headed out to the basketball court to practice.

Chap Ends!
That's that..hope i didnt disappoint any of u.
About nupur i guess i will explain when she sees mayank she's simply dazzled and all anger leaves her.
And there shes trapped in the dreamland, but the next moment when he's not there, she gets all worked up tht he did it again, (read- dazzled her)
Do comment:)
Positive criticisms are always welcomedHug


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-Jyotika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 2:28pm | IP Logged
awesomeee updt dear
loved it..
ROFL love triangle- ekta serial ROFLROFL
loved d sayank talk..
do cont soon

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
thanks 4 the awesome update
loved it
love the idea of a love triagle
cant wait 2 read more
plz con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
tht was soooooooooo nice part i love it

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