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It All started with a prank(SG &MN)-upd pg 27

AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 4:52am | IP Logged
Hello Guys!

Here i present another oneshot.
Its my attempt at fun an cute oneshot

I hope u guys will like it....

so the story starts ...oops one sec
where are we? 8th april 2010 now i want u to rewind bck and stop at 25th sep 2008, forget the pool party :D heres wat happens instead(in my story).
Samrat, Uday, Benji- ALL same
Dia- the current sweetheart dia
Mayank- surprise- hes a part of the gang..n quite a cool dude :D and not an angry young man or sadu for tht matter
Gunjan and nupur- they dont knw samrat and mayank as of yet...they hv met dia uday benji annie and chako only.

So guys shall i post it?

Now turning it into an FF
It was named THIEVES!! Oh...Wait..What?? Friends!!??
lolzz so now its named It all started with a prank.
ermm well guys its gonna be the journey of sajan and mayur basically..others tagging along.

check Page 5 short intro into the story:)

*yawn* on req m here early in the morning to upd this indexLOL
Part 1- page 2
Part 2- page 5
Part 3- page 9
Part 4- page 14
Part 5- page 22
Part 6- page 27

to be continued....god knws whenErmm

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-Jyotika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 4:57am | IP Logged
its awesomeee dear..
luvv d concept...
pllzzzzz cont wid it.. soonnnnnn

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Shre28 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 5:01am | IP Logged
do cont soon

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Soulmate_Sana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 5:04am | IP Logged
do continue it and pm me

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AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 December 2009
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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 5:08am | IP Logged
woah! unexpected call..have to go posting it here...hope u guys will like it!

Gunjan's POV
I shifted on my bed, waiting for sleep to come to me.I smiled as i recalled my day,it had been great, only thing was that i missed bauji and my morena friend.People had been really sweet at the college, theres one guy Bhavesh, he seems to be very poetic i laughed inwardly.Dia & Uday had been very sweet to us too.
I glanced at the clock, it was 2:00, i sighed god! why m i not sleepy? I turned to find di sleeping peacefuly in her bed just when i heard a loud crash from downstairs, i sat up straight tensed there were lot of talks in college about thieves today. Gunjan calm down, it must be a cat, i hit myself inwardly, right gunjan cat in malhotra mansion!. I heard a hustle and a whisper from downstairs, then everything was quite.I strained my ears over the silence i could hear nothing, only the clock ticking, i got up from my bed and headed to the door i was frozen there as i heard the commotion downstairs
"who?" Uday Bhaiya's voice & then a loud thud, a scream of pain & then silence, i rushed to di and woke her up.
"what happened gunjan?" Di asked groggily.
"Di i think theres a thief in the house" i whispered in panic as i pulled at her blanket.
Di sat up alert. "thief?"
"Yes thief i heard a commotion, maybe Uday bhaiya but then there was a thud n complete silence"
"Oh God!" Di exclaimed as she jumped up from the bed and started sprinting around looking for something.
"what is it Di?"
"Gunjan we should arm ourselves" Di picked up a cardboard roll and her tennis racket
"Here gunjan take this...God wat r we to do? thief!! and dia's babuji is not home...and omg Dia!!"
"Oh God!!" i exclaimed.
"we should go down" Di suggested.
"down?" i asked scared.
"yes, we should i mean so what if we are women, we are strong enough right?" I t was more of a question.
"Follow me then"
Di opened the door. It was all dark downstairs di and i headed down the stairs into the living room, still noone could be seen.
Di ran towards the kitchen & switched on the light, i beathed a sigh of relief as light flooded to the living room, i looked towards di & opened my mouth to warn her when someone clasped their hand on my mouth roughly.I tried to scream but his hand was too rough against my mouth. I kicked at his foot but his hold was firm. I realised i had the tennis racket with me i raised it to plung at him but another guy caught hold of it, as he sttod infront of me, he threw the correct and held my hands with one and withdrew a knife from the other. I stopped as my eyes followed his knife hand movements, he was waving it warningly, i looked at his face, it was masked, he wore black clothes. I ooked towards the kitchen there was no Di, where was Dia? Uday bhaiya i gulped at the guy infront of me.
POV ends
Nupur's POV

I switched on the lights just when i felt a presence behind me, before i coud react he had clasped a handkerchief to my mouth and dragged me backwards towards the fridge as i struggled against him. the cardboard roll seemed to be of no use then as i shivered in nervousness and fear.
"Be quite or you wont see your sister again" as harsh it sent chills down my spine, i stared at him he seemed to b in his early 20's by his physic stood silent as he stared at me his one hand holding me roughly by the arm and the other over my mouth.
oke he is offensively close to me, and why is he staring at me like tht?
POV ends

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AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2010 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Gunjan's POV
The guy behind me let go and stood infront of me next to his friend.
"who are you?" i squeeked.
Both of them laughed roughly.
"Gunjan? Nupur?" i heard dia's voice
I stpepped back, the guy who was holding me stepped forward. I was scared the way his eyes held a wild look, his body tensed as he approached me, i fumbled and before i knew i was falling backwards to my surprise the guy wrapped his arms around my waist and held my hand "be careful" he said concerned.
The very breath seemed to have knocked out of me at our closeness, at his warm voice of caution
"what?" i asked coming out of my stupor.
POV ends
Nupur's POV

He still held the handkerchief over my mouth. i pointed at it pleading with my eyes, he moved it off. A single tear escaped my eyes as i feared for gunjan where was she? had they taken her? or ws she still here he had warned means he has frnds
I looked at the guy again he was staring at me his eyes soft dark brown, the rest of his features were masked. I stared at him in anger, how pathetic, he's a thief and the way hes staring at me is like he wants to eat me.
"wheres my sister?" i asked him worried.
He didnt reply.
Just then i heard dia's voice calling our names.
"You wont hurt us will you?" I asked nervously.
Another voice was heard.
"Samrat! yu spoiled the plan"
Wait a minute i had heard that voice before somewhere! was it? wat was his name....ya Benji!
"Benji?" i murmured loud.
The guy let go of my hand
I entered the living room to find gunjan shivering head to toe, while a guy stood infront of her head bent lo to gaze at her eyes holding his ears apologetically "sorry" he said.
I looked around to find dia, uday and benji with solemn faces.
I turned to find the guy who was holding me before join us, I kept staring at him as he wasnt wearing his mask. My blood boiled in anger as he walked towards me in his cool pace with his hands in his pocket, when he reached me..i dont knw how dare he..but he winked at me!I gaped at him as he joined the rest.
"What! the hell was tht?" i asked aloud to all of them.
"Aww hun it was just a prank" Dia said.
"prank! god u took the life out of her!" i pointed to gunjan i was so not gonna accept tht i was scared.
"you got pretty scared too" the same guy said.
"okw no fight nupur...let me introduce u to samrat and mayank"
she pointed at the guy who seemed to be samrat a very fair handsome....sweet cute guy....with his jet of black hair and deep soft light choclate brown eyes full of mischief and very expressive too, well i expected him to be a sweet sincere person par jitna bhola dikhta hai usses double masti and naughty but am better........he wud make a great masti partner of mine.
he samrat smiled no actually grinned
"wat r u doing?"
"ur lips.... i mean.... its not a smile...i mean........."
"this my dear is the famous smirk of the cool dude samrat" he winked at me.
eveyone laughed i looked at mayank, he was smiling, he had cute dimples on his cheeks, his eyes found mine and he yet again winked at me grinning mischievusly.
God! was i blushing!!??
"It was their plan...and well they kept avoided beeing seen by you two for this prank.
"Yes we worked real hard, but dude samrat spoiled the plan" Mayank said looking at samrat in false anger.
"Sorry" samrat said reaching his to ruffle mayank's hair.
"Dont!" Mayank said sternly and held samrat's hand avoiding him to do so.
I smiled at his cuteness and abruptly straightened my face realising what i was doing.
POV ends
Samrat's POV

"And guys this is gunjan" Dia pointed to her cousin.I stared at her, she had been scared, i had expected her to be real angry but right now she was nervous and...shy? yup ...shy
I looked at her upto down, she was in her night dress, her body petite,she raised her hand to adjust her spects as she stared at me. Oops she had seen tht, i smiled and kept staring until she looked away.
POV ends
Maynk's POV

"so ladies how was the scare?" I asked..
Gunjan smiled at me" took the very breath out o me"
Nupur gaped at gunjan, saw me looking and shut her mouth in anger.
"Nupur?' i asked.
"Very childish" she said making a face.
"look who's talking" benji burst out laughing.
Nupur smiled "oke oke i got scared too"
Samrat and i hi- fied each other.
Gunjan joined nupur
"well not to mention ladies it was all for fun..and be frnds u knw"
Nupur smiled.
"Great so we are firends nw ryt?" samrat asked.
Nupur nodded but gunan didnt.
"Right chashmish?" samrat asked.
Gunjan looked for a few seconds nodded and looked away again.
"i'l be back" she said and left.
Samrat's POV
I stared as gunjan headed to the kitchen, everyone got seated at the couch as they discussed abt the prank, i quietly followed gunjan to the kitchen though i knew benji had noticed.
I stood at the door supported my shoulder on the wall and stared at her, as she poured herself a glass of water, she looked very calm, her work had a swiftness in it, she turned and jumped as she noticed me staring.
"give me heart attack wont u?" she scolded.
"sorry" i said.
"its oke" i notice her get clumsy with the bottle as she looked away.
"why are you nervous?" i asked.
she looked at me surprised.
"m not nervous"
i approached her and poured myself a glass of water.
"by the way my toe still hurts"
gunjan let out a laugh as i joined her.
"sorry u really scared me"
I smiled happy tht she was talking now.
"its oke"
Gunjan shifted her weight on her other leg.
I placed the glass on the counter, gunjan headed to the door
"Pahaadi k peeche, Nadiya kinare Neele asamn taly, peedon ki chahon mein" I looked at gunjan to c her reaction.
she stood there at the door her back facing me she was none but shocked.
she turned slowly as i walked towards her, i ruffled my hair for the first time i didnt know wat to say to a girl.
Her gaze fixed at me, i approached her raised my hand to her cheek and tucked her hair at the back of her ear, my heart thudded ssftly as i noticed her cheeks redden she was blushing...she looked like an angel.

sO Thats that....i dont think i wud do justice if i continue it from here....imagine the rest :D:P
so did u guys like the Oneshot?
I wont be continuing it....!:)
Do Reviews
Lots of luv
will comment later gotta go:D

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tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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thanxxx 4 d pm

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taarey-manan Goldie

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