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7/04- Sid-Riddz-Armaan: Tum Hamesha Khush Raho

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 April 2010 at 10:24am | IP Logged

The circus at the cafeteria was continuing with a frozen teary-eyed Riddhima looking at her husband Siddhanth  with lamb-like tearful eyes , while sitting next to a super-shweet looking Armaan. The mockery of marriage and pious vows is continuing. The whole gang , irrespective of pro-Sid or pro-Armaan is watching the drama with anxiety and clear discomfort. Sid is oscillating between numbness , shock , grief and his eyes say it all. But the muscles on his face do not move - No, I have no rights to stop any of it , the one who has is sitting right there and what she says , what she decides and what she does goes for me.

Saasumaa  tells Riddz to take a vow with Armaan that she will abide by the duties of a dutiful wife. A wounded Riddz keeps looking at Sid with tearful eyes as images of her marriage with Siddhanth - vivid and in-you-face storm her mind. Armaan is beginning to see that something is wrong as you see the quintessential Armaan smile come and go from his face. Riddz -her whole energy , her whole consciousness and her every emotion being consumed by the whirlpool inside her - barely manages to mouth the words. Sue looks upset enough to beat up Sid at this hour but Sid sits like a tip of an iceberg , most of the mountain lying under the sea.

Then, the mockery tells Armaan to say that Riddhima has lent piousness/piety to his life by just being in it. And we go to Sid who remembers at this hour that when he had married Riddhima and brought her to his home - the whole ritual of 'Grihpravesh' and Riddz walking into his house with her lovely vermilion dipped feet. He looks back at Riddhima who is looking at him with a face that could crumble any moment. Riddhima - the flashbacks of her wedding to Sid and the promise that she made to him  that she will do as he says. Armaan says what he has to under the effect of saasumaa.

And as the mockery of vows continues , Saasumaa asks Armaan to say that they will always be happy together. Armaan, consciously or unconsciously , looking at a breaking Riddhima says "Tum Hamesha Khush Raho"......and it strikes you immediately. Why did he say that? It could mean nothing or it could mean everything. Anyway.

And then, as a squirming gang and a numb Sid watches , Saasumaa holds a 'Mangalsutra' in Riddz' face and tells Armaan to tie it around Riddhima's neck. This stuns everyone - the gang is horrified and a scandalized JP pokes Sid to get up and put an end to this crap. Sid is boiling , it is visible but h sticks to his initial decision. It is all upto Riddhima - she is the one who has to swim her way back - he is no longer going to play the lifeguard here. It's her choice.

Armaan , realization of Riddz' frozen state seeping into his head holds the Mangalsutra to her neck and Riddz looks at him with tearful eyes and she imagines Sid in her place - smiling in the wedding attire and holding the Mangalsutra to her neck - Riddz' expression changes and you see a comfortable  relief starting to come over her face as she sees Sid. But then, her vision clears and she realizes that it's Armaan . No! What am I doing here and what am I letting happen! Riddz pulls back with an emphatic 'BAS!'. What followed was the unveiling of relationships as they are and as they are meant to be.

A shocked , stupefied, punched-in-the-gut Armaan looks at Sid-Riddz in shock as Riddhima - tears running down her cheeks but determined firmness and relief on her face tells Armaan that she is no longer his basket , she is no longer the Riddhima Gupta he dated - she is Mrs. Riddhima Modi and Siddhanth is her husband. And her head held high ...still reeling under the shock of what just happened to her walks out of the circus. Sid - his on face ridden with emotion while Armaan struggles to seep in the truth - Sid watches Riddz go and he turns towards her , lifting a hand to stop her but doesn't go after her. It was good in a way because if you think about it, Riddz needs to be alone at this time.

Armaan - his feet tottering under the weight of the reality that Riddz just spewed about herself and Siddhaanth fades away from the cafeterias as Sid , pushed to the edge screams at his mother to shut up basically and stop repeating her Komolika lines. That is enough and more than enough, Mom! Whatever Riddhima did just right now was to stay with her husband and that is me! Riddhima is my wife and I am not going to hear another cross word against her. You have already insulted her enough . Armaan looks at Sid - the husband and goes away , not knowing where his feet are taking him.

Saasumaa tells the gang to leave as she wants to speak to Sid alone. The mother inside her taking over and the realization that what she has put her son through by making a mockery of Riddhima hugs her son. Sid , still under the shock of what has just happened and the weight of all the emotional turmoil killing him clings to his mom. He tells his mother who for a change listens to him with lot of love that Riddhima is his wife , his life and everything that is beautiful in his life . You know how I was, Mom. Irresponsible , bratty , careless , insensitive and what not. And then, Riddhima came into my life - she changed me and my world and whatever goodness that I have in me has come from her. The mother observes her son and asks him - You love Riddhima so much ? Sid nods and the concerned mother raises the most critical question. Does Riddhima love you, Sid? Sid looks back at his Mom with a realized expression - how do I answer that when i myself have no answer.

On the other hand, Armaan is walking through the busy corridors of Sanjivani like a zombie , dragging his feet so that he doesn't fall under the weight that that Sid-Riddz just placed on his shoulders. The reality of the SR marriage is still sinking in - his whole life with Riddhima runs through his numbed head and then, the reality that Riddhima told him echoes in his head. Armaan remembers nothing except Riddhima Modi. Nothing more and nothing less.

The gang has their own take on the SRA situation. While YuNa learn the lesson that lying and deceit lead to nowhere and that they should speak to Pappa about their marriage ASAP, Sue is struck how much her superboy Sid loves Riddhima and how tough all this must have been for him. Raj , who thinks life is all about winning and losing says that Armaan will not sit quietly is bashed up by Sue and JP that life is not a battlefield or some stupid game. Riddhima kept the sanctity of her marriage because she wanted to and to her , her relationship with Sid is no joke....

Later, Riddhima Modi breaks down in front of God and cries out that Armaan, I did what I had to. It is not that I did not love you, It is true that I could not live without you but as you can see , time and destiny had other plans..... totally other plans.

In the precap, we see a wounded Armaan spewing venom at both Sid-Riddz. I know it looks and sounds ugly on Armaan's part on the surface but you can see where Armaan is coming from. He is yet to deal with the reality and know what Sid-Riddz have been through and why they are together. I love the punch he delivers to Sid in the precap and how he confronts him. Gotta watch it!

Love and luck to everyone always,Heart

God bless everyone.Hug


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leftIF4eva Senior Member

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Posted: 07 April 2010 at 10:54am | IP Logged
aww...thanx so much for the written update so quickly....waiting eagerly for 2morrows episode


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mithilalovesksg IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2010 at 11:00am | IP Logged
great analysys
raaz ki baat bataun bolna nahi chaiye bt i also love the punch
i want someone for armaan lols everyone is for sr

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CinciGal Groupbie

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Posted: 07 April 2010 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Not much to discuss today. It was good to see saasuji turn understanding mom. Looks like this thing may still drag forever. They made it appear that while Riddhima took a stand today, she is not sure in her heart (which is understandable, but the issue can be dragged on and on).
About the punch: Am a firm believer in non-violence so am gonna say, it was not necessary. A few well thought out and crisp words can deliver as great a blow as any punch. Also I think Armaan is taking out his frustration about his fate on Sid. How betrayed would you feel by a person whom you've met only a few times that too very briefly, even if he claimed to be your friend. The betrayal Armaan feels really is that Riddhima let him down (although of course from her perspective she did not betray him).

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LRC92 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 April 2010 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Heeeellllo Poco!! :D

Long time dude? Hows u?

Anyways, my piece of rant on today's episode.

Thank God, Riddhima's got the speech thing working now, eh? I love AR, I truly do, but I relished the moment of BAS three times like anything. The truth is out, the truth is out *dances* At long last.

Anyways... I really felt bad for Armaan. Poor chap. It must have been a combined force of the most heart-wrenching and heart-breaking moment for him. I feel for the guy. First the love of his life is married and then realize the person he considered a friend (due to Atul's departure - miss Pankit! Cry ) in the entire hospital has been watching him make a fool out of himself. Sad.

But anyways, I am sooo glad u think the punch was deserved. A lot of other members are really against it.

I feel it was justified. Why?

Armaan has been led on by both Sid and Riddhima. Armaan has been running after a married woman even if she had, key word, had been his everything - there's so much a guy can tolerate. But this is the reason, I am hoping is the real justification for the PUNCH: Armaan is furious at Sid for making him into a joke in front of the whole hospital despite being "friends" AS WELL AS bcoz Sid has also made a fool out of his marriage with Riddhima by letting an ex-lover to woo her in front of his own eyes. That just really is bordering on shamelessness. Actually more like stepping over it and making further steps away from it.

You know how much I loved Sid (heck, I fought u for him LOL )but my love for Sid decreased the moment he lied to his mom about his wife. It disappeared the moment he sent Armaan over to meet her. And right now, even still with his *sarcastically says it* MAHAN-ness , the character Sid has no empathy from me.

Gosh.   Unhappy   Unhappy

Just saying that about my Sid is making me feel heavy hearted. He has hurt me a lot, as you can see. Cry


Dont worry, Poco I shall be all right. Cool LOL

That's all I gotta say.


AWESOME POST. Big smile   Thumbs Up

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 April 2010 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mithilalovesksg

great analysys
raaz ki baat bataun bolna nahi chaiye bt i also love the punch
i want someone for armaan lols everyone is for sr


Thank you so much for replying.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Armaan punches Sid because he feels betrayed at the trust and friendship that he had placed in him. Sid was his confidante , his friend and he adores Sid. So, the breach of trust has hurt him. Armaan doesn't know Sid's side of story. So, i think Armaan's behaviour is understandable.

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hope4u Senior Member

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Posted: 07 April 2010 at 11:19am | IP Logged
i think this is going to be one episode where ill have a lot to say... will get back to it

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Nymeria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2010 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Loved your take as usual poco!Hug

I'm so excited to watch tomorrow's show especially precap part! Armaan's anger is totally justified! i personally felt a sting down my spine as they flashed through Armaan-Riddhima's moments from the very start to the present as Armaan was trying to gulp the truth coming from Sid and Riddhima's mouths! I really really felt for him. He gave his whole life to Riddhima.....he went from a total flirty guy to a one woman's man for this woman and in return what he gets?! nothing but pain pain and more pain......his words "pyaar pyaar aur sirf pyaar" from yesterday echoed in my ears as i saw him hold himself up during the truth revealing part.
Armaan deserves to know the whole truth...the whole story behind SR marriage and what happened in his absence and silence is NOT the answer nor the solution to sorting the trio's lives!
Sid and Riddhima both owe an explanation to him....everyone do! He wouldn't have been this mad if Sid had let him know the truth the first time he met him.....but then again what could Sid do?!

this was Riddhima's right....her duty...and her love. It was up to her tell him the truth! Sid was just stuck in this tornado ......he was just stuck in there in between!

Circumstances.....oh darn Circumstances and  "waqt"!

Instead showing a cold shoulder to Armaan, i think Riddhima needs to talk to him....talk to him calmly about what happened and what her decision is....that she loves him...but she has moved on ...she needs to talk her heart out with both men present!

I felt like hugging Sid today......felt like buying the best of the best Kleenex tissues and wiping Armaan's tears away...and felt like patting Riddhima on the back for taking a stance and speaking up!

So this is my take on today's episode.......I can't wait to witness tomorrow's action packed and emotion filled episode! KW and KSG will be worth the watch.......both powerhouses of phenomenal acting ......together in a rage filled....emotion filled action packed episode!

Oh! I don't think it is right to say that Sid  "deserved" the punch caz he certainly doesn't "deserve" the punch!

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