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FF Jaaneman Chap 6 updated Pg18 25/3 pm sent later (Page 6)


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Originally posted by kptl

awesome...... Thank you so much
luv bonds between siblings..... thanks once again
nd luv preet as always...nd meher tooo... thanks
so cant wait for premeer to meet nd m sure tat meet are going to meet in next prt cause i bet da person preet bump in to is non-other than meher...
well wait and see in the next part thank you so much for your comments really appricate it buddyBig smile
Originally posted by --pie--

I am liking your story:) Nice concept Mariam:)
Thank you so much pie for your comments really appricate it Big smile


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FF Jaaneman Chapter 2
Hey guys thank you so much for your comments I really appricate it well here is the next chapter Big smile
Preet turned around and saw a girl.
'Ohh, ladke. Line marne ka time hain!' he thought to himself then giggled.
'Tum andhe hoon? Can you not see where your going?' The girl screamed at him.
Preet gave no response and just checked the girl out. She was shorter that Preet, who was six foot, she was around five foot five. She had a nice figure, with really big brown eyes. Wearing a nice coloured top matched with skinny jeans, she looked extremly attractive for Preet.
'What can you not speak as well?' she asked still angry.
Smiling, Preet hung up on his brother, and put his phone in his pocket, and gave the most flirty smile he had. Acting cool, he left his hands in his pockets and spoke.
'You look really pretty with all that anger on your nose.' he said trying to flirt with her.
'Line marre hoon?' she asked.
'Aisse he samaj loon.' Preet replied and then very slyly winked at the girl. Wink
'Really? What your not going to ask for my number.' the girl said.
Shocked that she was not angry anymore, he got his mobile out of his pocket, and asked for her number.
'Shoot!' he said.
'Sure' the girl said and stepped a bit closer to Preet.
'It is 033...' she started, then stopped.
As soon as Preet turned his head upwards again to see why she stopped, he felt a tight slap coming toward his face.
'That's for being stupid and trying to flirt with a decent girl, you monkey!' she said, and then turned around and stormed off.
Shocked at what just happened, Preet couldn't say anything. After atleast five minutes, Preet realised at what had happened, and was speechless.
'I just got a girl. I've never got a girl. Maussi hasn't even slapped me!' Preet talked to himself.
'I need to find out who this girl is. I need to find out her name, but how?' Preet thought to himself. Putting his phone away, he turned around to leave when he saw a card lying on the floor. Picking it up, he turned it around and found it to be a university card.
'Meher....Meher Maan, 21, hmmm, Meher... Cute name. Is se doste toh karani hogee! Meher!' Preet said to himself smiling, and tucked the card into his pocket safely and walked off in his thoughts about Meher.

'Yeh Preet bhi na, just turned the phone off on me. I'll have a word with him later.' Prem said to himself. Looking at the time, he saw it said one. Realising he needed some lunch, he left his building, and went to the restaurent around the corner from his office. Entering, he went and ordered his lunch and sat down in the same spot as he had been doing for the past month. Waiting for his lunch to come, he pulled out his phone, an rang back home again.
'Hello?' Prem said.
'PB! You again? Someones really missing me today?' Preet said.
'Shutup Preet, I'll have a word with you later. Give it to Mausi, I've not talked to her in a while.' Prem said.
'But why PB, why talk to Mausi when you can talk to your pyaara bahi.' Preet said.
'I'll pass it to Mausi!' Preet said, knowing it was his cue to stop, he could joke around with his brother all the time, but whenever he heard 'Preet' on it's own he knew he should stop.
'Mausi! It's your laadla on the phone. From Lan..daan!' Preet said laughing at his own joke. LOLLOL
'Prem!' she said smiling, coming out of the kitchen and sitting on the sofa and took his call.
'Prem beta, tu kaisa hain?' Mausi asked.
'Mein bilkul teek hoon. Aur app Mausi?' Prem said smiling. He loved his Mausi and Preet to bits. He coudnt imagine his life without them.
Mausi and Prem continued to talk whilst Prem ate his lunch as well. It was good hour before, Prem finally put the phone down and left for his office again. Walking towards the door he was just turning his mobile on silent, as he had a meeting next, he didn't see when he bumped into someone. With hot coffee poured all over his shirt he winced in slight pain. Looking up to see who it was he saw no one. Looking at the door he saw a girl running out, who look liked she had done something wrong. Shaking his head he grabbed a few napkins to wipe his shirt.
'Heeerr!' he heard another girl say, and saw her run after the same girl who looked suspicous for Prem.
'Heer...Heer. Nice name.' he said to himself and left back for his office.

'Heeer!! Rukho na!' Ash screamed behind Heer.
'What Ash?' Heer said puffing as she was out of breath.
'Why are you running. And why did you leave? We didn't even eat anything, I'm sooo hungry.' Ash said moaning.
'Woh, I dropped coffee all over someones shirt. So I ran out as I didn't know what to do.' Heer said looking guilty.
'Heer, paagal. Usko sorry toh kerdate!' Ash said.
'Woh I didn't know what to do then, so I ran.' Heer said.
'Idiot, by the way, was a hot guy?' Ash said winking.
'Shutup Ash. Let's go back.' Heer said and both girls started walking.
'Hain toh woh baut hi Hot. Greek god I would say. I wonder who he was.' Heer thought to herself. 'Heer to pagal hai, woh ek ajanabee hain!' Heer continued. Walking on the road, she passed a jewler shop.
'Ash, let's go in here for a moment, I need to get a braclet for Meher. It's her birthday present.' Heer said.
Both girls walked into the shop and asked for all the designs of braclets. Looking at them, Heer was confused at which to buy. Picking two up she asked Ash which one she liked.
'Ash choose. Which one do you like?' Heer asked.
'Erm, i think....' Ash started, but was interupted.
'The one in your left hand'
Turning around to see who it was, Heer saw the same person she dropped coffee on walking out. About to call out to him, she heard another guy running out of the jeweler after him.
'Preeem! Ruk na!' he screamed and left the room.
'Prem, suits him. Prem...Prem' she repeated to herself. Picking the on in her left hand, she gave it to the shop keeper to pack.

'Prem' Heer said.
'Heer' Prem said.

Dehli 23:33pm
'Bring Bring!' the juneja mansion phone rang.
'Hello?' Preet picked the phone up.
'Preet, my man. How are you?' asked the guy.
'Harmaan!! I'm fine dude. You?' Preet asked.
'I'm fine man. So where's Prem?' he asked.
'PB is in London, business.' Preet told him.
'Oh right. Well next week is my wedding, and you all have to come. You're the only family I have.' Harmaan said.
'Really dude? How can you commit to one girl? It's so hard.' Preet said.
'Weill it is for you. Not for me.' Harmaan joked.
'Whatever. So what shall I tell PB, or will you.' Preet asked.
'I will. You just get ready. And tell Mausi. Give my Namaste as well to her.' Harmaan said.
'Okay dude. See you soon.' Preet said ending the call.

London, Prems Mansion, 19:00pm
'Prem, my man! How are you?' Harmaan asked.
'Harmaan, I'm good thanks you? And you seriously need to stop saying my man. It's annoying' Prem joked.
'Hahaa, whatever. Anyway dude, you have to come back to Dehli next week.' Harmaan said.
'What? Why?' Prem asked confused.
'Meri shaadi hain.' He said.
'What! Really. Congrats dude. But come to Dehli seems hard.' Prem said trying to get out of it.
'Nope, no exuses. It's final. You're coming to Dehli next week. Get you're ticket booked. Goodbye' Harmaan said and put the phone down before Prem could say anythig else.
'Lagta Dehli toh jaana parega!' Prem said to himself.

London university campus, 03:04am.

'Bring bring'
'Ash, turn the film down, I can hear the phone ringing in the film from here' Heer said mumbling in her sleep.
'Oi duffer, tumhara phone baajra hain.' Ash replied and went back watching her film.
'Heelll..oooo?' Heer said half asleep.
'Heer? Tuh teek hain?' Asked the girl.
'No I'm not. I'm sleeping. And why are you ringing at three in the morning?' Heer said angrly.
'Three, it's eight. Heer where are you?' she asked confused.
'In bed. In London!' she replied.
'Omg, I'm sooooo sorry Heer. I forgot you where in London. I'm ringing from Dehli. It eight here. Sorry. By the way, it's Maya.' Maya said.
'Maya, tu? Kaise hain? Sorry I was sleeping so was a bit grumpy.' Heer said know sitting up on the bed.
'Mein bilkul teek hoon. Well you have to come Dehli next week. Meri shaadi hain' Maya said.
'Omg, Congrats! But coming to Dehli seems a bit gated' Heer said.
'No, I don't want to hear anything. Your coming, end off. See you next week.' Maya said and hung up the phone.
'Uffff, abb Dehli ki ticket book karne hai.' Heer said to herself going back to sleep, not before telling Ash to turn the film off.
Ok guys here is Chapter 2 and sorry for any mistakes
feel free to criticize
and the credit goes to my friend aluu for writing this part Big smile
do leave your comments
Love Mariam

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lovely update.
Megher called Preet Monkey LOL and a slapCry
Preet so cute
Prem and Heer meeting part is lovely. same track repeated for both.
Preet commenting about marriage. funny.
now Prem and Heer are meeting Harman Maya marriage.
waiting update soon.

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That was a lovely chapter Mariam!!Loved Meets scene..A hilarious oneLOL

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nice and awesome update
thnx for pm

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wowwww! realllllly nyc update asapppp

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loved premeer & meet intro.
seems like its time for all 4 to meet in one place.
continue soon.

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