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 Dear Friends,
It gives us immense pleausre to welcome you all to
the Tamil Section of  Having
been launched on April 05th of 2007, the Tamil
Channel has come a long way and just recently
celebrated its third anniversariy successfully! 
The channel consists of over 12 different sections
from a number of Serials (including Sun TV ,
Vijay TV and Kalaignar TV shows) to Kollywood
to various fun filled activities.   

Table  of  Contents

Tamil Section History and Important Personals
Introduction to the Sections
Tamil Section Birthday & Masti Team
Down the Memory Lane
Tamil Section Member List
Tamil Section Special Events
Thank you for joining the Tamil Section and
hope you have a wonderful time here with us!

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Tamil Section History is a second home to many of us as we gather here to unwind aiming to ease up the daily stresses in our lives!  From serial discussions to chit chatting to fun games, our Tamil Section is full of Masti.  Our channel also consists of many Tamil Serial Actors.  Today our forum has reached great heights thanks to a great team of development team as well as our members!  Let us take a moment to walk down the memory lane....
In 2005, got its first Tamil section namely, Popular Tamil TV Shows, where serials were discussed briefly.  At the time, the section was moderated by Simi_1, Barbie, and Sudha.   Members began to flock in gradually, and one such member was our current Channel Moderator Atina.  She soon began to update the new serials Bhandham and Surya in 2006.  Eventually the section became very active with many participants, threads, and new serial discussions.  Atina was promoted as a moderator of the section on 13th March, 2007.  There onwards, Atina communicated with Admin Sree (at the time) and Global Moderator Sangeeta, and finally we got OUR HOME, this Tamil Channel on April 05, 2007!
Soon after, we got many individual serial sections, like Kolangal, Arasi, Lakshmi, Muhurtham, Kasturi, Aanandham, Bhandham, etc!  Our first set of development team, including Atina, Aahaana, Aanteek, Patraj, and dasa1 worked day and nights to organize the forums!  Many members joined the updating team, and the forum slowly grew its way up!  There was no looking back!  We currently have more than 12 sections to our kitty, and have been promoted to the homepage!
 Chronology of Tamil Development Team
13th March, 2007
Atina becomes Moderator
17th April, 2007
Aahaana (Previously known as Meli) - Viewbie
Aanteek (Previously known as Serial123) - Viewbie
dasa1 - Viewbie
Super~Star~Sri - Coolbie
2nd October, 2007
Patraj - Viewbie
Rojapoooo - Viewbie
17th December, 2007
Bluegal - Viewbie
Giriadimai - Viewbie 
Viewbie Rojapoooo becomes Cool Viewbie
30th April, 2008
Jasunap - Viewbie
Kadhambari - Viewbie
Mathi_azhagi (Previously known as Nallu) - Viewbie
Netra_Rama - Viewbie
19th January, 2009
Moderator Atina becomes Channel Moderator
27th May 2009
MP_Radha (Previously known as aisha_muka1984) - Viewbie
Nithyamkv - Viewbie
Smlaksh - Viewbie
Viewbie Aahaana becomes Channel Moderator
Cool Viewbie Rojapoooo becomes Moderator
20th April 2010
Coolbie Anjkhoney
Coolbie Shreenithi
September 17 2010
~*Thamizhan*~ - Viewbie
Eclat - Viewbie
Eljay - Viewbie
Srima - Viewbie 
Coolbie Shreenithi becomes Viewbie 
Viewbie MP_Radha becomes Moderator

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Tamil Section Summary
Show Begins: September 14, 2009
~Summary Credits: Member Anupallavi~
Anupallavi is a story of a Rajaraman who has been living a secret double life with 2 wives. Neither wives knows the other exists. He is blessed with 3 kids with the first wife Anu and 2 kids with the second Pallavi.  On top of that inadvertently Anu and Pallavi have become thickest of friends to the point becoming samandhis only fate had prevented that from happening. The only people who knows the actual reason he is leading a secret double life is his best friend and colleague Sundram and the irony is that Sundram is well known by both wives. 

Though Rajaraman's mother despises him for his double life but she is unable to let the secret out for she fears Rajaraman's first wive will not bear to hear her husband has another wife, thus Rajaraman's mother stays on her own  away from Rajaraman and his first wife Anu. As a result of his double life his childrens future is in jeopardy.

Each episodes sees how Rajaraman is faced with myriads of problems and where at times his secret is almost out in the open due to the situations he gets thrown into. The question is when will he reveal all this to his wives ? or will he actually reveal by himself or will he be forced to reveal this secret by the many new characters that are introduced in this serial who happens to know of his secret...?

Show Begins: September 14, 2009
Relatives are the pillars of many families, yet in today's world, money and jealousy have come in between breaking off family ties.  Radaan return back with the story of Chellamma, and her family, who lives for her family.  Her is a happy family depicting togetherness and love.  All is well till Chellamma's father's friend, Thavasi, takes revenge on Chellamma's family for neglecting his own daughter.  There onwards, Chellamma's family members split up one by one, with Chellamma leaving everything to start a new life.  With the help of a few well-wishers, Vasu and AK, Chellamma starts her own business, and slowly her relatives return back to her.  How does Chellamma manage to withstand all the sorrows in life to go up the ladder?  Tune into Chellameh section to read and discuss the show, which airs on Sun TV at 9.30 pm, IST.       
As the name suggests, the Fun Topics is all about fun activities, including games, jokes, funny audios and videos.  This is the section where our beloved Moderator Rojapoooo scripts comical fictions, namely Comedy Kalakkals, involving our IFians.  Furthermore, the section will soon see a creativity workship whereby creators from all over IF will come to provide various tutorials on how to making signatures, animated video icons, as well as video mixes.   
Munthanai Mudichu is the story of four sisters who are closely knit and are willing to do anything for each other.  The eldest sister works at a sweet shop to support her family.  The second and the youngest sisters continue their education, while the third one discontinues studies.  However circumstances lead to the three younger sisters to be married off to three brothers.  Airing at 18:00 hours, the story focuses on the lives of these women.  To find out more, tune into Mundhanai Mudichu section.       
Show Begins April 19th 2010
'Metti oli' Fame Thirumurugan returns with a bang on Sun TV with his latest direction and production, Nadhaswaram.   Based in Kaaraikudi, the story revolves around the families of two nadhaswara artists, Shokkalingam and his brother Mayilvaahanan.  Althougth the families live under separate roofs, theirs is a closely knit extended family despite the enduring rifts between the housewives.  While Shokkalingam remains calm and collected under most circumstances, Mayilvaahanan's abrupt behavior and strong partiality towards their sons stirs problems.  How do the most responsible members in the family resolve the issues?  With as many as 33 artists joining the cast list, Nadhaswaram promises to be a family entertainer portraying real-life elements.  Commensing on April 19th, 2010, Sun TV networks will air the show regularly from  at 19.30 Monday to Friday.  Watch this space for lively updates on a daily basis.
This section is dedicated to discuss various non-sunTV serials from Vijay TV and Kalaingnar TV.  Currently, serials like En Peyar Meenatchi, Meera and Maharani are being updated and discussed.  Here are the following summaries for these serials:
~Summary Credits: Coolie Anjkhoney~

This serial revolves around the story of Meera who hails from an orthodox Brahmin family. She is a soft spoken, kind hearted girl who works as a nurse in a hospital in Chennai. On her journey back to her native to get engaged she meets a woman in the bus who asks Meera to hold her baby for sometime so that she could go out to get some milk for the baby. Meera after a small hesitation finally agrees to have the kid but the mother doesn't return and she is forced to take the baby to her house. Her orthodox parents never liked what Meera did and her engagement also gets cancelled due to the baby. Meera Is then sent out of the house with the baby.On the other side we see the mother who vanished that day finally coming back in search of her baby. Will Meera find the mother ? What will be Meera's future? Will she find her soul mate? Will the mother come in search of her baby?

The role of Meera is played by Srija who played the Character Meenakshi in Vijay TV's ' Madurai' serial. The serial is directed and produced by Kavita Bharathi and Cinematography is by Martin. Music by Hari Krishna . Starts from September 06, 2010 'Meera' Monday-Friday, 8pm on Vijay TV.


Maharani is the all about the life of two orphans. Two girls named Mahalakshmi and Rani who are brought up in an orphanage. Both the girls are totally different from each other. Maha is a simple who is calm, shy and happy with the life she had, whereas Rani is a girl who dared to do anything to attain her wishes. The orphanage followed a system where the girls over 18 had to get married to a person capable to take care of them. Maha and Rani are also in the list now. Maha who was happy with her simple life worked on her goal to be bold and face the world independently.Rani who always dreamt of a luxurious life plays a dirty game of pretending to be the daughter of a rich businessman Devaraj of 'Dev Associates' . Actually Maha is the daughter born to Devaraj and his lover Sandhya but got married to Sulakchna.. Maha who always trusted her sister like friend Rani falls into the trap and misses her rights to be with her real parents. When the truth is about to unfold Rani plays her villainous tricks again and again to put Maha in trouble. She even wins marrying the guy (Prakash) who actually loved Maha. Will Maha be successful in getting the love of  her dad ? Will she be accepted by both Sandhya and Sulakchna? Will Rani be punished for all what she has done to others?

Maharani starting  from October 19, 2009, Monday - Friday at 7pm on Vijay TV!

Produced by Sandra Communications and having Sujitha doing the lead role, watch Maharani from October 19, 2009 on all Monday - Friday at 7pm. A story that unfolds the truth of relationships like friendship, father-daughter relationship, siblings;

En Peyar Meenakshi
En Peyar Meenakshi is the story of Meenakshi and the problems she faces in her life after her wedding. The story starts with Meenakshi getting ready for her wedding,waiting eagerly to see her would be husband.Her father invites all his old students for the wedding. Unfortunately the wedding doesn't happen which forces her father to get one of his students (Sakthi) to marry his daughter. Meenakshi who doesn't even know the name of this new groom gets married to him for her appa's happiness and goes with him to her Pogundha Veedu. There awaits a lot of problems for her to face.Sakthi's dad and brothers who are angry with the couple for having a sudden wedding without informing them, Sakthi's athai ponnu who is madlyin love with him, Meenakshi's old groom who returns to marry her inspite of her being married to Sakthi.Will Meenakshi win the hearts of her in laws?Will she have a happy married life with Sakthi? Will she escape from the hands of her old groom who is madly wanting her in his life by hook or crook?Will Sakthi's trust his wife? To know more tune into 

The role of Meenatchi is played by a debutant Harsha. Veteran actor Delhi Kumar plays the role of Meenatchi's father and Siddharth of Azhagiya Thamizh Magan fame plays the role of Sakthi. The serial is written, directed and produced by C. Jerrold. Beginning from September 06, 2010 'En Peyar Meenatchi' would air every Monday-Friday, 8:30pm on Vijay TV.

~Summary Credits: Aahaana~
Non SunTV and SunTV Realisty Shows section consists of discussion threads for various reality shows, including dance and singing shows.  Over the years various shows such as Maanaada Mayilada, Jodi Number One, Boys vs. Girls, Super Singer, and Sangeetha maga yutham have been discussed.  
Two of the most prominent shows discussed at the time being are Maanaada Mayilada Season 6 and Sangeetha Mahautham Season 2.   Maanaada Mayilada is an Indian dance show run by Kalaigner TV.  This is show is best known for its unique sets and currently is on the 6th season.  Directed by the well known and award winning choreographer, Kala Master, the show allows for various TV celebrities to test out their dancing skills as pairs. 
The other show currently being discussed is Sangeetha Mahayutham.  This a competition over songs, and its commences with 6 teams, each led by a popular play back singers.  The individual teams also consists of a number of upcoming singing talents.  The judges compose of leading singers of kollywood.  Each week two teams meet up to compete against each other, and the remainder of the team captains take on the role of judges.  
For more, tune into the Non SunTV and SunTV Reality Show Section. 

Show Begins: June 29, 2009
Titles Thangam, Sun Tv commences airing the serial on June 29, 2009.  Ramya Krishnan is the producer and the lead lady of the show, which marks the entry of Actor Vijayakumar into small screen.  The story revolves around the protagonist, Ganga and her family consisting of mother Subhalakshmi and her two sisters, Rema and Charu.  Ganga is the eldest daughter of Ayya and Subhalakshmi.  However, Ayya's is a polygamous family, whereby he spends his lifetime with both wives happily.  Amidst a happy life, the two families of Ayya develop indifferences over property.  Tune into Thangam Section right here on IF to read more about how Ganga comes across the obstacles and succeeds in life! 

Thendral  - Sun TV Show

Show Begins: December 07, 2009
Vikatan Television yet again joins hands with the Thirumathi Selvam Fame S. Kumaran for their latest production, Thendral.  The story revolves around a young girl, Thulasi, who dreams about becoming an engineer.  To pave her way toward the goal, she studies hard.  Yet the past haunts her and comes in her way.  During a series of events she meets Thamizhan, who vows to help her throughout out.  This Sun Tv soap opera focuses on how the girl overcomes her obstacles, with the help of Thamizhan, Deepa (her best friend), and well-wishers.  Will her dreams come true?  Having premiered on December 07, 2010, the serial is aired regularly at 9.00pm during weekdays.  Tune into the Thendral Section for Daily Discussion, Games, and various other activities.   

Show Begins: September 14, 2009
Selvam is a Machanic decided not to get married because he works hard for his family as the sole bread winner of the family. He gives up his studies and makes his younger brother and younger sister to further their higher education. He falls in love with Archanna after seeing her in a temple. For his marriage proposal he has been goaded to utter a lie that he is an engineering graduate. After the marriage, the true colour of Selvam comes to known to the entire family and they all start hating him including his wife Archana who refuses to live with him. Does Archana develop feelings for selvam and accept his love and does she live with him? The story revolves around how the couple takes challenge to fight against their problem in order to live happily.

Show Beings June 1st 2009
Dwelling into the practices of joint family culture, San Media Limited is back with the bang in the form of their newest production, Uravugal.  As the rate of joint family cultural practices diminish in the current modern world, this story takes us into the lives of a joint family in the suburbs of Chennai.  Living under the same roof are the closely knit families of two siblings.  The unity of this joint family appeals to the eyes, and suggests there is no room for self-centeredness!  But in all walks of life, situations may force one to act self-centeredly as desires blindfold them.  Hence, one man's pleasure may become another's pain.... Amidst this, will the family's unity remain intact?  Tune into this Mansion for more on 'Uravugal', aired on Sun TV Television at 12 noon during weekdays! 

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Down The Memory Lane



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Down The Memory Lane


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Current Special Events

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Name: Shreenithi

Birthday Day: july 11 (national holiday announce pannunga nna government accept panna mattengudhu..AngryAngry)
My Hobbies:music,books and internet....

IF Journey: singam single aa entered IF on april 2007 ...

To be continued.....(already submitted my journey story... will be posted soon..)

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First of all...welcome to Masti and Birthday teamHug

Name: Meli, Mels or Melz or just AahaanaLOL

Birthday Day: 27th Nov

Your Hobbies: Its a big list but lemme mention, soccer, cricket(only IPL and world cup), music,movies, hanging out with friends, watching my fav dramas, chatting with friends on msn and best of all...bugging  and make MP aka Radha aka Aishu become insane and testing out her patiencelevelROFL

IF Journey: its already sentCool

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