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FF:Secret Endeavors Chp 11 PG21 June18 Jai/Bani FF (Page 20)

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 4:01am | IP Logged
lovely narration.. bani's feelings are confused... and Jai seems to be going on the right track... wish those headlights hadnt happened ...  looking forward to the next update...

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orchidpurple Goldie

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Nice update...
official date for JB... awesome...
Pls continue...


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Here is the long awaited update. Please ignore the mistakes since i wrote some on my iphone and some on my bb tablet.. anyhow let me know how this one is. 

Chapter 10

you left and 
my body has turned lethal.

there is an echo in my heart,
and a ghost in my lungs.

you have no idea how red 
i can shatter.

The door was shut tightly; my breathing shallow; the alarm buzzing in the background. That it how i stood against my front door... All twisted and baffled. My eyes were shut so tightly that i was afraid my head would spiral out of control. 
I felt a hand on my shoulder; i spun around to a pair of weary brown eyes. There were bags underneath those eyes; face completely tired; the skin darkened many folds; streaks of deep lines wedged into the skin; horrible signs of oldage visible in the dim street light that was pouring in through the blinds. 

"Uncle," My voice uneven and throat parched. 

"Bani, are you alright?" His eyes quizzed me. 

"uh... Um... Yeah I'm fine. Just trying to warm myself... It is rather cold outside." 

His stance still appeared tired. 

"are you alright, uncle?" 

"yes," he said as he straightened the sleeves of his white, cotton kurta. 

Meanwhile, I turned around and spared my ears from the noise of the house alarm by resetting it.

"did you need something?" i said after sensing that he wasnt moving. 

"ah, yes... Your mother has put my green tea on the top most shelf and i am having trouble reaching up to grab it. You see i dont want to trouble her at this hour. "I raised my eyebrows in surprise. This old man trying to be humble! Maybe i was still sleeping.I shook my head slightly, "yes, just give me ten minutes... Ill change and then Ill make some for you."

"thank-you dear." He promptly cleared my path and I resumed towards my bedroom. 

After about 10 minutes, i reappeared in the kitchen where the old man was seated. He seemed deep in his thoughts so i cleared my throat. Then, as he had asked, i prepared his green tea for him and poured myself some coffee. This time, however, i heard no protests from him regarding my late outing, or my outfit, or my eating habits... Hell he even had smiled at me when i placed his drink in front of him. 
(was i dreaming?) 

While he held the string and bobbed the bag in and out of the cup, I fingered the rim of my coffee cup. The smell was already clearing my system of alcohol and whatever other traces of Jai's smell and his touch was left. I let out a loud breath... Enough to bring my uncle's attention back onto me. 
"Are you tired, Bani?"

"No... I'm just not feeling well... Just stressed about some work." I was getting cleaner and quicker with my lies. Besides, looking back... I couldn't even believe at the amount of lies I had piled up. 

"Of course, I understand," he said as he raised his cup towards his lips. I copied this action.

After a few seconds of silence he continued, "but you know... You shouldn't ignore of whats around you... The people, the surroundings... You should always touch back base... To stay sane."

"Sometimes it is really late and before you realize it, it is too late to make amends. I hope you pay attention around you."

I really wasn't in the mood for a lecture... Sleep was nagging my brain so I quietly slipped towards the sink and emptied the contents into it. I yawned tiresomely as I turned around. 

"Go to sleep, Bani... It has been a confusing and tiring day for you." 
I knotted my browns but I was too tired to comprehend anything. 
I hit the bed and fell asleep instantly. 

This time everything around me was visibly lit up. This time my surroundings were familiar. This time I was standing in the middle of my old apartment. This time there was an old, familiar feeling. This time guilt was surfacing. 
Then a loud booming crash and the wall on my right had split open and water was pouring in. This time my feet were soaked and the water level was rising. 

Then I was transported to my bedroom in the apartment. Then I could see the curtains that I had forcefully picked against Veer's wish... dancing as the warm summer breeze entered from the balcony window. Then I turned towards the mirror... I looked bare, dull dressed in a white Indian suit. Then for the first time since his passing, I saw Veer.
Kitchen was cold as I entered in, barefoot, and sauntered towards the coffee maker. It was still wee hours in the morning...and I turned on my life saver. After grabbing the newspaper from outside, and almost freezing in my PJs, I entered the kitchen again. 
Surprised to not find my uncle or my mom up at this time, I tried to relish this silence. 

But today was my appointment with Pia. I had sketched some vague designs... And then implementations and changes could be made to them. Although, I had a few hours till my appointment, I was jittery.  

This uninvited silence was hurting rather than nursing my head. To say that last night's events came hurtling across my eyes would be an understatement because I would have to forget about them in order to reminisce. These feelings were rather foreign to me, and whether I wanted to pursue them was another issue all together. 

I had never been such a bundle of nerves. I could feel them perk up underneath my tense muscles. I could feel the tension infusing within my body, creating some sort of an undercurrent running through my nerves. 
As the coffee machine sounded off, I picked up my favorite 'I love New York' mug and poured the black, scalding liquid into it. The smell filtered into my system already making this dingy, cold morning somewhat bearable. 

In the next few minutes, I had retreated back to my room, and checked my designs and details over and over again. The only way I was able to keep my mind sane was to distract myself with heaps of work. I sketched more, until I saw my reflection in the mirror. My hair was a complete mess, sticking out atrociously in all possible directions, resembling a birds nest. I grabbed my towel and clothes and slipped into the washroom before Pushkar could drain all the hot water. That kid and his odd hours of sleeping patterns.

After stripping my clothes off, I turned on the shower, letting the scalding hot water run over my body. For what felt like eons, I stepped out of the steam filled washroom. 

As I dressed myself in a Super 120s Sleeveless Dress in a deep shade of dark blue, I could still feel the tension in my body. As I applied a sheer layer of makeup over my face, I glanced at the clock. The time seemed to slither in such snake like motion. It was a Sunday morning, slower than usual yet surprisingly quiet. The clocks hands came to a halt at 9 o'clock and sure I could faintly hear my mom prancing about in the kitchen catering to his Highness demands. Frustrated with my hair, I gathered it all and tied it in a messy bun are the nape of my neck, slipped into my open toe yellow heels which brightened my outfit, at least.

As I sauntered down the hallway, and down towards the stairs, I could hear my uncle in a conversation what seemed like on the phone since it was silent other than the occasional sound of dishes. I settled my bag and rest of my folders on the steps whilst I walked towards the kitchen for a granola bar, and some more caffeine. 

"good morning," I mumbled as I went past the island towards the refrigerator, stared at the contents in it and then closed it. I had no appetite for any heavy duty breakfast. 

My uncle of course was perched on the island chair, sipping something terribly distasteful. 

"Morning, Bani. Where are you going? " the old guy's voice boomed in the cold kitchen. 
"Yes, Bani, where are you off to? " my mother also voiced her concern.  

When will they learn that I am an adult, perfectly capable of making my own decisions. 
"I have an appointment with a client," I said not in the mood for any explanations. I wasn't in the mood for questions about my appointment, nor was did I want to face anyone. My equilibrium balance was off, and I did not trust myself, just not yet. 

"Oh, is that so... But I was hopping that everyone would be home today... Sundays should be family days. That's too bad... your uncle just refused as well saying Rano has her exams coming up, anyhow, you go ahead with your day." 

Wow, my uncle just reasoned with himself, on my behalf. What was going on? No tantrums, no snide remarks, no complaints. 
"Of course, Jai is coming here for lunch so try to come home soon... The more partners get to know each other, the better." He finished the contents in his cup, deposited it in the sink, and strode away towards his room. 

Catching Jai's name in the conversation, my heart most probably skipped a few beats. I stuffed the entire granola bar into my mouth, injuring the roof of my mouth, drank the entire hot liquid, burning the roof my mouth. 
Cursing internally, I hugged my mom goodbye, dashed towards the door, and left the house... I was getting late. 
What I was failing to acknowledge was that I may have been trying to avoid someone.

I entered the address given to me by Pia into the gps. A Manhattan address to be precise. I took a deep breath and roared the engine to life. 
As soon as the car warmed up, I gave the signal, checked for oncoming traffic and merged into the street. 

The traffic was surprisingly languid, and no traffic jams much to my astonishment. I was dreading driving through Manhattan considering how the taxi drivers created such huge jams, shouting loudly into each other's space. 

An hour later, I was parked outside an amazing beach house located in Manhattan. I could not help but admire the amazing, vast house. I double checked the address, I couldn't have been mistaken. The house itself was named The Sachdev Residence. 

I contemplated whether to get up and ring the bell since I was earlier than the appointed time. After much thinking, I quickly walked towards the huge gate, rung the bell and waited with baited breath till the voice on the intercom filled the silence. 

"Hi, Who is this?" A man's voice boomed through the speaker and suddenly my palms felt very damp. 

"Hi, this is Bani Dixit... Uh, I have an appointment with Ms. Pia Sachdev." I clutched onto the folders in my hand as the iron gate slowly and meticulously opened up. 

I was steps away from the front door when it flung open, and Pia came sauntering down the steps. 

"Oh, Hi Bani!... I hope you don't mind me calling you by your first name." She put forward her right hand, and shook my hand with too much enthusiasm.  

"Of course not... Ms. Sachdev," came out my professional yet crisp voice.

"Well then you can call me Pia... Yeah." Her eyes twinkled with happiness as she looked at the folders in my hands.  
"Okay, Pia... I can see you are very excited." I chided as we both stepped into the house.

The interiors were done in different colors and hues of blue and black paired with white. The living was spacious and done in elegance but the sea that was set behind the living room took my breath away. 

"This is just beautiful, Pia." My eyes were still transfixed onto the magnificent background of the house. 

"Isn't!? Well it is my parents house, but we do end up visiting up here a lot... And ever since my wedding has been announced, this has become the party spot... Anyhow, I'm glad you like it."

She gestured me to sit politely as she went to get some pleasantries.  
In a matter of a few seconds her entire family had deposited themselves on the couches.

"Hi, I am Jigaysa Sachdev... Pia's mom." If she hadn't informed me herself I would have guessed. The resemblance between them was uncanny. 

"That is my darling husband Aditya, my mother in law, my younger daughter Anu, and of course my elder son Daksh." 

I greated them with Hi's and Hello's. They were such warm and genuine people that I had felt an instant liking towards them. 

"Bani, please don't mind them... They just are too excited." Pia was pouring lemon water into the glass while she was seated in the floor. 
"Of course not, you all are very warm people," I smiled at everyone as I said this. 

"seriously they are just being nice... They will start their antics soon enough, and most people just run the other way when they see us," Pia laughed as she handed me the glass of water.

"Pia, please! We don't want Ms. Bani to run away... Who will design your clothes... And by the sounds of how much fancy you have taken of her designs, I highly you will get someone as good as her." Pia's older brother, Daksh, warned her as he took out his cell phone. 

"Bro, please! No more work calls! You have taken time off for me!!! Mom tell him." Pia had thrown a fake tantrum and had snatched her brother's cell phone.

I laughed lightly as I saw the same antics that my brother and I usually ended up into. 

"Guys, we have company... Behave!" their mother warned them as Pia deposited herself onto the same couch as me and sulked until Daksh thrust his cell phone into her hands. Her face instantly broke into a cheery grin. 

"Not for you Pia... But for the sweet company that we have over... Who knows if you start crying and throw a fit, Ms. Bani will run away... And we will have to hear you nag.." he joked with her as her eyes widened into a pair of saucers.

This was the second time Daksh had complemented me in a matter of a few minutes, and I couldn't help but color up.

"Uh, I was hoping to start since there are quite a few of you, with different tastes," I informed them as I ignored the stare from Daksh.

"Sorry, Bani... My siblings and I are very much not normal..." Pia's apologetic tone made me shake my head as I said, " I totally get it, I'm the same if not worse with my brother... Don't worry about it." I laughed as she asked me whether I preferred the dining table or the smaller table outside since the day had cleared up.

I much rather opted to face the ocean on the spacious yet cozy patio... It looked serene and that is exactly what I needed. A tranquil spot to sketch my best work. 
Considering how Pia was literally jumping with joy, I asked her to accompany me with choosing designs for her family... Who would know them better than her?

We started with her younger sister Anu, who was just a year younger than Pushkar. I just instantly knew that pink was her color so we decided to make her outfits in contrasting hues of pink. Three outfits comprising in soft jade, carnation pink and coral pink were decided for her... One sari in carnation pink and rest were lehngas. 
"I love these designs... You are just simply the best Ms.Bani... I have seen someone as talented as you." Anu gushed as she came around and hugged me. I simply murmured a thank you as she continued to hug me.

"Stop, Anu. You are crushing the beautiful lady!" exclaimed Daksh as he sauntered onto the patio. The wind tossed the sheer curtains as he opened the sliding door.

"Sorry... My bad. I just feel you look kind of familiar... " Anu's vexed expressions told me that she did not do this too often, I just smiled in her direction. 

In the next couple of hours I had finished the designs of Pia's mom and her grandmother. They seemed happy with the designs as well. I had found out the funny bone in the family...their grandmother who was an ardent fan of Salman Khan and much to my horror she kept on comparing me to one of his latest female leads. 

"Alright guys and Ms. Bani let's have lunch you must be starving on those biscuits and tea!" 
I wanted to oppose, and wanted to voice out that I would much rather finish and take a leave but they didn't let me oppose. The siblings had started go fight over what to order and passing the phone back and forth till Daksh silenced them as he looked at me.

"Ms. Bani is the guest here so let's ask her." He came and stood next to me as he asked me sweetly what I preferred. 

"Go on Bani... Tell him. It is high time that we shell some money from this overpaid neurosurgeon who charges patients ridiculous amounts of money!!" Pia quickly came and stood by my side as well.

"Chicken Wings bro! Besides my treat is impending from 6 months for passing that sociology exam!!" Anu came and jibbed Daksh's shoulder.

"Indian...from the restaurant Salman Khan orders from!"
"Nothing oily... You dad is on a strictly diet."

"Everyone, let's first ask what Ms. Bani desires," said Daksh in a very friendly manner.

All the eyes in the living where we currently were standing turned towards me.

"Uh... Pizza?" 
Slowly everyone nodded their heads and smiled at me.

As soon as the pizza had arrived, everyone had attacked it mercilessly and after the lunch affair we were back to designing. 
"Pia, I have an appointment in an hour... I can't stay any longer! I took out so many hours just for you." Daksh was complaining to Pia as she stood crestfallen until I butted in.

"I can sketch the sherwani for you and I am sure you are going to be wearing tuxedos overall.. A simple one just for the ceremony?" 
His eyes fluttered over to mine and he locked his gaze with mine. 

"That is very sweet Ms. Bani... Don't worry I will just cancel my appointment," he managed to take his phone out as he said this.

"Wow, bro I must be dreaming. You are canceling your appointment!" 

"Yes, but for the first and last time," his voice disappeared into the house as he slowly walked away. Pia turned towards me as she smiled and we both walked towards the patio again. 

In a few minutes I was sitting alone with Daksh on the patio. The rest of the family were discussing other wedding related stuff inside the house though Pia filtered in and out from the living room to the patio.

I concentrated hard while I made strokes for the sherwani. I held the paper with my left hand and I carefully and diligently perfected my design.

"So, I can call you Bani... Hope you don't mind." I looked up into Daksh's cocoa brown eyes as he smiled at me. He was well in his late thirties and his gray hair were somewhat visible along his sideburns. If I weren't so complicated I would have found him immensely attractive, well built, great height, nice features, very much an independent person.. And a doc by profession. 

"Bani... Where are you lost?" he knotted his brows as he waved his hand to get my attention.

"Sorry, what were you saying!?" I blinked my eyes in confusion.

"I said your designs are very nice, just like yourself."
He looked straight into my eyes as he said this so naturally my cheeks colored up.

"Uh, thank you... Here I'm just about done. How is this? This shouldn't be too heavy for you and it's breathable as well."

"Awesome. Thanks a lot." His phone went off so he excused himself to take the call as Pia came in with two glasses of wine.

"Pia, if I keep eating like this, I swear I won't be able to breathe!" She handed me the glass as she retorted,"Well I'm sure you can keep up you have a great figure and besides this is just wine."

She appreciated my designs and soon after I had finished her father's outfit as well. Her mother in law, Shobana Deb, had also stopped by and I had finished her designs as well. Pia informed me that she had dropped the idea of bridesmaids since her fiance had no siblings and since she didn't have really close friends who could be her bridesmaids so we had intended to make Anu her only Maid of Honor. 

By the time we were completely finished it was close to 5.30 in the evening. I tiresomely stretched and grabbed my belongings and wrapped up everything. I promised to scan and send Pia all the designs via email as soon as I could. I had to go to the professional tailors that I trusted and let them get started as well. The wedding was only 2 months away, and though it was good enough time, I still wanted to finish everything in 5 weeks at least. By then the overhaul was intended to be finished, if not faster. 

As I was gathering my folders, Daksh had unexpected come and had started helping me clearing up the table. "Well, Bani... It was nice to meet you. Hopefully our family didn't drive you crazy."

I laughed at his joke as he stood holding onto some of my folders. "Naah. My family is probably worse."
He handed over the rest of the folders and our fingers brushed together.

"I think I need to take you out and erase the memory of today's lunch out of your mind."
My face paled but I recovered as I politely declined his offer.
"I think I'll live, don't worry."

"How about formally then? A man's promise and honor..." he finished his sentence in a friendly tone. His offer should have offended or at least bothered me but he was so genuine about it that I smiled at his forthrightness. "You aren't wearing a ring and not once  have you taken your phone out so I sort of assumed that we could maybe have dinner."

"Uh, Daksh it is very sweet but uh... It's sort of... In its own sense...complicated," I said in a dejected voice. It was way beyond complicated but I didn't want to sound too rude.

"Oh, okay... Hey don't worry... We all have our own shares of complicated... I still hope to see you around and of course at the wedding!"

"Yeah, for sure. " Pia had already invited me before I could even get a word in.. She was so unlike how she came across in the first meeting. 

As I put my bag on my shoulder and joined everyone in the living room, I thanked all of them for their warm hospitality. Anu had even exchanged numbers with my for further reference. 

I walked across their front walkway towards the iron gate as Daksh and Pia walked me across to my car. We bid good byes to each other as I started the car engine and rolled into the street.

The traffic was very heavy when I got onto the bridge. It moved at such snail like speed that frustration was oozing out of my body. Partly because I was very hungry and partly because I could feel my emotions spiraling out of control. Why hadn't I informed Daksh that I was in a relationship(no matter what kind)? And why had Jai's gray eyes, his strong jaw, his scar, his smile, his smell come across my eyes had infused into my system when Daksh asked me on a date? It should have been Tarun! I was dating him and not Jai. I honked at the car cutting across and merging into my lane almost hitting my car's front bumper.

Why did the feelings that I thought had subsided were suddenly gripping my insides again. Soon my windshield was drenched in rain as the traffic slowed down even further, barely moving.
It felt as if I could feel his presence next to me, as if I could feel his hand enveloped into my hand, as if his cologne was the only thing I could smell, as if his eyes were hauntingly looking at me, as if his arms were still encircled around me, as if his lips were still touching the sensitive spot at the base of my neck, just on top of my breathing tube... in between my collar bone. 

I gulped as my mouth went dry but the traffic had started to move, and in another 15 minutes I was parked outside my house. I was shaken, but I managed to get to the door. After the third attempt, I managed to put the keys in the lock, twisted it and opened the door. 

I ran upstairs into my room, placed my stuff on the floor and laid on my bed. I curled my toes, and settled into a fetal position and without realizing, I fell into a deep, dream less sleep. 

When I had woken up, it was dark in my room. I searched around for my phone and located it underneath the sheets. It was 10 past... Surprised that no one woke me, I got up from the bed. After freshening up in the washroom, I skipped down the stairs into the kitchen. It was empty so I assumed that my parents had retired for the night. I was still very hungry but nothing appealing was in the kitchen.  
"Sis, what are you doing here?" he asked in a sleepy voice.
I jumped suddenly as my head hit the top of fridge. "oww."
I rubbed my head and closed the fridge. "Uh, McDonalds?"

His eyes lit up as if he had found the secret to a treasure chest and grinned like a chesire cat. We drove to a nearby McDonalds and ordered two meals... A mcchicken and a bigmac!

We sat in the car while listened to the radio in the parking lot of my boutique. I shared with him how much I wanted this ordeal to be finished and he offered words of encouragement... He told me his university problems and I soothed him down as well... My phone rang and my mom was worried about our whereabouts. I told her to relax as we headed back home. 

"We just went to see the boutique. It was quiet and I just wanted to see the progress and to see whether Ja... Mr. Walia were keeping tabs on the overhaul." I informed my mother as she looked at us with a vexed expressions deliberately leaving out the McDonalds part. We did not need a lecture on junk food at this time.

"He was here today, Bani. I'm sure he is keeping tabs as much as possible but tomorrow Jeevan Bhai is going to check... He has to now." She said as she drank water, turned and washed the glass.

"Why? Where is Ja... Mr Walia?" Suddenly not liking where this conversation was heading. 
"He had some urgent work come up so he had to leave... For London. He took the evening flight."

As if on automation I turned around in a daze and climbed the stairs towards my room.  Soon enough tears clouded my vision, hot tears burned and stung my eyes until they washed my cheeks. I felt stupid and angry for letting that man affect me so much. Why did I even let him sneak into my thoughts, my feelings and my actions... Admitted that I felt an attraction towards him like no one else, admitted that he was handsome and polite, admitted that my longing for Veer had been curbed because of his presence, admitted that I felt safe with him, admitted that he treated me in such caring manner, admitted that he made me feel like a woman, turning me on to say the very least... However, that doesn't mean that he could affect me so much. I was sobbing quietly, brushing away tears in a futile attempt. Why was I crying? 
He was a partner in this venture but he had other business to take care as well. Did I really consider that he would stick around here. He was a busy business man and not to mention a "silent" partner who had other priorities as well.

Nevertheless, I was angry... After yesterday night I thought that we would be mature and ignore it or be mature and talk about it but never did I ever think that he would leave things hanging like this. So what if I was shaken, so what if I was his partner, so what if he was closer to my uncle... That does not give him the right to leave. 

But nothing was ever said in between us. We both knew the pull but who doesn't have these attractions once in a while. If he chose to leave like this, then I must be the mature one and put an end to this nonsense. 
Time for a reality check... Becaus
e it was all a stupid dream till now... Right?

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orchidpurple Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update...
Bani realizes her feelings for Jai...
And Daksh interested in Bani...that's interesting...
Hope Jai going to London does not bring Bani close to Daksh
waiting to read more..
Update soon...


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winnie7500 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2012 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
After what felt like months of an endless wait, with the question of whether this ff shall be continued, you have finally updated!
And what a great update it was too!
But i have to say what I loved most about this update: Daksh.
I suppose I'm also a little angry at Jai for suddenly leaving the country without a word, even though him and Bani aren't exactly together. But Jai's departure definently brought on this slight infactuation with Daksh. Perhaps Daksh will be a catalyst in Jai+Bani's love..? In other words, I'd like some more of Daksh please :) (and possibly a jealous Jai..?)
I won't say, update soon, but rather, don't give up on this! Your writing is captivating and im positive many others will agree with me!!

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Proud-BrownGirl Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Engrossing and superb chapter after a long time. Hope Daksh is not setting his eyes
on dear Bani while JW is out of town and does her uncle knows more about her than he is
letting on.

Can't wait to find out in the next update, soon I hope.Big smile

As promise posted your link above on Archi;s FF post. below.

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music_girl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 7:51am | IP Logged
edited  by SongsLover

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Posted: 30 May 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged

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