Written Update : Kissa Zahar Ka ( First CID Case)

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Hello, Namaste and Salaam everyone!Big smile As per requests, I'm here with another update and its the first CID case EVER!!Approve Yay!Party
Preview : Kissa Zahar Ka is case of lawyer's death. He's alone in his room, studying files but dies suddenly. Everyone thinks that Lawyer's death is suicide but its not. You have to read ahead to know how did the murder took placeSmile
Famous Lawyer ( Matur) dies in his study room
Matur is studying some files in his study room. Starts to smoke his pipe cigarette. Phone rings. He answers it and is shocked. He says he will see it. He starts to feel uneasy. He takes his capsule with a glass of milk. Phone rings again but he's not able to answer it. He feels like something inside him is grabbing just like heart attack. He falls on his chair and dies.
CID officer informs ACP Pradyuman about Matur's death
Someone driving the white car in some main road. CID officers gets off from the car and informs ACP that lawyer has committed suicide in his study room ( he was alone) . No one expect lawyer's sister stayed in the house at the time of death.
ACP Pradyuman reach Matur's house
ACP checks the body. Forensic doctor examines the body and informs ACP that it seems like the lawyer died around 8-9pm.  Another CID officers are checking the room. ACP tells the officers to check carefully as they might find some suicide note. Forensic doctor says that he cant say whether the lawyer committed suicide or was killed. ACP looks at the capusles and think that lawyer consumed one of them and its for to maintain blood pressure. Doctor looks at it and says sometimes, a man can killed if this medication is taken with another capsule. ACP is shockedShocked  ACP finds smoking pipe and also a glass of milk ( little is left over). ACP wondesr if the poison is inside the milk. One of CID officers agree with him. Another office agrees and informs that they didnt find any suicide note in the room. ACP wonder's how the milk glass came inside when the room was locked( from inside).
ACP  suspects Lawyer's sister
Her sister tells him that she didnt mix any poison. She says that her brother never used to drink milk. She's crying. Neighbor blames her for lawyer's death. She complains to ACP that lawyer's sister always would argue with her brother for property. Lawyer's sister blames Radha ( niece) because she too was present when lawyer was alive. She says Radha was always wanted to have property. Radha( Nurse) refuses to comment when ACP asks him. She tells ACP that when she went to meet Lawyer, there was no glass. * Flashback  starts .. Radha entering the kitchen and Lawyer's sister is hiding something. They both argue for moneyDead Flashback ends** Radha  tells ACP that she indeed saw woman mixing something in that glass. ACP wonders why lawyer's sister did that because eventually she would be the first to be blamed.
Testing glass of milk for poison
Doctor uses titration experiment to find out whether the milk has poison or not. He tells ACP that if the solution (milk) will  change its color, then it doesnt contain poison in it. But it takes 3-4 drops of another solution to test for poison. First three drops do not change the color, ACP thinks that there's a  poison in the milk. Doctor tells ACP to wait until they slowly add 4th drop to the solution. ACP agrees and slowly doctor add the 4th drop and this changes the color of the solution ( milk). into pink . ACP is shocked. This means that there's no poison in the milkShocked ACP says that the poison did enter through lawyer's mouth but how did it enter?Shocked
Forensic doctor gives info about poison
Doctor agrees with ACP that indeed the lawyer died due to poison. Its a cyanide poison, the king of poison  It can also be dangerous for the doctor who performs post mortem. Doctor shows lawyer's fingers and says that he found cyanide on two fingers which might have got in many ways. Lawyer died after Radha left for her house.
CID officers discuss about the case
ACP Pradyuman and other officer are playing chessShocked While the other officer is facing towards the camera and says that all this must have been done through remote controlConfused ACP tells him to stop talking nonsense. ACP wonders how poison got to lawyers hands. Both officers give some clues from where the poison might have been... pen, money, pipe,telephone,glass...etc. ACP says "yes, glass". Everyone run to the chemical lab to check for the poison on the glass. Lab AssistantConfused sprays something and we find some fingerprints and poison on itShocked ACP is shocked and takes a look at it himself and says that its written on fingerprint report that two people's fingerprints are present on the glass.. one is lawyer and the other is lawyer's sister. He tells other officers to immediately arrest lawyer's sister.
Lawyer's sister is proven innocent
Lawyer's sister is crying. She says she never gave poison to her brother. She says just mixed sugar in the glass. She insists ACP to ask Radha. ACP tells Radha left before lawyer died. ACP talks about the fights between both women for property.She later informs ACP that Radha holded the glass with her duppata.. so she must have added cyanide to the glass. ACP in rocking chairEmbarrassed thinking about the case. He thinks if the cyanide is in Radha's duppata, then she too must have died but she didnt. Poison came from somewhere to lawyer's hand and then to the glass. He thinks they all must go back to lawyer's study room and carefully check everything.
Lawyer's study room and death of a CID officerOuch
Lab Assistant gives a solution and tells them to spray whenever they think there might be poison. ACP asks doctor to keep an antidote for cyanide. Doctor says he cant because cyanide is really very fast in reactivity and there's no way to save oneself once they consume. He says precaution is the only way for antidote.ACP is telling everyone to be carefull while checking as cyanide can be on anything. CID officers names are Rajan, ShindeyConfused and Desai. ACP is searching for Desai as he isnt present with them. Desai already on study room. Desai got cyanide inside his body and dies on the spot. But before Desai dies, he says " 13" and dies.Another CID officer says that he doesnt want to risk his life because he has family and allSleepy ( Then why did you join CID in the first place?Angry) Later he apologizes ACP and get to work. ACP asks the photographer if he took some pictures before lawyer died on that night. The guy takes the photos out and shows it to CID officer. The picture shows that the officer was standing near the bookstall with a book on his hand.  ACP asks him to enlarge the photo to find the name of the book. He finds another picture where lawyer's hand is close to his mouth. ACP tells Radha to find out which book he was reading when she came to the room. She says she cant find out as all books look same to herSleepyAngry She explains that lawyer was reading some book when she came to the room. She searches for the book with some label on it C.L. ACP also helps her. She finds the book and gives to him. ACP takes the book and gives it to one of the CID officers ( RajanConfused) and tells him to check every page for cyanide. Officers finds the page on which the cyanide is on. Its on page 13. ACP now understands why Desai was saying "13". Book belongs to Citizen's library.
Citizen's library & Back & forth arugement
Librarian says that lawyer( Matur) wanted to read this book and he even placed it on hold..He says Jatab singh( another criminal lawyer) had this book before Matur had it.He directs ACP to Jatab singh with whom matur had always an arguement.  Jatag singh says that matur respects him alot. Back to librarian.. he says Jatab singh is lying.. in fact both lawyers always used to fight and whatever book Jatab singh reads, Matur reads it.. and vice versa. Jatab singh says that he did read the book but he returned it and maybe the librarian must have put cyanide on that page. Back to librarian, he says to ACP that he called Matur as soon as he got the book He told him to come around 2pm so that he can have lunch before matur comes.. ACP asks if anyone takes over during that time. Librarian says that he locks the room before he leaves. ACP asks if he went to washroom when nobody were here. Librarian agrees and then there's this guy who was near the book for few mins. But librarian couldnt see the guySleepyACP meets Jatag Singh who challenges him that if he doesnt find anything from the lawyer's office then that he should resign CID if the lawyer is proven innocentAngryAngry  ACP agreesShockedFinally, the lawyer gives information about case where these two lawyers were working on. In this case, Jatag singh was defensive lawyer while prosecutor was Matur. Matur won the case as Jatag singh didnt have strong evidence to prove the guy innocent and therefore the victim was imprisioned for 13years. Later, the guy died due to some fight in jail. Jatag Singh fought for the guy's family and his brother. Later, his brother who was a lab assistant was fired because his brother was proven guilty. ACP is about to leave but Jatag singh stops him and says he lost the gameAngry ACP says lawyer lost it by giving info about the caseLOL Lawyer is shockedShocked
DM College
ACP and his team reach the place where they find out Arun Saxena ( the guy's brother) was not fired due to his brother but because he used to steal things from the lab. ACP asks if they could check cyanide bottles. Lab assistant agrees and all open the fridge where cyanide bottle is place but its empty. ACP says that he wants Arun Saxena's house address.
Arun Saxena's house
Arun's wife is crying because the dog died due to cyanideShocked CID team reach there but Arun manages to escape from there and reach the library. Arun decides to kill librarian but finally he gets caught. His confesses tha he killed Matur lawyer because he was responsible for his brother's deathConfused
                            **** THE END****

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thanks yaar
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Originally posted by tgodse

thanks yaar
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Thank you so much Tongue
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Thanks a lot!
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Originally posted by abhijeetdaya

Thank you so much Tongue
Your welcomeBig smile
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Originally posted by vvgoswami

Thanks a lot!
anytimeBig smile
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Fantastic! Finally we have a written update for the very first case. Nicely written as always Priya.Clap

Now for my usual corrections/nitpicking LOL

  • You have referred to Shivaji's character as 'ACP Pradyuman'. However, he is never actually referred to as an ACP in the first cases (well the first two I am sure of and the third, Kissa Anjaan Aawazon Ka, I haven't been able to watch yet since it has not been uploaded anywhere but from what I have read he isn't called ACP Pradyuman there either). He is in fact called 'Inspector' sometime during this case and also in the next one. His name is never mentioned. We have found some indication that the original scripts may have had his name as Shikant Patkar but this was never actually said on-screen from what I know. So I suppose we can assume that his name is Pradyuman here since there is no contradiction with the later episodes but he is definitely not an ACP. 
So I think you should either refer to him as 'Insp Pradyuman' or simply 'the Inspector' (that would be most accurate).

  • The Forensic Experts: your writing does not make it clear that there actually 3 forensic experts. This the way I see it:

Doctor #1

This is the first forensic doctor we see in the case. He appears twice in the episode and both times at the crime scene. He offers advice on poison.

Doctor #2

He is the one who performs the titration experiment in the chemical lab.

Doctor #3

This doctor seems specifically concerned with performing autopsies and finding the cause of death. He also offers advice on poision (cyanide).

Finally the first and second doctors show up together at the crime scene to supervise the CID team when they return to the scene to look for source of the poison.

Based on his appearances in this case and the next, I can think we can safely conclude that Doctor #2 is a Forensic Pathologist whose task is to perform autopsies and find the cause of death. Of course since the death was via poison in this particular case, he also offers some advice on that subject. But I'd say he is definitely a forensic pathologist.

The other two are slightly more difficult to figure out. The first doctor seems to show up only at the crime scene and at the same time his advice is concerned only with poison. The second doctor first shows up in the chemical lab and then at the crime scene with the first one. Possibilities: the first doctor is specifically involved with doing field work at the crime scene while the second one is concerned with forensic chemistry and toxicology; or they are both forensic doctors working in the chemical lab (the second one being a junior doctor and hence the senior doctor accompanied him to supervise the CID team); or the second one is an assistant/lab technician or something (I think you went with this possibility).

In any case, you should at least make it clear that the one who did the autopsy is not the same as the one who first shows up at the crime scene.

You know, all this detail I put into the issue of the forensic experts is going to come in handy for the wiki article. LOL

  • The CID officer we first see, who informs 'The Inspector' about the crime and who is later seen playing chess with him, is Sub-Inspector Rodricks. I'm not sure if he was actually called by name in this case but his name is clearly mentioned in the later episodes.
  • Nitpicking: 'Matur' should be spelled 'Mathur' and the lawyer seen near the end, arguing with 'The Inspector' is Jagtap Singh I believe, not Jatab Singh.

That's all. Smile

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