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lighteningbuzz Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
I have been reading the fans of Armaan-Riddhima and reading the comments in which they solidfy their reason that Riddhima should pick Armaan. Well, I came up with the answers to their comments.

Okay, first of all many people have subjectively argued that Armaan's love cannot compare to Sid's becuz, of the time difference or the fact that you can't ever forget your first love! I don't think every person in this world ends up marrying their first love! Just becuz, they were together for two years doesn't mean her fate should be inclined only to him WHY becuz, they were together for 2 years! And yes, you can fall in love with someone in a couple of months! If in films we can digest the idea of love at first sight then what is wrong with Riddhima and Sid falling for each other in a couple of months. Besides she moved on and every person has the right to move on in his/her life even though the memories stay. I ask people out there that if you had a previous boyfriend and life's circumstances separated you. Later on, you meet an awesome, extremely caring, loving husband whose happiness is your happiness then will you really go back to your ex-boyfriend or stay with your current husband?? And is it fair to the husband if you left? Some of you people need to understand that how would you feel if you were in Sid's place? I am sure there's no man that will tolerate his wife's lover. But, its easy to judge becuz, your not looking at it from open perspective.

Everyone have their own opinions to the Riddhima-Sid-Armaan triangle. But, its apparently rather shocking that many people are implying that Riddhima & Armaan should be a couple. In addition they add that "he is hot! Or the fact that he is cuter?" So, basically your explaination narrows down to fact that Armaan is hot and therefore that's why she should be with him and for the fact that you guys are AR fans? So, basically you don't have any concern for the storyline but, just want AR together even though it doesn't make any sense.

About Armaan, people are saying that "oh he was helpless that he left her and all that!" Well, I have one question is that if he loved her so bad and couldn't live without her how did he manage to live separate from her all this time. Riddhima is absolutely right when she states that he didn't even care to check back if she's dead or alive. I understand that he had a mental condition and wanted to treat it. But, what about Riddhima she got freakin injured too? What about her condition? I fail to understand how he run away to get himself cured only to not trouble her but, did he forget that she was injured too? And if he thought she was dead, then he didn't even check back to see? I don't understand that if you love someone so badly, you would constantly make sure that they were okay first instead of thinking that your gonna give her problems with your health and just leave her alone. And what she must be going through. Both could've strived to get each other better with each other's love and support. In a time of crisis, a person needs the love and support of people around him/her and Armaan was unable to understand that. Sid on the other hand although first he was immature but later on he matured gracefully to fit the role of a companion that helped Riddhima cope through her problems. What's more he accepted her in spite of knowing her past and that she loved someone else. Even though at times he has been frustrated at her, but you gotta understand his countless efforts to take her out of her grief and pain. If he did yell at her at times then it was becuz, he wanted her to live her life in her own means and to learn to live accepting her present. She was completely wasting her time away crying for Armaan whom she couldn't get a hold of and didn't realize the importance of people around her who loved and cared for her like her parents, friends, sister, and Sid. Sid, was helping her come to terms with her life and at the same time he was mad becuz, of the suicide attempt she tried to do even though she was given so much freedom and support to make her own decisions.

I think in today's society, many men can be a loverboy, loving boyfriend like Armaan. I've seen many guys who were very much in love with a girl who happened to get married. These guys just accept it and move on.

But, how many men can actually be Sid? I ask you how many men can actually have the guts to bear the thought of their own wives loving another man and what's more forgetting about your own happiness to unite her with her former lover. He is her husband, he could've been controlling freak but, he merely wants to see her happy even if that means its not with him. To me that is the idea of "true love" in which you sacrifice your own happiness for the other person. Love is not selfish. How many men have the guts to marry a girl who tells you clearly that she's not gonna give you any husband/wife relationship after marriage but, yet you still marry her so, that her prestige and her parents' self-respect is maintained without regard to your own happiness. Siddharth is the best for Riddima. I think their jodi was given less time to develop fully considering that people have become "used" to seeing Armaan-Riddhima for two years that if Sidma given a chance can develop fully into a more widely popular jodi which is special in its own right.

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
@topic maker:- A very clear and concise post explaining the situation in DMG.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap I can not add anything more to what you have already wrote in your post. I agree with you that very few people can be like Sid who knows that his wife has loved someone before him but still care and love her deeplyClapClapClapClap.

One thing I don't understand is that how come the AR fans now all of a sudden want Riddhima to leave her husband and go to ArmaanOuchOuchOuchOuch. Remember these were the very same fans who posted countless topics saying that Riddhima is unfit for Armaan, Riddhima doesn't deserve Armaan's love and what not after the body heat episode even though Riddhima was not in her senses during the whole time.ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused Now that Armaan is back all of a sudden these fans want Riddhima to break her marriage and run back to her love.OuchOuchOuch How come Riddhima has suddenly become fit and okay to be with Armaan especially now after she started to have feelings for Sid. ShockedShockedShockedAnd how come these fans think that Riddhima *deserves* to be with Armaan and not in the so called *forced* rishta. If you look at the storyline Riddhima going back to Armaan is illogical and the reason(that we are seeing the love story for 2 yrs) is a very stupid reason.Shocked

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cleopatra123 Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2010 at 12:02am | IP Logged
I mostly stay away from all SR topics  but just wanted to say this. Please take no offense because thats not my intention at all.. Why do u need to put down Armaan to prove why u prefer SR?? In all ur points there was no mention why SR rules,all u mentioned is why armaan and riddhima should not be together.well..IF i agree  or not  with ur points is another matter all together. So i wont get into that. Its a request, this is a SR post,So please  come out with points as to why SR rules without getting Armaan into it as that would just lead to more fights in the forum.

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sayali_babes Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2010 at 12:06am | IP Logged

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lighteningbuzz Goldie

Joined: 31 March 2010
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Posted: 01 April 2010 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Yes, you made some great points as well. You are right the AR fans honestly speaking just want to see them together that's all. In their mindset they don't see the depth of feelings between the characters and logical sense of the situation. They see the world in only black and white concept........if you look at AR fans' explainations then their countless explainations are always that "they have known each other for two years" another "becuz, Armaan and Riddhima were the original and therfore becuz, they're are Armaan & Riddhima they HAVE to be together becuz, thats what the show is about." Beyond this they don't see anything else or want to hear anything and they panick at the mere thought of changes in the show. They want to see one thing over and over and over again even if the lead have been running around hopelessly for 2 long years. Come on, its like life it never remains the same and is always changing so, accept it. There are no perfections in a love story and thats clearly what the makers of Dil Mil Gaye have tried to demonstrate and sometimes the person that's written in your destiny is very  much different from who you thought you were destined for.

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HotMess IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 April 2010 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Actually, I don't believe in filmy baatein like love at first sight; that's based on appearances not personality.

Now, getting to SR's situation. Their marriage was forced, and we all remember the first few days of marriage. Yeah.. what a caring husband. The reasons for their marriage were totally wrong. Girl screaming rape, society enforcing rules, parental pressure. All wrong. I kind of felt sorry for Sid. He's a good guy, he didn't need to get married to some girl who decided that she wanted to attempt to suicide on their wedding night.

SR acted very immaturely. Whether it'd be Sid clicking pictures with Riddhima at night, or whether be screaming rape - very immature. And the initial days of their marriage.. ugh what the hell.

Now, this is just a show. And divorces do happen in real life. I don't see why it's so hard to accept that. And no.. I don't understand.. how you fall in love within a month; especially when the initial few days were horrible. Sid got sweeter later on; and if a few sweet words make you fall for a guy.. well.. meh. Yes, he was sweet prior to their marriage - but you do remember Riddhima's psycho fiasco over Armaan right?

To me, it's not the fact that she has fallen in love with Sid - 'cause I personally feel that's still on the like/friendship/respect level on her part; it's the fact that how do you suddenly forget Armaan? I'm not saying not moving on, crying in a corner, cutting herself; but not even remembering him once after marriage? It's like attempting to suicide for a guy one minute, and totally forgetting the same guy the next minute. A lot of people are relating DMG to real life - girl shouldn't divorce her husband and what not - but tell me now, in real life, how does one forget their lover just by burning a few pictures? Wake up the next morning and TOTALLY forget them?

Sid did help her. She has found an amazing friend in him - but DMG has ALWAYS been about Armaan & Riddhima. Some close-minded people stopped thinking that once Riddhima got changed, but the truth is even if the actor DID change - the character remained the same. Even KaJen admitted it. DMG is AR, AR is DMG.

On Armaan's part though; I blame him too. He left Riddhima on the floor, and once he did get better he didn't directly go to Riddhima. Instead he did a concert and all that. But he does love her. It's kinda evident. Plus the CVs needed a grand entry of Armaan and decided to have a random concert that heads of Sanjeevani had no idea about.

All 3 characters acted very immaturely during different times. The fact is, Armaan did leave her for her benefit. Riddhima knows that. Riddhima didn't want to be anyone else's, but circumstances led to that.

I don't think Sid is the "best" for Riddhima; and best can be defined or seen in different ways. Sid has made sacrifices and he has guts. But does Armaan not? I think he's proved many times that he in fact does.

But whatever. :)

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lighteningbuzz Goldie

Joined: 31 March 2010
Posts: 1503

Posted: 01 April 2010 at 12:33am | IP Logged
I appreciate with the generosity in which you asked me the question without straight up like a lot of people attacking other's opinions and calling names. The way, you put forward "that your intention is not to offend" shows your maturity and respect for others. I did use examples of SR to show how Sid helped Riddhima in not only taking her out of her depression but, keeping her family's dignity as well. What I was trying to do was to explain my points but, then I knew that AR fans would straight up start making comparsions. Becuz, frankly speaking no one lets you just list a mere set of points becuz people will start making comparisions so, you need to be prepared to make your arguments. And at this point the show is in that mindset of making comparisons between Sid and Armaan on who deserves Riddhima more. Again, your beliefs and my beliefs may differ but, hey we are different individuals with our own perspectives. I'm merely just stating my opinion becuz, I am a fan of SR. Whereas you may be a fan of AR. I listed my opinion on this column becuz, its for SR fans.....so, I don't know why AR fans are posting on this fanclub when clearly they need to post their views on a AR fanclub becuz, obviously they aren't going to find something to agree with here and just prone for arguments?

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rosette80 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2010 at 12:34am | IP Logged
@topic mkaer..in short u have spoken the bare truth whether one likes it or not...they need to accept that this is life and has to go this way...i am completely with u in this matter...not as a SR fan..or AR fann..but as generally...want the reality to happen ...in todays world..

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