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Pyaar Impossible or It's Possible?AR ff p-10 pg 31

arlover_aditi Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 12:54pm | IP Logged

- played by jennifer winget(u can imagine it to be shilpa or sukirti all were equally good)

She is sweet caring loves her parents, sister, friends and obviously her best friend a lot. even though she respects every1 bt doesnt take things lying down...she knws how to fight for herself nd for others if necessary

ARMAAN MALLIK - played by none other than karan singh grover

he is a total really good at heart hey wait wait he isnt a flirt..misses his bestie riddhima a lot

ANJALI GUPTA - played by sunaina gulia

she is riddhima's sister, loves her sister and her parents a lot...has lil bit attitude towards strangers bt those who knw her knw tat she is really good at heart

ATUL JOSHI - played by Pankit Thakkar

he is exactly like he is in dmg cute innocent funny nd a total sweetheart

MUSKAN CHADDA - played by dhrusti dhummi

exactly like she is in dmg talkative attractive and really sweet

RAHUL GAREWAL - played by mayank anand

he is riddhima and anjali's cousin n loves them a lot...totally like he was in in love with muskan

NIKITA MALHOTRA - played by shweta gulati

exactly like she is in dmg bubbly sweet for her frnds nd can make life hell for those who mess with her and her frnds

ABHIMANYU MODI - played by amit tandon
he is friendly sweet caring nd had a crush on nikita

(and others as you knw will be shashank and padma gupta,anji nd ridzie's parents, bi and u will knw others as and when the story progresses)

well this was the cast and their nature and now lets have a look at the story line...(m really nervous though...fingers crossed hope u will like it)

Riddhima and Armaan had been best frnds since they were really small..they were neighbours and were born in the same year armaan was hardly  7 months elder to riddhima and really liked playing with her since she was born so they were born and brought up together...some years later shashank had to go to US for his job riddhima was 5yrs old at tat time nd she didnt want to leave her best they decided tat riddhima wad be living with her maternal grandparents nd shashank anji and padma wud be going to four years later riddhimas grandfather had died and so her parents decided to take her and her nani along with them to US and that day was the worst day for armaan and riddhima they knew they were going to miss other very much bt they really didnt have any other option...since then 7 yrs had passed and they still hadnt forgotten each cud they , they meant the world to each other their friendship wasnt one which they cud forget tat easily. riddhima and anjali had decided to continue their junior college in mumbai and she was returning to mumbai almost after 7 yrs and the main reason for her comin here was her best friend armaan...she had taken admission in their school(it was a school and junior college both she had hoped tat armaan wud still be studying in the same school) so will she be able to find armaan?...and if she finds will they ever be more than friends?...well lets see

so guys this is the basic concept of the story...hope you like it
please do comment or press the like button and lemme know if you want me to continue

loads of love
take care

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arlover_aditi Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 12:56pm | IP Logged


PART 6 - PAGE 11
PART 7 - PAGE 14
PART 8 - PAGE 18
PART 9(A) - PAGE 22
PART 9(B) - PAGE 27

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arlover_aditi Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

Part 1

She looked at the watch''.man juzz 15 min had passed since she had last seen it. It meant they still had 45 min to reach Mumbai'..well this is getting tough she tought. She then looked at the ring she was wearing and caressed it'..this ring was the world's best gift she had'.it was the most important thing in her life coz it was the last gift he had given her(atleast till nw it was last) it always reminded her of him and most importantly of tat day
"mom I knw you want me to come with you bt is it really necessary. Cant I stay here or even better cant u stay here?" the little girl who was around 9 yrs old tried to convince her mom for the last time. That's wat she had been doing since the last two days and all her mother could say was, "nahi riddhima, beta hum yaha nahi ruk sakte aapke papa ka office bhi toh wahan hai na aur ab aapko bhi yaha nahi rehne de sakte na naniko aur aapko bhi toh humari jaroorat hai"
"par ma'.." bt before riddhima could say padma who was now really irritated interrupted her, " bas riddhima kabse tumhe samjha rahi hoon ki tum yahan nahi ruk sakti hum jaa rahe hain bas ab jaao apne kamre mein aur ab main tumhara muh se ek aur shabd nahi sunna chahti"
Riddhima was damn scared hearing this. She had never seen her mom getting angry. She  ran upto her room crying badly and closed the door.
Mean while shashank who had heard all this came to padma
"kya baat hai padma bachi par kyun chila rahi ho"
"dekhiye na kab se samjha rahi hoon par yeh hai ki samajhne ko hi tayaar nahi hai. Ma ko bhi to sahare ki jaroorat hai shashank par isse mein yeh kaise samjhun?" she said in tears
"tum ruko mein use baat karke aata hoon"
Saying this he went to her room. She was sitting at the end of the bed with her back towards him and her legs curled upto her chest. He went near her, held her in his arms and said wiping her tears, "kya hua meri bachi ko mama ne daanta kya?(she nodded her head indicating a yes) mama bahut boori hai na? hum mama ko maarenge theek hai(she shook her head saying no''shashank juzz smiled at her innocence) Riddhima beta aap jaante ho na ki aapke nanu hume chod ke chale gaye toh ab nani ko humari jaroorat hai na..kya aap chahte ho ki naani dukhi ho jaaye?"
"nahi" she said in tears
"toh phir unka humare saath jaana jaroori hai aur agar who chalengi toh aapko bhi chalna hoga na aur tum toh meri pyaari si beti ho'..toh ab rona band karo aur jaldi se papa ko ek meethi se smile do" saying this he started tickling her which made her laugh loudly "haha'papa..haha''.acha mein........hahhahaha... hasti hoon chodo na mujhe" he stopped tickling her and smiled at her
"papa kya mein armaan se milke aa sakti hoon" she asked innocently
"sure beta lekin wapas jaldi aana hume half an hour mein nikalna hai na"
Saying yes she ran to his place..she so wanted to meet him tat she didn't even were her sandals thinking ' baju mein hi toh ghar hai chappal pehnungi toh time waste hoga' she reached his house jumped to ring the doorbell which was out of her reach
Ting tong......
A lady in her 40's opened the door
"arre riddhima beta, mujhe laga tu toh abhi tak chali gayi hogi"
"aise kaise jaati bi aapse bina mile" saying this she hugged her both bi and riddhima had tears in their eyes. Riddhima and Armaan both were like her own children to her and she was going to miss her a lot. But she knew tat at this point it was necessary to take care of riddhma so she quickly wiped her tears
"Bi armaan'."
"upar apne kamre mein hai'. Ja milke aaja"
She ran upstairs and opened the door of his room. She saw him sitting on the bed with his back towards her. She knew he was crying. She went upto him and stood infront of him she lifted his face up by his chin and wiped his tears..this was the first time she was seeing him crying and she knew tat he was really sad and y wudnt he be afterall she was his best friend. He just got up and huuged her titghtly as if trying to saying tat I will never let you go basket. She hugged him back. The tears tat she had held back came flowing down at once and she started crying badly. At this moment both were feeling helpless. They knew there was no way they cud avoid this. They knew she had to leave.
Armaan knew ki use riddhima ko sambhalna hoga so he quickly wiped his tears and parted from the hug
" oyye basket tum ro kyun rahi ho"
Thinking this to be the most stupidest question ever asked she said, "nahi armaan mujhe toh hasne chahiye na. ek toh mein jaa rahi hoon aur tum yahaan bakwaas kar rahe ho"
"abbey yaar humesha ke liye thodina jaa rahi ho. Dekhna hum jaldi milenge aur who bhi humare hi school mein"
"sachi" she asked innocently
"muchi" he said making riddhima giggle, "acha basket suno mein tumhare liye kuch laya hoon"
"kya kya jaldi dikhao na"
"arre baba pehle apni aankhen band karo. Aur jaldi karo warna gift nahi milega"
Hearing this she immediately closed her eyes which made armaan giggle. Then he took out a box wrapped with gift paper and gave it to her. She immediately opened her eyes and slowly unwrapped the gift. She opened the box and found a ring with AR carved on it. She smiled seeing it and asked him
"yeh tumne laaya?"
"haan actually nahi idea mera tha aur laayi bi hai"
She jumped with joy and hugged him instantly
"wow armaan yeh kitna sundar hai" saying this she wore it " lekin bada bhi hai"
"arre toh kya hua abhi apne pas rakho aur kuch saal baadme pehen lena"
Her face again lit up and after that they talked with each other for a while
Juzz then bi came into the room and said, " riddhi beta padma ka phone aaya tha tumhara jaane ka waqt ho gaya hai. Tumhe ghar jaana chahiye" only bi knew how difficult it was to held her tears back
Hearing this riddhima and armaan, who had completely forgotten that she was bout to leave, had tears in their eyes
Riddhima hugged armaan again and said, "bye armaan"
Even armaan hugged her back and said bye. Then she hugged bi and bid her goodbye and went back home''after tat she left for the airport with anjali, nani, shashank and padma
~flashback ends~
"riddhimaaaa" she shaked her hard this time which made her come out of her thoughts
"di kya kar rahi ho"
"madam mein kya kar rahi hoon????Shockedare u really asking me tat question? itne time se yeh(pointing to the airhostess) keh rahi hai ki seat belt band lo hum land karne waala hai...mein tumhe bula rahi hoon par pata nahi madam ka dhyan kidhar hai"
hearing this she bit her lower lip and said, "oops sorry"
the airhostess and anji smiled seeing her innocent face.
After the airhostess had gone anjali asked riddhima , "tu phir us din ke bare mein soch rahi haina"
Riddhima as if been caught " n..nahi di who '.m..main toh 'b..bas aise hi" she said fumbling with the words
"kitni baar kaha hai ridzie jhoot bolna nahi aata toh mat bola kar. Teri aankhen sab kuch bata deti hai"she said wiping her tears     " aur buddhu ab kyun ro rahi hai ab toh hum Mumbai aa chuke hain na"
"haan di par'..par kya use mein yaad bhi rahungi" she said finally letting out her fear
"arre aise kaise yaad nahi hogi tu use. Meri pyaari behen ko koi bhul sakta hai kya" she said cupping her face between her hands
"par who mujhe milega na..i mean itne saal hogaye who bhi kahin humare tarah shift na hogaya ho"
Now this was one thing anjali cudnt lie to her. She knew this cud be a possibility a major poosibilty to be precise
"ridzie dekh hume nahi pata aage kya hoga'.woh tujhe milega bhi ya nahi''.all I can say is lets hope for the best and be prepared for worst"
Riddhima understood what her sister wanted to say "shayad aap sahi keh rahi ho di"
"mein toh humesha he sahi hoti hoon honey" she said with a attitude which made riddhima smile and she smiled back
Till now they had landed in Mumbai

precap:RM, AN, atul and armaan's entry, AR's meeting and armaan finding out tat she is his bestie


 so guys if u liked it do comment or press the like button

loads of love
take care

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Ishia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
wow  man super intro.. wright soon... waiting
arlover_aditi Senior Member

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
































if i have forgotten to add ne1 in the bove list plzzz lemme knw

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navtinder Groupbie

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
superb intro and awesome part. concept is really interesting.
armaan and ridz best friends, will be interesting to read.
Continue soon with part 2 and please add me to your pm list
AbhiNikiLuver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
nice..................pls do pm me.....

love, sheena
dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2010 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
hey dear
nice intro, cs n lovely part
cont soon
n plzz pm me for the updates

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