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Originally posted by -Nitya-

RAVZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big smile
Happy BorndayBig smile
Thank You and same to you too!! Big smile
You're a year older nowBig smile But I'm still olderCoolROFL
Yeah you are a BUDDHI! I know!ROFL
I dunno where I was going with thatLOL Anyway! I remember when we were talking about B-Days and then we found out we're tripletsBig smile Me you and AmiCool Every year you can count on me to remember your b-day cuz it'll kinda be sad if i don'tROFL
I've had too much chocolate so I'm just saying whateverLOL

You had chocolates and u didn't give me? Shocked Hawww! LOL And Triplet, I think u were really confused when u wrote this message. ROFL Well, never mind, u r still my crazy Triplet! LOLHug
Anyway! Happy BirthdayBig smile I already gave you your present so I dunno what to say nowLOL But! Hope you get more presents todayBig smile And get a big fat cakeBig smile

Thank you thank you thank you! And I did get many presents and a huge cake as well! Big smile

Before I go, what's a b-day without a b-day song?
So this is for you:
Try to imitate their awesome dance movesCool

 LOL I suck at dancing, so I would just sing the song! ILY Triplet#1! Hug

Happy BirthdayBig smile

*runs around in circles*

*runs around in squares* ROFL

OMG! Its YOUR birthday Triplet #3! *runs around in circles more* I'm so excited for this! *jumps up and down* AND it's your sweet sixteen. *jumps up and down even more* =D That makes your birthday even more special this time around! =D

Yes Triplet! It was OUR b'day 3 months ago. ROFL Goodness me, I'm so embarrassing. Embarrassed My b'day was really special, thank to u guys! Big smile
And =O I haven't wished you yet. =O Buttttttttt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIPLET! I'm so glad to have met someone like you. Your such a cute, sweet, friendly, amazing and adorable friend to have around.

I too am extremely glad to have met my awesome-dawsome Triplet! Your cuteness is beyond amazing. LOL And ILY for being the sweet, crazy and cute Triplet of mine! Hug And thank you SO much! Hug
I'm glad that Jia decided to open up a Kavi FC becuase its only becuase of that FC that I got to find such a sweet friend like you. I'm pretty sure that the R.com forum would totally not be the same without you there. You're the one that makes the whole FC all lively and adorabley crazy. =)

True! The KCB has got so many of us closer! I'm glad I joined i-f and could make wonderful friends, one of them being you my Triplet! Smile And awww..Shocked You think I'm such a valuable member for Rishta.com forum? Shocked Thank you for all the praises Triplet! ILY so much! SmileEmbarrassedHug

OH! And before I forget, here's a little something I made for you for your birthday gift. =D

Day Dreaming
Obviously, I HAD to make it on Kavi. =) You know, I actually went hunting for pics dreading that I wouldn't be able to find anything, but I happeend to find these and I was like "Perfect!" and jumped up and down. =P

Didn't u run around in circles? LOL And that is such an AWESOME sigg! I love it so much! Day Dreaming Look at me drooling over it. ROFL Thank you so much again Triplet! Hug
I really hope that you have an amazingful birthday triplet! You deserve to have such a great birthday this year; especially since its your sweet sixteen. =D And about those results that are coming out today, don't dread that! You're going to pass by topping it all, kk? Believe in yourself! =)

I can't thank you enough Triplet! This is the SWEETEST b'day message ever! ILY SO MUCH! You not only made my b'day but today as well when I'm replying to the messages. LOL You made me feel so good. You are a sweetheart!
And I'm pretty sure this is where I stop. =( Even though I feel like I'm forgetting to say something. =P Maybe I am. Hopefully I remember it soon and I'll tell you. But for now, I'll stop. HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again! Have an amazingful bday.  I hope that all your wishes come true. Especially that one wish we've talked over once. Wink

Awwww..Hug Thankieeeee so so much Triplet for being so sweet! LOL And THAT wish. LOL Haha! Thanks! ILY!! Hug
Your triplet! =)

Hi Riya!

I don't really know youLOL but, i  just heard its your bday so I thought to wish you! Approve

Happpy HAPPPPY bday Riya!!! Wish you the best day!!! May it be filled with happiness, good wishes, and lots of love!

That's very sweet and considerate of you!Smile Thanks a ton! Hug


Heres something from my side!! Hope you like it!! Not too good LOL sorry.. Im not a siggy or avi maker..just made an attempt Embarrassed

You are a GREAT siggy/avvie maker! Thanks for making something for me even though you don't know me. It's really very sweet and kind of you. And I absolutely love the siggie! Thanks again! Hug

Happy Bday once again!

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Originally posted by mohitkideewani

WOW! Shocked I absolutely love the way you wrote it! Day Dreaming
I am know I am late! Sowwie *holds ear*
I am holding my ears as well. Sorry. Embarrassed

So I hear it is somone's birthday! But I don't remember because I am a buddhi! Can you help me? LOL LOL
Haha let me try to figure it out! Some random, weird girl who is obsessed with this guy name Kavi. Actually there are two girls. One is a pagal chokri but the other one is a puppy!
I guess it is the puppy's birthday. Ok enough of this crap! LOL It is probably not making any sense anyways! LOL

You admitted u r a buddhi? Shocked ROFL Puppy Puppy Puppy! ROFL Bow bow! LOL

Happy birthday my dear puppy!
You are 16 years old! OMG! Party Dancing Party time!!!
Happy birthday!

Thank you thank you thank you so much Gajar! Hug ILY!

May Allah bless you with a healthy and prosperous life ahead meri jaan.
May Allah shower his blessings on you and may He make all your dreams and wishes come true.

That's very sweet of you. I wish he showers his blessings on you as well. Smile

You deserve it meri jaan. You are one of the few people on IF that have a kind caring heart. One that has an amazing personality. And it is amazing how we became friends so quickly and that too best friends.

Shocked Gosh! I received so many compliments in my b'day messages. LOL And awww..thank you so much! Hug You are my favourite Di and my Gajar! HugAnd so true na, we gelled so well and now we are best friends! Embarrassed

You are a great girl, and I am going to cherish every moment we shared on IF. It has been a joy. And I pray that only our friendship will grow stronger and stronger and we will be friends forever no matter where we are. You are a special girl with so many talents. And I wish you all the success in life and I know you will shine bright in this world.
This is too sentimental! LOL

Distance cannot separate any of us Di. We all will be together as long as we live no matter which part of the world we are in. We friends are connected by heart and not places. And thank you so much again! And naah, I love sentimental talks as long as they come out straight from the heart! So I don't mind you saying all that at all! Smile Hug

Ok so here you go!

Gifts: (I couldn't resist) I hope you love them! :)

Haha! So do I! LOL

Day Dreaming U already know how much I LOVE it. Still, I'll say it once more. I louve it!! LOL

I don't like the way it came out! Ouch
Chup! It has come out fab! So shussh! And thanks a lot Gajar! Hug

I really hope you like them! If you don't then too bad! LOL

Happy Birthday once again Puppy!
I love you so much!
And I am blessed to have you in my life! (:
I already know you had a great birthday but for the heck of it. Hope you had a great one! (:

Thank you Gajar!Smile
And I love you too! Hug
So am I! Hug
Haha! LOL I surely had a great time! Big smile

And thanks for sharing some cake with me!
(I am never going to stop with this thanks business LOL)

Naah! It's a bad habit of yours which I couldn't change. ROFL tsktsk! LOL ILY SO MUCH! Hug

With love,
Your Gajjar

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Originally posted by indiandoll89


I already said everything I wanted to say in my message so right now I'll just say ilyyy *hugs*

P.S. Awesome work Nitya! Tongue Love the opening script too LOL

Thank you so much again Meera Di! and hugs! Hug

Originally posted by -Sky-

Happy Birthday Crazy Bean! Have a awesome one =)
and Nitzzie awesome post =)

Thanks again Maddie! Hug

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Originally posted by HotMess

reservedddd. <3

Before I start, I want to say, I HATE SCHOOL. I totally didn't get time to write messages for you triplets (ask Jia, I sent in Nitya's at last minute, and no one reminded me... I'M SO SORRY).


With so many birthdays, I'm sure all of them will sound the same, but.. YOU'RE THE FIRST I'M WISHING OUT OF THE TRIPLETS. <3  HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN RIYA DARLINGG. Amar bengali bandhobi. <3 (don't LAUGH! LOL)  I loooove you, and in the middle of doing Chemistry homework (yuck!) I have to write something sweet for you NOW!

Thanks Aditiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! LOL Hug Ohh hoo! I feel so special. LOL BANDHOBI? ShockedROFL Sorry, I had to laugh! ROFL I looooove you toooo! Yuck! I HATE chemistry, Thank God I've got rid of it now! LOL

Okay, so where do I start? You're really sweet. Probably one of the sweetest people I met on IF. You're adorable, muahz! Hug And you're probably one of the fewest people I don't call buddhi. LOL. You were my souten, but heey, I don't mind you taking Kavi for the day. My Monday Kavi-Aditi day ended anyways. ROFL But we're still married, okay.

Thank you for calling me sweet and adorable! Embarrassed LOL Hmph! That's cuz I'm NOT a buddhi. That title is reserved for Jia Di. ROFL Not only for the day Adi, Kavi's always mine! Remember, u divorced him and I'm his wifey now? ROFL

OKAY. Why am I talking about Kavi when this thread is about YOU? My bad. LOL. Soooo Riya. How does it feel to be almost buddhi like Jia? I'm kidding. Sorry, Chemistry is getting to me. ROFL

I don't mind you talking about Kavi. He's a part of me afterall. ROFL

I hope you have a fantabulous day, filled with excitement, enjoyment & fun! I hope you have an even MORE amazing year and life, filled with success, achievement, joy & happiness. Jeete raho! ROFL

Yes yes! I had a FAB day! *amar pronam niyo* ROFL ROFL

I'm laughing too much, sorry. LOLL. I shall sing for youuuu. AND WE TWIST, WE TWIST, WE TWIST, WE TWIST, AND WE TWIST, WE TWIST, WE TWIST. DancingParty I wonder why I picked that song... LMAO.

Well, I definitely know why you picked THAT song. Day DreamingWinkROFL And WE TWIST, WE TWIST, WE TWIST, WE TWIST! Party Day Dreaming Kavi!

Okay, okay, I must go now.. but I'll write more stuff SOON! I promise. Muahzzzzz. <3 Hug PARTY HARD, BUT NOT TOO HARD! YEHHH! Cool

You forgot your promise! ROFL Well, never mind! I still love you! LOL Hug Thanks for this awesomely crazy message Saut! ILY! Hug
- LOOOOVE YOU, ADITI. Embarrassed
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Originally posted by -Nadii-

Hey Riya
Many happy returns of the day:)

Thank you Nadia! Big smile

Originally posted by Anhdara13


truthfully, from the presents I made for you three triplets, I love how yours came out the most! *giggles*

I hope you like it too!

RADZ! Thank you so much again! And this sigg is so AWESOME! Thanks a ton! Hug

Originally posted by nureat01

Happy Birthday, Riya!Hug

God bless you :-)

Thank you very much Anu! Smile Hug

Originally posted by rianicia

Thank you so much! It's very sweet of you! Smile
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Originally posted by -Destiny-




my newest friend ILY

Have a rocking day


Thank you Lekha! Very sweet of you! Smile

Originally posted by olive_green

Happy Birthday Riya!!


Thank you very much! Smile

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Originally posted by *payal_15*



Mela Baby...Happy Happy Happy Biday yaar!

Baby? Shocked And thank you thank you thank you! LOL

I hope you have the most awesomest day ever!! totally love ya, and you are like one of the bestiest friends i haveon IF! i will never forget the covos between me you and Sindhu, and ofcourse "Kavi is mine" ones! hehe! :D

I did have an awesome day!! I love you toooo!! You too are one of my besties here! Hug Haha! But ulimately Kavi is mine! EmbarrassedLOL
you are one of the most special girl ive ever met, [including real life]
i can only wish that i get to meet you someday, and you teach me some begali and ifcourse poetry, lolz! :D
Your a totally Doll,

Awww..Hug I wanna meet you for real too! Hope someday we will. Mwah! Hug
Really sowwie for being late,
Kaan packding,
Love ya!! :D

Shocked Day Dreaming WOAH! Amazing gifts! Loving them! Day Dreaming Thanks Paylu! Love ya!! Hug

Originally posted by -saBii-

Happy Birthday Princess
May all your dreams come true..
And have a beautiful day..
xo. :)

So sweet of you Sabi! Thanks a ton! Mwah! Hug

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UFFFF! I am such a Late-Latiff! I am so late! LOL But still Happy B'day! And yeah, peace out!

A b'day present from this lazybummy person :P :
ILY Muchooo!
Take Care!

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