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Twilight FF : Geeky Love(Chater 7 Page 24)

..pebo.. IF-Rockerz

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Guys im starting a new ff!!!!!!!! based on twilight

only for twilight fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its not mine but my best frnd
thiugh i have done some editing hope u like it

love pebbzzii

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..pebo.. IF-Rockerz

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chapter 1

Edward Cullen. The guy who every girl in our small but fascinating school yearns for. His eyes are not the normal green or blue you would find among people, his eyes were emerald green which looks utterly beautiful.

His skin is white and smooth as alabaster and his nose is perfect like some sculptor must have sculpted it. He must be approximately 6 feet 3 inches and his body was perfectly maintained and in all looked like a model for the runway. This is why every girl, in our school dies to even meet his gaze or even talk to him.

Even though he may be dazzling he does seem to be the guy who takes advantage of having such good looks. He plays with the feelings of girls and thinks that they are his toys or servants, but as you see his looks are like any other Greek god. He actually looks like Adonis himself.

His looks do not let any other girl or for that matter any woman to look into his bad side. Even though he knows that there are more bad sides to him than compared to his good sides.

Even I, Isabella Swan am dazzled by his looks. When ever he talks to me my heart skips a beat and that lets me to stutter and that makes me a complete fool of myself. The only name he calls me with is geek or freak. I like a complete fool even listen to him because his velvety is so tempting and irresistible that I can not just ignore it. All the people in his group actually vex me and do not let me have a complete normal life even though I would not be able to because even the rest of high school also actually vex me.

The only people who stand by me are Angela and her boyfriend Ben. They also to an extent are victims of vexation. Thinking all this and all that may happen to me that next day I fell asleep.

I dreamt that I was walking hand in hand with Edward and was not the person I actually see on the mirror. I did not wear my freaky glasses and instead had worn contacts. My hair was put into curls and I did not wear clothes I usually wear I had worn a beautiful khaki skirt with a blue top which actually suit me and in all I looked totally glamorous not the girl I usually am. The thing that astonished me was that I was walking hand in hand with Edward Cullen and I totally looked different. This was actually incomprehensible. I got up from my sleep and grinned at my self at the dream or you can call the hallucination had just witnessed. I straight away went to the bathroom to check f my dream had come true and if I had indeed changed.

Nothing had actually changed I still could not see anything and everything was blur. I sighed a sigh of relief and went and had a bath and wore my normal boring clothes and just tied my hair into simple ponytail. I started my tuck which must have been 25 years. It finally started and I drove to school to face the merciless and wretched people of my school.

I reached school within 15 mins and parked my car and got out of it. I took my bag and checked I had done my H.W. even though I knew that I had done so. In the midst of 'checking my H.W'. I saw the shiny Volvo arrived and parked at its normal place. From it emerged the Edward Cullen and his group, Alice, Rosalie, Emmet and Jasper. Alice and Jasper were dating; Emmett and Rosalie were also dating. Edward was the only one who was not and if he wanted could acquire any girl he wants. But I guess does not do that as he has not found his 'right girl' just imagine how lucky the 'right girl' would be! I had finished checking my H.W. and that is when I noticed that Alice Rosalie had already left and some other people from the Edward Cullen group. They were Mike, Eric and Taylor. They were actually only Edward's basketball team-mates but they hung out with them. I saw that they were talking something and Mike especially was little bit exited than usual.

Then I started walking to the school to enter my class, that's when I heard the velvety voice that sounded to me a surprised voice when I turned back saw I saw Edwards pointing to me and all the others in his group were also looking me and laughing. When they realized that I was looking at them they shut up and just smiled at me. Even Edward was looking at me and smiling, seeing that my heart gave loud thud and almost felt that it stopped foe a sec.

I smiled back and proceeded. I swear that I heard a sigh behind me. Walking I finally reached the school and that's when I heard a smooth, velvety voice call me. It was not actually my name but at least it seemed that to me like that. I turned around to check if someone else like Tanya or Lauren (the girls with whom most of the time he was with.) there was Tanya and she looked damn exited that Edward had called her and went hopping towards to him. Darn it! Why does my luck have to be so bad? I sighed and continued to walk towards Trig class.

I heard the same voice and pushed it away as I thought it must be a hallucination and continued walking. That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder and immediately turned around and saw Edward. I was shocked. I had no words for what had just happened. I actually gasped and I could feel my jaw opening and hanging down. I realized that and blushed and looked down. That's when I heard his voice. Then it struck me that he was actually talking to me.

"Hey! Bella is it not?' I simply nodded and let him speak. "Here, you left your Trig book on top of your truck" I looked into his hands and saw my notebook on his hands. I took it and felt his soft hands on my rough and ugly hands.

"Thanks a lot! I would have been screwed if I had not taken it to class" he grinned in a crooked way that actually suited his angelic type of face. Then he said something which I would not have thought that he would say that type of thing to me.

"A Geek. For crying out loud he was Edward Cullen, the most popular guy in school and I Bella Swan the most unpopular gal in the whole school. He said in his smooth velvety voice, "can I walk you to class?" I was actually shocked and astonished. I tried talking. "." he chuckled at this and it sounded like music to my ears.

We walked together. Silent for some time and that's when he broke the silence and spoke in his smooth velvety voice. "So wanna be friends?" I was astonished. Edward Cullen was asking if he could be friends with me.

OH. My. GOD. For a while I could not speak. Then I managed to say "cool" cool? That's what I say when a person asks you if he can be your friend? Bella Swan, you need some serious counseling! He smiled his crooked smile and my heart gave another thud. We had reached my Trig class and he said "I'll save a seat for you at lunch" saying that he jogged away. My! God. Edward Cullen told me that he would save me a seat at lunch? He really must get specks because he is gonna have lunch with me, Isabella Swan the queen of Geeks.

Trig was good the teacher asked me questions and I could easily answer them. Then I had Spanish and then I had biology. I was walking up to the class when it hit me.

"Shit! I was Edward's lab partner in biology" it's been 2 semesters and he never even talked to me but only when he needed help he would ask me. Now that he knew mw I think it would be a little hard. I was walking thinking about this when I felt a hand wrap around my shoulders I immediately turned around to see a smiling Edward. At first I was shocked and then I blushed at the feeling of his smooth hands on my rough and useless body. He spoke breaking my vivid imagination.

"Are you not my lab partner?" wow! He had noticed! Is it not an achievement? I nodded and he grinned. He pushed me forward and started walking himself. He started saying something as if to start a conversation with me. I could not hear him as I was noticing his flawless features.

His face was so beautiful, his eyes that were emerald green were actually breathtaking and his lips were smooth and I suddenly felt the urge to touch them. But I could not as usual Edward tore me apart from my imagination or you can say my thoughts.

"Earth to Bella. Are you listening?" that's when I realized that I was ignoring him.

"I'm, sorry I was just thinking about something else." Remembering what I was thinking I blushed seeing that Edward looked confused and gave grin. I said "Please continue.'' After saying that he continued of whatever he was saying and I listened to him while we were walking to class.

We finally reached class and you could say that most of the people were shocked to see me with the Edwards Cullen .Angela my best friend looked shocked then she grinned God knows why is she so happy?

Class went on rapidly and then we parted ways and soon it was lunch time. I walked into the cafeteria most of the people like Mike Newton and Tyler made noises when I entered like most of them were grimaces and some were even laughter.

I sat at my usual place with Angela and her boyfriend Ben. Even though she was a geek like me she had found love with a guy who actually cannot be called popular but cannot be also called an unpopular guy.

I bought an apple and a bottle of water. I sat down in my place and started re-thinking the events had taken place since morning. I still could not believe that Edward Cullen had talked to me. A guy who usually made fun of me and stuck with sluts like Tanya, Lauren and Jessica. Even though he was not actually dating any girl from school or outside but he had made out every girl in this school. But to an exception to a few like me and the geeks he usually stayed away from.

Thinking of those smooth lips on mine made me blush and one part of me told me

"Do not believe him. He must be just thinking of helping you. Don't get your hopes high. For crying out loud he's Edward Cullen the most popular guy and the most gorgeous guy"

I sighed at this and then I heard Angela call me. I turned around and saw Angela and Ben staring at something. I turned around and stared at the direction they were staring at Edward. I was confused and asked them "why in the world are you staring at Edward Cullen?" they looked at me as if I had confessed that I had kissed him. That's when my thoughts were interrupted and Angela talked.

"Edward Cullen is looking at our direction and is telling us I mean me and Ben to call you. So I looked at his direction confused at why he was calling me. I thought these friendship thingi was just a minor thing and neither him nor he was gonna take it seriously. When I turned to his direction he grinned making my heart to skip one beat and gestured me to come to him and sit with him and he grinned. I was firstly confused at why he was telling me to come and sit with him and then I realized that he had told me he would save a seat for me during lunch and that's the reason I did not spot him with his usual friends at his usual place. I told Angela and Ben

"Maybe he needs help in his Bio H.'s my Bio partner" even I Knew it was a lie and I guess I even they realized that because Angela told me "Ya, go have fun with your biology partner"

I made a face at her because I very well knew that it was a sarcastic comment. I proceeded to the place he was sitting. It was far from the crowd that had gathered in the cafeteria and was a place anyone of the Geeks would fight for because it was a place you can hide yourself from the "high class" people.

On the way I almost fell flat on my face because of my klutziness'. Ya you are right I am a klutz. But I managed not to embarrass myself because I steadied myself when I sensed it that I was gonna fall. I instantly blushed when I looked up because I met Edwards' eyes and to be honest his eyes looked serious and after a while he laughed and then grinned. I went to his place and looked at him with a confused face

. He asked me in his smooth velvety voice that instantly allured me towards him and also made melt.

"What? Can't I save a seat for a friend? I told you I would save you one and I do not go back on my words."

Ya that's right I am his new friend. I did not speak for a while and that's when he made some noise that sounded like a growl to me.

I instantly looked up and regretted it because he was looking at his friends. I peeked a glance towards his friends through my hair. I saw Mike grinning and rest of his friend Emmett and Rosalie were busy making out and Alice and Jasper were busy staring at each others eyes.

I instantly looked away because I thought I intruding a private minute. Then looked back at Edward and managed some courage and spoke to him. My voice sounded pretty rough to myself.

"Why are you not sitting with them and why in the hell are you sitting with me? I guess your friends are pretty mad at you."

Saying that I got up, gathered my books for my next class and that's when I felt a hand grip my wrists. I look back to see Edward's hands on my wrists. I try to wriggle free but he was a little too strong for me. He spoke.

"You, sit here. I am the one who decides who I sit with and not my friends." "You see they all are busy themselves and sitting with them is usually boring and not interesting as it is with you" I was shocked and then slowly my shock turned into confusion. Edward thought I, Bella Swan was interesting?

He surely needed a psychiatrist. I still tried to wriggle free but his strong arms did not let me free and I had to force myself to sit on the opposite seat. We talked about studies and then moved to hobbies. His and mine hobbies are the same. Reading. He had not even tried Wuthering Heights and I told him it was my favorite book and suggested it to him. Then the perfect moment was interrupted by the sound of the bell, indicating the end of the lunch hour. Spending time with Edward was relaxing for a person who is always stressed about her looks and studies.

He seemed to enjoy the talking and so do I. He actually doesn't seem like the guy he seems from the exterior. The guy who plays with he emotions of girls the guy who intends only to play with girls or make out with girls. He does look like appears to be a player. But internally he's a person totally different. A person, who likes to talk, read and make friends. I know I may sound mad because I've known this guy only for a couple of hours but I guess he is readable.

Like always (at least from how much time I know him) he walked me to class. I had Spanish with the whores of our school, Tanya and Jessica. When we reached class he spoke "so I guess I'll meet you after school at that moment we saw Tanya and her co-wores entering class and at first they looked shocked and then they seemed to relax and then they looked at me with scornful eyes and then tuned their gazes to Edward. Tanya confidently spoke to Edward as if he had spoken to her. "

Ya! Sure I'll love to see you after school." At first Edward looked shocked but then he regained his composure and spoke "Ya definitely" saying that he left me in a confused state.

I guess that's what I expect from him. Because he has to be with people of his 'class' saying that I entered class. Expecting something good to drift my mind from him.

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Part 1 - pg 1
Part 2 - pg 8
Part 3 - pg 11
Part 4    -   pg 17
Part 5  -     pg 17
part 6 -       pg 22
Part 7 -      Pg - 24

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Pebzii babes, You  Did what I was planning to ask u to do.. I love Edward!!!!

Seriously  Thank u for starting a new FF




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Pm list


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nice FF

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congo on nw ff....
it was just amazing...
awsomeeeeeeeeeeee nd mindblowing...
loved it a lotttttttttttttt
keep it up....
continuee soonn...

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