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Monday March 29th  Episode 208
Credits to viluthu.com  
Starts with Gowri saying "Those who satisfy their childrens wishes can only be a good parents...My wish ,ie marying babu is a very nyamana wish,and AZ appa amd visalam amma,who helped me in this are my real dad and mom...For u ,iam dead..For them ..iam new born..So,From now...they are everything to me..."..

Parvathy amma very much shocked..she cries and leaves the place very sadly...Krish looks at his wonderful sister and her husband and follows his mom...Everyone else comes out of the station..Outside parvathy amma faints and falls down...Everyone including pavathy's only daughter gowri watches this with no worries...(Strange!!Confused)....Krish shouts for water for his mother....ellarum stands like a statue ...(ConfusedConfusedAngryAngryDeadDead)...
AZ house...Visalam and co comes home...Chitra asks what happened?Mugs says parvathy amma avamana pattadhu dhaan mitcham..Visalam says that parvathy behaves like a fool becoz of her pidivatham and kobam...
AZ uncle says "leave it visalam,unable to digest gowri's marraige,she is doing all this and this is usual..So pls dont say anything abt her"...
Now new maaps Babu opens his mouth..says "we r responsible for everything..u all faced this shame becoz u helped us..."...Now gowri opens her thiruvaai..sings her famous "death tune"..says"idhukagadhaan,i said i will die..vedanai for my family and avamanam for ur family...Visalam consoles her...
Babu says that they want to live separetely..that is they will go thani kudithanam..AZ and co shocked...Chitra says its not safe...Mugs says yes..dont go...
AZ says that he will never allow this...Gowri says that if they stay there parvathy amma will get angry more and more...then it is not possible to face her for my lifetime...i cannot even think abt that situation...(enna indha ponnu...oru second kku oru maadhoiri pesudhu...Krish oda sister aa illai "ghajini" Sanjay ramasamy sister aa?)AZ and visa continues with their advice mazhai..tells that this place is safe for them...Mr and MRs gowri says OK...Everyone happy.....
Chitra tells everything to ranjani and senthil....chitra nalla thitting her inlaws...Senthil says "whatever it may be ,adirchi or aathiram..everything will come to normal in 10 days..."Chitra shouts at her brother's ularal...talks insupport of parvathy amma..says she fainted after gowri saying that she is not her mother...they took her to the hospital..."..
Ranjani says that she wants to meet parvathy amma immediately...Senthil stops her saying that baby is not fine..no need to go there now...i will not let u now..."Ranjani asusual"neena enna permission kudukaradhu..i will go..moveeeeeLOL"...sollittu she leaves the place...
Krish's house...Pavathy amma sitting in a chair...krish,devi and gayu standing...Devi asks her mother"amma,enna aachu?"...Parvathy amma looks at devi and says "atleast u be my daughter "...Devi worried abt her mother and asks krish what happened to her...Gayu says she fainted becoz of her BP rise..They take her inside to take rest...
2 ladies from mappillai's house(gowrikku partha maappillai) comes there..one of them shouts "Pavathy amma"..(her voice doesnt suit that situation)...KRish and co worried..looks at each others face...maappilai amma(MA) and sister (MS)comes in and starts shouthing..
MA--"enna nyayam idhu..we have gn invitation to everyone,...ippo unga ponnu odipoita,what answer u re going to give us?"...MS says"what will she say?oor suthura ponnalla pethu vachurukkanga.."...
Krish says that they are not aware of this matter...MS...says "dont lie...u ppl know abt this..neenga idha maraichu ennoda thambikku kalyanam panna parthurukeenga"...Gayu stops them...MA shouts at her too..turns towards parvathy amma and asks "dont u have any Maanam,Rosham?"...MS continues "ivangalukku adhellam illai...irundhurundha they would have come and asked sorry to us"....
Parvathy amma says "podhum,pls stop,my daughter is dead..naanga avala thalai muzhugittom"...MS says "u r saying that very easily..pazhakka patta kudumbam pola irukku"...MA continues "we will talk like this only...AM sambadicha mariyadhai ellam kuzhi thindi pudachuteenga...ponna valarka theriyala ..periya manushiyaam periya manushi...." Ranjani comes ther and shouts "WIll u pls stop?"...
Ranjani comes in and tells those two ladies to stop..She says for gowri's fault it not fair  to shout at parvathy amma,so pls leave..MS says "yes we will,What else can we do?sucha a kevalamana family"....Parvathy amma starts crying .....EVvryone sad...MA says "pavathy amma,atleast take care of ur second daughter,save ur konjam nanjam maanam mariyadhai....come amma..lets go..."...(ponga Manjula.....enna pechu pesudhunga...Angry)
Ranjnai comes near paro and consoles her..parvathy push her ...Says "why did u come here?Ur mom sent aa?"...Ranjani says that she dont know anything... Chitra told everything and iam coming here from hospital..If i were there i would never let this happen....pls beleive me amma,"...
Pavathy says "unga appa and amma seidha kariyathunala,naan ippo nadai pinama maaritten...."...parvathy polambufies abt her fate..says after this,living or dead....its same for me...Krish says "dont talk like this ,amma"....Gayu tells everyone to leave paro alone...Parvathy amma goes near AM's Photo and starts crying.....

Tuesday Episode 209

                               Credits to viluthu.com 

AZ sitting in his home..yeho aazhndha yosanai...His better half comes with coffee..AZ tells her that Babu and Gowri are paavam..Fight b/w elders should not affect their kalyana life..Take good care of them...Visalam says yes....Ranjani storms into the house...Calls Mugs...Mugs comes out and asks whats the matter...Visa asks abt the baby...
Ranjani says chitra is with the baby...Says "dont u ppl have manasatchi..yen ippadi pannineenga?"....Hero and Heroine comes out(Babu and Gowri)...Mugs says that they had saved gowri from death..Visa accuses chitra for telling everything to Ranjani..Ranjani says yes,Chitra told eveything to me...She tells that she went to meet parvathy and she was like setha ponam becoz of  avamanam..Ellarum stands like sand...Ranjani says that mappillai veettu karanga vandhu kevalama thittittu poitanga....They said that nobody in AM's Family is Yogyam...Gowri stats her oppari and song...ranjani continues ...says "U ppl had spoiled their family,Parvathy amma said that she is nadai pinam now"...
Ranjani goes to her appa and asks  "U too appa?Atleast u should have stopped them from doing this.....Gowri kku indha paiyanaiyae ellarum sendhu kalyanam panni vachurukalaam with paro permission"...Visalam gets angry..Shouts "stop magalae..we did all this only to save gowri..not to kill parvathy"...Ranjani goes on talking in support of parvathy family....
 Now our heroine's turn to replay her thenju pona record...Start...."akka,They helped me only becoz i said i will die if i dont get this bommai(Babu)..Me and My love are responsible for everything...."...
Ranjani says "Enkitta sollirundha,parvathy ammava naan samadana paduthiyriupen..Are u a fool?nammafamilya pathi nenechu kooda pakalaya nee?"....
babu maappukku rosham vandhuchu...says "maama,tell her to stop,I cant see my wifey crying...Love panrradhu kevalamana seyala?"....
Ranjani asks what u know abt my family?Babu says "what ur family,ur family,mine is also a periya family...Even my father didnt accept our love...,ok,just leave us,we will go somewhere and live happily.."..Ranjani says "Yes,ur problem is solved now na,so u dont have any worries abt anyone,Go wherever u want and live happily...."
AZ stops his daughter...says they are young,dont shout at them,i will talk to paro anni...now u go....Ranjani leaves the place...AZ  asks sorry on behalf of his daughter says she behaved like that becoz parvathy amma is everything forher...Maappu's counter..."Gowri is important for me,iam sorry if had said anything worong"...Gowri and babu goes inside....Sabai kalaindhadhu....
Krish's house...Gayu brings milk to krish....krish ask abt his mother...Gayu says devi is with her..so dont worry..gayu tells krish to think abt next..krish says what next?
Everything is over...gayu says that they cant leave gowri as such...as humanbeings we have to accept gowri(Humanbeing today?Nethu ennava irudhinga ellarum?)..she is our girl...Better to accept her marraige..Krish hesitates...Gayu asks krish what he thought first when AZ tells him abt gowri's love matter...will u be happy if gowri commits suicide ....

Krish says no...says "amma kitta pesi andha babu kke gowriya kalyanam panni vachudalamnu nenechen..But gowri avasara pattutta"....gayu tells krish to go and give the jewels they bought for her marraige without telling  paro amma...Krish says OK....
Next day with a managalagaramana BGM krish comes to AZ's house...AZ welcomes him...With a terror BGM visa comes out..Vandhu moraching Krish..krish says i have come here to give Thaai veettu seedhanam,pls call her....Visa says gowri is in her amma veedu only...Krish says that he had brought all the jewels bought for gowri...AZ calls gowri saying her brother has come to meet her...
Ponnu Gowri thulli gudichu coming..(Idula slow motin vera...Not at worried abt anything....enna pirappo??Angry)...Shows her 32 teeth and welcomes her annan... 
There comes MR.Gowri..ie babu and look vitting Krish..Recalls the seruppu parandhu vandhu aditha scene and krish beating him...Kish gives the jewel bag to gowri and gowri comes forward to recieve..
.babu stops her..says"we dont need this,ur mummy dhaan gowri ya ponam sollitanga illa,ponathukku ehukku jewels..Take away..."Gowri in a very konjal voice says "ennanga idhu..anna en mela ulla paasathula..."...Babu says "look gowri,ur mother said u r a ponam,i will never forgive her for this...

(parvathy amma only once saidgowri is a ponam,.....babu oru second kku oru ponam podararu...LOLLOL)...Krish asks sorry onbehalf of his mother...Babu says he is having enough money,he can buy anything he wants..so pls leave the place now...
krish kenjing infront of Babu....Babu again refuses to accept....Krish tells visalam to talk to babu..Visa says "As ur mother said gowri is not a ponam for us,she is our daughter...we too have money..we will give everything to gowri"....
AZ tells babu to accept that...babu says "mama,engala avamana paduthinavanga kitta irundhu ,we will not get anything,if u force us,we will leave this house"...krish very sad...Krish says Gowri is my sister and its my duty to give this..tells gowri to accept the jewels ..Gowri comes forward ....babu kurukka vandhu thatti vittutaru ellathayum....Everyone stunned....Krish and Gowri very sad.......


Wednesday Episode 210

 Credits to Viluthu.com

Krish tells gowri that if she really thinks him as her brother she should accept the jewels..Gowri comes forward to get it...Babu comes inbetween and he pushes the bag from krish's hand ....
All stunned at this act...
Krish rombha paavama looks at his siter..
same from gowri's side...Babu tells gowri to come inside...Krish as a porupana annan sits down and porukkufy all the jewels...
Gowri starts her world famous soft oppari and goes inside... 

adhayum ozhunga pannala...thirumbi ninnu annana oru looku...Krish too looks at her...Oru vazhiya gowri gone...AZ and visalam watches krishnan very sadly...Krish leaves the place and AZ sogama crying seeing his brother's son fate....
Krish comes home..Parvathy amma asks krishna where he was..Parvathy amma corecta guess panraanga...
krish says yes,i went to see gowri..Parvathy says "10 maasam sumandhu petha ennai amma illainnu sollitta,after my thalai muzhugal ceromony ,unakku enga irundhu vandhadhu sister paasam?"...Kish silent..Parvathy says.."u too want to leave me?..pongada ponga..i will die as a anadhai.."...
Krish says.."why r u talking like this amma?naan enna thappu panninen?"...
Parvathy says without my permission how can u go there?....Krish asusual ...."Gowri is my sister...evalavu avamana paduthinalum,that uravu will no change and my paasam towards her will not change.."...Same dialogues delivered wilth different words...so adhellam ezhudha mudiyadhu...
Parvathy asks krish why came back with the manjai pai?kuduthuttu varlaya?again  faced avamanam?krish says one day gowri will accept this...Parvathy says that for krish gowri is important than paro...Krish answers that all r one for him...Ennamo periya pechellam pesudhu...Same araicha maavvu....
After completing his spechu,gayu continues the same song..oor will thappa pesum..blah blah....Devi too join her....Gayu says that one gowri will come t back to her ....
Babu's house..Babu dad,the mill owner sogamae uruvaga sitting...Servant comes and talks abt gowri...Dad says dont talk abt them..While they were talking krish comes there and owner welcomes him...
Krish says he needs some help...Krish says that he (owner) should accept gowri and babu....He says if he accept them parvathy amma may change and forgive them...
Owner firmly says NO and goes inside..Nonda krish leaves the place... 
AZ house...Senthil comes home and calls his athai and says he want to meet new couples...Visa calls them and they come out very happily..
Senthil welocmesnewmaappu and starts perumai pesing abt himself....Non stop kondattam for him...Non stop Thindattam for us...Gowri says "saaga pona ennaiAngry,visa and AZ kaapathi kalyanam panni vachanga.."Senthil wishes them luck...
Visa aunty seeing some jewels ..
AZ says that they are vey much nogadiching paro's manasu and its not fair..Visa asusual 4 vaarthai nalla parovai thitraanga...AZ asusual Off aayitaru...Visa says that gowri is their daughter and she will take good care of her..
She calls gowri and visa gives the jewel box to gowri..
Gowri and Babu says they dont want that...His mother 200 soverign gold veetula irukku
After so much varpuruthal from AZ and visa ,gowri accept the jewels...
Senthil watches this from outside the room and his mind voice says.."Adipaavi athai,en wife kku sea vendiya nagai ellam,evalukko eduthu kudukariyae...."....
Thursday - 1st   April Update- Episode 211
Update by Aahaana
Pictures by Atina

Senthil takes with him dinner at the hospital and muraichuparthufies Ranjani. She wonder why, he says you are the only daughter of AZ-Vishalachi, hence all the right to take any decision after her mother will be her.

Ranjani nods yes, he then say her mother doesn't love her, if she did that, why will she give away her family jewellery to that Gowri? He will stay here and take care of the baby while she can go and have a talk with her mother about it. Ranjani is irked and tell she is happy her mother gave away that to Gowri. He only cares about money and jewellery when their son is sick.
Doctor comes there and want to talk with them. He says the baby has got fits and very sick.

Next day, whole family is there. Doctor announce a shocking news to the family. Baby need a urgent operation, since he fall down, blood is blocked hence less blood to the brain ( I think that's what he meant).
 Everyone is shattered while Chitra and AZ gives cold look to Senthil. Ranjani doesn't know what to do, doc says its very urgent and leaves. Vishalachi want her hubby to refuse to the operation, how will a small baby handle operation. Ranjani breaks down worrying over her babies fate.
At the hospital corridor, AZ inform Chitra he has paid for the operation but cant stand to be there any minute and face Senthil. Its all cause of him, the baby suffer. He tell her to take care of the baby and Ranjani.



Senthil is at the temple and prays for his baby's health.
 He apologies for his sin and doesn't want the God to punish his son for his sins when he sees Az-Vishalachi there as well. They prays for the baby and do a vendhuthal, Senthil hides from behind and observe them. AZ prays he is willing to take responsibly on the babies behalf and doesn't want the small life to be punished his dads sins. They both leaves while Senthil do a small pooja with a baby doll.

At the hospital, he want to apply the pirasathanam on the baby when Chitra stops him. She refuse to let him touch the baby after what he did, he pretend like he is innocent, the God wont punish good hearted people, he is a good man so nothing will happen.
Chitra is very irked and spill out the beans..she knows exactly what he did from switching the documents to his fake promise on his own baby'he is stunned.
 She says how could he do that, doesn't he have a any heart? He is a not a human but a animal.LOL He gets angry and remind him, she is living the life he gave as a pitchai to herDead..she says whatever he thinks, he is a selfish man and only thinks about himself and not others. She breaks her bond with him, he is no more her brotherClap..Senthil is angry when hear a female voice screaming."DEEEEI"ShockedShocked..
both turns to see Ranjani standing thereShockedShockedShocked..she is all already attack SenthilLOLLOLLOL ( I hope she really heard everything  and its a not tricky hangclifferLOL But man..ranjanis expression was really scary..God save that SenthilROFL)

Update by atina      
Credits to Viluthu.com
Friday, April 2nd, Episode 212

Whatever Chitra asked Senthil about all his wrong deeds...was heard by Ranjani and she stroms into the room calling Senthil " Dei". She goes to enthil and holds his shirt and roars," dei nee ellam ru manushanaa? how dare you are..to make poi sathiyam upon our baby...po veliyeh"

Senthil with one paavam face pleads her but Ranjani is so furious and shouts," pesaathe...I was tollerating you all these days but not after doing this paavam with our own baby...paavam my thambi Krishnan ...you will not be equal even to his kaal dhoosoo...he is so quiet even after putting that blame of yours on his own wife...don't feel guilty seeing him? your manasaatchi uruthalleh? Oue baby like this because of you only....
you will not have any place not only in my house but also in my manasu....get out of here..poda veliyeh"

Ranjani asks Chitra why she hid this from her and Chitra replies that she had to do so just to avoid all  confusion in her life.

Gowri is in he room tries to call Krish's house. Devi picks up the phone from the other end and she hears Gowri crying. Parvathy is busy cooking in the kitchen. Gowri feels sorry and tells," how is amma? I felt so bad when I heard about that maapillai veettu kaaranga insulting mom" Devi consoles her...amd Gowri requests her to take good care of her mom.At this point Babu comes and its next to her listening to this conversation.

Gowri tells about Ranjani's baby's condition. Devi keeps consoling her," you do  not worry ...try and lead a happy life,,,may be one day amma's anger will vanish away"

" I am sure we all will unite together once again"

Parvathy comes and grabs the phone from Devi," yei...who are you? do not call me amma....I have alrady thala muzhugiyaachu...you ignored me totally for your kevalamaana kadalukkaaga ileeh....yei keep the phone down" She cuts off the line.
Gowri starts crying so bitterly and Babu consoles her telling," why did you call there now..you could have waited for some more time illeh? it is ok...do not worry...here after I will be your amma...appa ellam..okay?"

Mugs and Visalam are at the reception counter in the hospital asking for Baby  AM. They both rush to the Operation theatre area. ..where Ranjani and Chitra are waiting outside the prep room. The baby is borught out ...on his way to the theatre.

Ranjani weeps and weeps so do every one....Ranjani kisses her baby. The nurse so rudely shouts at her and pushes her," vazhi vidungamma...thallungammaa..." and takes the baby to the OT.( why do the nurses in hospitals  behave like this...which can not be accepted....AngryAngry)

Ranjani keeps crying. A nurse comes from the OT and tells another nurse that the baby;s condition is very critical and she needs to call another Doctor. Everyone is worried hearing this. Ranjani again starts weeping.Visalam consoles her and here goes Ranjani," paavi...paavi....oru ayokiyan has become as my husband.....it is all becasue of him...he did that poi sathiyam....aamaa amma....he only changes the pathiram written by Mugunthan...and just to escape from everyone he did poi sathiyam...

Everyone in Krishnan's house knows about this...even Chitra and AZ appa also are aware of this. I happened to hear all this only now..." Chitra also tells everything about her borther. Mugs becomes so angry and wanted to punish him.

Amma nee summa iru maa....akka innikku anda aalai konnuttuthaan veettukku varuven....

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thanks shree
its not fair. that AZ family is torturing AM family. This Gowri don't have any brain. she knows how much her mother and brother suffered after her father death. even then she ran away with that guy.
Why AZ supported Gowri? he know very about his anni. he should have advised Gowri and handed over to Krish. he should have enquired about gu family and did something to pacify Krish and anni.
hurting mother's heart is not.good for Gaowri's future. Parvathy sacrificed everything for her family now her own daughter went against her. only Rajani, Devi and Chitra who are not her daughter supporting and understanding her.

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I find this Gowri's behavior so typical of those teenagers who think that their love is so great and these "old" parents don't know anything.  How can she so easily say that her mother is dead and now Visa amma and AZ appa are her parents?  I agree that her mother has also over-reacted, but Gowri's behavior is disgusting.

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raaspach IF-Rockerz

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I dont like this current track..Gowri is really irritating..How can anyone just like that forget everything and go behind someone(So called Lover...)
And krish...ippo vandhu seedhanam kudukaatti enna koraiya pogudhu...That too without parvathy amma's knowledge..He very well know that paro wll not accept this..wife sonnavudan ododi vandhu sister kku kudukararu...suya buthiyae irukadha?...
Poor lady pavathy amma...son,daughter ellaru avangalukku pidikadhai kanganam kattikittu seiyaraanga...
And Gowri....What a jenmam she is?saagaporen saaga poren nnu solliyae ellarum saagadikka pogudhu....
Those ppl who dont have guts to express their love to their parents should not fall in love....

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eljay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2010 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
@Shree, they don't have the guts to tell their parents because they know what they are doing is wrong.  I have absolutely no sympathy for such characters.  If they have problems later on in their lives, they deserve to suffer.

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honeydaisy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2010 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
thanks for updates... wow.. in 1 week time, so many things has happened.. the 1 person who really respect AM sir, is Babu's dad. Krish, why keep doing things that Paro amma dont like? why must give jewel to Gowri? and shameless girl, why want take that? you already turn into corspe as your mom said. you dont want your family's love...but want that jewel? Ranjani, you always do and think right. so was Chitra. but others..speak and do things without thinking at all.

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migan Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 30 March 2010 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Thank you for the updates. Ranjani has the right mind.

I need Krish to change a little bit showing some more expressions and taking more decisions by himself. He doesn't need to be begging to Gowri and Babu.  Gowri never apologized to Krish. Paro acted in her avasara buthi - but Krish - he didn't do any thing. Pasam ellam correct - but too much Panivu.

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thanks shree
intha Krish kudumbam eppo thirindhu. they have habbit of giving respect to people who are unfit for that. why Krish has to go to Gowr.
i think slowly Babu reveals his true face.

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