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A Lot more info is needed to complete this list.

1) Who was the forensic doctor in "Punarjanam" ?

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Dr. Niyati Pradhan was doctor punarjanam
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ANd in The Bride who wore Black
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see bento Dr. Bharadwaj was in first few cases and niyati was doc till the last
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episode 4

Part 1 24-Jan-2005

First there is flashback... 2 guys are there... and then they hear Tiger roar and Tiger is assumed coming and the guys are running away from the Tiger.. but then they come near a bridge and one of the guys say what about Sunil (sorry I forgot the name.. lets assume the guy was called Sunil...)... the guy also looks scared but is more prominent on saving his own neck and so pulls the first one with him and runs...

Now today...There are lots of media coverage outside the gate of the Borivali national Park.. a Tiger is found dead.. everyone is discussing the same.. how did Tiger die and all... the officials are trying to control it..

The dead Tiger is sent to hospital for postmortum... the docs there are performing injury and then they find a piece of bone inside his mouth.. it was kind of hidden.. the bone supposedly contained poison which killed the animal.. anyways the thing that caused suspecion was that this was a human bone..

CID SB along with Dr B is called... Dr B first asks about the Tiger so the officials and the doc reveal that some 8 (i think) years back this Tiger was caught in jungle and it was kind of weak then.. they thought maybe it had eaten something bad.. and so they got him here.. even here the Tiger remained silent and low...
Then Dr B asks to see the bone and they show it.. Dr B examines it.. its human bone and ofcourse contains poison supposedly of a guy aged 22 - 25... Azu asks his team to find all people missing.. Luckily they found the perfect match.. a guy called SUnil... his friend Yashwant had filed the missing report...

CID goes to meet Yashwant.. His address in the report was of hostel.. CID goes there and gets the address.. even on Sunil's house

Yashwant is the frnd of flashback.. he tells that he, Sunil and Rahul had gone to picnic there... Rahul and Sunil were room-mates and had some argument and to settle things, they had gone camping.. there Sunil was eating sweets and he didnt give to his friends.. he said that his family sent them and he will not share and just then he started choking.. Rahul and Yashwant got scared.. they left Sunil there and went to call some help but then heard a Tiger and ran for their lives.. after runnin a distance, they remembered Sunil but decided better not go back.. even after considerable time when Sunil didnt return, Yashwant filed the report...Yashwant said that he tried to contact Sunil's family but they never respond... no news of them and neither they asked about Sunil ever... they take Rahul's address and meets Rahul..

Rahul tells that the fight wasnt much.. just a mere argument.. and he also repeats the same story as Yashwant.. no probs or worries with Sunil.. indeed Sunil had been then just back from his home in Pune...

CID goes to Pune to meet Sunil's family... why didnt they ask about Sunil... There the house has been sealed by the court and a Policeman is sitting outside.. he is first strict but then when he knows that this is CID so he is lineant.. he tells that around 8 years back (when Sunil died in Mumbai) 7 people were found dead in the house.. all of them dead and people suspected SUnil to be the murderer but he cant be tracked either...

Part 2 25-Jan-2005

Azu asks the story and he tells that he was also there that day when his inspector got news that
there is something wrong with the house and so they broke into the house and there was whole family except SUnil dead.. Sunil was in Mumbai.. they all were poisoned by poisoning sweets... Sunil couldnt be tracked either... CID goes to meet the inspector handling the case...

he tells the same thing that this is a simple case of poisoning and Sunil was culprit and he is away... CID tell that this is nt really as it looks as Sunil too was killed.. they demand to see the evidences and find the sweet box of a particular sweet shop... CID goes there.. the shop keeper is really angry with that family.. he said that he had to stop making those sweets as the word spread so much that it earned him bad name... he doesnt recall who had bought those sweets but he said that the thing about his those particular sweets was that he prepared them only on order specially for some function like marriages...

CID goes into the house.. searching for the wedding card.. this all happened in December and lots of marriages happen at that time.. though CID didnt find any card but a kind of diary called 'vyavhar' where you write whatever you gift to people on occassions or what they give you so you can give back... anyways there 3 marriages were mentioned and all 3 were called...

the families say they are innocent.. one of them say that when they went to give the card the family was fine and happy and even Sunil was there... none of them had given that particular kind of sweet and so they were presumed innocent...

Now CID was without further track bt then they remember that SUnil was couriered the same sweets.. and so they find all the courier shops which existed even then and found the one which had couriered the sweets... there the address of Sunil's house is written... the man says that back then it was a very small shop but he doesnt remember who got the sweets.. bt he remembers that the guy who got it was a college kind of guy and he came in a big cars whose doors opened upwards.. imported car.. there cant be many cars in Pune that expensive and so CID visits the RTO office...

in the RTO office.. there are people found having imported cars but they are in way related to SUnil.. then Azu suggests maybe the owner doesnt live here and just came here and so must have paid road tax nd so they chk the road tax records and find that 2 people paid road tax for such a car... and one of them was Yashwant..

Yashwant was going out of his office when CID reaches there.. he runs seeing them but CID catches him..

In the bureau.. he confesses that he had sent the sweets to Sunil's parents place and then couriered it to him here in Mumbai also.. he did all this for his uncle asked to do.. his uncle was Landlord of SUnil and uncle wanted Sunil's family to leave the house but they werent willing and so he decided to kill them so he could get the house.. just then CID catches the uncle and get him to bureau too.. he tells that even after doing all this.. he couldnt get the house...

                               tell me episode name

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episode 7

Part 1 14-Feb-2005
First it starts with fashback like always.. there are 2 men in a boat... they are in middle of a lake.. they seem talkin and then suddenly one the man puts his hand on his chest and is like having a heart attack... the other man gets panicky.. he asks the first man what happened but the first man is too much in pain to say anything and then he falls down the boat into water.. the man on the boat gets scared and stuffed.. he is looking in water but couldnt see the man and then after a few seconds, the man who had fallen into water comes up but not alive.. there is a knife stabbed into his chest and he is dead. The man on boat gets really panicked...

2 young girls in their teens are there in the bureau. They are crying and stuff... ACP asks them to stop crying and tell the matter.. so they tell that their father is in the jail and he has been sentenced death... ACP says that when the case has already been investigated and closed how can CID help... so the girls tell that their father is accused of a murder and they are damn sure that their father didnt do it.. they say that there is only a month left for his punishment but they are hell sure that anything can happen in a month... they say that CID can save their father.. they are sure of it... ACP tries to explain it better that once the court has sentenced something, then you cant do anything... The girls get all senti and stuff and open a hanky inside it are some currency notes and rest change (coins) and they tell that this is all they have and they are very much willing to give it just CID gets their father free...

All others are looking.. they all are also confused and stuff but Azu is much more moved... neways seeing the girls offer payment... ACP gets moved and says that if their father is innocent, CID SB shall see what can be done however he promises nothing... He then asks who is your dad and the girls tell Inspector Rakesh (sorry I forgot the name.. let it be Rakesh)...

CID visits Inspector Rakesh in jail... he is the same guy in the boat... Pratap asks him to tell the truth... the ex inspector gets something angry and shouts that he has been saying the truth for so long but no one listens and then he tells the tale again.. he tells that he had an informer Duggal (not sure abt this name either) who used to give him alot of information.. with Duggal's help, Inspector had caught many people and this day, 12 years back Duggal called Inspector... Inspector went and Duggal said there is gonna be a big game bt he refuses to give the information right there and asks the inpector to come in the lake on boat.. so they go boating.. now Duggal had just started telling that there is a big game and he suddenly catches his chest and shows he is dieing.. he then falls down... into water.. Inspector is all panicky.. and then when Duggal resurfaces, he has a knife plunged into his chest... he is dead... the public near the lake sees all this and catches the inspector... Since then Inspector is stuck in Jail... CID then says they will investigate and if Rakesh is innocent, they will surely get him out of jail...

CID is talking among themselves that if Rakesh is free then someone must have known that Rakesh and Duggal were going to the lake and he hid hidden underwater and killed Duggal.. probably someone with old rivalry... but they say how can someone be inside water for so long... Azu says the answers will be at Goregaon Boating Lake... And CID goes there...

There again the same question.. Gargi points to center of lake and recalls the whole situation... so someone must be there hiding underwater... but how?? Maybe the murderer had worn oxygen mask.. Azu says possible.. and he asks to call Police divers.. the divers come and are made to go into lake and search... they go and search and one of them finds an oxygen cylinder... Azu is glad to see it.. its very dirty and even some algae on it but still...

Azu comes into office and the receptionist tells him that there came a lady called Suniti to meet the ACP... she waited for long but then left and left a card behind.. Azu chks the card.. its the same reporter Suniti.. he tells the receptionist that he doesnt want to meet this lady ever.. if she comes or calls donot entertain her...

In the Forensic Lab, Dr B is testing the things on the cylinder when CID comes.. Azu ask if they can get fingerprints on it? Fingerprints of the murderer... Dr B tells that let him put the cylinder into scan and whatever is on it will come.. and he tests and there he puts it and it scans.. after a while there are fingerprints found.. everyone is surprised.. So Dr B explains that the person whose fingerprints are on the cylinder has a particular kind of chemical on his hand which is permanent.. it may go off human skin but nothing else... he tells that this is a special kind of chemical used only in paints and greases...

Azu asks Rehan to find out all industries in Mumbai which used this chemical 12 years back and get a list of all the workers at that place.. one of them must be the culprit...

ACP is in his room when Ishika's call comes.. Ishika wants to see a movie... Azu says sure... Ishika says that she wants to see it with him... Azu says ofcourse they will see it together and then he asks which one and she tells Alexander.. ACP asks Pratap if this movie is adult and Pratap tells he doesnt think so.. so Azu agrees.. further Ishika asks when did Alexander come to India and Azu doesnt know it.. indeed no one in office does.. they all look at each other.. Azu then says u tell and she tells 326 BC (I guess or AD) and after that Akanksha also tells this.. Azu says girl you are genious to Ishika ofcourse.. and then he tells that if someone calls and tries to gather information or talk unneccesarily.. donot talk and Ishika agrees...

Now Rehan has the list of the industries.. he tells that there were only 3 such industries and he also has the list of workers... now they chked the list for any criminal record and find that one of the workers of a factory was caught by Rakesh only.. his name is Santosh..

CID goes to Rakesh.. as Rakesh will be able to tell more about Santosh.. Rakesh says yea Santosh wasnt a fine person... he could have done this.. he told that Santosh was caught gambling and Santosh had treatened the inspector to leave him but Rakesh didnt.. and then Santosh said that you will not be able to keep me in for even a day and when I get out, it will be bad for you... Inspector didnt take it seriously then but he said that Santosh did get out the next day... Meanwhile Rehan and Akanksha are gone to meet Santosh..

CID goes to visit Santosh's place to meet Santosh.. actually just Rehan and Akanksha... they are descending stairs and they call Pratap and tell that there is some probs here... Santosh died the same day when he was released... at 12 in the afternoon.. Akanksha said that his bhabhi (bro's wife) is there and she is getting the certificate and just then a lady gets it... Akanksha says who got the body and she tells Vivek her husband did.. they ask where is Vivek and she tells that he is a mechanic...

CID is in office talking... they say that its weird that a brother didnt carry his brother's body home but took it to a doctor to get a death certificate and then got the body home... who would do this and then they find that Santosh got released at 1 so how can he die at 12.. there is certainly something wrong with this and so they decide to meet Vivek...

CID goes to the garage.. and the shutter is down.. ACP asks Pratap to go ahead and he will give cover.. all of them take their guns out and go.. they are in front of the garage.. all guns up at the shutter and then 2 pair of feel are visible from under the shutter and then the shutter is lifted and its DAYA and ABHIJEET!! Eeeeeeeppppp... Azu and others ofcourse get their guns down and Azu says Abhi and Daya? You guys?
and episode ends...

Part 2 15-Feb-2005
It was definitely the very much same ABhi and Daya Ah.. I love them so much.. Anyways.. CID SB asks what were they doin there and Abhi and Daya tell that they are here for a mechanic - Vivek.. but Vivek is now dead.. What Vivek is dead?? So now they cant even find about Santosh.. I mean it became difficult...

CID asks Santosh's family to show the death certificate again which they see carefully zoomed.. on the certificate, they find the doctor's stamp and all properly named. The problem is that the certificate tells that Santosh died at 12 noon but he got released from Jail at 1.. and so how can he die at 12.. so there was something definitely fishy... They find the doctor and go there... The doctor tells that he is innocent.. he remembers that day correctly... the people kidnapped him and took him forcefully on gun point and asked to write the fake certificate. However the doctor tells that he did a little bluff.. the man they got died in 12 am and he wrote 12 pm on the certificate...

CID asks if the doc remembers where did the kidnappers took him and he said that his eyes were tied and so he doesnt really remember but yes he says that he went into some factory kind of place and there was a statue near it...

CID recalls that there was a statue near the factory near one of the factories which used that chemical.. and so they figure thats where Santosh worked...

CID goes there and investigates and finally find that the owner of the factory is the main culprit... He did illegal works and the Police Officer was after him.. now he wanted to get the inspector out of the way and so he bribed Santosh to kill him.. They took Duggal into plan... Duggal had faked the heart attack... and when he fell into the lake, Santosh was there hidin and Santosh killed Duggal so that they cant be caught... but bad luck... Santosh was killed later that day at 12 in the night and also Vivek was murdered... CID says just one little thing by the doc helped to catch the criminals...
              tell me episode name

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episode 8

Part 1 28-Mar-2005
Okie well then.. there is a woman there sitting on a chair in her dining room... and then the bell rings.. the servant goes and opens the door and there is a parcel. The servant gets it to her.. she opens it and there is a cut fore finger there.. the first finger and a ring on it too.. she gets really scared. She calls the CID SB...

they come.. ofcourse this is their job so they need to come.. neways.. she tells them that her husband was kidnapped long back and then she had paid the ransom they demanded but her husband never came back.. and now this parcel has come to her and the ring on the finger is her husband's... so maybe her hubby was alive... CID begins the search... but the twist of the tale is that the kidnappers were caught.. they had confessed their crime to the court of law and were now in the jail.. However they refused to tell or even know about Diptesh's whereabout...

CID goes to meet the 2 men found guilty... they are more or less quiet but then they tell that they havent done any kidnapping and neither do know anything about it.. they were asked by a man Dukta to confess this and in return he shall send money to their family.. However Dukta is now dead and till he was alive, their families did got money but now after he is dead, no money reaches their family...

CID goes to the house of the 2 and ask them about Dukta.. the wives tell that they were called to different places to collect money... they told them all the places they were called to.. CID notes it and makes a visit to all those places..
there is a house now.. in Park Lane.. both the wives were called her more than once.. CID goes there to inquire.. the owner or the estate agent (sorry I missed the episode and all I write is what I heard and saw in recap).. well he tells that this house was sold long back but this is suppose to have some ghosts.. the current owner knows none Dukta or Diptesh.. he doesnt even have any trace of them.. however there is a basement in the house which he hasnt seen...

CID decides to check the basement.. when they open the basement - shock! There is a skeleton lying there...

Part 2 29-Mar-2005
Okie so.. when CID opens the what do you say... tehkhana.. an attic probably just the difference is that attics are located on top floors.. i guess and this was underground.. or to avoid confusion lets call it basement.. if thats k.. so CID goes underground and there is this skeleton there on the stairs.. CID is busy analysing it.. Dr B is also there.. he looks carefully at the skeleton and tells that this is of a guy... then he was more searching that he found some blood stained bandages... There are scratch marks on the opening and so the man must be alive when he was put here.. and died inside without food, air or sunlight.. he must have had a terrible death.. now seeing the situation, CID thinks this is Diptesh's skeleton. The kidnappers got him here and left him here even after getting the money.

The skeleton is brought to the forensic lab.. Dr. B has laid it properly... he says that this skeleton looks fine.. then ACP asks if this is of Diptesh and Dr B tries matching the finger cut off.. and it was indeed Diptesh's... but then there is a bone piece.. Dr. B tells that he isnt able to place it anywhere... ACP asks even if this bone belongs to man but Dr B says he will have to find out...

Azu asks Pratap to chk with the kidnappers again.. they definitely know something which they arent telling..

Pratap and Gargi go to visit them again.. they speak totally nothing saying that they have told all they knew and then Pratap threatened them... he asked them to tell where will CID find Dukta or anything they know about Dukta... so they spoke that they never knew Dukta.. indeed M --- (cant remember the name but it was from M) took them to Dukta who worked in a factory which made poisons... they told Pratap which factory...

Pratap and Gargi go to the factory.. the owner is surprised to see CID here.. he says that the factory closed down 5 years back.. then Pratap asks if he knows the guy named with M and the owner says that he was the watchman here but he fired him.. they ask why and then the owner says that the watchman had formed sort of a gang here and the owner one day saw them all sitting ideally and planning.. the owner shows where..
its like inside there is a store room and the table was laid probably since 5 years in the same manner.. it was all very dirty and needed strict cleaning... anyways, the owner tells right here the gang was when he caught them.. Gargi looks around and finds envelopes addressed to the families of the kidnappers.. and so indeed the planning was done here and the money was sent from here...

Pratap suggests to look thouroughly as he thinks they will find something more and Gargi and Pratap start searching.. Gargi in the end finds a map torn from a diary... She shows it to Pratap.. the Park Lane is marked on it.. the same road where the house with the skeleton was...

In the forensic.. Dr B is testing the paper for finger prints.. CID doubts alot that after so many years will there be any finger prints however they do find and there is something really weird with the prints.. the man whose prints are there on the paper has 6 fingers... now CID and Dr B knows where the bone will fit.. however no record in any medical reports of Diptesh told that he had 6 fingers.. so the body cant be of Diptesh.. who was this then??? locked and starved inside the basement of the house.. and where was Diptesh? Was he alive or had he planned his kidnapping himself?

Akanksha takes out prints from the records of the criminals who have five fingerprints.. and she finds 6 such records... Azu chks all of them and he stops at one of them - Gagan.. known for minute stealing and bluff but was missing from 1999... the exact year when Diptesh was kidnapped and even the same month.. Azu says it cant be pure co incidence... so Gagan was involved in the murder...

CID goes to Diptesh's house.. however there is lock there.. Azu decides to stay and wait... they wait till really long till night... and then a car comes and... a lady gets out... she is completely different one... she asks them who are they?? CID tells who they are and that they are looking for Mrs Diptesh Kapur. The lady says that its her house and there is no Diptesh Kapur there.. CID tells that they met her here only last week.. the lady still sticks to her words... then CID tells that they met her on Tuesday... so the lady tells that last tuesday, Shalini had been in her house. Shalini said that her house was leaking from the roof and she had to meet her lawyer and so she had borrowed the house keys. Being a good neighbour the lady had helped... CID shows the pic of Mrs Diptesh Kapur and the lady says this is Shalini only...
the picture is drawn clean before them.. initially they thought that Diptesh had planned his kidnapping but now it turned out that his wife had planned all this.. they ask the lady Shalini's address...

CID goes to the given address and a man pens the door.. CID is stunned to see the man.. absolutely live DIptesh stands there.. CID is shocked and stunned and so is Diptesh. He refuses to be Diptesh. However CID enters forcefully. Akanksha and Gargi get inside forcefully to catch his wife.. he tries to stop but Rehan holds him... Anyways they get Shalini too.. both hubby and wife and trying to be free and escape but then they get a dose from Akanksha and Pratap.. and then we go to the bureau...

Diptesh and his wife sit there confessing.. Diptesh says that he had been in debt from head to toe and if he didnt plan his own death, he would have been devastated. And so he planned this with Gagan and Dukta.. they sold all his property and disappeared... took new name new life.. and lived there...

but then ACP said that if there is a wrong deed done, CID is to find it even years after... just then Azu gets a call.. he goes to the side to attend to it and meanwhile ACP is talking to the other people... On the call.. its Ishika's.. she doesnt speak anything for a while.. then as she speaks, her voice trembles.. she tells that she called to say Goodbye.. she is upset that he never told her the truth but he saw everything on television and now she doesnt want to live with him anymore and so she is leaving.. Azu did all he could to get anything out of her but she wouldnt tell.. he told that he never lied to her and he would come wherever she was and they would talk and he would listen to all he wanted to say...
In the end, Ishika cut the call and ran away.. she wasnt at her home but in a chemist shop. Azu was in tears.. he called back at the shop bt the person there told that the girl is no where in sight.. he told him that he is ACP and he wants his daughter found bt no use... ACP sees this and comes and asks Azu whats the matter and Azu tells that dont know why Ishika has left..
            tell me the episode name

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episode 9

Part 1 28-Feb-2005
Okie.. a family has gone to picnic in some forest kind of place.. father, mother, son and daughter... now what happens is that at first they are enjoying themselves but then later they hear a blast... they rush to the car and away from the place and then they all start getting sick and the father looses control over the car and it meets an accident...

Now today.. news show that there is a bomb blast in some factory and 12 or so people are handicapped... an old man sees the news and gets senti, angry and emotional.. he goes to CID and asks for justice.. he tells that few years back, his son, daughter in law and grand children went to picnic and there occured a bomb blast and now they all are crippled.. not crippled exactly.. but I mean to say all 4 of them are on wheel chairs, they only breathe.. donot speak, talk or hear.. they are alive just for the reason of being alive else no activity at all... CID says that they will get him justice...

Now CID goes to the forest where the family had gone to picnic and they search... and there they find that there is a ruin of some building... greyish, burnt.. black and there they find 3 skeletons... Dr B tells them that the blast occured here.. a chemical blast and cybolic acid is used in such blasts.. he also tells that the chemical is rare.. and then Dr B also tells that the 3 skeletons are of males...

CID also finds some pieces of paper on which there was written - DJ sci... must be a scientist they thought and ran a search for him.. now this man was dead but he worked as a senior scientist in some lab where they did have cybolic acid.. CID decides to go to the lab.. About DJ.. I didnt see the show and mum didnt temme this bt I faintly recall that CID finds something suspecious about his death - either his body was missin from where it was dug or was presumed dead on not being found or something like that and so CID runs a full scale search of DJ... they take their description from the lab ofcourse and spread the word...

In the lab, they go and ask about DJ and cybolic acid...

Meanwhile.. Azu goes to house of an old lady.. Ishika is there living with her.. its her maternal grandmother.. Azu does his best to convince Ishika to come back but she says that she wont.. he asks her whats the matter and she tells that she saw on Television that she aint his daughter.. Azu is really frustrated... the old lady tells him that its best he leaves now.. Ishika should be given some time to take in everythin and accept it and later when she gets it, her anger will go and she will return...

Part 2 01-Mar-2005
In the lab, Pratap is talking to the doctors when Gargi notices that a girl is listening to their talks.. she calls Pratap and the girl.. And I am surprised for Pratap is really sweet to the girl.. he asks her not to be scared or anything and tell whats in her mind and she tells that she knew DJ and one day she saw him in the lab and according to her, he was stealing Cybolic acid.. she didnt make noise about it as ofcourse she was a student and had to save her neck... Just then Rehan comes... he tells that the word they spread about DJ.. a person named something with S (lets say Subhankar) is found... by the Intelligence.. this man is in Sri Lanka as a prisoner and he matches exact description of DJ.. Pratap asks Gargi to take along all documents they got to identify DJ and they leave for Sri Lanka...

In Sri Lanka, A criminal is brought from the cell to the main office.. Pratap calls him DJ and he is furious.. he says that he aint DJ and he told the madam the same thing.. neways Pratap asks him why is he here and he tells that he was found trespassing into Sri Lanka illegally.. Just then Gargi comes and tells that his teeth x ray meet that of DJ.. so Pratap tells you are DJ ....

Now they are back in India.. whole of CID team gets DJ to the house of the old man.. there this is a dramatic scene where Azu first tells the old man this guy is responsible for the present condition of your family and then Azu keeps telling DJ that you did this and you cant return the people what they have lost.. the old man and wife also scream at him.. and then DJ tells that he didnt do it... he was made to do it.. he recalls that there were 4 people (3 men and 1 lady).. from somewhere the 4 of them got every news about DJ.. they kidnapped him once and then asked him to steal Cybolic acid for them from his lab.. whn he refused, they produced some papers which showed proof of his wrong doing.. DJ said that long after he got to know that those people used the acid to make bombs.. he said that he wanted to break free the trap and so he just faked death and ran out of the country bt got caught..

CID asks what all he remembers about the people.. names or anything.. DJ tells that the lady had too much hatred.. they wanted to cause terror in India.. He tells that they never spoke takin names but called each other A B C and D and the girl was coded D... Azu says to file a case against DJ and arrest him....

CID figures out that if the girl is still alive, as the skeletons were of males, then she still must be making bombs and to make bombs, she will definitely need cybolic acid... and she must be getting it from someone.. maybe still from the same lab.. Anyways.. they go to the lab...

In the lab the doc who receives them tells why are they here?? The lab no longer uses Cybolic acid as it was too dangerous.. he tells that only 2 - 3 pesticide factories use it.. now this rings a bell.. the bomb blast happened in tyramide (i think thts what they said) factory and that got nothing to do with the acid.. until the girl D was hiding there... or someone of that place was involved with her..

CID goes to the factory owner who is in jail.. he is furious seeing them.. he says that they have earnt him enough punishment, what are they here for now? and Pratap asks if he knows about the lady called D.. the guy gets scared bt first denies and then gets a good dose from Pratap and tells that she is too dangerous.. and then he tells that she is planning a big blast tomorrow.. CID asks where will she be now and he tells in her lab in Nizar forest..

He leads them there.. and while CID is searching the lab, there are ppl hiding behind the tree who notice them bt lay hidden.. neways, CID spots the house..

the men seeing CID rush into the house and tell the lady that CID is coming.. she is furious.. she says why didnt you tell before they got close and then she asks all to leave.. there the men try to take things along but she asks them to leave everything.. By the time they reach the door, CID is already there... the men are caught instantly and ACP and Gargi have to folow the girl.. she goes into main lab area and when she sees that there is no escape, she points a gun towards them.. her men try to attack but Pratap handle them.. now this girl also gets hit by the bullet on hand.. Azu asks Gargi to take her to hospital but she refuses.. whn asked why was she doing all this.. she tells to take revenge from every one who has turned a blind eye towards the suffering of others.. she tells that her family got killed in a gas leak in a factory and Azu asks who is ur family and she gets more angry and says see even you dont know and then she tells that she wanted revenge and so killed everyone.. Azu tells that by bombs you cant take revenge.. he felt sorry for her but what she did is definitely crime..

Azu enters ATC News Channel's office.. ppl murmur that this is ACP Azadshatru na... ACP ignores and goes to the reception and asks for Suniti.. the receptionist says that she is busy and cant come.. she asks Azu to come back later or wait.. Azu gets angry and he is almost shouting when he sees Suniti and stops her himself... she is surprised to see him bt none the less very happy as though she fetched him many trophies and he was here with cake to celebrate.. neways he says he will never forgive her and what did she get telecasting that news? She says that she got him good image and he is upset.. he says that Ishika his daughter left the house seeing the news on tv and now Suniti gets serious.. she is worried and says she never knew it.. Azu says go telecast this too.. and he threatens her that if anything happens to Ishika, he will kill her and she is like u are a responsible officer, you cant threaten me.. and he says that he will shoot her bt when she repeats, he says he wont forgive her.. and the end!

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