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Tangled Fate |MN| Ch 1, Pg 1

-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Hey guys,

This is my first Mayank-Nupur fan-fic. I think this concept suited them both a lot. And no, it's not Beauty and the Geek but just a little...Vengeance filled story. I do have a Beauty and the Geek kind of a story in mind but not sure if I'd like to write one like that at the moment...haha. If any AR fans are reading this, or even Samrat-Gunjan fans, please drop me a PM or so or even post a comment here saying if they'd like to read this fic in SaJan or AR version!

Please tell me if you'd like to be added to the PM list.

PM List

sanjana yadav
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Ch 1, Pg 1


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-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Chapter 1

I stared at the him, as I entered his office. Shocked. He stared back at me, his eyes red with anger. I clutched onto my rsum, as I stared at him. I stared at the strange wonders of my life. The person who I had left back 2 years ago, was now staring back at me.


Why? I questioned myself. Why is it that whenever I try to run away from something it comes back to me? Why? Kyun? I was running away from Mayank for the past 2 years, building a hatred for me in his heart but it had to end this way? Fate bringing us together at such a cruel stage...again? WHY? And now, he is sitting write infront of me. Waiting to take my interview for the job of his personal secretary. I take my eyes off Mayank, ashamed, remembering the moment that I had met Mayank's father and he had told me to stay away from him.

2 Years Ago -

"Nupur," he had said, when he had came to my house to meet me, telling Mayank that he were to talk about 'our' wedding.

My parents were so excited about everything. The wedding, but they didn't know it would come down in such a harsh way. They were ripped apart when they were insulted like this...just cus of me.


I bend down and touch his feet to take ashirwad, Mr. Lalit Sharma did give me ashirwad, but was it with his full heart? I had wondered that night.


"Nupur, dekho, Mayank is intensly and madly in love with you, which I can see why, you are a very pretty, well- educated and nice girl, but here is my problem, you are not up to our status." he says, very clamly and in a polite gesture that didn't feel like he was apposing to the marriage.


My dad, Mr. Balraaj Bhushan lets out a little, not-from-the-heart laugh to lighten the atmosphere. "Lalli, what are you doing? You know that our kids love each other, and we are friends as well, so why not let our kids get married?"


My dad goes up to Mr. Sharma to hug him, but Mr. Sharma puts his arms high in the air, blocking my dad. "Balraaj, I know we are friends but dekh, I have recently come back from Canada, and we are now considered one of the richest families of Ludhiana, and in this atmosphere, I don't think I shall agree to let my son get married to some beggers, which in this case will be you guys." Mr. Sharma takes a deep sigh, as my dad's expression changes from happiness to worry to sadness. I just stand there, motionless as I try to take in everything Mr. Sharma was saying.


"Lalli, what are you saying? I don't understand..." my dad replies, confused as to what he heard was right or wrong.


"Balraaj, what you heard is absoloutly correct. I don't want Mayank and Nupur's marriage to happen. Look, I hope you understand me, but since I am a big business man now, I think it is about time, that you come to know that I am no longer your 'status' and that I have turned to be someone much bigger, then you could reach." replies Mr. Sharma, explaining to my dad why we weren't their status no more.


Seeing my dad's quietness, I finally decided to say something. Standing up for my dad's rights, belief and honour.


"Mr. Lalit Sharma!," I say, in a harsh but yet respectful voice. " You have NO right to talk to my dad like this. You think you are some big business man or something, then puh-leese, don't even think about it. And just to tell you, I fell in love with your son, because he loves me as much as I love him, so before you come here and start to cause my dad more pain, I suggest you go talk to your son and tell him to stop loving me." I take a deep breath, tears on the verge of rolling down my eyes. "And by the way, the whole wealth, you are proud of right now, I am sure, in the years to come, you will have NOTHING. You get that?"


"Aye Ladki! You better mind your language. Now before, I do something horrible, let me tell you, my son loves me more then you, so you better keep your mouth shout and let the elders do the talking.", replies Mr. Lalit Sharma, in a mild tone, but yet the impatientness sounding straight in his voice.


I try to say something but my father puts a hand on my shoulder, and eyes me to move back. I do as I say.


My dad folds his hands in front of Mr. Sharma, his eyes moist. "Lalit, I beg you. Please, please get Nupur married to Mayank. I have been putting her wedding off for 4 years now, waiting for you to come. And now you are back, let's take our friendship forward...or else my honour and dignity will be one will agree to get married to Nupur. Please...I beg you. Let this marriage happen."


"Haha! Haha!. You want me to get this marriage to happen? And here is your daughter, saying that she will only get married, after I am sorry for my behaviour. Doesn't she know that the ladke wale's are almost at a higher aspect then the ladki wale's." sarcasm, clearly showing in his voice. "Fine then, I will agree to get Mayank married to your daughter after she agrees to lick my feet." Lalit says, more powerfully, no hint of sarcasm in his voice.


My dad looks at Lalit as if he is out of his mind, and so do I. Lalit looks at my shocked face and smiles.


"Kya...?" my dad says, in a shocked voice.


"Yes, if your daughter, truly, as she says loves my son Mayank, then she shall come and lick my feet." replies Lalit, explaining his whole deal.


"Mr. Lalit Sharma, pyaar kisi evidence ka mohataj na hota. Love is not based on any evidence, but if you insist, I shall come and show you how much I love Mayank."


I move out of my place and walk towards Lalit, and when I do, I glare at him, confident that I would be able to pass this test. I bend down on my knees, with nothing by my dad's dignity, honour and Mayank's picture and love in my heart. I close my eyes, remembering all the times I had spent with my dad and Mayank, I stick my tongue out and am about to lick Mr. Sharma's shoe when my dad puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me to get up.


"No Nupur, you will not do this." he says, finally considering his decision.


I get up, and do as he says. I stand beside him. "Per papa..." I try to argue but her doesn't listen to me. He just places his hand infront of my face, in a 'Stop-I-will-do-the-talking' mode.


"Mr. Lalit Sharma, how dare you? How dare you come to my house and tell my daughter to lick your feet? It looks like you really did forget our 22 year old relationship, didn't you?" says my father, with bitterness in his voice. He takes a deep breath, as he continues on, when he sees Mr. Sharma not interrupting for once. "If we are on a smaller status scale then you, if we are middle class, then that still does not give you any right to come and abuse my daughter in such a manner. It was not her who first said she loved your son, Mayank. It was your son who had come up to me and said that he loved Nupur. It was him who said that he would do anything for the sake of Nupur's love. My daughter is not as low character as you claim her to be." he takes another breath and looks at me, my eyes moist. My dad looks at me, in a 'I-am-sorry-I-am-forced-to-do-this-but-I-don't-have-any-choice' manner. I don't look away from him but instead, give him a strong light-hearted smile saying that 'I trust him with any decision he takes'.


" should I say that this marriage is not happening then?" asks Mr. Sharma, in a sarcastic tone, with no hint of repentance.


My dad looks down at the ground, thinking of the right words to say. I knew what he was thinking. He was thinking about me. Even though he may not say it, but he knew I loved Mayank more then my own life, and he knew that if he said 'no' to this marriage, then I would do something drastic. But I trusted him, and he needed to know that. I didn't care if I couldn't be with Mayank for the rest of my life, but as long as my dad had his honour with him, I would stand through anything. I may not be able to live with Mayank, but I would always be there, loving him from the bottom of my heart. I go and place my hand on my dad's shoulder, telling him that I supported any decision he made. He turns and looks up at me, I wipe my tears away, and wipe his away as well. I smile at him. He places his hand on my shoulder, pacifying me.


"Dekho, I don't have time for these stupid emotions at the moment, so I will take my leave. Important meeting hai. Something way important then this. Just call me and tell me what your decision is." Mr. Sharma takes his visiting card out of his pocket, and offers it to my dad, but when neither my dad nor me, make the move to grab it, he just flicks the card in our faces, gives us a smirk and leaves. "Cheapskates" he mumbles, while he makes his way out the door.


My dad turns around and holds my hands. Tears streaming down his eyes...and mine too. "I am sorry Nupur. I couldn't get you your Mayank...please forgive me. I made you wait all those years just for Mayank but he couldn't be yours....I am sorry." my dad says, his voice weak, as he tried to recover from the sadness that he had received today. Slowly, he slides down on the ground, crying, and mumbling 'sorry' all over again.


"Mujhe nahin pata tha, ki mera dost itna badal jayega. I never knew...I am sooo sorry Nupur. Mujhe maaf kar do..." he cries.


I try to hold my tears back but failing, I kneel down beside him, letting my tears flow down. I touch his hands that he had held in shame. "'t." I say, no other words coming out of my mouth. "Is mein aap ki koi galati nahin hai...aap apne aap ko dosh mat de jiye." I say, crying.


Present -


I am snapped out of my most dreadful moment. I continue to stare at Mayank, and he stares back at me. His expression filled with revenge, anger and arrogance. Something that My Mayank, didn't have. This Mayank, that would soon be my 'boss' was completely different then the Mayank I loved...and continue to love. This was not my Mayank... this Mayank was someone that was totally filled with anger, arrogance and disgust. It was as if he was under a pretense. He wanted to show the world, or -me, how strong he was, but underneath all that hard rock like skin, it was his pain. His agony, and no one understood that better then I did.


Even before we were supposed to be married, we had promised each other that we will live together, we will die together and no one will ever come in between us. And that is what I was doing. I was living a life of his unmarried wife. I was keeping my promise...and I am sure he was keeping his as well, even if he may show that he had forgotten his promises, like I had shown mine.


He had pain, sorrow, hurt and sadness and that was all because of me. Me. Me. If I had told him everything that day, nothing would have happened, and we would be living together, as a happy couple by now...but I had my own problems to deal with. And I couldn't let him in on my problems. It was best for him...


"So, Miss Nupur Bhushan..." Mayank says. It was a good feeling to hear his voice after 2 long years. The years that we both had spent in pain -sorrow -remembrance -hurt -sadness, were finally fading away. In a good direction or a bad...I don't know, but they were fading...and making place for a new kind of relationship. Of boss and secretary, I don't know...but it will be something new.


"Yes..." I answer, trying to pull myself together. It had been 2 years since I first faced him, in person. It was so easy to get wooed by Mayank. His charisma was something like that. Something that I had failed to understand, but all I knew was, he had something in him to be called 'THE Mayank Sharma'.


"Sir...." he said, annoyed, with a bit of arrogance added. " Sir. It is Yes Sir." he says, his anger, and arrogance towards me, quite visible.


"Yes Sir." I reply back. My eye lids down, as I looked at the floor, embarrassed.


I then look back up to see his pen circulating around Mayank's fingers as he leaned back on his car and his feet up on his desk. "So, Miss Nupur Bhushan, I assume you are ready for your interview." he states, more as a fact rather then a question. Sarcasm, and disgust, visible in his voice. Mayank gives me a smirk, and I knew from this look of his, that this interview will not be easy.

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sounds amazing do continue and pm me when u do:)
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hey there
another FF from
great start...
pls PM me when you continue?
pls continue soon
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No more takers? :(
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sounds add me to ur PM list...and continue soon!
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loved it pm me plzzzzzzzzzzz

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