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"Kya bolti tu? ;)": 23rd March.

Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 12:09pm | IP Logged

Hmmmm So janab Dutta sahib finally thinking-wiking abt Sups?ShockedSilly ........ depressing but still interesting turn of events  Disapprove............. lets dive and see if we sink further today into depression...........or we get a breather......... to the epi ....... Day Dreaming......

1) This has to be the bestest start of an epi till date .......... ha ha Tongue .....wanna know on what it started off today?Tongue Chaand ..... Moon ..... beautiful, calm , serene & peaceful ............. wow......Day Dreaming
2) Babi-Nakku scene starts off . Babi tries to show Nakku the reality, that its Dutta's marriage two days later. Nakku's eyes start filling upCry............. Awww Nakku ,dont worry Sups tho shaadi karne wali nahin hai LOL........ zyada tension math le LOL .
3) Nakku finally speaks of her heartbreak....... this is the first time she spoke of it and it sure was painful to watch her all teary-wearyCry.
4) Nakku says how the marriage preparations are bothering her, and how she has been keeping up a bold-smiling face thru out and all I could see was a very normal/real girl in Nakku, who was going thru the same kind of pain any normal/real girl wouldve gone thru , if in her place. Iam glad that they dont show Nakku as some Mahaan-Atma doing all kinds of tyaag with a nothing-can-hurt-me face .... Clap
5) Nakku says "Jab mein dekhthi supriya thayi ki chehre ki kushi, shaadi ki thayariyaan, mere andar kya kuch nahin toothi aayi, ........Mere dil se pooch aayi, inn do dinon mein pal pal royegi, par muskurayegi, par kisko patha nahin chelne degi ". Did anyone see a mom-daughter on reel being so open abt love and discussing abt it so openly?Embarrassed. I didnt and all I could do was just watch them talk it thru and feel awed......Smile
6) Nakku wants to enjoy every moment of those two days to core. She very well knows that she can never ever smile the way she is right now, after those two days..... Ouch
7) Loved how Nakku grabs her Mom's arms and starts running around, playful & happy . Needless to say I just adore the relation these two share. They define Mom-Daughter bond. Amazing !!!Clap.
8) Nakku keeps assuring Babi that no one is gonna see her in that Avtar and look at the way Babi worriedly looks around to see if anyone is watching them. She is so worried abt her daughterSmile.
9) Nakku so naively asks if Babi could get her the chaand. Babi nods "No". Nakku says that even though she can never possess Moon , no one can stop her from loving it . I guess we all can see where Nakku is heading to with this convo isnt it?. Needless to say I am loving everybit of what she is saying .......Embarrassed
10) Nakku compares the moon and moonlight to Dutta and her loveHeart. She says that though she can never possess the Moon(Dutta) she can always stand near it , feel its Moonlight(LoveHeart) ..... All Babi could do was stand speechless and watch her Daughter shower in loveHeart. Can anyone express Love better than this?. Nakku's love is so Pure and True, that all u can do is keep watching her the way Babi was watching herDay Dreaming.
11) BEST PART OF THE EPI : This has to be the moment which was very well captured on screen, Nakku says "Mera chaand ............. Dutta Sahib"....... and there comes Dutta walking onto the terrace, lost in a deep thought. Background..........the famous , Mouth-Organ wala musicDay Dreaming. Do I need to even say how much I loved it?EmbarrassedDay Dreaming.
12) Dutta keeps remembering Sups and her nautanki and my heart started aching super-bad Broken Heart.........I cant help but love Dutta more though....... He is such an adorable guy EmbarrassedDay Dreaming.
13) Babi notices Dutta on the terrace and tries to hide Nakku with her pallu. Nakku assures Babi that Dutta isnt going to recognize her , but Babi thodi naa manne wali hai, she just whisks off Nakku. Imagine what I was doing here? Tongue. I was like, dont worry BabiWink, Dutta is kind of semi-blind right now LOL, he is in some lala land, so no ways he is gonna recognize Nakku LOL.
14) Kala and her amazing Villanism LOL. Look at the way she shocks Sups saying "Ajaou tumhara phaasi ka phande ka naap lena hai" ROFLROFL. Sups ki pairon ke neeche se zameen kisak gayi ROFLROFL. If she is so scared now, what will she be when she sees Dutta's anger?ShockedROFL ha ha ...... sare Make-Out-In-Dutta's-House ka mazaa uthrega , what say? WinkROFL.
15) Twisting words tho koi Kala se seekhe ROFL. Look how she tries to scare Sups off saying Marrying Dutta is equivalent to Death-Sentence ROFL.
16) Evil sisters along with Aai, Nakku doing Mangalsutra ki shopping , downstairsAngry LOL. I was like, enuf already,  as if feeding the whole Sups and gang isnt enuf, now these ppl started wasting more money for that stupid shaadi ? ShockedAngryLOL.
17) Wow look at Sups ki aaiAngry ........I tell u, she beats Sups and Mawali in irritating us Ouch. Look at the way she tries to find out the weight-of-gold to select the Magalsutra Angry. U should see my face at that time Tongue, eyes all popped out and head shaking in disapproval LOL. No wonder they wanted Sups to get married to Dutta, Paison ke lalchi family, sab ke sab ......arrggghhhhh......Angry
18) Now as if Sups ki aai ki torture wasnt enuf , look at the way Sups picks up her choice of Mangalsutra and shows it to her Mawali BFAngry. Yaar seriously tell me, what is with Sups and Mawali's brain?Confused. No seriously, they want to elope , so why is she picking a mangalsutra? ShockedConfused That too which Dutta is gonna pay forConfused. Can't her HE-MAN ( ?? Shocked Wacko) buy her a mangalsutra from his hard earned money?Angry. She so hates Dutta naa, so how come she wants to buy her Mangalsutra with his money?Shocked It beats me...........Confused. Shame naam ki koi cheez hai kya inn donon ko?ConfusedAngryAngryAngry.
19) Kala ki tho mein huge fan hogayi aajClap. Loved the way she was noticing Sups-Mawali and their crap signals thru out.........LOL
20) Kala's line "Jise pehnana hai, aur pehan na hai, usse pasand agaya tho aur kisi se poochne ka kya hai?". LOL. Oh man the way she keeps looking at Mawali and Sups was so much fun to watch LOL.
21) Nakku ji sad seeing that, walks off and I was like ab Nakku ko kya hogaya?Shocked.......... May be she was feeling ki mujhse bhi poochthe , aakhir kaar iam the one who is gonna get married to Dutta eventually .....Day DreamingLOL.
22) Dutta - Baaji in Dutta's room, torturing some poor banda ROFL. I was like chalo shukar hai, Dutta finally stopped thinking abt Sups LOL. Warna for the last two episodes all I get to see is Dutta dreaming abt Sups WackoLOL.
23) Dutta torturing the guy by pointing Gun ?Shocked. I was like , One japad is enuf for that banda Dutta , kyun dara rahe ho uss poor bande ko ? LOL.
24) Dutta Qs Nakku saying ......"Tu iss waqt kamre mein, goli khani hai tere ko?". I was like .........lets see how ur gonna shoot Nakku Day Dreaming......... Shoot naa..........Day Dreaming.........we waitinggggggg Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming........... LOL
25) Look at the way Dutta looks around when Nakku asks Dutta to come downstairs with her. He is like "This girl is seriously mad" ROFL.
26) Baaji's irritation at Nakku was so funny and he was so right, Nakku's brains screws are definetly off ROFL.
27) Dutta knows Nakku inside out Embarrassed, see how he says "Jab thak mein ayega nahin, tu yahan se hilegi nahin na?" ROFL. I was like, Dutta chalo ab baathein band karo aur jaou , u know her very well LOL.
28) Dutta's nod when Nakku says "Chelen" was so do I put it, Friendly....... ya they kind of became Friends now....... what a slow progression their Rishta madeEmbarrassedDay Dreaming.
29) Dutta LIKES Nakku a lot......What ? Shocked Dont Believe me? Shocked.....U ppl naa always ask for proof , I know AngryLOL.........But dont worry, iss baar I have full proof LOL.  Dutta sure likes Nakku a lot warna he wouldnt entertain her admist his work, Walk to her when she asked him to come near her, Pause his work and hear her, Ask Baaji to handle the work and go with Nakku. I tell u , Dutta likes Nakku more than Sups Embarrassed, and Irony he is getting married to Sups.........hmmm....... Ouch.
30) Loved the way Dutta-Nakku walk into the living room .......... for everyone's shockSmile.
31) Why is Dumbo Sups smiling when Kala asks "Wahini ke bina tera mann nahin laghtha"?Shocked. Confused Sups yaad haina?Embarrassed u love Mawali , not Dutta LOL...........
32) Poor Dutta look at the way he looks back at Nakku asking her if she got him for that ......... LOL. Dosti ki haina Dutta , ab nibani padegi Tongue.
33) Dutta talks less, but when he talks, he talks so sensibily that all we can do is just keep listening. Famous Mouth-organ music in the background. Nakku looking at Dutta admiringly while he lets out what he thinks abt Mangalsutra and Shaadi.
34) "Dil mein mangal kaamna honi chahiye, Ek bandhan mein bandhne ki icha honi chahiye, Nahin tho yeh sirf ek gehna hai". HATTS OFF to Dutta .....and he was so Damn Right...........Bang on !!!Clap.
35) Loved the way he looks back at Nakku while walking off. He is kind of mad at Nakku for getting him there LOL. Par koi baath nahin NakkuEmbarrassed, because u got him there, we got to hear what he feels abt Mangalsutra and the marital bond.......Embarrassed
36) Precap : My , my interesting Day DreamingGeek............I really cant wait for tomorrows epi......Ravi is letting Sups know that someone got him into that house. Man who is behind this saazish ?Shocked. Looks like a gehri-chaal against Dutta Geek.....hmmmm......


EPI VERDICT : Last scene definetly takes the itEmbarrassed.


Turn Ons : Dutta's walk on the terrace and Nakku's showering in the Moon-light.

Turn Offs : Sups asking Mawali abt the Mangalsutra................. horrible.
Dialogue of the Day : Dutta's "Mangalsutra mein kya hai Thayi, eek daage mein phiraye hue kaale maani ya heere mothi, kya pharak padtha hai? Inkein peeche chupi hui bawnayen yahin asli maayine rakhthi hain, Dil mein mangal kaamna honi chahiye, ek bandan mein bandne ki icha honi chahiye, nahin tho yeh sirf eek gehna hain".
Scene of the Day : Nakku talking abt Dutta-Moon and Dutta walking on the terrace......Embarrassed.
Mishal, Mahi were just awesome today thru out. Ridhi's expressions were kind of off at the end scene.


Please post ur comments .......Smile

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-Fivr- Moderator

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 12:14pm | IP Logged

@Anu: This sounds like a good episode - but I found Kaala's dialogue hilarious! "Phansi ka phanda" - banwa hi na dey! ROFL

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sana786a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
 anu da only scenes worth seeing was kaala sneaky comments 2 sups  n naku going in dutta's room seriously kaala dilogues r funny LOL she's quite a classy villan

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
@Sana: SEE, SEE! I am not the only demented one here - everyone's turning "evil" in her! ROFL

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nazia.icycool IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
thanx a lot anu ..i really loved the look that dutta gave to nakku while he was leaving..he was not angry with her nor was agitated but had this.."kya, tu bhi na" wala look.. i also loved his dialogue at that moment regarding the mangalsutr..i havnt heard of a better definition of mangalsutr as of yet..but loved the way he spokeDay Dreaming..i hated when sups n ravi were exchangin looks over the mangalsutr...i mean it is dutta who will buy it how can sups take ravi's approval 4 it..and even ravi was smiling as if he would take up all its expenses..i hated it

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Dew-drop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Luks  like an interesting epi ......
I hav yet to see it ......
gosh its taking ages to dwnld .....!

who must hav bought the BG here ...
it has to b either Aayi saaheb or Dutta himself ..!

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mariescott14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

The first & last part was the bestThumbs Up

The way she described her love for dutta was so sweet and innocentEmbarrassed
The mother-daughter interaction was so beautiful
The way dutta was looking so romantic lost in his thoughts(How i wish it was nakuDay Dreaming.)
But the scene in which naku demands datta to come with her was also best.Her stuborness was so sweet.Even the way dutta looked at her and said she will not move till he comes was cute.
I liked the way he called her naku front of everyone and said he came because she wanted him to come
Today,s episode really had lots of naku,dutta and tasha
Must watch

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Anandana Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2010 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
So Sups thinks that Dutta is a mawali but Ravi is no betterLOL
Its not like she fell for Ravi's virtues, wonder what kind of underworld connections he has and is maybe from dutta's rival gang

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