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"Kya bolti tu? ;)": 22nd March.

Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2010 at 12:23pm | IP Logged

Hmmmm finally Monday it isTongue .......... wow never was a weekend so long as this one LOL...... jks apart.......... many of us here have been speculating the future story this weekend....chalo lets go dive in to see where the track is heading this mondayyyyy ........Day Dreaming

1) Epi starts off on ........ hmmmm....... ya ............ hmmmm.......... yaaaaa ......... hmmmmmmm........ Wacko......Ok baba stop glaring LOL...... it started of on our Pyaari BehneinTongue. No no dont worry Iam not watching any other show and ya we do have some pyaari behnein at LTL, did u ppl forget them already? Shocked Arey yaar , 2 epi's sans them and u already on the way to forget them? Shocked Achi baath nahin, chawanprash khaou LOL, dimaak tez hojayega LOL. Jks apart, the epi started off on Kala-Leela and Cute na ladki ..........Ouch. So Monday started off so evilish is it?...Shocked Patha nahin aghe kya kya dekhne ko milega ConfusedWacko.
2) I hate the word Cute, yaar this girl Roops and uski "Cute na" Angry, as if thats the only sentence in English that she can think of, and that too Monday-Morning , arrrggggghhhh Angry.
3) What ? Shocked What did Leela call Mawali Body guard? Shocked......GYM MASTER?? ROFLROFL, Haila , yeh Body-guard se Gym-master kab bangaya? ShockedROFL. Waise I dont blame  Leela, if the body-gurad displays his biceps so badly with those tight shirts, kisiko bhi doubt ayega ki woh body guard kam gym-freak zyada hai.......ROFLROFL.
4) Now this has to be a KILLER ROFLROFLROFL......... Leela upgrades Mawali from Gym-Master to Phailwaaan ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL. What will she call him next ? Wink Sumo Fighter ? ROFL.
5) Look at the way Roops says that Mawali is handsome.....Silly. I was like, "Roops, Zaroor tere dimak ke wiring mein kuch problem hain".....Angry ROFL...

6) I was so expecting Kala to say "Teri shaadi karadoo uss Handsome Hunk se?" LOL, but today it was Leela's turn to say that Tongue. Leela ji aise namoone roz roz paida nahin hothe, why dont u just cut short Amar-Prem-Kahani of Sups-Ravi and marry ur Cute-Na with Phailwaan ROFL, Raam milaye jodi hojayegi ROFL, Ravi's Biceps will melt off listening to ur Cute-Na's cute cute baathein ROFLROFL.
7) A shocker for me, when did Kala tell Leela abt Mawali-Sups ki love story?ConfusedShocked. I mean last time Kala wanted to torture Leela by not telling her abt that Amar-Prem-Kahani naa?Confused. Anyways looks like Leela got to know abt that stupid love story. Thank CVs for not dragging that bit...Tongue.
8) As usual Leela clueless abt Sups-Mawali ki plan , Isme nayi kya baath hai ?LOL. What?Shocked dont tell me u ppl expected Leela to have a better brain than that ..........ShockedLOL....did u ppl forget the famous Mandap-Giraou-Sups-Ko-Maro plan ? ShockedLOL. Leela's brains ki limits aise bakwaas plans banane thak hi hai ROFL.
9) Kala ki one line "Chidiyaan ab udne hi wali hai" was such a ear-pleaserTongue, I cant expressEmbarrassed. Kala ke moo mein Sups-ke-haath-ka-bana-hua-Karanj's LOL......(instead of ghee-shakarWink). Jks apart , this does indicate that finally Sups ki track is coming to an end........ In Baaji's words "Woh subah kab ayegi?" Day Dreaming,
10) Sups feeding Karanji's to that Phailwaan urfff Mawali Silly. I was like aur kitna khilaoge?Shocked ........The shirts buttons are all ready to pop, ek aur karanji khayega tho that button will pot and hit ur eye ROFL.
11) Sups, I dont know what to say of that girl. She hates Dutta, we understand that, But she is living in his house, feeding on his hard-earned money, not only she but even her BF has been feeding on Dutta's money, How can she say that she wants to pour the hot oil on Dutta's head?AngryDisapprove What right does she have to say such a thing?Ouch. She hates him, but she has no right to say such a thing. Ohhhhh how this girl gets on my nerve, she is shameless and a horrible womanAngry.
12) So Mawali's plan changed kya?Confused I mean until  Friday he was asking his GF to trap Dutta , and today he wants her to just win Dutta's trust thats all ?? Confused...........hmmmm.....Confused
13) Dutta at Sups room?SillyBroken Heart............ Nahinnnnnnnnnnnn....Broken Heart............yeh honahi sakhtha , Dutta aisa kar nahin sakhtha......Broken Heart, am I dreaming? Day Dreaming........ someone tell me that its just a bad dream........... oh how i wished it was just a dream ....hmmm......... but bad luck , it isntOuch.
14) Look at the MAN ( ?? ha ha Silly) hiding behind the bed seeing Dutta there LOL. Wah Kya mardangi hai ? WinkLOL. Sicko guy cant save his GF from a don, aur baathein tho bahut badiya kartha hain..........Idiot !!! Angry.
15) Loved the way Dutta was trying to figure out if he could do something for Sups. Yup Dutta is falling for Sups, which I so hate to see, but the guy has a heart of gold and I just loved the way he was showing concern for that Dumbo SupsSmile.
16) Anyways Dutta wants to do something abt Sups-headache and I was like, Goli-Marde ladki ko bas no head, no ache LOL, what say? TongueROFL.
17) Look at Baaji when Dutta asks Sups if he could do anything for her ROFL, Baaji wants Dutta to Massage Sups head? ShockedROFL. I was like Baaji Raoooooo apna advice apne paas hi rakh AngryLOL.
18) Dutta and Nervous ....... phase - 2 ROFLROFL. Dutta is so cute when nervous Embarrassed, look at the way he asks Sups if she would like to eat more Karanji's ROFL.
19) Dutta finally after a lot of effort says "Karanji achi thi, bahut achi thi" LOL. Loved Mishal's acting in that bit, he was awesome as that nervous guy trying to express his feelingsClap.
20) Baaji and Dutta always share an amazing rapport Embarrassed. Loved how Dutta pats on Baaji's face and smiles off when the latter was making fun of him Embarrassed.
21) Babi is an awesome motherClap, look at the way she tries to hide her sadness when Aai says that Sups has won over Dutta's heart(??Broken Heart). Awww she must be seeing her Daughter's heartbreak in those words naa?Broken Heart
22) Dhadkan Zara Rukh Gayi and Mawali-Sups romancing(?? SillyWhat a Nightmare , I tell u Ermm)  ....... if Mawali's face wasnt enuf to torture us, we get to see Mawali-Sups in a song ? SillyWacko.........
23) What a night mare this episode is turning out to be every passing min......Dutta falling for Sups?Broken Heart Remembering her , looking dreamily ..........Dutta nahinnnnnnnnnn plssss noooooooBroken Heart , we wont be able to watch ur heartbreak later buddy DisapproveBroken Heart....
24) I guess its high time Dutta starts feeling for Sups so that the track can come to culmination, so ya that dreamy-scene was much needed I guess........anyways my heart is aching big time seeing him fall for that heartless woman Broken Heart.
25) Here at the Servant quarters, Nakku dreaming abt our Dear dutta, removes her makeup and in a white dress, sure looks like a PrincessDay Dreaming.
26) The song was very well picturizedClap....... Great DIRECTION !!!  .......Nakku happily in love, Sups-Mawali in their love and Dutta feeling kind of love in a dark-room with a little bit of lightening. It was picturized like Dutta sees a faint ray of hope Clap.
27) Loved Babi's "Kyun apna dil ko thodthi hai? Dard nahin hotha hai kya tereko? ". She is so concerned abt her daughter. She understands Nakku's love and the eventual heartbreak she is gonna endure .......... and time and again tries to get Nakku back to sensesSmile.
28) Nakku starts speaking her heart out finally. I guess this is the first time Nakku has been so vocal abt her feelings for Dutta, and she was just awesome......Embarrassed
29) Nakku starts off with where it all started, the first meet , and she was so damn right , it was all Destiny!!! Heart. Meeting Dutta was her Destiny . No one can do anything abt it, Babi agrees!!! . Loved Babi's expressions thru out, she understands her daughter inside-out.......what a mom she is ....... hatts off...Clap
30) Loved Nakku's "Pyaar koi sochke nahin kartha" ......So true indeed !!!.
31) Babi has no idea abt Dutta's past naa , so she has a genunine doubt...... as to why Nakku is so interested in getting Sups married to Dutta.
32) Nakku feels like its time to clear her mom's doubts, so she lets Babi know a bit of Dutta's past. She tells her mom that Dutta has been hurt in love before and she doesnt want him to be hurt yet again.
33) Loved Nakku's "Kaanch ko karoch aane mein waqt laghtha kya?". Oh man the way she gets scared saying that line, she loves Dutta so dearly that even the thought of he getting hurt , hurts her big time. Wonder how she is gonna take his heartbreak over sups ...... I am sure she is gonna endure more pain than Dutta this time Ouch.
34) Nakku is worried for Dutta and Babi is worried for Nakku. What an amazing portrayl of emotions in that sceneEmbarrassed. Loved the way Nakku is scared for Dutta and Babi's "Iss laoh ko bachathe bachathe tere haath jel jayenge". Such genunine and pure love ....... my heart just filled up watching them both. Awesome acting and great direction Clap.
35) Look at the way Nakku comes back to reality when Babi reminds her that Dutta is getting married in two days. Her eyes fill up and so does mine Cry............ poor girl , love happened without her knowledge and she is slowly gearing up for loosing it pretty soon....... Ouch
36) Tears rolled out of my eyes when Nakku holded onto Babi's hands when she was unable to hide her tears anymoreCry...... Awww Nakku , dont cry, here Hug
37) Nakku finally spoke abt HER pain, that she is scared how badly she is gonna be hurt over it ......."Jaise mere dil ke sau tookde hojayenge"Broken Heart. She is like any other girl afterall and this heartbreak is gonna hurt her like any other girl......... The best part of the show, they keep it so real , COOL Clap.
38) Precap ...... Nakku-Babi in some heart-heart talk in the garden and Dutta at his terrace .... but I am sure he is not gonna see Nakku. Not so soon I guessOuch.
EPI VERDICT : Depressing but a GREAT Epi...Clap..... a much needed one, and a must watch scene at the end......Smile
Turn Ons : Dutta in his dark room thinking abt Sups .... he was awesome ..... EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
Turn Offs : What else, Sups-Mawali ki bakwaas ........uffff.....Angry
Dialogue of the Day : Nakku's "Jaise Mere Dil ke Sau Tookde Hojayenge". This is the first time, she spoke of her heart break.
Scene of the Day : Nakku-Babi's convo at the end.......Clap


It was Mahi and Babi all the way today and they were just AWESOME.
Please post ur comments .......Smile

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sana786a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2010 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
LOL anu ur just 2 funny

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-Fivr- Moderator

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Posted: 22 March 2010 at 12:33pm | IP Logged

@Anu: Episode starts with Kaala? Haye, how I missed her! *ducks from flying shoes* LOL

I am going to have to see Dutta dreaming about Supriya to decide what I think of that. Ermm 
But seriously we got to see a Mavali-Supriya romance session?! WHYYY?! Meri ankhon pe taras khaiye creatives and please spare me the horror! I do not want to see a pimp and his "P" romance around! *gag-fest* Dead
And as always, your post was hilarious! LOL

Edited by -Fivr- - 22 March 2010 at 12:33pm

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Anandana Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2010 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Awesome post, as usual.

I was hoping they would spare the Dutta heartache, and would show him doing all this only for Aayi and would be relieved when Sups-BG elope and the shaadi is called off...happens only in our FF..

1. why would Sups getting close to Dutta help the elope plan? would it not make Dutta more angry and go after them or does BG has other ideas that Dumbo Sups does not get and he is just manipulating her?

2. Why should Nakku continue with her makeup to stay in the Patil mansion..More knows her identity with her makeup...and I'm sure Dutta would accept if they tell him they had to do this to escape the evil eyes and now they feel safe in his residence they do not have to continue this charade...

thoughts anyone?

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nazia.icycool IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 March 2010 at 12:42pm | IP Logged

thanx anu..i absolutely agree with u babi is such a wonderful mother..jist lyk a frnd ...n  nakku can share all her feelings with her..their relation is soo pure..even though babi knows that what nakku is doin is wrong..but she understands nakku so well..and talks to her very politely..not disappointin her..wowDay Dreaming


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shonapinky IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2010 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
once again awesome take on tdyz epis yar!!!Clap

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 March 2010 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Fivr-

@Anu: Episode starts with Kaala? Haye, how I missed her! *ducks from flying shoes* LOL

I am going to have to see Dutta dreaming about Supriya to decide what I think of that. Ermm 
But seriously we got to see a Mavali-Supriya romance session?! WHYYY?! Meri ankhon pe taras khaiye creatives and please spare me the horror! I do not want to see a pimp and his "P" romance around! *gag-fest* Dead
And as always, your post was hilarious! LOL

Thanks Anu for the update cum review. Finally I can make sense of the various threads. Anyways I second Fivr. The pimp and the "P" romance...omfg!

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Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2010 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shabaza786

LOL anu ur just 2 funny
Glad I could make u laugh Embarrassed......epi actually  left me with a sour taste Ouch.

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