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Dutta realises his love-updated-pg3 FF

k_sarala Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 7:34am | IP Logged
Hey guys I always think theda and I thought why not the track can be taken this way. Just checkout . BTW it is  maha episode- so be cool- sit with your snacks and enjoyWink
Nakku's words are ringing in Dutta's ears "Aapko Pyaar jathana nahi aatha". Baji runs to catch up with him and they go out- woh land deal hai na- Uske liye.
Dutta is thinking and Baji find him lost in his words and says "Kis soch me pad gaya Bhau- Vahini ke bare mein"
Dutta comes out from his thoughts and wonders why always it is NAkku who comes to his mind- is it that her bhashans are so affective "
He smiles and Baji adds "Bhau kya baat hai- Ha Supriya thai seems to be doing magic"
Dutta says "Chup karo BAji"
He thinks about Supriya and wonders why always it is NAkku in his thoughts and why after SUps trying to clear herself also  he is not getting inclined"
They finish the work and BAji says "Bhau you return home. I have soime work"
Dutta says "What work"
Bhau says "Aai has asked e get clothes for entire servnats. I have to do a lot of shopping. Mujhe bhi kareedna hai na - Kya patha is shadi me koi mil saktha hai"
Dutta says "Ok U go ahead" and as BAji is going Dutta says "Even I dont have work let me also come"
They go to a showroom and Baji is asking the shop people to show clothes. Dutta who is looking around goes to a dispalyed Gagra dress. He things it is beautiful and calls BAji . BAji comes and Dutta says to take it. Baji says "Bahut achcha hai Vahini ke liye na" Dutta replies "Nahi Nkku ke liye" 
Baji sys "teek hai. Aaj uska Kismat pakgaya " and takes it.
Dutta is again lost in thoughts why it did not occur to him that he should buy for Sups and why he only is getting NAkku in his thoughts.
The shadi rasams are on a high spree. Dutta is restlessly moving in his room.  NAkku the great enters his room with a thali as usual. She places it on the table and watches Dutta beings erious and says "Kya sahib- PAreshan lag raha hai"
Dutta says "Nakku thume kaisa patha chal jatha hai about me so easliy"
She doesnt answer and is about to leave and he says "Nakku patha nahi kyo I feel Iam not ready for the marriage"
It is for Nakku to be startled . She says "Kyu Sahib. Why are you saying that now" She gives a big bhashan about life and all and she says with time everything will be fine and that Sups loves her. She leaves from there asking him not to get that sought of thoughts
He is even more restless after she leaves.
They take him for the haldi rasam. All are joking and putting haldi on him. Nakku is watching him froma bit far smiling. He looks at her. They joke about Sups haldi rasam. He seems unintersted.
He is then taken to the room.
Then a function is going on and he is talking over a mobile. Some lady is taunting BAbi "U R so fair how is your daughter so dark "
Dutta gets very angry at that. He controls himself.
Again he thinks within himself why is it that I get wild if anyone talks bad about Nakku - He rememebers that showroom incident when those girls taunted NAkku.
He goes to his room.
It is past 2.30 Pm and no one has got lunch for him. After soemtime somebody knocks on the door and he smile sand says "Come in"
it will be Sups with Thali. He gets irritated. He asks "Whre is NAkku. She could have got it na"
Sups says "I told her I will get it"
She tires to feed him again with her hands. He doesnt allow and takes it himself and eats teh whole thali in minutes and looksa t her taht she can go. She gets pissed off and leaves.
He is introspecting himself- Tomorrow Iam getting married and now why this aversion for marriage"
It is night and he is with drinks and BAji is with him. Dutta says "Baji woh Nakku kaha hai- Ask her to get snacks"
Baji sends words for snacks.
Another servant gets the snacks in a plate and Dutta is disappointed seeing the other girl. He stops mixing his drink and says "Baji I dont feel like drinking today"
Baji is happy and he goes away.
Dutta is restelss why NAkku has not come to his room since morning.
He feels restless and thinks why should her absence affect me - Why do I find solace talking to her".
He goes to the window and looks outside towars the garden. Tehre he watches Nakku and her brotehr palying running after eachother. He thinks "How can she be so full of life always "
He turns with a sound of somebody entering his room.
Dutta says "Aai aap"
She comes to him and asks him to sit beside her. She says she is his mom and can understand him and asks him what is troubling him.
He says "Aai I fell IAm not yet ready for this marriage. I seriously am not ready for getting married"
Aai says "Lekin itna kuch hone ke baad"
Dutta says "Aai - Thinking of what happens tomorrow with loveless marriage - I feel it is better to call it off"
Aai say "Dutta think about Sups- how she will take it- Think about the gorl whose marriage would be stopped and how life will change"
Dutta listens
Aai continues "Dutta- I can understand after Seema U have lost hope in love- I would have happily cancelleld your marriage if you say U love someone and wants to get married to them but when there is no issue of anything like that - I suggest U give a chance to this marriage and aslo Sups is a good girl and beautiful"
Dutta says :beauty is not all na Aai"
Aai says "Kya Dutta is it that U R not able to tell me something. WHat is troubling you"
Dutta reconciles and says "Its fine Aai- let the amrriage go ahead- U R right I have to give it a shot"
Aai leaves happily
Dutts is restless in his sleep and is tossing around . His sleep seems to be disturbed with some knocking on his door.
He opens and finds a panting Nakku. He is surprised to see the person whom he is thinking baout in realty. He looks at his watch and says "What happened at this time"
She says "Sahib- I ahve to tell U something urgent"
Dutta's heart beat increases wondering if Nakku is also in love like him and has come to confess. He is shocked about his thinking.
NAku says "Sahib- U R still sleepy and not listening to me"
He pulls her in and looks at her longingly and he relasies he is in love with Nakku
She says "Sahib - Dont be shocked with what IAm telling to you.Please sit with cool and listen"
He is rally puzzled now as to what NAkku has to tell him.
He laughs and says "Nakku at this hour U barge into my room and ask me maintanin my cool"
Nakku sits on the floor and says "Sahib- actually I wanted to pray to Bappa for your marriage and I went out in the midnight"
Now Dutta is alert and he holds Nakku;s hand and asks 'What happened."
Tears start rolling down Nakku's eyes and Dutta is now impatient . He says  "Will U stop putting me in tension and tell me what happened. DId someonw---" He tires to hint if someone tried misbehaving with her.
She says "Nahi sahib" and stops and Dutta says "Nakku how will I understand if U do not tell me"
Nakku says  "Sahib- Supriya thai pyaar karthi hai" Now he sytarts laughing and says " U have been telling me from day one that Sups is loving me"
Nakku says " Aap ko nahi sahib"
Dutta says "kya"
Nakku says " Sahib dont get angry and lsiten to me  and she narrates how she saw light in  SUps bed room and when she went up she found Sups  and her boyfriend discussing about how to elope"
Dutta says "What"
Nakku says "Sahib- please dont get angry- I did not know what to do and I came here"
Dutta says " Iam not angry NAkku and moreover I feel reelieved"
Now its NAkku's turn to be shocked.
He says " Yes NAkku- I have realsied IAm not yet ready for the marriage but I thought of compromising with the situation but like always you have come as  a saviour"
Nakku says "Sach me aapko bura nahi lagraha hai or R U just trying to hide your hurt once agian"
Dutta says " Nothing of the sort"
Nakku says " Ab kya sahib"
Dutta says to her " U listen to what IAm saying to you carefully and let nobody know of this" He tells her the paln and all is in mute - Suspense for all of us
While she is leaving Dutta says from behind 'Nakku wear the dress Baji has given to you"
Nakku  says "Sahib - I have to compliment for your cool acceptance of the facts today"
Sups and her body gaurd think of eloping early in the morning but with tight security with Dutta's instructions they cannot go out.
Her BG tells her "Teek hai Sups U get married to him( He can be that spinelss isnt it)-Dead I know that this marriage has no menaing to both of us as U R already carrying my chid ( Wanted to assassinate Sups character bec of her dirty tricks to woo Dutta).  Angry     Then U will be totally free and U we can elope. Sups agrees.Shocked
The mandap is ready and  Dutta is already sitting in the mandap- The body gaurd fellow is looking at the mandasp with the same expressionless face."
The evils sisters are looking with tension.Confused
Sups is brought to the mandap and the rituals begin. Dutts watches till the varamala time if there would be any reaction from BG. Alas no reaction of mavali. Dutta cant take it any more. He gets up from the mandap - he pulls the BG forward and pulls him to the madap-
Both Sups and BG are shocked.
Dutta says "What kind of lovers are you- I hate to see such kind of darpokh people"
All in the audience are shocked.
Dutta says to all that Supriya loves that man and she has agreed to marry because of the force of her family.
He gives a big bhashan about love and asks the bG fellow to get married to Sups.
They fall on his feet asking him forgiveness.
Dutta says they are spared today only beacsue of NAkusha otherwise he would have killed them for their paln of eloping from Patil mansion
Their marriage takes place and evil sisters are happy.
Dutta looks on at NAkusha who has worn the dress Dutta has selected.
The episode ends with their eyelock session.
Howzatt gals. Actually I dont want Dutta's heart to be broken again- So thought of this twist only to satisfy myself- I know we have to see all that trash in the real soap.Smile

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tasshamsi Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Wow Sarala...this is truly awesome......i just LURRRRRVE ur FF are you going to continue this with Datta hiding his love for Nakku or shall he reveal it soon? And what will happen when he finds out that Nakku has been hiding her beautiful face....will he be hurt all over again now that he knows that he loves her as she is?? ooooooh i simply cant wait!!!!
spandana11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Sarla it IS Nice but please continue where you left in future story Dattu and nakku in guest house continue with some twist from sisters and understanding love between nakku and datuu
TheRager IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 October 2004
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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Very nice Sarala...btw that dress Naku is wearing in the precap is actually pretty. Not the usual type of dresses Naku wears. I really hope its something like what you have written in the FF...that Datta buys it for naku to wear in the marriage. Big smile
Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Cool Sarala.......loved it......Dutta taking Sups betrayal with such an ease made it even better Smile.
Keep posting such FFs ..............its really relaxing to read such optimism ..........warna dont know how hard it will be on all of us too see Duttas heartbreak this time ....
Dew-drop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Gr8 part Sarala ...
Luved it ...
Plzz continue this as well as ur previous one ....!
Nels IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Oh my God Sarla Shocked! You are just fantastic Star! This is an awesome fanfic Clap. I just like it so much and hope that it really goes this way. Thanks dear!
Keep us posted with such delights!
mariescott14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
OMG its so good
R u continuing ur previous fic.
I Hope u continue this n ur previous fic
Waiting for ur updateDay Dreaming

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