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||~*Bedroom*~|| ~ AR 2| PM List IMP - Page 139

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Heyya all
It's Swancy, if people don't know who i amLOL
I just wanna say thank you
for all the love and support
And this is the first time, that i have reached to a 2nd thread of my own FF. Thank you all my readers.
Ok the writing below, is NOT the next part, the writing below is the Intro for people who haven't read my Fic
Thank you
Thanks to lali diEmbarrassed for a lovely siggi





"But mam"

"I don't like buts"

He signed under the pressure. "Ok mam, you'll get it done by tomorrow"

"No" Her voice came shaper. "Leave the pictures and you can leave"

The man looked at her; he could only see her back, not her face or a part of her body, just plain nothing. He stood in the middle on a very dark cabin; every move he made was noticed by the lady standing in front of him. He watched in agony as he left the pictures on the table, what else could he have done? Argued that wouldn't have been the answer.

Pacing himself, he turned on his heels to leave the room, the dark room. Not even a single pin point of light could enter the walls. They shut the noise and the visual connection from the outside world, he looked in surprise. He just didn't bother asking anything; just shaking his head he reached for the handle to open it.

"Johnny" he heard her voice. Johnny turned to see her back facing him. "Thanks" Johnny sensed the smiling tone i her voice, all he wanted to know was why those pictures were so important to her.

"I hope you don't mind me asking" Johnny said scared. "But why do you need those pictures?" before he could finish the question he heard a hysterical laugh coming from her.

She shook her head. "Johnny, Johnny, you're only 21. You won't understand but listen, being the editor of the biggest magazine in Las Vegas is a big deal" she said proudly. "And Armaan Malik is the big target for me" he watched as she was holding the pictures tight in her hands. "Especially when the poor little superstar is trying to keep in secret engagement a secret" she laughed louder. "And Mr. Armaan Malik is the most wanted eligible guy and once girls find out his taken, taken for good they are going to be weeping for days. No one messes around with Sexilicious and gets away with it. And who better to give this news out than Sexilicious Magazine" finishing her words he opened the door and was out of there in seconds.

She sat there, in the middle of nowhere, a smile played on her lips. Picking up the phone she dialled a number, her face straight and concentrated. "Ri" she said on the phone. "I've got it... Yes. All the pictures, yep... him and his fianc; Aneesa" she nodded to the question asked on the phone. "I want it everywhere Ri, it has to be your best article every written, i want him to be the shockest man tomorrow morning, and he will regret dealing with Sexilicious magazine, this has to go hit" she whispered.

"You've got it Maha" the loud voice came clear as ever.

"Thanks Ri" hanging up her phone

"Armaan Malik, you b*****d you will repay everything, say bye, bye to your soon to be married life, oops i mean the married life which will be a living hell for you, even before it starts"

Maha, Maha Ahuja. The youngest editor in Las Vegas, and the hottest 28 year old women alive to men, the long waved hair, reaching up to her waist. The long lashes that reached high to the sky, her voice sexy as hell, every man that came near her would leave with the best relationship ever. Maha ahuja, is a women who not only was gracious but glories at the same time, a women who could make someone's life a heaven but also a women who would turn a heavenly life into hell if she wanted too.

Her shoes clicked together as she walked through the cabin and opening the door she walked out of the hot and dark room. Step at the time, she made her way out into the light; her skin glowed in the light. She closed her eyes seeing her life going in front of her eyes. Holding onto her car keys, she pressed the button to turn her Lamborghini on, a smile appeared on her lips as she saw girls from school walking home with 'Sexilicious' magazines in their hands.

"Life's perfect the way it is"

Closing the door shut of her car, leaving her glamorous as ever, turning up the music she mimed to the words, she was the nature of music and had the best taste in it too

I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the rich and famous
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. Oh my God that Britney's Shameless
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. Extra! Extra! this just in
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. she's too big now she's too thin
(You want a piece of me)


"She said to do what?" The voice was getting angrier each second.

"To write an article" she said calmly back

"On whom?" the anger grew each second.

"Armaan Malik" her patience was really getting tested at that moment. "Stop looking at me like that, i work for the magazine, i'm meant to do all this stuff. Stop acting so emotional" She said annoyed.


"No, i don't want to hear about it" pushing past the girl, who stood there fuming in anger.

"You're dealing with trouble" she said shaking her head. "You will regret this the moment to figure it out"

"Nikki!" she screamed in annoyance. "I don't give a f***king s**t on what you're saying" she said annoyed with her own self

Nikki, Nikki gupta, sweet kind generous. She is also a news reporter, a very efficient one. She hates late comers; Nikki has fun in life but has the limits to enjoy her life too. Nikki words in CNN news department, her worst point in life his high temper, not usually a person who people might want to tell their worst things too. She judges people, not by their looks, their appearance or what they wear but she judges them by what they say. She was short, not too short but shorts enough to make her a collage girl, when she was actually 25 years old. Her height didn't give anything away; it was her knowledge which made people wonder about themselves. She loved having different things every day, Nikki just hated lies, she hated what news papers do, she likes proclaiming the right news, not the news that people make just to get them high up. Nikki gupta, has a younger sister, who she loves but she hated what career she has chosen. Nikki takes care of her sister all by herself, her parents died when they both were in a very young age. The care from their grandmother brought them up, in making Nikki a very strong girl.

Nikki just shook her head. "Ridhima Gupta, you are making a mess, and i'm sure this is going to cause you big time"

Ridhima gupta, a young and witty her. Ridhima gupta doesn't gives a damn about what people say and what people do. The only thing that ridhima hates, is if problems come on her family, ridhima stands as a rock, making a statement to the rest of the world. Being a journalist only 21 years old, she was smart; she had the power to make an opinion into a fact, something that everyone was told to do at school. Ridhima wrote things which were clearly facts but the way she turned things around made everyone believe her. Ridhima had the power to write in the most fabulous magazine in the world, it was a dream job for any other writer ever, but ridhima's skills made her worthy for the job. Living with her sister; Nikki for years now after their parents dead, ridhima never felt alone, she always had Nikki there next to her supporting her every step of the way, whenever she felt down or worried Nikki was the person which would push all her worries away from her. Ridhima Gupta works for Ms Maha Ahuja, which is a great thing but there are disadvantages towards it too, and one is that she gets a lot of chit chats back, people annoying her, but most of the time she writes the article and it's one of the most sizzling news ever. And Ridhima wants that goal, aiming to become one of the best magazine writers in Las Vegas. 

"Look ri" Nikki had started off, but then stopped short as she saw ridhima narrowing her eyes. "Ok fine, do whatever you want to do, i'm going out" she stopped arguing, putting her feet into high heels open toed shoes.

"Out with?" ridhima asked as she looked back at the laptop screen

Nikki didn't bother giving her a look or anything. "My fianc" she said out loud so ridhima could hear her from the living room, as she opened the door, Nikki heard ridhima mutter something under her breath and knowing exactly what it was she closed her the door and walked out.

"Abhi" ridhima had muttered. "That twisted brat" her anger rose as she saw her phone vibrating. "Let me live in peace" she closed the phone and put it into a drawer and smacked her closed.

"Sorry Muski, now might not be the time you would talk to me"


"OMG ri" ridhima jumped up as she noticed that her hair was a total disaster, while Muskaan walked into her cabin

"What happened to you?" ridhima was going to answer. "Tell me later, see this" she threw the Sexilicious magazine towards her. "Your article is a hit; everyone's talking about one thing and only one thing, that girl and armaan malik, fianc wow"

Armaan Malik and his Fianc; Aneesa, were spotted at the fancy romantic restaurant; starlight ball. They were seen talking very closely and more romantically, Aneesa the face of 'J'adore' perfume line, and the sexy model didn't say anything to the reporters as we confirm the fact that they were together and in the starlight ball.

(Picture, of armaan and Aneesa holding hands outside the restaurant)

Ridhima smiled and wiped her face with a towel. "I knew it would" she laughed. "I'm so tired; i spent all night writing that article"

"Well it paid off, Maha is happy, and i think you might get your promotion" Muskaan said clapping her hands. "I just don't think Mr Armaan Malik would he happy"

"Has he ever been happy with 'Ri'?" ridhima asked sarcastically. "Don't think so, he hasn't even seen Ri, his only heard her name, so he can't do anything about it"

Muskaan shook her head and jumped onto ridhima's cabin sofa. "I love this place, you've got a lush red glossy desk, a great large and comfy chair and one of the damn best furry couches" Muskaan said hugging the sofa. "And the wall paper, man you just love red roses don't you" it was a rhetorical question. "And to top it all off, a music system" Muskaan eyed the big stereo in jealousy

Ridhima laughed at Muskaan situation. "That's what you get for being Maha's best writer" Muskaan smirked at her.

"Well you should-"

"Good Morning girls" Muskaan stopped and turned around to see Maha standing there looking at him, feeling a little scared she stood up from the sofa. "Muskaan, i'm a normal person not a tiger" she laughed and ridhima joined in.

"Morning Maha" ridhima went and hugged Maha, while Muskaan stood there with her eyes wide open.

"Morning my Angel, and you too Muskaan" she spoke casually. Slowly turning towards Muskaan "Can you please leave us alone for a moment, i need to talk to ri, if that's ok?" she was leaving a choice, and Muskaan just nodded and left the room.

Ridhima turned her eyes back to Maha, who walked and sat down onto the sofa. "Please say that you liked the article?"

"Of course i did" she said confidently, shaking her head. "It's about Armaan Malik" Maha watched as ridhima's eyes snapped open. "Don't worry; he won't trash this magazine that was the last"

Ridhima tried to understand what Maha was saying. "We need for nasty stuff about the superstar, look ridhima; i don't want him to say anything bad about this magazine, and his insulted 'ri' a lot of times before, i want to teach him a lesson which he'll never forget"

"Ok" ridhima said trying to sink the information in. "So what do you need?"

"His going to the 'Paradise Ship', from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, New York and then back, it's a seven day trip" ridhima looked at her confused.

Maha breathed deeply. "I need someone who can go on the same ship as him and get some nasty thing about him-"

"I can do that" ridhima butted in, as she shrugged her shoulders.

"And spend 7 days with him locked in the same room with him" she finished with a sign, lowering her head, she didn't even bother looking at ridhima's expressions cause she knew exactly how she was looking.

"What?" ridhima blinked in utter shock? "Are we taking this too far?" ridhima asked unsure.

Maha nodded. "Do you know anyone who could do it?"

"Muskaan?" ridhima asked as she was confused at what she was saying. "I don't think she'll be able to do it.

"I know ri" Maha said annoyed. "If i was sure about Muskaan, i would have gone and asked her, but she's a fashion reporter, she writes about clothing, she doesn't have the guts to spend 7 days with Superstar and the total playboy"

Ridhima sat on her chair, silent for a few minutes. "And you think i'll be able to do it?" she asked

"I've trusted you so much before ri, i don't think i can trust anyone but you" Maha said sad as well as smiling.

 Ridhima didn't answer back, she looked up into the sky.

"When does the Ship leave?" she smirked with delight. Seeing Maha standing up, she giggled too.

"Tomorrow, 11 in the morning" she said back. "Thank you, and one more thing, i want everyone ri, all the dirty stuff. "Do me favour and make sure he doesn't get into your pants" she said laughing but Maha's eyes showed spikes of caution.


Ok so that was my intro on the first thread
to go the read the other chapters in my first thread
It will be below in my threads secton
Thank u

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Bedroom Thread 1 < Chapters 1 - 8 


Intro - Page 1

Chapter One - Page 13 

Chapter Two - Page 26

Chapter Three - Page 42

Promo 1 - Page 61

Chapter Four - Page 66

Chapter Five - Page 75

Chapter Six - Page 89

Chapter Seven - Page 104

Chapter Eight - Page 138

Bedroom Thread 2 <
Chapter Nine - Page 8
Chapter Ten - Page 17
Promo - Page 77

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Thanks you's

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Ok the next part will be in a few days
thnks to all

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ya pls continue it
i m dying 2 read it
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"Sending you a JUMBO-SIZED
Congratulations Angel cum Devil!
On ur New Thread!" vspace5

"To the one that in my life came
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And life will stop being a game
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A shining star you have to claim,
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I'm so proud of you, much more then I can acclaim
From all my soul I wish you joy, success and fame." vspace5
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hey congrats on new thread..update soon !!

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