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LTL Express - Issue #1

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Issue #1

Show Happenings

Weekly Summary


The week starts off with Naku leaving dutta's room after letting Sups put the button on his shirt which Naku wasn't happy about. Dutta asks sups if she's scared of him and she answers yes and dutta replies he'll stay like that.  When Sups tell her love that she doesn't want to marry dutta and tells him that it's either she dies or he elopes with her but he tells her to pretend to love dutta so it would be easier for them to leave and get married which she agrees to. She first complains to baji that dutta doesn't talk to her and he doesn't like her and baji tells her that he'll help her to get dutta to like her because he dosen't want her to cry which he doesn't know she was faking what she said and crying.

Next, there is a party which was baji's idea and when dutta enters the lights go off and flower petals are dropping on him. When the lights go back on baji says he is quitting the business and gives his gun to dutta. Next, baji forces dutta to sit next to sups but dutta gets off and starts to walk away when baji tries to stop him and dutta slaps him in front of everyone. He sits back down and then there are some more performances.

Dutta does not like what's happening and start's to leave but sups starts to sing but dutta still walks away and while she sings Naku is dreaming of her singing to dutta instead of sups. Sups and baji are having a conversation and sups gave him an idea to have a candlelight dinner on the roof.

Baji somehow convinces dutta to go to the roof and when he reaches the roof he finds sups there wating for him. The bodyguard is hiding somewhere in the corner of the roof watching them and listening to their conversation. Sups is asking Dutta to forgive her and dutta says he's not mad at her and she puts her hand on his hand and pushes her hand away. Then they sit down to eat and sups says they should share the food. She feeds him which reminds him of when seema used to feed him so after she fed him he left. Later Naku went to dutta's room with a tray of food and Dutta ate it on Naku's request.

While Dutta was eating Naku was talking to him about love and he asked her if she ever loved someone and she said no. Next day Sups made food for dutta but he didn't say thank you or complement it so after eating it Naku was telling him how bad sups must have felt because he did not say anything. Then she starts to tell him how much work sups put into making the food for him and then she starts explaining the steps to making it. The week ends on the three sisters talking about what Sups made for Dutta.

Precap: The precap for next week is Naku is in her normal form without the dirt or unibrow and is talking to her mom about how she found love in her life by which she means dutta and she shouldn't ignore it.

Important Links






Thursday (none found)



(video credit to shonapinky and uploaders)

SBB March 16th

SBS March 16th

SJKN March 15th

Scene of the Week



This unanimously goes to the last scene of 18th March, 2010 episode. The scene goes thus: After meeting Supriya at the terrace Datta remembers the time he used to dream of a life filled with love, warmth and babies with Seema and wonders if he can trust Supriya with his hopes, dreams and heart. While he is in his reverie Naku enters with a tray. Datta instinctively feels her presence and turns. You can see her calming influence on him. He asks her what happened? Why did she come? Naku places the tray in table and shows him the food. Datta is intrigued. He asks her who asked her to get the food. He knows the answer but still wants to hear it from her. She says that she brought it herself...she knows he wouldnt have eaten anything. Datta's looks at her with his eyes if he is thinking that she knows him just too well. He goes to her and says challengingly "Achcha". Naku continues and asks him to tell the truth...she is sure Supriya would have wanted to make him eat but he wouldnt have. Datta raises his finger...and replies cutely that he ate one if he wants to disprove her assumptions. Naku cracks up at that. She says her trademark line "Meri Aai bolti hain" and Datta is now amused. Naku proceeds to say that her Aai says those who get very angry...feel very hungry too. Datta remarks fondly that her Aai has taught her lots of things except to keep quiet. Naku says her Aai teaches her that too but she herself doesnt follow that teaching and talks a lot. At that we get to see one of the rarest commodities on earth ie Datta's sweet smile. She asks him to eat as one cant sleep with a hungry stomach. Datta without further ado quietly sits down to eat. Now Naku starts describing the romantic setting at the terrace. Datta is listens to her description and is surprised at the accuracy of it. He asks her how does she know. Naku says she decorated the terrace herself. She asks him if he liked it or not. Datta mood seems to blacken at some memories. But Naku isnt deterred. She says he must have liked love everything seems appealing....the world seems a beautiful place. She asks him doesnt he feel so? Datta stubbornly says he doesnt know and continues to eat. Naku says he might try to hide but she knows him well...she knows that he TOO is in love. Datta who till now didnt seem to be paying attention catches on the word "BHI" and asks her what does she mean by he TOO is in love. Naku realizes her slip and is thinking fast how to cover up.



This one definitely takes the cake for male bonding and dostana from the the 16th March, 2010 episode. Can you take a guess?
Well the situation is that Baji organizes a sangeet party for Datta's marriage at Supriya's behest. Datta doesnt like it one bit. But he is forced to sit in the party as the guest of honor. Baji starts forcing him to do some lovey-dovey stuff with Supriya in front of all the guests which blows Datta's fuse and our hot tempered bhao gives one tight slap to Baji. All of us were broken hearted at Datta's behavior and were scared to see the beautiful friendship between Datta and Baji at stake. In the show all the characters are shocked and upset esp our Koyal. Baji too seems upset and reminds Datta how they have been childhood friends and yet Datta slapped him. Datta is ashamed and cant look Baji in the eye...but he is also angry abt the whole sangeet party surprise and still tries to walk away. Just when you think the friends have reached a point of no return Baji in his unique style turns the situation around and starts serenading Datta to the song 'Kitne bhi tu karle sitam". That was so out of the unexpected and so Baji. Soon all of us(and the characters of the show) start breaking into smiles. Baji catches his ears and does uthak-baithak...he then goes down on his knees in front of Datta. He even does trademark Dharam paji and Hritik steps. Admidst all this you catch a hint of a smile from Datta. After the tables are thus turned on him Datta doesnt know what to do. Kala uses this opputunity to take her baby brother back to his place beside Surpriya. Thus the party restarts and everyone applaudes Baji(even the audience sitting in front of their TVs) for turning around the situation and for the love he has for his best friend.

Dialogue of the Week



"Supriya, main hamesha seedhi aur satik baat karta hoon - Chikni chupri baatain mujhey ati nahi." - Dutta
With just that one line, Dutta defined his honesty and commitment to every relationship he's in while simultaneously showing Supriya that her "flirtatious comments" had no affect on him. Dutta values genuine emotions a lot more than extravagant displays - "seedhi" baatain mein a lot more to him than flattery. That's how he is with everyone else and that's how he expects everyone to be with him i.e. genuine and real. That dialogue totally had me pump an air fist (Yes - I did!) because while on one hand it defined the Dutta we all love it also showed that he was not "impressed" by Supriya's "chikni chupri" moonlight talks!
"Par apko na, pyaar jatana nahi ata sahib." - Nakku
It was such a simple sentence but it hit Dutta like a rock. Nakku had called him on his phobia - of displaying love and then being ridiculed for it (like he was with Seema). And it was amazing how well Nakku knew him - first when she told him that he didn't know how to express love and then when she realized that she'd probably hit a nerve and there was no need to say anything more. Nakku knows exactly how Dutta's mind "works" - that too in such a short time. And this dialogue is a definite proof of that!

Literary-Gem of the Week

"Arey woh mard hi kya jo aik aurat ki muskurahat se na pighal jaye!"
- Ravi (a.k.a. Mavali)
Bwaaahahahahahahahahahha! Almost 5 days after it was first uttered and this dialogue STILL cracks me up! But it also makes me wonder, I have met a lot of "men" who don't turn into a puddle of goop as soon as a girl smiles at them - does that mean (according to the mavali) that there could be something wrong with them?! *gasp*  And this is why the dialogue writers of this show deserve a standing ovation! 
"Soocha tha is chand ki roshni mein apko dekhongi.." - Supriya (a.k.a. Dragon Lady)
Did anyone else stare at the screen in disbelief when these words came out of Supriya's mouth? I thought I'd lost all lucidity because this dialogue just did not make SENSE to me?! I stared at the screen, murmured "Are you for real?!" and then laughed my head off! How the dialogue writers managed to come up with this - I know not! But I love them for it! Chand ki roshni mein dekhongi... Kiyoun? Andar spotlight ki roshni kum parh gayi thie?!

Warm & Fuzzies


Hmmm this week waz neither good but not bad either ...
Nuthing special bout this epi ..
Too much of Sups & her BF waz a turn off except 4 a few scenes ..
Dutta showing attitude towards Sups ...Ahh just luved it ..!


wat we got to see waz  totally unexpected  ...
The scene stealer waz Baaji of course ..
who would hav thought dat after getting a slap  4rm Dutta Baaji would start singing ..
It luked as if he waz trying to manao his ruthi hui mehbooba or biwi ...
He sure knws hw to turn the atmosphere around wid his humor & jolly good nature


We get a much awaited dream scene on & dat too interrupted at the crucial point ...
I hate Babi ...why did she hav to interrupt ..!
But the dream scene ....hayee ..lemme droool a bit ..
Kala & her hubby doin a dance number ..
I liked it ..first time saw them really as a couple enjoying themselves ..
& Of course not to 4get Dutta ...
He in his annoyed & pissed mood luked like a rootha hua baccha ..!
Awwwwww his expressions ..i luv it ..!


we saw Sups feeding Dutta ....Arrrrggggghhhhhh ..
but the good thing dat he waz reminded of Seema ...& he leaves ..
Dutta flashing his 1000 watt smile at Naku & of course also at us.. & we go swooning & drooling ..!
Naku bringing him dinner ...awwww how sweet of her ..
Luved the convo they had ..& luv the bonding they r starting to hav ..!


epi waz a total drag  ...
Nuthin much to say ..didn't like it ..except 4 the Baaji scenes ...
His one liners sure r a delight ..
 Dutta's : "Yeh ladki Yedi hai kya?",
 Baaji's :"Bhao uska tho patha nahin par eek na eek din woh aapko yeda banakar chodegi"

Okkiee ...Dats all 4 this week ..!

OMG Moment of the Week


So this is the first taster of the Shocker of the Week segment and what a week to start it off with! There were PLENTY of OhMyGod Moments to choose from but here are the ones that I think had the BIGGEST Shock Factor!

Now I had a HUGE Problem in writing this segment. I didn't know whether I should List the Shocks or if I should pick just one BIG Shock. But then I started thinking (Never a good thing when combined with Pepsi, girls) and I realised that "Shock" is such a vague word! What kind of shock are we talking about here? I mean you can get Shocks that make you Euphoric and feel like you're dancing in Heaven or Shocks that just push you into a Mindless Rage and then there are Shocks that are just plain "What-The-Hell?!"

So I have come up with a List of different Shocks and each week a scene or dialogue or a character's actions will be chosen for each one! Vah! Kya Idea hain! So without further ado here is the First Ever Shock Segment! Enjoy!


OhMyGod – How Sweet Was That Shock

TaSha Heart-to-Heart Scene

*Dreamy Sigh* After so much pleading and begging we finally got our long-awaited TaSha Heart-to-Heart Scene! And My God was it worth it!

There we had our Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Dutta Sahib pondering over EvilSupriya's Actions and who comes along to interrupt him? His Adorable Other Half (Although he doesn't know it yet) Naku

Now we've all discussed this Scene to death but What the Hell? What's one more time?

The reason why this Scene was such a Sweet Shock was firstly because we had been dying for it for ages! And secondly because this Scene had everything in it that absolutely screamed LOVE!LOVE!LOVE!

It was such a huge contrast to the Supriya Dutta Terrace Scene, it had everything the Terrace Scene did not have: Warmth, humour, honesty, some flirting and above all LOVE.

Naku's Love for Dutta just shone from her eyes, from her actions to the words she spoke. And Dutta was reacting to that Love. He may not realise it for what it is but Dutta responded to it nonetheless!

He turned immediately towards Naku the second she walked in almost as though he had been waiting for her and he moved closer to her to find out what she had brought. He pretty much acted in the exact way that Supriya had wanted but had not gotten! He was interested in Naku's words and he opened up to her in a way that he hadn't with Supriya or even with his own Best Friend Baji! With just one request from our Adorable Naku, Dutta settled down to eat! And you could see from his expression that he was content. Not just content he was pleased that Naku had thought of him and her action's made him happier than he had been all evening! But the Sweetest Shock for us was when Dutta did the one thing guaranteed to dazzle us all! He SMILED *Swoon*

And who do we have to Thank for that pleasure? Naku! I swear that girl is a diamond in the rough and the day Dutta realises that is going to be the Sweetest Day for us all!

Shock Moment: Dutta's Smile

Shock Factor: 10/10

(Yes, I'm basing that on his smile and yes, it is biased but let's face it girls, that was his SECOND smile in the space of two episodes! If that's not a shock then I don't know what is!)


OhMyGod – Death By Laughter! Shock

Baji's Serenade to Dutta

Really, do I need to say anything else? I bet there was not ONE person on this Forum who watched that Scene and DIDN'T think it was hilarious. Because it was. Holy chocolate starfish, was it hilarious. This Scene was such a Death By Laughter Shock because it was the single most random follow-up to a Slap Scene that I have ever seen. I mean, which one of us actually expected that? None of us, that's who! We were all expecting the follow-up Scene to be a TaSha Heart-to-Heart Scene! And that's why this Scene was so Brilliant. Dutta playing the role of Roothi Huey Biwi and Baji the Serenading Pati trying to Manao him! The song was ek dum PERFECT "Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kum." Wow. Just WOW CVs. Manina parey gah… these CVs sure do know how to Shock us!

I have to say when I watched this Scene I almost wished for Baji/Dutta Jodi to be possible!

Baji was definitely quite Hot singing to Dutta. Don't look at me like that! Admit it! You lot were all noticing his Hotness just as much as I was! Plus we had Hot-Brooding Dutta in the same frame! Too much Hotness to handle! *Aisha Fans Herself*

And I don't know if it was my fried brain making up things but Dutta SMILED during that Serenade! When he shrugged Baji off? He smiled! A small smile but I'm sure he did! Or maybe I was just seeing things

Shock Moment: Baji Breaks Into Song

Shock Factor: 10/10

(Yes, I know. I can't score EVERY Shock as 10/10 and I won't but come on! We would have NEVER have expected that! It was so RANDOM! It was Brilliant! And anyways I'm doing the scoring, so there.)


OhMyGod – My BP Is Going Through The Roof! Shock

Supriya Dutta Terrace Scene

Yes, people. That Scene. Can I just say that the first time I watched that episode I actually just fast forwarded any Scene containing Supriya and MawaliLafungah but the second time around I went back to watch it. And My God, it's a good thing I did otherwise I would have missed out on the Rage Shock of the Week

Because that's what happened to me when I saw it properly and heard all the bakwas dialogues of that Supriya. I started getting annoyed the second I saw what Supriya was wearing. A red sari. A red, backless sari. My God, woman! Have you no shame??? Red??? And BACKLESS?! And then the way she turned to smile coyly up at our Naku's Dutta, flinging her braid behind her and walking all seductively up to him? I found it disgusting. And Rage inducing. Now I'm not a violent person. In fact, I hate confrontation of any kind but when I saw that I felt like strangling her with her own braid and then shoving her lifeless corpse off that roof.

The one thing that kept me from choking on my own rage was Dutta's reaction. He looked just plain uncomfortable and not interested at all. Did you hear that, Supriya? He's NOT INTERESTED. And the way she kept TOUCHING him! Besharam But it wasn't just Supriya that was making me angry it was her MawaliLafungah as well! Spying on them and giving thumbs-up signs??? Are you serious???

*Takes Deep Breath* Okay. Calm down.

But the Rage Shock for me was the Moment when Supriya said: "Iss haath say mein nay oss mawali ko kheliyah! Abhi bhi iss haath say bhudbhoo ah rahi hain!"

Dutta is a Man way out of your league, you heartless witch! Forget touching, you aren't even good enough to look at him! That one line was enough to send my BP through the Roof! Brilliant acting by Supriya. My God, did I hate her guts.

Shock Moment: Supriya's Bhudbhoo Line

Shock Factor: 7/10

(See? I can restrain myself. I didn't score it as a 10. But it did feel like a 10 when I was watching it.)


OhMyGod – What The HELL Was THAT?! Shock

Baji Slapped By Dutta Scene

Now I know that that Slap was not completely Out of the Blue. It had a huge build-up where we could see Dutta getting angrier and angrier and when Baji grabbed him we all knew that this was it. Dutta was going to snap. But nonetheless it was a pretty big Shock. I mean, Baji is Dutta's Best Friend. In fact, he's closer to Dutta than a brother. And the one person who we thought Dutta would NEVER hurt. Well, we were wrong. Personally, I think Baji deserved it. *Ducks to avoid shoes* Hear me out! Look, there was Dutta who had just come home from work, he was tired and pre-occupied and he really, really didn't want to sit there, beside that lying Supriya, and endure all that song and dance. And Baji just wouldn't let it go! He kept going on and on and on and I was sitting there thinking "Baji… shut up before Dutta makes you shut up! For the love of God, Man! Shut up NOW!" And well, Dutta shut him up.

Shock Moment: Dutta Slaps Baji

Shock Factor: 6/10

(Not a 7 because like I said we knew it was coming but definitely over the 5 mark because it was Dutta hitting BAJI. You know?)


OhMyGod – I'm In Heaven! Shock

TaSha Dream Sequence

*Dreamy Sigh* TaSha, TaSha, TaSha… what can I say? Who knew that 40 seconds of TaSha would be enough to send me Sky High and turn me into this--->

Because that for me was the I'm In Heaven Shock of the Week. Forty seconds, people. FORTY SECONDS. It was everything I wanted in a TaSha Dream Sequence: Nakusha looking stunning, Dutta looking Drop-Dead-Gorgeous and one of my All Time Favourite songs. I loved how the lyrics went PERFECTLY with each TaSha interaction and just the way that it looked so REAL. Dutta looked like this is how he would be if he was really in Love. The way his eyes stayed on Naku, the way he touched her and the way he leant forward towards her, as though to keep her close and breathe her in. I have to admit I actually got a little teary-eyed watching that Scene, especially at the line: "Door abhi toh Piya yeh mulakaat hain." That one line held all of Naku's feelings in it and it was so TRUE. Naku loves Dutta and she is far from him but she will someday be closer to his heart than anyone ever has or will be. That one line just touched my heart and filled my eyes with tears. Loved it.

Shock Line: "Door abhi toh Piya yeh mulakaat hain."

Shock Factor: 8/10

(Yes, it's an 8. I would have given it a 10. What were you expecting? I'm a hopeless romantic okay? And I'm emotional! It's not my fault!)


OhMyGod – How Hot Is That?! Shock

Dutta Looking At Nakusha When She Questions Him on Eating

Yes, I know. Every single second Dutta is on screen is a Hot Moment and what's so Shocking about that? But THIS Moment was a Shock (to me, anyways) because it looked like he was FLIRTING with Naku. He looked all Hot and down right Sexy and doesn't it seem a little too intense a reaction for what Naku was saying?

Naku: Meray ko maloom aap nay kuch nahin kaya na?

Dutta: *Gives Sexy Look*

*Aisha Takes a Swig of Pepsi*

He loves her. It's so obvious. And you know no matter if I write pages and pages on that one Look it will never be able to fully give you that Shock. So here you go, girls. Be warned: Light headedness, Fainting, Swooning and Burning up are Side Effects.
Pause at 1.04.
Commence Swooning.

Shock Moment: That Look

Shock Factor: 8/10

(Yes, I'm biased. Sue me. *Aisha Fans Herself*)

Biggest Disappointment of the Week


so….the biggest disappointment of the week this week…has to be the fact that there was way…WAY…WAY…too much screen time for the Mavali Bandar and his besharam girl friend…chi!! just a waste of time watching those two…tauba…

Shining Star of the Week


Well, Finally, were out with the first edition of LTL new letter, and this is so exiting! ^_^

All the characters and the actors have tbeen doing fabulous this week, and i just loved watching all of thme, but this week, the award for the Star of the Week goes to ...........


Why? [Dutta Diwanis, dont kill me...hear me out first]

First of all, i know hes trying to help that Dayan Supriya win Dutta's heart, but in his defese, Baji is soo naive, and innocent, he doesnt know what that chudail is upto, so we cant really hold it againest him

Second, Hes been so supportive and friendly to Naku. He dhas fun with her, hes not rude and arrogaint like the Dufford Trios, or Very serious, like our Darling Dutta. Hes an awesome friend and a great person to have around. Which brings me to the main reason:

Mr. Bechara Baji got slapped by his bestest friend in the whole world, for being a sweetheart and plannig an entire party for Bhau, and to top it all off, it was infront of almost everyone he knows!! But instead of freaking out and kicking ad screaming [like any normal human would do] he starts to Sing and Dance and turns the party into a real party

And ofcourse the cutsie dance he did with Dutta and Roops [Well, His part anyways] was just an added bonus

So, i think that the first ever SOTW is very well deserved by our one and only Bajirao

LTL Bloopers


Monday – Wednesday

No bloopers spotted


At one moment Supriya is all dressed in different attire for the function and the in next few minutes, she is with Dutta on the terrace in completely new dress and makeup. Also, Naku was able to decorate the whole terrace in such a short period of time.


No bloopers spotted.

Fashion Icon of the Week


This week's style Icon according to me has to be 'Baaji' as he looked very suave and extremely stylish in every frame this entire much so that he gave dutta a run for his money when they were in the same frame especially during the sangeet ceremony.So baaji gets the coveted crown this week beating the likes of kala ,dutta ,n roops ..and Its no mean feat !!!!!

Chat-Patta Fun

Game of the Week


Spit or Swallow

Comic Relief


(CR's for this week)

Fashion Ka Nonsense

The REAL Joke

To Sit or Not To Sit



and……just something I found that I thought you all would enjoy…happy laughing



March 15

March 16

March 17

March 18

March 19

Special Awards


1. The Thank's for Making Us Hyperventilate Award: …goes to… *drum roll*…DUTTA!! no points for guessing on this one guys…did you see his smile…wait…don't answer that…I should ask…how many times did you re-watch his smile? lol…did he look absolutely dreamy or what!? just…haye…makes your heart melt and makes you weak in the knees all at once…what made it ever sweeter is the fact that he only smiles like that with Naku… *woo hoo*

2. The Masterni Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…NAKU!! this girls had me chuckling a lot this week…pehle toh…she sat down to give Dutta lessons on love…pyaa mein yeh hota woh hota hai…phir…on Friday…she comes with cooking lesson…I nearly fell out of my chair laughing as she explained how to make the dish to Dutta…as cute as he'd look… I just cant picture Dutta in a chef's had in the kitchen frying anything…lol… but good job naku…lagi raho…

3. The Loser Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…MAVALI BANDAR… (what is his name?) lol…so…he has to be the biggest despo/loser in the world to be using the girl he "loves"…yes the quotes are there on purpost…to get to Dutta…aab Dutta se kay dushmani ke usse aapni girlfriend use karna pad raha hai? uppar se…like a besharam…he watches his girlfriend flirt with another man from behind the window…not to mention with his shirt nearly popping of…chi!!

4. The "Cute Naa" Award: …goes to… *drum roll*…BAJI & RUPS for their short, but so cute dance at the sangeet function….it was only for like 2 seconds, max…but it was adorable…the way that Rups just grabbed him and began to spin…the way that Baji was afraid that Dutta would shoot him…ha ha…these two are too adorable…I'd love to see love blossom between them…

5. The Best Comparison Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…DUTTA…for comparing Supriya the witch…to…Seema the b*tch…enough said…

6. The Dosti Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…BAJI!! not many people can take getting slapped by their bff and then go into full on song and dance…but our Baji did…and he did it flawlessly…it was so cute and hilarious…the song that came to mind as Baji did his act….was… "Maa da ladla"…lmao…dostana much?! I love him!!

7. The Blowing Out of Proportion Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…US (IF members)…when the promo aired of the slap…oh did we go crazy…coming up with reason why Dutta would do it…making excuses…making up new possible TaSha scenes…we had a lot of fun with it…imagine our shock when Baji started to sing and dance…lol…

8. The Thank You Award: …goes to… *drum roll*…LTL CREATIVES…for… the much anticipated and unexpected…dream sequence!! the sequence came out of the blue and took us by surprise…but omg…did we love it!! I've already seen it 3 times…and I plan on watching it a lot more this weekend…lol…hopeless…I know…

9. The Besharam Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…SUPS!! chi…did you see that bare-back number she was wearing with her hair pulled to the side for full display on the terrace scene…tauba tauba…using her body to get to Dutta…please chick…our Dutta is above all that….but clearly you are not…chi…lanat hai tujhpar!!

10. The O-le-le-le Cute Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…DUTTA!! the small scene when he is about to go the roof to meet with Sups…and he runs into Naku …then he starts to ask all those questions to delay him having to go to the terrace…lmao…I just wanted to pinch his cheeks!! that was too cute!! I wanted to say "cute naa?"…but I stopped myself…lmao…just barely!!

Weekend Video Mixes


Hum Hai Iss Pal Yahaan

Teri Har Jhalak

Kuch Kam

Kaise Mujhe Tum Milgaye

Editors Note

yay!! this is the first issue of the LTL Express!! big…BIG…BIG!! round of applause for all the reporters!! without you guys this issue would not have been possible…thanks for turning everything in on time…I had everything when I logged on and was able to put it together…fata-fat! lol…how desi was that!? lmao…you guys did an awesome job…awesome…awesome issue!! one of the best I've seen to date…and im sure that we'll have many more to come!!!


I can already tell…the LTL Express is gonna be a hit!! and please excuse any mistakes...

on a side all reporters...i usually organize everything on Microsoft that is why if you added smilies and things they are nto here because when i copy/ gets all wacked out...sorry...


ps: I just chose LTL Express…if you guys have other ideas…please suggest…I'm open to all sorts of suggestions

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@Jaz: This has got to be the best newsletter so far (KDC combined or maybe I'm biased...?). I hope we keep this up. This looks fabulous! Can't wait to read it all... LOL

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^^ im with you on that one yaar...its like the same...but much better!! i loved the was my first hand at news letters...and ill miss it once its gone (speaking of which...gotta do the farewell issue) ...but i LOVE the LTL Express!!


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^^ Agreed! KDC was my first hand at any NL stuff too - but that was my "first" and LTL is my "best" so far! LOL

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desigrl414 Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
great job everyone! enjoyed reading! keep up the good work!! Thumbs Up

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Havent gone thru the newsletter but it looks good...more comments after going thru it all.

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Dew-drop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...
Our first News Letter ....
Rocking NL Jaz ....
Congo to e
veryone ......
Congratz to the NL Team 4 the fabulous work done ....!

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
@Fivr: I liked ur choice of dialouge of the week for Datta. It also explained why Datta didnt need to be told to thank Naku. Her genuine and real care him shone thru and he wasted no time thanking her.
Sups "chand ki roshni" wala dialouge had my sar chakraoing.
@Aisha: The shocker of the week was fantabulous...I loved ur idea of a shock of every kind.
@Jaz: The Blowing out Proportion award was SO apt.

@All: The newsletter is simply fabulous. Good job everyone...and fabulous job Jaz for co-ordinating all this.

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