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(Moments later a man enters. Daya recognizes him as Dia's father.)


New Acp[here we will call him na for new acp]

Na- Good morning officers.


The CID team together- Morning.


Na- (To Daya)- Tum Senior inspector Daya ho, na?


Daya (Coldly)- Hm. (He thinks to himself " iska verjade pehle Dia chali gayi uski baad Acp sir ne chale gaye")


Na- Please introduce your fellow officers.


(Daya introduces everyone).


Na (To Suhaani)- Tum bhi yahaa?


Suhaani- Aap toh jaante ho kyon.


Na- I don't think you will get your father's killer.


Abhi- Kyon?


Na- Meine pehle se kaha tha. Yeh aadmi accha nahi tha iss liye.


Suhaani (Clenching her fists)- Aa-aap aise kyon baat kar rahe ho?


Na- Aise…


Abhi- Aap kaise yeh baat kehsekte hai? Ek baap ki beti ki saamne. Aur toh aur uski dost toh aapka beti.



Na- Baat mei baat mat karo. Mei yahaa tumhara nayi Acp.


(Suddenly Suhaani lost her cool)

Suhaani- Meine aapke saath kaam nahi karungi


Na (Somehow gleefully)- Toh badge do mujhe.


(Everyone got shocked at his behaviour)


Suhaani (Smirking)- Aapko nahi. Acp sir ke baad mei meri apne boss ke pass mei responsible hoon.


(With that she smartly handed her badge to Abhijeet, slightly winks and leaves. While others were shocked and Na was embarrassed, Daya and Abhi were the only ones to have understood that Suhaani had a plan.)

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Scene- Suhaani's house (Later, at night)


(Abhi and Daya and Muskaan have come on the sly to Suhaani's place. Suhaani led them to her living room.)


Suhaani- Sir am sorry meine bhaag gayi thi. Taaki aap mujhe bool samjhe, meine aapko wink kiya thi.


Abhi- Tum accha kaam kiya Suhaani. Humaara shq ab iss aadmi pe aaya hai.


Suhaani- Iss liye meine bhaag aayi!


Daya- Kya Asha aur Diya jaante hai?


Suhaani- Dia was shocked. Aur Mausi yeh expect kiya hei.


Muskaan- Ab humaare kya plan?


Suhaani- Aap sab jab bureau mei thei tab meine apni kaam kiya thi. Maine us jagah mei gayi thi jaha Ramesh ka laash mi gaye thei.


Abhi- Waha kyon?


Suhaani- Uska laash policewaaoh laya tha, CID nahi. Aur hum jaante hain police mein bhi spy hai. Toh meine biswaas nahi kiya  woh sab kuch nahi mila. Aur kaise pata chal gaye aise anjaan jagah mein ek laash hoga! Toh meine Diya ki bike par gayi thi.


(Others were impressed)


Abhi- Kuch mila?


Suhaani- Sir. Joh aadmi laya tha woh mujhe lakta hai jhooth kaha. Mei abhi layi hoon yeh sabooj. Hum ab aage jaa skti hoon.

(She leaves the room and comes back)


Suhaani- Yeh dekho.


(Everyone looked at the object- A video camera.)

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Scene- Bureau

(It is night. After Na left, the entire CID team, Suhaani having joined them a little after after Na's leaving, was in the viewing room. The video cam was switched on and linked to the highscreen computer. Salunkhe and Tarika were with them.


As the CD started rolling they saw three men speaking. They were not heard and they were at a distance from the cam.


Salunkhe zoomed in but the video became slightly blurred. They tried to identify the men. Two of them were familiar but beyond recognition. The third one was unknown. Salunkhe then suggested that they give him the CD. The next night around same time they will meet here. He will try to to something about it.)

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Scene- Outside. Daya's car.

(Late night and Daya had proposed to drop everyone home. Everyone was disappointed and so welcomed it.)


Abhi- Yeh ek kaafi hard case. Sab sabuj ek raaste mei aate hain aur woh bandh raasta…


Daya- Kuch toh hoga boss, fickar mat karo. Suhaani toh ek zaroori sabuj laayi hai.


Suhaani- Abhi sir aap bahut pareshaan ho jaa rahe ho.. Just chill.


(Suddenly Abhi's phone rings)


Abhi (to Daya)- Bahut raat ho gaya. Iss waqt Kumarji….


Daya- Phone uthao. Kuch to hua hai!


(Abhi picks up the call and switches on speaker mode)


Kumarji's rasping breath- Abhi beta… please bachao Aina ko! A-a-aina! Woh… woh ch..chi.. Chimbu ley gaye hai! Aa- aa- a… (The phone went dead.)


(Then) Daya and Abhi- CHIMBU!


Abhi- Daya jaldi Kumarji ka ghar chalo! Fast!


(Everyone becomes tensed. Daya reaches the house within ten minutes. Everyone gets off and rushes towards the house, their guns out. The door was shut.)


Abhi- Daya, darwaaza toh do! Jaldi!




(The CID team rushes in. The house had lights on. Guns out each officer checks out the rooms. No sound, no one around. Abhi becomes tensed. Then-)


"Sir! Yahaa!"


Abhi- Haan Vivek!


(Everyone rush into a room to see Kumarji lying dead. Suhaani bent down and checked)


"Dead, sir."


(Abhi gets agitated.)


Abhi- Ek Cancer patient ko…


Daya (Patting his shoulder)- Humme ab Aina ko doonda hoga!


(Suddenly)Suhaani- Sir. Khooni mil gayi. Jo jo khoon hua woh sab Chimbu ne kiya hai! (She points towards the hole at the old man's back and the torn jugular vein) Aise tha…

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Scene- Bureau

(Abhijeet is agitated. He is walking up and down pensively. Daya and the others are checking on Chimbu. Suhaani is of course not there.)


Na (As he enters)- Morning officers


(Everyone was too busy to notice him)


Na (Clearing his throat)- Ahem! Morning officers!


(No one paid him any attention)


(Then) Abhi- Morning. Aap paani chaahiye?


Na- Paani?


Abhi- woh aap cough kar rahe thei is liye meine puccha.


Na- Yeh sab kya kar rahe hai?


Abhi- O iss case ki barabar.


Na- O. Kuch mila?


Abhi- Nahi, your honour.


Na- Haan? Tum aise kaise baat kar rahe ho?


Abhi- Aise hum humaare Acp ke saath baat karte hoon


Na (Irritated)-Uff. (He goes to Acp's cubicle.)


Daya (Chuckling)- Accha hua boss tum usko divert kiya'


Abhi- Doondo doondo'.


(Suhaani's call comes on his phone. With an eye on the cubicle, he answers-"Haan, Haanaa, kuch mila?" He listens, whispers and listens. Then he hangs up)


Daya- Haanaa?


Abhi- Haan. Woh uske liye humaare code. Nickname hai. Suno. Dia ki informer Lambhu Suhaani ko bataya Chimbu iss waqt kaha hain. Chimbu hain yeh saare jigsaw puzzle ki clue.


Daya- Toh hum chalte hain!


Abhi- Vivek, Freddy aur Tasha! Tum log iss aadmi ko rokna, divert karna. Humme aur Muskaan jaa rahe hoon.


Freddy- Jee sir. Freddy hai naa. Iss aadmi ko pata bhi nahi hoga kya chal rahe hain.


Daya- Good. Thanks.


(With that the three officers quickly but quietly left the bureau.)



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Scene- A kind of chawl area.


(Abhi, Daya and Muskaan reach and get down from the car. A biker comes towards them and takes off the helmet. It was Suhaani.)


Suhaani- Abhi sir. Iss saraf .(She gestures with her head) Chale?


(The four then coolly walk ahead, pretending to be just ordinary people walking aimlessly.)


(Then a man walking towards them gives a sign to Suhaani that a house to their left was the house)


Abhi- Woh Lambhu?


(Suhaani nods)


(The four then stand in front of the door. Muskaan and Daya knock loudly on the door. An old woman opens the door. The officers suddenly snatch their guns and force themselves in.)


Abhi (To the oldie)- Namaste maaji, tumhaara pyaare Chimbu beta kaha hai, ain?


Oldie- K-k-kaun hai aap sab.


Suhaani- Sir, koi yahaa nahi hai. (To the oldie) O hum uska dost hai.


Oldie- Woh toh shaadi karne gaya!


Daya (exchanging a quick look with Abhi)- Shaadi?


Oldie- Tum log uska dost ho! Jaante ho toh!   


Muskaan- Hum CID se. Bataao. Woh ladki kaha hai, varna'


Oldie (Stuttering)- W-w-w-wwoh bahut paise mila hai, woh iss ladki ko chaahte thei' Meine nahi jaanti hoon kaha hai..


Suhaani- Agar nahi bataange toh tum'


Oldie- BATAATI HOON!!! Woh Ram lakshmi mandir mei jaa rahe hai. Abhi abhi jaa rahe hai. Uss saraf hai (Pointing).


Abhi (Disgusted)- Ek Bandar naukar ek educated doctor ko'. Sharmi nahi aati!


(The officers rush out)

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Scene- Courtyard of a small mandir


(Chimbu was dragging Aina. He was laughing, telling her today he will fulfil his wish of marrying her. She was terrified, screaming. It was a deserted place and the passer byes were used to such scenes so didn't bother. She was pleading and shrieking and praying at the same time. He half dragged her half carried her, already having beaten her up the other night. She was bruised all over.)


(Suddenly) Abhi- cchod do uss ladki ko!


(Chimbu stopped and looked up.)


Suhaani- CCHOD DO!


(Chimbu was unwilling and turned back with Aina's arm in his hand)

Muskaan - Agar tum usko naho cchoda toh Daya sir ka dawai khaayega!


(Aina was screaming, looking back at Abhi who was edging nearer and nearer. Seeing this Chimbu attempted to run in another direction, when)-




(Reeling from Daya's slap, he fell down. Daya powerfully held him up by his collar and shook him violently like a rat-" How dare you hurt Bhaabhi". Hearing this word Muskaan and Suhaani look at each other, then turn back to see Abhi.)


(Aina was in Abhijeet's arms, sobbing and shivering. Abhi gently held her and comforted her. Then he took her face in his palms and said,

" Tumhaari jagah ab mera dil mei hai. Tumko kuch nahi hoga. Tumko meine mera paas rakhunga."

She was simply sobbing silently but steadily calmed down. He half lifted her from the ground and with his arm around her shoulder held her. She calmed down slowly.)


(The team then leave, Daya manhandling Chimbu and dragging him away, and Suhaani and Muskaan with their guns out incase anything happened, and Abhi-Aina.)

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CID-ians, am really sorry but i have to start afresh my thread. I will post this story as a whole in a new thread. As my exams are coming, i will be even slower. A well-wisher here has advised me to finish the story then post it, as it is confusing to read if posted bit by bit. So i will post this story as soon as i finish in one whole in a new thread. Please dont mind. All inconvenience really regretted. Drilabh.

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