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Things I Noticed - 03/19/10 *edited*

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Hey guys!

I have started writing the TIN, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm super exhausted today (had a very long day at work and very little sleep in the past 2 days). So if the TIN is a little delayed than usual it's probably because I dozed off in the middle of writing it LOL - but don't worry! I'll write it and post it as soon as I "wake up" if I happen to fall asleep. Thanks for your patience guys - I really appreciate it! And this episode has really send my brain for a spin so I know it'll take me a bit to figure out how to say what I want to say. Smile


*edit add*

First of all I would like to thank EVERYONE for being so patient and supportive last night. As expected I totally did pass out while writing the TIN - but I woke up after a good 8 hour sleep, I've had some food and I'm all set to dive into the world of LTL! Today's episode had left me a little confused - but I really liked it. And since this COULD possibly turn into a long TIN, consider yourself warned - read at your own risk! LOL

  • Come rain or sun, hail or snow, those doormen do NOT move! They almost remind me of the Buckingham Palace guards - the ones that don't move a muscle no matter what happens! LOL
  •  I liked that shot of Nakku's hands "playing with" the glass dish. It was a very unique way to show her "effort" as she tried to put into words what she felt "love" was - she was telling Dutta what she thought, but she isn't an expert on the matter. In fact it was the first time she was putting the "feeling" into words - and you could see her trying to get "it" right!
  • I liked how Nakku looked around her as she said that the world becomes a more beautiful place when you're in love - as though what she saw around her was far more beautiful now than it would have been before. *sigh* Smile
  • Dutta does not want to acknowledge the fact that love COULD bring some "good" in someone's life. When Nakku's tells him that love makes everything seem good and helps forget any past pain, Dutta is trying hard to barricade himself from that thought. Like he does NOT want to believe that love could be "nice" - because what happened 10 years ago is screaming proof of how it's not!
  • When Dutta first heard Nakku's question about whether he'd fallen in love TOO, Dutta was surprised - he hadn't expected to entertain this question about whether or not he was in love. And then he realize the use of "bhi" in that question and he turned his head towards Nakku while wearing an intrigued expression - "Mujhey bhi pyar ho gaya hai matlab?!". He wants to know WHO else is in love - any guesses on what he hoped the answer was! LOL
  • Once Dutta points out Nakku's slip to her, she has to turn away from Dutta - she has to look away because she knows she won't be able to tell him the true answer to that. She won't be able to tell him "who" was that "bhi" who has also fallen in love - at least not yet. But she will NOT be able to lie while looking at him either - so she does what is easy. She looks away and with pause tells him that it's Supriya. It might not be HER truth, but it was A truth (according to her).
  • Until Nakku answers Dutta's question, his eyes do not leave her face. Once he's asked her the question, she gets his undivided attention until she answers him. He wants to know "who" else - it was like he was subconsciously hoping to hear SOMEONE's name (he didn't know whose name, but he was waiting to see if the name that was voiced was the one he wanted to hear). And when Nakku mentions Supriya, that's when he finally lowers his gaze and gives an almost subtle nod of acknowledgment - "OFF course that's who she'd be talking about!". Like he was telling himself he was silly to expect something else. 
  • When Nakku asks Dutta if he liked Supriya's song, Dutta pauses what he's doing for a moment and wonders - how should he answer this question? Did he like her song - even though her intentions were less than honorable? And then he shakes the thought out of his head and takes a bite, but that didn't last long and the question was back in his mind urging him to find the "right" answer. And while he's thinking about how to answer this, Nakku tells him that she saw him "surprised" at Supriya's ability to sing - that look Dutta gives her was a very questioning look. It was like he was asking "Is THAT what you saw me express?". To me it seemed like Dutta was looking for a way to answer Nakku without giving away his suspicions about Supriya and her intentions. Ermm
  • The moment Nakku asks Dutta why he never expresses what he feel, you could see Dutta get remembering himself and his life 10 years ago. And as Nakku urges him to just "say what's in the heart" you see him close his eyes for a moment - as though he's reliving the pain from 10 years ago. He'd EXPRESSED everything he felt then and look where it got him?! Ouch
  • But finally Dutta manages to supress those memories - as Nakku urges him with her "Bolo na sahib!", he returns to the "present" and gives her the most generic-yet-frustrated answer - "Haan, acha laga. Achi gati hai woh." He did not appreciate her song any more than any other listener in that event would have. He liked her song because she sings good - not because he liked the fact that she sang for him.
  • When Nakku doesn't approve of his "answer', Dutta looks away as though he was hoping THAT  answer would have been enough but was annoyed that it wasn't! LOL
  • When Nakku suggests to Dutta that he should praise Supriya's singing as though he was judging a contest, Dutta seemed to be intrigued by her example. And then as Nakku innocently mimicked a "judge" and giggled, you could see a very subtle smile spread out on his lips ( I believe I saw it!!! LOL). He liked her talks - her naivety and her simplicity. No matter how annoyed he might get, he knows that she can bring him around with her words in no time - and the best thing is, she doesn't even KNOW it! *sigh*
  • When Nakku tells Dutta that Supriya seemed to be singing with a love-filled voice, did anyone else think that Dutta was thinking back to the song and trying hard to find any trace of "love" in Supriya's voice? I did! LOL
  • As Nakku tells Dutta that she knows he's going to lead a life filled with love and happiness, she actually really believes it! She wants him (more than she can explain) to be happy and content in life. It's almost like she's WILLING the universe to align itself such that Dutta gets his share (and some of her share) of happiness and love. Such devotion... *sigh*
  • And while Nakku's hoping for Dutta's happiness, Dutta does not move a muscle. It's like he was really trying to believe that what she'd said was true - he was hoping that her prediction of him finding happiness is true, so much that he didn't even want to move lest he jinxed something. But he KNEW that it wasn't so - that no matter how hard he hopes, that fact wouldn't change. And that is when he "moves", collects his thoughts and decides he doesn't want to hope for/discuss love anymore!
  • "Aik baat bata, tu ney kya bachpan mein pyar ki tution le rakhi thie?" - That was such a defensive-guy thing to say! LOL No matter how "big" and "bad" Dutta gets, Nakku still manages to get the "boy" in him to surface. LOL And I loved how, once Dutta got defensive, Nakku just understood he didn't want to talk about it. She didn't get "upset" or "offended" at his comment - she just "understood" and stopped that discussion. *sigh*
  • "Waise tujhe kabhi kisi sey pyaar hua hai?" - Dutta was "staring-down" Nakku because he was annoyed by her constant "love" talk but then he realized he might have gotten a bit too harsh (not that Nakku had been offended) and he decided to re-open that "discussion". But only on his terms! So he asks her if she's been in love before and waits for HER answer this time.
  • Did anyone notice the subtle smile that played on Nakku's lips before she turned to face Dutta (right after he asked her if she'd ever been in love)? It was like just being REMINDED of her love made a wave of happiness wash over her... *sigh* And then she turns to look at Dutta - she looks at him with such devotion as though she's really "seeing" him for the first time. But then she realizes she needs to ANSWER the question and so she turns away. She knows she cannot tell him the truth, but lying while facing him is not an option either. So she smiles at herself and shakes her head - as though she's telling herself "Tu bhi na!" for hoping (ever for that split second) to tell Dutta the truth. And then she lies to Dutta - "Nahi sahib" she says. She's never been in love. *sigh*
  • Once Dutta asks Nakku if she's ever been in love, he sort of gets "lost" in thought again. As though he was remembering when he was in love - only this time it wasn't painful. This time it was just reminiscent. And then he "comes back" to the present and turns to look at Nakku - "So? Had she been in love?" he was thinking. And when she answers no, he's almost disappointed for a second and then a little upset. She hasn't been in love and yet she's trying to make him feel better? To him all her opinions are naive - she doesn't KNOW how much it can hurt... How can she possibly make it better? And that disappointed him because (subconsciously) he's always borrowed optimism from her - and now he's finding out that her optimism is sheltered? It seemed to throw him off for a bit.
  • Can I say I love Dutta? To him, the fact that Nakku was "ugly" (well, pretending to be) didn't even OCCUR as he asked her if she'd been in love. As far as he was concerned there was NO reason for her to NOT love and be loved.*sigh* I want one! Day Dreaming
  • I loved how Nakku simply answered that she "understands" love even if she hasn't "experienced" it. That understanding something is not dependent on experiencing it first. I like that thought a lot! Smile
  • Dutta thanked a "maid" for bringing food to him when he was hungry - *sigh* Did I mention he was an absolute gentleman! Warna normally people just assume that their servant are their property - that the servants are born just to SERVE them! *sigh* I want one! Servant nahi, Dutta! LOL
  • Did anyone notice how Nakku's world seemed to have "lit" up when Dutta appreciated her bringing him food!? Like no matter how bad things get, his simple gestures make falling in love with him worth it all! Smile
  • Nakku's words left Dutta thinking, didn't they?! Even as she was leaving, he had "come out" of his thoughts and thank her. And then once she left, he slid right back into them. I wonder what he was thinking about? I want to know!! LOL
  • I loved how Baabi told Nakku that when Supriya's Aayi praised her "kheer" she too praised her daughter's singing in return. To Baabi, there is no difference between something edible and Surpiya - even though it wasn't meant as an insult. I love it! ROFL
  • Did anyone else feel that when Nakku said she "liked" Supriya's singing she was saying it primarily because she didn't want her mother getting upset for her? I did. It was like she was telling her Aayi what she knew, she wanted to hear - whether or not it was true was not even an issue here. *sigh*
  • Did anyone notice how Nakku glances towards Baabi once Supriya told Nakku that since she knows all of Dutta's favorites, she'd have to tell Supriya what he liked? It was like was making sure that Baabi was okay with her acknowledging that she knew all of Dutta's favorite - that it wouldn't make her worried or upset. She really cares for her mother - I love that.
  • And on the contrary, Baabi wasn't worried or upset at Nakku for helping out. In fact she almost looked like she was proud of Nakku for handling this so well. Big smile
  • Lol! I loved how they actually SHOWED the whole dish being made. Usually the only time we get to see someone cooking something in the kitchen is if it's a romantic scene (take ANY aata scene! LOL) or if it's a girls vs. boys deal were the guys are cooking (and then we get to see how BAD they cook). But this was jut interesting - you could almost follow the whole recipe if you were the cooking type (which I'm strictly not!). LOL
  • Nakku looked so happy for Dutta when she saw Supriya working to make something he likes. It was like the thought that Supriya would want to make something to please Dutta was a sign that she'd keep Dutta happy and THAT was something Nakku really liked - a happy Dutta! (Just like the rest of us! Big smile)
  • That first shot of Dutta as he sits on the sofa looking through the file - did ANYONE else think he looked absolutely regal in that shot?! *sigh* I totally did! Day Dreaming
  • I loved Baji's expresssions when Aayi Sahib asks him if he'd worked things out with the "Khan Sahib" - It was like he was thinking "Ye kahan sey aya?!" LOL
  • Did anyone else notice how Dutta looked up from his work at Aayi sahib's comment of being "his mother"? He was totally thinking "Ye kya logic hai?!" LOL I loved Mishal's expressions!
  • As soon as Nakku tells everyone that Supriya made karanji for Dutta, did anyone else notice how he resumed his work? Not even a not of acknowledgment- like this wasn't something he'd bother with. Work was more important and interesting!
  • LOL! Baji does not need to be told twice when food is around. I loved how he helped himself to the karanji (only to be reprimanded by Nakku!). LOL
  • Baji looked so disappointed at having to put the karanji back - like someone stole his ice cream! ROFL
  • So a man's busy working and you silently walk up to him and put a karanji on his plate? And when he doesn't reply you put one more on his plate - all without a word? Lo! And here I thought that you should ASK someone if they want it and then let THEM decide how many they want! ROFL
  • I loved how Dutta looked at Supriya after she put down the second karanji - like he was thinking "Ab ye kya bakwass hai?" ROFL
  • Leave it to Baji to try and irritate Dutta - he knows the guy is in no mood for any more karanji yet he urges Supriya to place one more on his plate. LOL Well at least we got to see Dutta react (very "coldly") to Supriya as a result of that! Big smile
  • Dutta resumes work but then he realizes that Supriya is STILL standing there - he knows he has to eat it in order for her to leave and so he moves forward to grab a karanji.
  • I LOVED Dutta's reaction to everyone staring at him! He looks at his mother and Nakku and they look away knowing he'd be uncomfortable. And then he looks at Baji who (obviously) makes a slick comment about not being "reachable" while he looks away! ROFL By my absolute favorite was how he asked Supriya to leave - with one gesture, he'd shown his annoyance at her still being around! "Kha toh raha hoon, aur kya chahiye?!" he seemed to be asking! LOL
  • Did anyone else feel that Dutta wasn't "enjoying" the karanji? I mean it was one of his favorite dishes so obviously he liked it - but he wasn't ENJOYING it. He was just eatting it. Anyone..? I totally thought so.. but then I could be seeing things. Ermm
  • Lol! When Baji asks Dutta to reaffirm that this was a "great karanji", did anyone else notice the "Seriously?!" look that Dutta gave Baji?! Like he was thinking, "Honestly? This is the best karanji you've had?!" ROFL
  • And then Dutta looks away so as to not give ANY approval to Supriya. And I did a little victory dance AGAIN! Dancing
  • WHY is Supriya disappointed that Dutta isn't appreciating her karanji? When in the beginning when she came in with the karanji she seemed disappointed that Dutta wasn't acknowledging her karanjis. Seriously woman? You haven't made them from the heart - it's a conniving thing you're doing - yet you expect him to "really" appreciate them? Seriously? Delusional much? Stern Smile
  • I loved how once Dutta was done, he was back to business. It was like he was thinking that he'd had enough with the karanji nonsense, now back to work! Big smile
  • Did anyone notice how Dutta glanced at Supriya while talking about "forgiving" one of his associates? To me it seemed like he was beginning to think if he should give Supriya another chance to come clean - the last time he'd asked her she's just cried and led him to break a lamp! And since then she's just been (trying to) con him into believing that she really likes him (because she thinks that's what he wants). Maybe this time she'd be willing to be more truthful? Anyone?... Ermm
  • Can someone PLEASE explain to me what the whole point of Supriya-sneaking-in-to-steal-karanji was?! She is the malkin-to-be (NOT!) of this place! Who would ask her twice if she just walked in and said she just wanted some karanji for later? In fact who would even ASK her why she was taking the karanji to begin with? She made it, she wants it - WHO would ask for a reason? Ye larki thori mental hai! Bass. Confused
  • Baji sitting on the table, dangling his legs - That so reminded me of back when I was in 3rd-4th grade! We'd all sit on high tables and dangle our legs! LOL
  • So this "Inspector Khan" has been mentioned twice in the same episode - is it weird if I think that he is going to be "removed" and that's who More will replace and cause problems? Or at least that he'd be involved in the whole Malmal More track..? Ermm
  • You know, I was wondering why Nakku was being this "insistent" about Supriya-cooking-karanji ever since she first made it. Every time before this, when Dutta and Supriya had an issue, Nakku would be a silent spectator - she'd discuss this with Dutta LATER but she wouldn't be up in the forefront like she was this time (when she first tells everyone that Supriya made it and then insists that Baji lets Dutta have it first or when she urges Supriya to "go ahead" and offer Dutta one more karanji). She seemed to invested this time and that's when it occurred to me - She's reacting like she would if this was HER who'd made karanji for Dutta. Once Supriya came and asked her for help, Nakku was involved. Nakku picked the dish that should be made, Nakku set up the plate, Nakku escorted Supriya out, Nakku told everyone that Supriya had made karanji and then she urged that Dutta be the first to eat - it was like SHE cooked and she wanted to see Dutta's reaction (which was obviously different than it would have been since Supriya cooked it). And that is also why she was disappointed in him when he hadn't appreciated the cooking and Supriya had seemed "sad" (even though it was for different reasons). She had expected him to "express" that he "love" it. And when he hadn't she came upstairs to let him know how she felt. She knew he'd liked it but because he hasn't expressed it, Supriya didn't. That's why when she walked in she just asked him "Aisa bhi koi karta hai kya?" - as though she was telling him, I understand you but not everyone else does!. Well, at least that's what I think... Ermm
  • I loved Dutta's "Kiyoun, ab maine kya kiya?!" - he's getting used to getting reprimanded by Nakku isn't he! Pehley his drinking, then his getting angry at Supriya, then his not appreciating her singing. So obviously he HAD to have done something else to call for this intervention (by her) again! LOL
  • When Nakku brings up Supriya and her karanji, Dutta totally had that "Off course..." look on his face. Like he was almost surprised he hadn't guessed this first! And then he walks off - because this is NOT what he wants to walk about (didn't want to discuss it downstairs, doesn't want to now!). And guess what I did?! Yep, a victory dance! Dancing
  • Nakku's so persistent and so authoritative around Dutta. Usually if the employers walks out on someone, they are baffled for a bit and even worried. But not our Nakku - she charges right ahead into his room without so much as a knock! Go meri Sherni! LOL
  • Bwaaahahahhaha! I loved how she caught Dutta off guard with her "Karanji achi nahi lagi?" comment! How was he going to explain to her that he liked the karanji (because it was his favorite dish) but just not the intentions behind making it? I loved to see his confusion! ROFL
  • Did anyone else notice the "fast" turn of Dutta's head as Nakku urged him to "speak up" if he liked the karanji?! Like he was NOT expecting her to keep pushing the matter - especially when it was apparent that he was not interested! Comes to show that our Dutta Bhao hasn't met the likes of Nakku before! LOL
  • "Ab karanji khane k liye hoti hai ya tareef karne k liye!" - Nakku was cornering Dutta with her questions and he did NOT like it! And needless to say, I LOVED IT! ROFL
  • Dutta was busy but he was still entertaining Nakku's "reprimand" - even as he worked/looked through his phone, he was giving thought to her words. She wasn't totally ignored - she could never be totally ignored! *sigh* Day Dreaming
  • I LOVED Baji's expressions as Nakku explains how much times and effort it takes to make the karanji! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ROFL
  • When Nakku started listing the ingredients, Dutta started getting annoyed. He wasn't angry - just annoyed - like he would be with a friend who wasn't letting an "issue" go! LOL Hence came his "Ab hum log yahan par kaam kar rahey hain aur tu humain karanji banana sikha rahi hai!".
  • But as soon as Baji tried to "laugh" Nakku off, Dutta got totally offended! "Tujhey seekhna hai karanji banana!?". *sigh* Such possessiveness... Day Dreaming
  • LOL! I loved Dutta's expressions when Baji just (out of habit) agreed with him at his "learning to make karanji" idea. LOL Bhao had tried to threaten Baji and Baji had totally ruined the effect! ROFL
  • For Dutta, Supriya making karanji for him is no different than anyone else who cooks for him. And I love that for two reasons - first that Supriya, being his fiancee, is not better than any other servant/maid in the house i.e. just because she's going to be (NOT!) the malkin of the house doesn't mean she's any better than anyone else. And second, because Supriya is NO better than anyone else in the house to him i.e. he is just as impartial towards her as anyone else. He feels no emotions for her - she's at the same "level" as everyone else, nothing special about her. And I loved both those reasons! Big smile
  • " Ab kya karon? Apney galey mein karanji bandh k poorey ghar mein ghoomon?!" - Bwaaahahahahhaha! I totally choked on/spit my water when I heard that! I really should stop drinking stuff as I watch this show! ROFL
  • Nakku's persistence is irritating Dutta - he wants for the topic to be CLOSED. He liked it - that's it! What else does she want? He liked the DISH not the cook, and he cannot change that! But, he cannot SAY that either! *sigh*
  • "Par apko na, pyaar jatana nahi ata sahib.." - *sigh* Nakku delivered such a powerful blow with such a small sentence. She told him that she RECOGNIZED his phobia for  displaying love (and his fear of being ridiculed for it when he did). And she called him out on it - even if he loves, he doesn't know how to express it!
  • Dutta looked so stunned by that sentence - like he hadn't expected her to say that AFTER all she knows. He almost looked like he was asking her "HOW do you expect me to SHOW love?!" - like after all that had happened, asking him to ogle over karanjis was the most ridiculous notion ever!
  • Once Nakku tells him he doesn't know how to express love, she realizes that she's hit a nerve with Dutta and that there is no need or room for her to say anything else. So instead, she gives him an almost apologetic-yet-disappointed look and turns around to walk away. Nakku really got involved in this "making-karanji" deal - and to realize that Dutta wouldn't just fall all over "her" (even though it was Supriya) just left her a little "sad". Or so I think... Ermm
  • "Ye larki yedi hai kya?" - Dutta is totally baffled by Nakku's ability to challenge him (to come out of his comfort zone) time and again - first by her asking him to stop drinking (and literally trying to stop him) and now with her asking him to "express" what he feels. Dutta really isn't used to people not being "scared" by him, is he!? LOL (As proved by how this is usually the first thing he asks people - both Nakku and Supriya have been asked this.)
  • Did anyone notice Dutta' "nod" at Baji's prediction of Nakku driving him crazy? Like he was thinking the exact same thing! LOL
  • Dutta totally walks out consumed by Nakku's words, while Baji tries to recite a "shari". Who else besides me wanted to hear that shair?!?! I totally did! LOL
  • Kaala!!! Oh how I've missed her smart-elegant-evilness while I was being swamped with mavali's stupid-pathetic-plans. And she has a new hairdo? Me likes! Big smile
  • Did anyone else think that Kaala "yelling about" Kishore had a very husband-wife feel to it? Like a wife was upset with something her husband did, and was just expressing her frustration?
  • "Ab crayons mein kya cute hai?!" - Thank you Leela, that is EXACTLY what I want to ask! I am seriously developing and allergic reaction to this "Cute na!". *shudders*Dead
  • So the karanji plan as come to Kaala's attention - she almost looked like she was thinking "Acha? Ab ye naya drama ho raha hai?" at the end. I hope she totally lets this stupid plan (and any other future stupid plan by the mavali) fall flat on it's face! *prays fervently*
Got way too long again, didn't it? Hey! But I warned you! LOL

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Hey Fivr, No probs......These things happen,....I was absent from this forum for 3.5 yrs bcoz I got busy with my professional life.....and you are still keeping your commitment.....will eagerly wait for your TIN...Take rest and come with fresh write up and perspective...

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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take care of ur eyes and update when ur comfortable

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ramathi IF-Rockerz

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wonderful analysis.I love naku so eagerly & with so much interest & effort she teaches supriya to do karanji even though she knows supriya is making it for datta(whom she loves so much).

This girl has a golden heart.Heart  Datta plz see it.

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Take ur time Fivr ....magar itna zyada bhi nahi ...!LOLLOL

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yoyo2 Goldie

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JIJI, kaise ho, phir se tired,, ghar waloo ne pareshan kiya hai ya BHAO ke khayalo ne demmagh ko pause mode mai kardiya hai,,ROFL lolzzz,, take ur time ,, we will wait

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-Fivr- Moderator

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Originally posted by Dancingdoll

Hey Fivr, No probs......These things happen,....I was absent from this forum for 3.5 yrs bcoz I got busy with my professional life.....and you are still keeping your commitment.....will eagerly wait for your TIN...Take rest and come with fresh write up and perspective...

Thanks for being so patient yaar! I totally did fall asleep... LOL But I hope this is a "fresh" perspective. Embarrassed
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@stranger in us and aarathikb: Thanks for being so understanding guys! Big smile

@Shabz: Arey app time limit de dain! I'll make sure I stay in compliance! LOL

Ghar walon ka pata nahi, but Dutta might have a hand in this! Day Dreaming

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