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FF "CHANGE" update Part 26 page 38 (Page 4)

Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 10 April 2010 at 2:01am | IP Logged

Hey.. naley.. m so happy u updated..!! N my my ..quite an intense epi..!!

Btw.. Bharti ..wants to kill Armaan.. who happens to b her Husband?? ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked .. wow.. now this is one hell of a pulsating twist .. !! Am pretty eager to knw exactly what went wrong between ArBi.... Ermm
One thing i understood was tht ArBi had a son.. Abhinav.. and then he died or smthg?? N it was Armus fault??  Am intrigued!! Geek
Loved it... quite different.. !! Pls. update.. whenever u hv timeHug

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Posted: 10 April 2010 at 5:38am | IP Logged
great update dear Clap this is an interesting twist .... why Bharti wants to kill her own husband?ShockedShocked the accident scene and Bharti's thoughts were described beautifully ... please continue soon ... eagerly waiting to know what happens next ..

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*Sohana*Singh* Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2010 at 7:01am | IP Logged
wow, what a part, really interesting to read, there is so much of mystery though........can't wait for all of the history and hidden reasons to be revealed, really really great part. Can't wait for the next part to know what is going to happen to Bharti and to Bharti wants to kill her husband...?! I wonder why, he seems to love and care for her. Continue soon!!!! Smile

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ghazal_naz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2010 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Ermmwhat is going on????
armaan is bharti's husband because the doctor said 'ur wife' but why she want to kill armaanErmm and Arbi's son....but what happand to him.... and what atchly happend with Arbi...Ermmoh manPinch..... plzzzzz tell the mistry LOL...
i love this part
hope bharti will be fineDisapprove and arbi will be together soonTongue

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SomerholicGirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 April 2010 at 12:28am | IP Logged
hey naley!!!!!!!!!!!awesome part..........waiting to read more girl!!!!!!!!!!

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Blueberry_07 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2010 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Oh Wow Naley..I gotta give it up to ya girl..Clap Clap Clap..You created such an intense, nail biting episode... I was so lost in reading this part..trying enact out the scenes in my mind...and well i was able to picture it man..!! Way too cool...and so very intense..the was Bharti was lost in Armaan's thoughts..and how she saw the flash of light from the truck behind her..and then that terrible accident..Woah the picture just helped alot..i could so see it happening...
Love it SO much..!! Surely is such an interesting FF..I love revenge kinda story..I want more!!..So update soon yea...But erm at your own pace..(i know i said soon..LOL but off course update whenever you're able too...)....
So now Bharti wants to kill Armaan, her husband...and she lost someone precious..?? Which am guessing is her son called Abhinav...Was kinda surprised to see Armaan coming in at the last part..i thought he no longer was in contact with Bharti..
Loving your FF..Big smile...and well as for Adam's okay girl..take your time to bring him in...EmbarrassedLOL..As for now am already loving it with or without Adam in it...and if he comes in...Woah....Silly......LOL.....

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kaninikabasuray IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2010 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Loved it NaleyClap

It was really very intense.
There is something very serious between ArBi, may be related to AbhinavDisapprove

You described the accident very wellSmile
can't wait to read moreSmile

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naley4ever Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2010 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Part 3

Armaan looks at the Doctor in shock  disbelieve


Dr.Mehra : Armaan I know Bharti's family for  a long time now

Bharti is very strong young lady she will come through this keeps his hand on Armaan's shoulder

Armaan:  Dr.Mehra can I see her

Dr.Mehra:  you can but only for little while!! Dr.Mehra lead Armaan to the ICU everything will be ok Armaan, be strong

      Armaan takes a deep breath as he pushed through the heavy glass door  to see Bharti being fix to various machines to make her breathe easily Armaan almost broke down to see  Bharti in that condition !!  The room was very quiet he could only hear the sounds from the machines Bharti breathing softly as if noting had happened to her! Armaan walking towards the bed looking at her sit beside her bed he said nothing for a moment just looking at her it took some time to break the silence

   Armaan:  Hey is been a long time since we done this you & I having a conversion no one to disturb us!   wow long time ha!! Kept silent for a while Bharti I know things have not been good with us & I know I'm the last person you want to see when you open your eyes!!  O god  but I miss you jaan so much touches her head moving her hair coming out of the bandage back her ear sometimes may be deep inside of you must be missing me to smiles slightly...I know you will never forgive me  !!

             Bharti do you know the last few days I see this dream like all my dreams I see you smiles.... I know I know get to the point ...looking at her face.. you telling me how much you love me & our love is strong to fight all odds, you are always always mine always!!  & Every single time I wake up from that dream I see an empty bed & you not by my side touching her cheek slightly I now is stupid is just dream right !!! You know me believing in dreams & all that!! I wish it was real Bharti gazing pensively at her !! touching her hand softly can you remember you always telling that you're not going anywhere well I need to hold you to that right now okay I just need you to come back! Bharti Listen just move your fingers if you can hear me okay just move one of those beautiful fingers & let me know that your still here with me

           Amaan keeps on looking at Bharti's fingers Bharti please don't be stubborn now you have to move your fingers looking on but her fingers stay still as it have never moved before!!   Armaan takes her hand again holding it tie to him placing it on his cheek  jaan  I'm right here please move your fingers before I leave kisses her hand gently suddenly it was all to much for him to see Bharti not responding the girl who never stop talking chatterbox he called her !! tears of exhaustion began to sting behind his eyes & before he could stop them they had spilled over & were now coursing silently down his face to Bharti's hand he inter lock his fingers with Bharti's kissers her hand one last time wiping his tears from her hand  gently keeping her hand  Armaan gets up and whispers near her ear please Bharti you have to come back !!

                   looking at Bharti as he pushers the door  Armaan's hearts keep on telling him look again her fingers are moving he turns for the last time  to look at Bharti hoping her fingers are moving but the stillness of her fingers giving him no hope...............

                                                 Armaan comes out from the ICU wiping his tears feeling noting at all just his heart  pounding so hard it hurts so badly ! walks way along the hospital corridor leading him to the out side balcony putting his hands inside his pockets looking at the dark sky ....clouds trying is best to cover the beautiful full moon lighting the dark sky !

              closing his eyes & takes a deep long breath to release his pain a cold soft breeze brushing a against his face as he opened his eyes looks up in to the sky witch was very peaceful !

      God  there has to be miracle for Bharti please don't take her away from me again please!!!! I need her.. Looking at the sky lost in memories what they had shard together

 Armaan!!! A voice shakes Armaan suddenly turns to face Dr Mehra

Dr.Mehra: Armaan I know you can't see Bharti in this state but son you have to take a rest you been here for a long time now!go home clear your mind

Armaan : No I cant sir I wish to stay with my wife

Dr.Mehra : as you wish...leaving Armaan


      Next Morning Armaan was still a  sleep on a chair cuddling his jacket the next thing he knew was he been shaken & loud voice was ringing in his ear

Nurse:  Sir wake up!!! Wake up!!!

Armaan : blearily he open his eyes  waking up suddenly!!  what where Bharti !!!!

Nurse: smiles at Armaan as if she woken small child... sir good news your wife has regain conscious she is out of danger smiling at Armaan

Armaan :  what Bharti is ok !!! A Smile almost covering his face but the smile disappear bring himself back to reality!!   he stands up to leave

Nurse : sir your wife room is this way  don't you want to see her

Armaan : smiles at the nurse I don't think she want to see me is better........

Nurse : but sir the only person she asking for is you  

Armaan : What!!! in shock looking at the nurse

Nurse : yes sir she is being saying your name ever since she regain conscious

Armaan : O My God turning to all direction  massing his hair  are you sure !!

Nurse : yes sir I'm sure I was there few seconds go

Armaan : he hug the Nurse in joy & turns her round hugging her again

Nurse :  cleared her throat  Armaan still hugging the nurse

Armaan : O gosh I 'm sooo sorry I counted stop my self with a very cute smile O My God O My God I cant believe this is happening  !!! WOW she is calling me my wife is calling me wow!!

Nurse: I understand smiling at Armaan  sir your wife is been moved from intensive care to general ward so I think you can take that as good news!! Armaan almost burst into tears with relief somehow, he held on I almost for got  Dr.Mehra wants  to see you is regarding  your wife condition

Armaan: but she is out of danger now right?

Nurse: is better if you meet Dr.Mehra first!

         Armaan hurries to Dr.Mehra's office with out wasting any time he opens the door to see Dr.Mehra having a conversion with guy well dress he look as he is very angry about something

Armaan : I'm sorry sir I thought that there was no one inside

Dr.Mehra: Armaan good that you are here I was just trying to make Mr.bha .........

The guy turns to face Armaan

Armaan : Bhaskar

Bhaskar: what the hell are you doing here?

Armaan :  Dr.Mehra called me you were out of town the car accident Bharti  !! Why am I explaining this to you! in a loud tone She is still my wife & I care about her more than you ever know!!!

Bhaskar: yeah right have you not hurt her enough

Armaan: I will never hurt her I love her ....

Bhaskar: enough man with your love story if I find out that you have any thing to do with my sister's accident I will not spar you rushing towards Armaan in anger

Dr.Mehra: Stop it Stop it gentlemen please! this is hospital not Battlefield! I know that you both care about Bharti a lot! & the reason I call you here Bhaskar,Armaan is a bout Bharti's condition that you both should know

Armaan : what is it sir she is going to be ok right

Bhaskar : shut up man with your concern

Dr Mehra : Gentlemen Please! Mr.Bhaskar your sister has gone through a major accident she had severe head trauma  because of the huge impact on her head the Impact was so severer that   I'm so sorry to say this but Bharti has regain  memory loss!

Bhaskar : what !!!!

Dr Mehra : Bhaskar come down Please!  in Bharti's cause is unusual her brain is trying to remember who she was before but knowing who she is similar to short-term memory loss but is not the same She only recalls Armaan sometimes it must be before the accident she was thinking or talking to him that part was block inside her brain that's why she can only remember Armaan but sometimes she won't know who he is but maybe will recognize him & then know who he is it's very hard to say  

Armaan : O My God

Bhaskar : looks at Armaan this cant be happening my sister is going through a divorce with this man & you are telling me she only remembers him for god sake Doctor she is trying to move on with her life  !!!

Dr Mehra: Bhaskar please! try to understand this situation is your sisters life we are talking about her! if you try to rush things in to her brain she will loss everything sometimes fall in to a coma back again ! Bharti will remember things but it will take time sometimes years! Is like from smiles, colours, Places, weather, sometimes faces if you give her time looking at Bhaskar if you really love your sister you should let her figure out things by her self, there is no medication for this you have to understand  just need to give her time & care,  understanding she is lost we have to  help her to find her self in her

              Bhaskar looks at the doctor  in disbelieved in anger!!  Yeah sure I understand but I don't won't is man near my sister!! pointing his finger at Armaan in anger !!

                       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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