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Mahak's One-Shots #2: For Deepika [Mayur] : Pg 59 (Page 2)

FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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now before u start reading this, let me tell u that this is pretty boring. i have not written it my way, but have tried to make it as simple as possible. so here i go.

Mayank and Nupur are girlfriend and boyfriend. They love each other a lot. But due to Suhani, a friend who is trying to forget her past, they have not been able to spend some time alone. And Nupur is angry at Mayank and Mayank is thinking so as to pacify Nupur and win his love back.

Nupur's pov-

It had been ages since I am Mayank went anywhere together. We were in love and I often think that why Mayank has to be so unromantic? I want to go with him too! And whenever we go anywhere, that Suhani comes in between us. It's ohk that she is our friend and we have decided to help her fight back with her past, but it doesn't means that Mayank has to be with her every time! I too have some priorities! I am his girlfriend for god damn it!

Mayank's pov-

I guess it's my fault. The distances between me and Nupur are increasing. And it's obviously my fault! I seem to pay a lot of attention to Suhani and not my Nupur. And she has the right to be angry with me. She is my life. And I love a lot. I guess I should make up for these days. Yup! That's right. I am going to ask her for a date and make this date a memorable one for both of us.

Mayank dials her number.

Nupur- hello, who's there?

Mayank couldn't say anything. He remained quiet. Nupur felt his aroma. She could sense him even when she is thousands of miles away.

Nupur- Mayank, jo bolna hai bolo.

Mayank was shocked that she knew him so well. He was shocked to see that she could even sense his heartbeats. Well, why wouldn't she? She lives in your heart dumbo!

Mayank- Nupur, actually how about a date tonight?

Nupur (happy)- sachi? Par kahan aur kyun?

Mayank- actually bahut din ho chuke hain and we haven't spent plenty of time together, so I was thinking if you would like to accompany me on a date. And don't worry about the place. I guess I want it to be a secret. I would pick you up at 8.00pm

Nupur- Mayank, itni late?

Mayank- toh tum kya chahti ho? Main 5.00 baje hi dinner karoon?

Nupur- acha theek hai baba. Tum aa jaana.

Mayank- abhi aa jaoon?

Nupur- nahi!

Mayank- acha aaj tum bahut sundar lag rahi ho. And stop pushing your hair lock behind your ear, it's only my right!

Nupur- tum abhi mujhe dekh rahe ho? Toh phir main andar jaa rahi hoon.

Actually Mayank and Nupur are neighbors and their terrace is combined. So Mayank was able to see her.

Mayank- main bhi jaa raha hoon.

Nupur- bbye

Mayank- sirf bbye?

Nupur- ohk baba, bye and I love you.

Mayank- bye and love you too jaan.

Mayank puts the phone and starts thinking about the date. He decides to make it the most special date in her life. While Nupur is busy selecting a suitable dress for this special occasion.

Mayank's pov-

I went to pick up Nupur from her house exactly at 8.00pm. Even then I had to wait for her! Girls I tell you! I saw her retreating figure from the stairs. Gosh! She looked I don't know. There is no word in the English dictionary to describe what she was looking like. She wore a purple suit with a little bit of embroidery on it. How can anyone look so simple yet exotic? And I could see her smiling at me while I could do nothing than to gaze at her open mouthed.

Nupur's pov-

I went down only to see my prince charming looking at me open mouthed. I knew that he was totally fida over me and I guess same happened with me. I could only see his black shirt [why does he wears that colour? He always diverts my mind by that and I can't control myself] and his jeans which were complimenting his charm and he looked hot. Thank god he is mine! Or else I couldn't have resisted myself from him.

Both were enchanted by each other. Both seemed lost in each other. And I guess that was love. Love is something which cannot be defined [according to me] but can be only experienced. It's a secret language which only two loving hearts can understand. And they went to a place Mayank had selected.

Mayank drove upto that was a long drive and Nupur was constantly asking her questions, which he knew he wouldn't answer. When the destination was about to come, Mayank blindfolded her. He knew that she was anxious.....but he was nervous.

Mayank led her to the place. She kept grudging the entire way, but when she opened her eyes, she stood dumb mouthed. She was speechless.

They were on a beach and there was no one but them. The beach was lit up by candles and white curtains were flying over everywhere. The ocean water looked crystalline blue and was glittering with moonlit. There was a table kept in the centre where everything was kept. There was a candle light dinner with loneliness.

Nupur just dropped her mouth in awe. She couldn't believe that her Mayank could do so much for her. She walked upto the table with a flashlight on her. She was walking on the colorful roses. She just held Mayank's hand and smiled with tears in her eyes. She couldn't digest the fact that Mayank did that for her.

She clutched his hands and he caressed her hand. He knew that she was not expecting all this. And that's why he did all this. He wanted her to know that she is more than anything to him. She went and sat over the table and leaned forward to Mayank.

Nupur- Mayank, yeh sab tumne mere liye kiya hai?

Mayank- nahi.....maine yeh sab Suhani ke liye kiya hai.

Nupur pouted as soon as she heard her name and made a cute face at Mayank. Mayank just wished he could kiss her at that moment. But he knew that she didn't liked when anyone kissed her when she pouted, besides, why to kiss on cheeks when he has the right to kiss her on her lips.

Nupur- toh phir mujhe yahan kyun lekar aaye ho? Tum Suhani ko late na!

Mayank- Nupur, aakhir kaar tumhe Suhani se jalan ho hi gayi.

Nupur- main aur jalan? In your dreams!

Mayank- Nupur, ek baat kahoon? Tum jab bhi jhooth bolne ki koshish karti ho, tum hamesha hi nazrein neechi kar leti ho, so don't try lying in front of me. Nupur, jaan hamare beech mein kabhi bhi koi nahi aa sakta hai. I love you and so do you. Aur jahan pyaar hota hai, wahan jalan bhi hoti hi hai. I know that. Aur rahi baat Suhani ki, toh woh sirf ek dost hai....aur dost aur pyaar mein farak hota hai.

Nupur knew everything yet on hearing all this from Mayank, she was extremely happy. She hugged Mayank and they both were lost in each other's arms.

They got distant and then had a beautiful dinner together. They were looking at each other than on food. Some times silence speaks more than what words can convey. And their eyes had only each other's face.

Nupur- Mayank, vaise yeh sab tumne socha kaise?

Mayank- tumne abhi tak sirf ek padhaako Mayank ko dekha hai, you still have to experience the romantic Mayank. Par dono Mayank mein sirf ek hi similarity hai. dono ke liye unki Nupur se badhkar koi bhi nahi hai.

Nupur blushed a shade of deep red. She looked completely adorable while blushing. This time Mayank was unable to control himself, so he kissed her on her cheeks. And this time, Nupur blushed deeper.

Mayank- ek baat batao Nupur, tum blush kyu kar rahi ho? Abhi toh bahut kuch baaki hai.

Nupur- kya? Aur kya baaki hai?

Mayank- chalo.

He led her to a boat. The boat was completely over loaded with red roses and he knew that she would love it. They both went on a ride on it. They both even made a titanic pose and enjoyed it. If you think Nupur was filmy, then Mayank was romantic. But that side of him was only meant for his Nupur.

They spent many of their moments together. They enjoyed this date as much as they could.

And then Mayank asked her hand for a sweet romantic dance.

Nupur' pov-
I was feeling like a princess with Mayank. Oh God! He loves me so much! I can't believe that my Mayank can be so romantic. I gave him my hand for the dance. And we danced.
He twirled me around and we danced. He back hugged me and we moved to the slow music of the dance. His touch was very soft and I could feel passion and love in it. I always felt safe in his arms. His touch was burning me like a fire and I wished that I could remain in his arms forever. His touch always assured me of safety and security. I always felt divine and lost in his arms. Why has he to be so damn handsome and hot? Thank God that he is mine. Only mine.

Mayank's pov-
I knew that she hadn't expected this dance. This dance was more like a sweet soft dance than anything. I could feel her blushing and God, I really wanted to kiss her right this moment. But I won't do that. Because I know that after a kiss, we always feel uncomfortable for sometime and this time I don't want awkwardness between us. I would kiss her only when she wants it. I never mean to kiss her due to passion, but to convey that whatever be the case, I am always there for her. She can lean onto me for any kind of support. As I danced with her, I could feel that my touch was burning her and her touch was nevertheless the same for me. I could feel myself getting lost into her. I really wish that this night has no end.

After the dance, Nupur hugged Mayank. She felt safe in his arms like always. And Mayank always caressed her back to ensure that everything is fine. They were the perfect pair who could be there when no one can be. They talked with gestures more than they could talk with words. They cherished a date to remember.

Nupur- Mayank, this is a date to remember.

Mayank- tum bhi na, shaadi ke baad toh aur bhi bahut dates hongi.

Nupur- shaadi?

Mayank- kyun? Ham kabhi shaadi nahi karenge kya?

Nupur- Are you ready for that?

Mayank- I hope so.

Nupur blushed when he sat on his knees, took out a ring and offered it to her.

It was a beautiful ring with a solitaire in middle and no decorations. Just a simple one, exactly what Nupur loved. Nupur always loved simplicity and she never loved that false decorations. She always loved the things in their natural manner. For her, simplicity was beauty. And that ring was ecstatic yet simple. It was a solitaire on a platinum ring which made it nevertheless expensive like hell.

Nupur- awww Mayank. Its so beautiful.

Mayank- not more than my princess. So can i?

Nupur- "my" kehte ho and then too permission lete ho? Not fair! Ofcourse stupid!

Mayank slipped the ring in her hand making it more beautiful than ever.

They both hugged after this. Have you ever experienced the pleasure of silence? Well, I knew this as well as I have read this in Divya's ff that Silence was usually the best way for them to communicate, with words they messed up, but their silences never conveyed the wrong message. And according to me, when between two people, silence can speak, those people are meant to be together. And I am ending it here cause I don't want to write that they separated from their everlasting embrace and endulged into gazing at each other on this starry night.

hope u liked this simple oneshot!

i know this is different than what i write, but i tried.

and i am looking forward to ur comments,


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Omigosh! i'm  in the hotseat 4 the 1st time ever in ur OS gallery!Shocked
dekhna....examz ke baad kabhi tumhare FF update par bhi 1st comment karungi!Wink
first of all, congratz on opening ur 2nd gallery!Clap
that was a very sweet & romantic OS....i agree with ur opinion....silence & simple gestures can truly speak a lot more than words....Embarrassed
i won't be able 2 give a long comment[u know y]....actually i commented this time only coz i jus finished my 1st exam & am a bit free till the next....
but do write more....

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Firstly a big congsss on your new gallary!PartyDancing

And secondly...realllyyy cutee OS!!ClapClapClap
Awwww...MayUr are sooo cuteee!!!BlushingHug
Thanks a lott for the PM!

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Congo on new gallery mahi
sweet OS


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Lovley OS was brillaint!!
Keep it up..sweet and simple..yet so beautiful!

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hey congrats for the new thread.
& awesome os mahak.
 hey why are u saying that this is boring.
it wasn't at all boring, i really enjoyed it.
it was so beautifully written.
what a perfect date, truly awesome.

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Mahak, such a blissful oneshot... it was simply beautiful..!~

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