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You're Mine~ AR&MN FF/ Part 1- Pg. 5 (Page 5)

Chocolate... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2010 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arlover_aditi

Originally posted by Nikki_19_luv

Originally posted by arlover_aditi

Angryheyya niks/daboo/kiddo
arre m angry with u now.....dont even ask me why there are many reasons
1. u saying u missing talking to me and now u arent replying to my mail.....chodo reply karne ke liye shayad kuch tha hi nahi bt wat about writing back???Angry Angry Angry

2. wheres my next part haan???Angryi want the next part of sweetheart asap......m waiting eagerly for it........comon jaldi se

3. u say u are waiting for the next part of my ff n the 9th A part is up n i still didnt see ur comment anywhere.......arre even if u didnt like it atleast u cud have commented na Angry
chalo now i guess m way too angry bt this time u deserve this.......lets see hw u manaofy ur dii

loads of love
take care

di mujhe apka irada naik nahi lagraha hai.Embarrassed LOL

hayye!!!!!! badi jaldi pehchaan gayi mere iraadon ko tu Embarrassed  LOL
chalo tc
woh kya haina di. i know u so well. i can tell when u want to MURDER me.OuchROFL

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hey Nikki
just love love love the CS!!!
have no wordzzzz for it !!
sachi mein
amazing work na !!
waiting to read more!
Chocolate... IF-Rockerz

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Sweetheart~ Part 1

( i kno right' like finally phew *wiping sweat off forehead*TongueLOL)


'Where the hell are those two idiots' Riddhima thought. ' I swear one more minute and I'm outta here. It's been 45 minutes since I got off that plane and still they're not here. Just wait and watch now idiots!' she continued to think.




Two familiar voices broke her out of her thoughts. She turned to see two of some of the wonderful people she knew. 'I swear, finally those two are here. Now watch Atul and Rahul what I do.' She said to herself. She brought up her hand with a watch on it pointed at it with her other hand and did her famous thumbs up, thumbs down sign which meant good luck nd turned away from their faces to indicate to them that she was angry. But lucky for her Atul and Rahul came prepared. They went up to her and turned her around so she was face to face with them.


"What?!" she said in frustration to them as she crossed her arms across her chest and gave them an angry glare. The two took their hands from behind them and presented her with flowers and chocolates her favourite. She quickly took it from them and shoots up an eyebrow at them.


"Sorry." They both said in small voices while holding their ears in their hands and hanging their heads down in shame.


"Aww, its ok. I forgive you." She said in a  sugary tone as she hugged them both.


'My Brothers, I'm home.' She thought.


"Angel we missed you so, so much and omg you look beautiful!" Atul and Rahul said while hugging her back.


"I missed you too, come lets go and meet my boyfriend!" Riddhima said with high hopes while parting from the hug.


"Umm, Angel, why don't we go home so you can rest? Plus you can your boyfriend in the evening." Atul said with a sorry face and turned to Rahul for help.


"What the hell! I swear if you don't take me to my bf right now, I'm gonna have a fit and watch just how long I don't talk to you both. And another thing, you both owe me for being late so we r going to my bf, that's it!" Riddhima stated as she walked out fumed with anger. While Atul and Rahul just followed, shrugging their shoulders at each other because they knew messing with Riddhima was useless.


Scene change to Bay View College.

(* note~ guyz you know excel college from mjht, well yay so I want this college to have that mini bb court in the middle of the college.)

" Wow, I'm back' and omg this place is just the same since the last time I was here!" said Riddhima as she walked into the college.


"OK, Angel come, let's go to ur boyfriend." Said Rahul behind her.

"No, I wanna give my boyfriend a surprise. So tell him, there's and emergency in the bb court and don't let him know that I'm here, Got that!" Riddhima said while looking around the college.


"Ok, we'll be right back." Said Atul while going with Rahul.


So Riddhima walked into the bb court and turned a full 360 to get a better glimpse of the college she wud soon be going to. Meanwhile a group of guyz decided to do some bb practice b4 going to game practice with the coach. They went to the bb court and the ball slipped out from the guyz hand. They followed the ball with their eyes and saw a girl in a salwar kameez pick up the ball. They hid quickly to see what the girl wud do and if tried to play they wud make fun of her later.


"Huh" Riddhima said as she looked down to see what hit her foot. She smiled as she saw a basketball. She looked around and saw no one around. 'Hmm, that's funny no one around. Let's play!' She thought as she picked up the ball. She pulled out her dupatta from her neck and tied it around her waist nd took off her heels at one side of the court.


All the guys were stunned to see the girl do a couple dribbling warm ups. She had such nice balance, speed and grace. Then they saw her go for the basket. She jumped way off the ground and dunked the ball into the basket.


"Hey Armaan, you got competition now!" One of the guyz said happily and turned to spot a mesmerized Armaan.


'OMG, she is gorgeous and how she plays basketball. WOW! Who is she?' Armaan thought while his grey eyes sparkled like never b4 as he followed her each and every movement. But was taken out of his chain of thoughts as he heard all his friends praise the girl b4 him.


"Hey guyz, practice, remember?" Armaan said to all his friends as they were eyeing her.


"Hey lady, can we get the ball?!" Armaan shouted as he came out from hiding with his friends behind him.


"Yay yay, whatever'" said Riddhima annoyed bcoz she was stopped between a shot. She again took a shot; it went in, grabbed the ball dribbling it between her legs for a few seconds and flung the ball back aimed to the guyz with out turning around to look at them even once.


The jaws of all the guys dropped as the ball that was flung at them, flew over Armaan and past all of them and landed in the basket. Armaan was just amazed even more than he was.


"Where is the emergency?!" they heard and turned to see their principal walk in, with Atul and Rahul behind him. So they fixed their posture.


"What emer'" Armaan started to say but was cut off.


"Boyfriend" Riddhima whispered with teary eyes which was audible to all the guys who were shocked.


"Boyfriend, I missed you so much." Riddhima said aloud while running to their principal and gave him a tight hug. Meanwhile the whole college had gathered outside bcoz classes were over only to see a girl hugging their princy while calling him Boyfriend.


"Sweetheart! I missed you too. But what r u doing here? I told Atul and Rahul to take u home. And wat's the emergency?!" Vinay said as he parted from the hug.


"Wat?!! U told these idiots to take me home. You?!!" She shouted as she turnrd red in rage.


"Why, wats wrong in that?" Vinay asked totally clueless abt the fact why his daughter is mad.


"As if u don't kno. It's been 2 yrs since I saw u last. I was tired and hungry wen I got off the plane. And as usual these two idiots were late. So if u expect me not to be angry, then wait and watch all three of you!" Riddhima spat out in anger as she pointed to all them in turn and crossed her arms across her chest as she finished.


The whole college started giggling looking at the three men being scared of a girl but stopped as it was their principal.


"Riddhima!" came a scream as all heads turned to where the shout came from.


"Hi Anjie di!" Riddhima said as she embraced Anjali.


"Aww Ridz I missed u so much."


"Di, lets go home"


"We're coming too." said Atul only to get a glare from Ridz as she was still mad.


"Atul, Rahul! She is right you both are stupids, idiots, and morons. If she doesn't talk to me wen we get home you guyz are seriously gonna be dead!" vinay shouted as he ran after his two sons to give them a piece of his mind.


"We're sorry!" they shouted back but only fell on deaf ears. As the three ran out the college started laughing and left from where everybody gathered. After the whole crowd had gone only one man stood rooted in his place.


"Strawberry'" Armaan whispered with sparkling and watery eyes where he stood rooted.


"Strawberry!" Armaan Shouted as he jumped in the air and left from his place.


so wat u think is with this strawberry chakar. mujhe maat puchna bcoz this time my big and chatterboxing mouth won't open. don't be upset its jus tat if i open then who is gonna read the rest and comment so tats why.Tongue
plz plz mujhe ab maat pitna. i updated see look at the big part.
i kno guyz i made u wait so long and well wat can i say m very sorry for tat. jus been so buzy everytime something or the other pops up. i was planning to update some time back wen a fab idea came in my head so i had to change this whole part and as u have seen the name of the ff aswell. took me forever i tell u.
now last but not least i have 3 things to share with u all~

1. guyz Lina as in rkmnsg is gonna be my partner in this ff. so give her a warm welcome guyz.Party

2.if u have a request to get added to my pm list then jus make me ur buddy. it gets confusing for me so jus add me plz. its a request and half order.TongueLOL
3. m telling u guyz if u want the next update i better get comments.Angry warna dehkna how nikki gets her pay backEvil Smile (kya karu m not the most innocent person around here)
enjoy the update ( i worked hard so yawl better enjoy plus i've gotten my butt kicked by people not mentioning names right aditi di to get this job done)
chalo till next time buh bye

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awarapan. IF-Rockerz

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Aw hun ! I LOVED IT ! Embarrassed
This Boyfriend had me confused for a second, I figured he'd be an older man,
but her Dad? LOL !

Anyways, I think you did really well hun!
Great first update, REALLY looking forward to more ...
and much longer please! Big smile
& this Strawberry chakkarr ... I have a feeling I know what it is !
I'm gonna PM you it Embarrassed

Great job hun !Clap

Lots of love,
xo. Fatima

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dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 May 2010 at 6:23pm | IP Logged
heyy dear
awesome part
loved it
gr8 part of rahul atul n vinay
cont soon 
n thx for pm
luv dhruvika

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Chocolate... IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Phatty16

Aw hun ! I LOVED IT ! Embarrassed
This Boyfriend had me confused for a second, I figured he'd be an older man,
but her Dad? LOL !

Anyways, I think you did really well hun!
Great first update, REALLY looking forward to more ...
and much longer please! Big smile
& this Strawberry chakkarr ... I have a feeling I know what it is !
I'm gonna PM you it Embarrassed

Great job hun !Clap

Lots of love,
xo. Fatima
much longer aur kitna lamba chaiye
i thought this wud be long enoughConfused
o and say welcome to Lina yaar.
and hurry up and pm i wanna kno wat u think

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awarapan. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2010 at 7:41pm | IP Logged

A BIIIIIIG and very very very HOT sizzling KSG welcome to you hun !
I bet you're going to be amazing partners with my lovely Nikki !
Good luck to both of you pretty ladies !
InshAllah you both have lots of fun writing it ...
Can't wait to read more from both of you !

CONGRATULATIONS on the new FF ladies !
Hug Hug Hug

xo. Fatima

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sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2010 at 9:27pm | IP Logged

aww i just started reading this and i love it plz write more soon :D

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