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My Untouched Desire (Sajan) pt 18 pg 58 (Page 6)

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Hello friends, i know u all r very angry for the late update, but i had some genuine reasons. First my important iit exam (n just so that u all know, it went ok ok, not that i wanted to to be even good, but all the more, thank u for ur wishes), then when i had jotted down a super long update, my laptop crashed. I had to get new windows, n unfortunately, all the work was lost. After that, i became too lazy in the memory of my loss. But now, here i am with the update, n i apologise heartily for the late update.

A hearty thank u to all those who commented and pressed the like tab. Your being there encourages me a lot with the story.

                   PART 3

Adhiraj and Gunjan sat with Benji in his car n drove off. It was decided that they'll drop Adhiraj first, he cud get his luggage, n then come over to Benji's house. Benji had dropped a warning indeed, when he had dropped Adhiraj at his hostel,

"Adhiraj, i have called maasi, n told her that u r living with us. If i hear anything different after this, trust me, that'll be the last u'll see of ur good face"

"Wow, nice n a heavy warning is all that suits u bro, but dont worry, see that truck kam lorry there, it is here to carry my things upto ur house, so just chill, go home, n wait for me to be there, with a bangggggggggggg!!!", Adhiraj added,

"By the way Adhiraj, care to enlighten me how much, i mean, how many things are we talking about?", Benji asked, with a little hesitance,

"Uh, this shud be simple, see the main things are the furniture, it includes the 2 cupboards, the lcd tv, the study table, my favourite bean bags, n haan bus, furniture itna hee, then i have all my clothes, my books, all the articles to be placed here n there, n then the picture frames, n ....", Adhiraj started the count on his fingers,

"Its ok Adhiraj, i think this much is enuf for my enlightenment, waise, tell me something, why r u carrying so many things, i mean, jaise cupboards, i am sure the hostel room had cupboards there itself...", Benji was saying, but was cut in between,

"Benji, if u havent forgotten, i am blue..", Adhiraj was saying,

"But Adhiraj, why r u feeling blue, i told u tht whatever happened in the college, just forget it, i've forgiven u, seriously...", a tensed Gunjan said,

"Gunjan, chill, i am blue means, i love blue colour to the core, everything abt me shouts blue, blue, n only blue, n Benji knows it too, i love to live with blue around me, n the things in my hostel room had to be blue, so i had to carry all my things, get it?", Adhiraj chuckled,

Gunjan nodded in embarassment, while Benji was enjoying the environment,

"Wow dude, i had thought u wud be over tht blue mania, but i guess not, anyways, u have the address, i'll expect u there by an hour, ok, now i gotta go, have to drop Gunji also, chal bye", Benji said n went towards the car,

"So Adhiraj, i guess i'll meet u tomorrow, bye", Gunjan started to leave,

"Uh Gunjan...", Adhiraj stopped her,

"Yeah!", she turned n stopped, looking at him questioningly,

"Uh, i just, wanted to, ask u, friends?", Adhiraj put his hand forward,

Gunjan smiled n took it,

"Yup, friends", saying so, she went to Benji who had witnessed the whole scene, as a smile played on his lips.


Benji and Gunjan were sitting silently in the moving car, when Benji decided the best way to begin the conversation,

"Gunji, how was the first day at college"

"It was fine jeej"

Silence again surrounded them, n Benji knew it was the wrong way, now he had to reach directly to the matter,

"See Gunji, i want to talk to u, n i'll come straight to the point, i am very concerned when it comes to Adhiraj, before u, i tended to him like an elder brother, and when he left, i was shattered. But then, along with Diya, u entered my life, n once again i got to play the role of the elder brother. This really helped me overcome the loss of Adhiraj, but this did not mean tht i had forgotten Adhiraj. And it is this concern for him, n for u, tht i want to know what happened with u in the college, from the start to the very end. I know Adhiraj wont tell me anything, n i ask u, plz, for me, tell me what had happened between u guys in the college? Please!", Benji said in a very emotional state,

Gunjan was in a fix, she had fallen in Benji jeej's trap, she knew this was Benji's plan to know abt her day in the college, n that Adhiraj was just an excuse. But the way he had asked her, Gunjan knew she cudnt refuse to Benji's plea. So she decided to turn over the facts of the day to him, while hiding the things which he didnt need to know.

"Woh Jeej, it started with my encounter with the girl called Suhaani (she told him all abt what had happened in the class ), n she wanted to be my friend, but my insecurity took over me, n i cudnt agree to her friendship. Just after tht, i met Adhiraj, he was helping me pick my books (she told him abt her conversation with Adhiraj abt asking for her number or address), i had seen a sincerity in his eyes, n i knew he didnt mean anything wrong, but i also cudnt trust him like this only. I was afraid it might hurt him if i refused to give my number, but thankfully, the bell saved me, n after tht, i avoided both of them coz I didnt know if i cud trust them, n i didnt want to be hurt, so....", Gunjan trailed off,

"Phir...????", Benji asked her, bringing her to the present,

"Phir, the unevitable happened in the canteen, they both started fighting, n dropped coke on my laptop, n it stopped working. Jeej, i was so scared, firstly, the laptop, it was gifted to me by Bade Papa, it is very precious to me, n secondly, all my files, my work, it wud've gone, i didnt know what to do, so i called Uday Bhai, but until he didnt come, all i cud do was cry. Later, all my thoughts were diverted to if i'll get my files back or no. But somehow, i managed to finish the classes, n thts when Suhaani again cornered me. And this time, the way she talked to me, it was like piercing a sweet knife in me. It felt as if she was mocking at me, for crying over the laptop, the way she said she wud not charge me for a new laptop, it held an air of arrogance around her. I felt like she was pitying me as if i cudnt afford another laptop. And ultimately, i ended sounding very rude to her"

"Then i met Adhiraj, he was apologising for the laptop incident, n since my heart had already felt his sincerity, i forgave him. But the anger tht Suhaani had risen in me, it didnt allow me to get friendly with Adhiraj. And that was when u entered the picture, n now i am happy that i was right in judging Adhiraj, coz if he is even a small bit like u, then he is indeed a very nice person", Gunjan ended her part, somehow she felt that Samrat Shergill n his ragging is not something Benji n Uday shud know, n since Adhiraj had not witnessed it, her secret wud be safe.

Benji thought over what Gunjan had said, n analysed it. He was happy that somehow, he had convinced Gunjan into telling him about what had she gone through the whole day.

"Gunji, i am glad u think that Adhiraj deserves ur friendship, n i can promise u, he wont let down u down for trusting him (Benji reassured her with his eyes). And i dont know if i shud say this, but Gunji, maybe Suhaani had just wanted to help u (she was abt to interrupt), wait, listent to me first. I understand her approach was not the right one, but i dont think her intention was wrong. So just try to give her chance", Benji said,

Gunjan just nodded, n Benji continued,

"I know Gunji its difficult for u to place ur trust on people, but u wont know abt anyone until u try to give them a chance, so do it just once, give Suhaani a chance", Benji finished,

"Ok Jeej, i'll try, waise, ghar aa gaya, are u not coming in?", Gunjan asked,

"No, not now, i have to go n inform mom n dad abt Adhiraj, n have to prepare for his arrival too, so tell everyone a hi from me, n dont worry, i'll talk to Diya later, now take care of yourself, n bye", Benji said n left.


Gunjan entered the house, n it was like always, Vinita n Tamanna came n sat with her, they talked a little about her day in the college, n then everyone got back to their work. Tamanna had an unpredicted routine, it was not fixed. She cud either spend the day helping Vinita, or go to the office n help the men of the family. It all depended on everyones mood usually, but when Tamanna was involved in a project, she did not mix her personal n professional life. She managed both of them very well, n this was a big asset to Udaymanyu n Shashank. Gunjan entered her room, she took a shower, n when she felt fresh, she sat down to have a look through the work they had done in the class. After lots of time had passed, she recalled that Adhiraj had to send the notes of the first lecture, n tht was the only work she was left to revise. She decided to call Adhiraj n ask him, but then she remembered she didnt have his number. She cud still call Benji jeej's house, but just then there was a knock on her door.

"Hey Gunji, Benji asked me to give u these, he said Adhiraj had given them n asked to thank u, waise he had wanted ur number to thank u, but Benji said tht Adhiraj shud ask for it directly from u, so he did not even ask for the landline number. Very nice guy he seems, n i hear he's become ur friend", Diya came in n said it all in one go as she plopped on the bed,

"Haan di, he seemed very nice, just like Benji Jeej, so i cudnt refuse to  his friendship", Gunjan said,

"Well, i am sure he is, anyways, everyone's calling u down for dinner, come quickly, i'll just freshen up n come", Diya left saying this


Dinner that night too was as always, Diya chattering non stop abt the day at hospital, others also telling abt their day, n Gunjan speaking the least, but enjoying the most, the small banters around her. After the dinner, evryone chatted for some more time, n then all retired to their respective rooms. Gunjan sat on her bed n opened her laptop. She took out the folder containing her daily diary updates. She wrote all abt her day, describing everything today, took her longer than other days. She saw the time, n she knew she cudnt write any other work, so she went to sleep, with millions of thoughts in her mind, n certain new feelings in her heart.


The next day, Gunjan had to leave for the college alone, as Adhiraj hadnt arrived yet, n she was getting late. The driver dropped her, but she asked him to stop before the college gate itself, n asked him to leave.


Adhiraj reached the Bhushan Mansion along with Benji. He met everyone, n soon mingled with them nicely, as if he had been with them always. Even Uday was impressed with this decent guy.

"Uh aanty, where is Gunjan? We had to go to the college together", Adhiraj asked Vinita,

"Haan Adhiraj, she waited for u, actually she likes to be before time everywhere, n kal wo late thi, so she left", Vinita replied,

"Haan, wo aanty, actually Benji n me were catching up everything last night, so we slept late n subah bhi late ho gaye, i hope she wasnt angry", Adhiraj explained,

"Areh dont worry, Gunjan knew it wud be something like this, so she said u cud meet up with her in the college itself", Vinita said, squeezing his shoulder,

"Chalo aanty, then i better leave, or i'll miss the first lecture again, bye", Adhiraj said this n was leaving,

"And Adhiraj, remember, Kiddo will come with u today after college, ok?", Uday shouted,

"Haan, dont worry, i'll remember", Adhiraj left.


Gunjan entered the college, n once again, she found many things similar. The famous five of the college, she had met yesterday, were again resting around that same black sports car, but unlike yesterday, people were moving to n fro, n she guessed she wasnt late. She felt a little nervous seeing them again, but maintining her composure, she kept on walking.


Samrat felt the cool breeze blowing n hit his face, which gave him an unknown pleasure. He immediately looked towards the gate, n indeed, he saw her coming. She was wearing an oceanic bluish green coloured suit today, again n anarkali, but the design differed so much from yesterdsy's dress. Heck Samrat, u r checking the designs of a lady's suit, u've gone nutters. This resulted in him looking up immediately, to see her face, she walked with a calm on her face, but he knew she was nervous, the way she had been clutching her bag tightly.

"Guys, look at our 'english behenji', poor girl, she has to walk to the college everyday, i guess she might have spent her pocket money in getting that laptop fixed, nahi?", Anny said,

Samrat recalled how she had left the canteen crying, was she really crying for not being able to buy another laptop, but he knew Suhaani had offered her another laptop, n she had refused, so he was sure it was something else. But even the thought of seeing tears on her angelic face jolted his heart.

"Anyways, why do we care abt her laptop, all we care is Sammy's bet, haina Sammy, i am sure u might have figured something for her, u had all night after all, havent u?", Samrat was caught off guard with Chako's question, he completely forgot abt the bet. True he had spent the whole night thinking abt her, she just didnt leave his thoughts, but he did not remember the bet. All he cud was think abt her, the way she talked, as little as she did, the way she looked like an angel on earth, he wondered if she was someone from another planet. After all, he had recently seen the promos of the movie 'Jaane Kahan Sa Aayi Hai'. Her reactions towards everything, the way she spoke softly, but her voice had a certain force, n no one cud say no to her. And the pain in her eyes, yes, her eyes, they were his biggest attraction. Those big n beautiful eyes, he cud drown in them forever, n he wudnt complaint. Samrat recalled every single thin about her, but his friends calling him, brought him back to reality.

"Haan Chako, i have thought a very good plan, but wait until the lunch time, i need to be sure everything goes fine", Samrat said, an idea had struck his mind, but it wud need some time,

Just then, Gunjan passed across the car, n suddenly, Sumit called her,

"Gunjan! Hi!",

Gunjan did not stop, but she reduced her pace,

"Hi!", she smiled n said, n continued walking, but as she had looked up to say hi to Sumit, Samrat's heart felt something, he felt angry tht she had smiled at Sumit. How cud she smile at Sumit, of all the people, why Sumit? He didnt know himself why, but he felt angry. His heart immediately shouted her name, n as if she had heard him, she looked up to him, n he was again lost in her eyes. A few seconds had passed, when she suddnely broke the eyelock, n went away with a faster speed. He was glad tht none of his friends had noticed this incident.


Gunjan entered the class, n settled on an empty seat. There was still time for the class, so she closed her eyes to relax for a while. As soon as her eyes closed, instead of darkness, she looked into two black eyes, the intensity of those eyes held her attention, they captured her. She jerked her head, n opened her eyes. Why was she seeing those eyes whenever she closed her eyes, she cudnt let it happen, she had to gain control on this. As she was thinking all this, Suhaani came n settled across her n smiled at her. Gunjan was abt to turn away, when Benji's wors rang in her mind. She thought why not give it a try,

"Hi Suhaani", she said with a smile, Suhaani looked shocked, but she recovered immediately,

"Hey Gunjan, i am so happy that u r talking to me. Look Gunjan, i am sorry abt yesterday, the way i talked to u. I had asked my mom, if i said something wrong, n she said they way i approached to help u was not correct, it might have hurt ur self-respect, did it? (Suhaani continued when Gunjan slightly nodded her head), Oh, so mom was right, well, Gunjan, i am really sorry for yesterday, everything, n i shall help u in getting ur laptop fixed, n no talks abt the money, i promise, plz forgive me", Suhaani said,

"Its ok Suhaani, i get it tht ur intention was not to hurt me, so i forgive u, n abt my laptop, its already fixed, so dont worry abt it. Yesterday, u had offered me ur friendship, i wanted to know if tht offer is still open", Gunjan asked,

"Of course, friends forever", Suhaani jumped in joy, n started talking to Gunjan. Gunjan replied only when required, n Suhaani had gathered it, infact, this made their relation even better, coz Gunjan patiently heard whatever Suhaani had to say. By the end of the fiirst lecture, they had become good friends. Adhiraj joined them in the second lecture, n though they did not seem to like each other, they became friends for Gunjan. The professor in the second lecture, gave them a project to be done together.

"Students, i have been advised by a senior that u can use help in the project from a senior, so i am appointing a senior member to all your groups. I hve listed all the groups, listen to them (the professor announces all the groups), n the last one is, Gunjan, Adhiraj n Sanya, n the senior helping u will be Samrat Shergill, ok", the professor said,

All this rung bells in Suhaani's ears, this was all Samrat's plan, n she knew she had to act, she immediately stood up,

"Sir, can u plz put me into Gunjan's group, u see, we've just become friends, she is new here, n moreover, she is so intelligent, she can help me in my studies, plz sir, plz", Suhaani batted her eyelashes, n the professor cudnt say know to this cute puppy dog face,

"Ok Suhaani, u'll be with Gunjan, and Sanya, u can join Suhaani's group, now disperse all of u".

After that class, Suhaani talked to Gunjan and Adhiraj, she said that they wud do the project in two parts, half of it will be done by Gunjan and Adhiraj, n the other half shall be done by Suhaani and Samrat. Suhaani had no plans to do the project, she just wanted to keep Samrat away from Gunjan, n since she knew even Samrat wud be scored for this project, so he wud surely do his part. Suhaani wudnt have to be embarassed also in front of Gunjan and Adhiraj for her carelessness towards studies. All was perfect, n this happened for the next week. A whole week passed by, but Samrat never got a chance to interact with Gunjan, Suhaani always made sure of this. Samrat always saw her walking along with Suhaani n Adhiraj, but she never looked at him. He thought that Suhaani was way too good in her act of befriending Gunjan. Little did he know that Suhaani had actually started Gunjan as the sister she'd never had. Suhaani along with Adhiraj, had gotten very close to Gunjan. Even Adhiraj n Suhaani had become good friends, they did not stop their small banters, coz it made Gunjan smile, but they were close friends for sure. Samrat did not mind not interacting with Gunjan, one, becos his plan was anyways going perfectly, and second, becoz, he had needed a control over his thoughts abt Gunjan, and staying away from her was a good idea. Though he wanted her to atleast look at him, but he was still happy just looking at her from a distance.


The day at the college had finished, and everyone was moving out of the classes. Adhiraj, Gunjan and Suhaani also moved out. They were walking away, when Gunjan asked them to move on, she had forgotten her notes on her table. She ran back n found her notebook. As she was walking throught the corridoor, she heard some screams of a lady. She immediately texted to Adhiraj n Suhaani, n moved in the direction of the sounds. She reached the room, n saw tht college peon, Kuber Das, beating his wife Shanti with a stick in his hands. He was shouting at her,

"You useless woman, u sit at home all the time, do nothing, i have to work hard all day in the changing weather, n u expect me to give all the money to u, for whom, for those good-for-nothing children of urs, they do nothing, but want everything at their expenses. Now u come here, n say that u'll report me to the police, why, becoz i meet other women. You dare to do something, i'll break these legs of urs, tell me, what will u do, huh, i'll kill u, just wait n watch how i make ur life miserable..."

Gunjan saw this, and images of her past came flying in front of her eyes. She wanted to reach out to help the lady in front of her, her mom, she moved her hand forward to hold the belt with which her dad was hitting her mom, she felt like the helpless child which she earlier used to be, the thought of not being able to help her mother pierced her heart, she wanted to reach out to her mom, but suddenly, she fainted as she screamed,



Gunjan woke up to see Adhiraj n Suhaani standing around her. She was lying in one of the classrooms. She got up with Adhiraj and Suhaani's help. Her head was paining badly.

"Adhiraj, Suhaani, what had happened, how am i here?", she asked,

"Gunjan, u tell us what happened, after u texted us abt some trouble, we both came with a few more students, n searched for u. Finally when we reached here, all we saw was Kuber was beating his wife, n u fell down, n the last word u screamed, was Maa. What happened Gunjan?", Adhiraj asked, tension was visible on his face, Suhaani saw the hesitation on her face,

"Gunjan, tell us, speak ur heart out, we are ur friends, plz tell us", Suhaani said, n Gunjan started to speak with Suhaani's encouragement,

"Adhiraj, u might know all abt it, Benji Jeej might have told u abt my past", Gunjan asked,

'No Gunjan, all i know abt u is that u have a dark past, u dont share ur feelings with everyone, just becoz ur past comes in ur way to open with others, n u will never let anything come in between ur dream, i dont know ur dream, but i know it means a lot to u. Benji said i shud know abt u only through u, u wud tell me all abt it the day u r ready", Adhiraj said,

"I shud've known, Benji Jeej wont tell u anything, but i needed to be sure. So, as u both say, u have a right over my life, n due to this, u ought to know abt the facts of my past. My past was a childhood, which i hope not even my enemy goes through... (with this, she tells them all abt how her father used to beat her mother, how even she used to face his wrath so many times, the torcher n the living hell her father had made for her mother as well as her), not everyone knows abt my past, n Benji Jeej also didnt tell u Adhiraj, becoz he knows i do not want anyone to pity me for this, but now i trust u guys, i know if u are with me, its becoz u r friends, not becoz u pity me. Guys, just so that u know, my trust on u means a lot, n plz, dont break it, otherwise, it will break me, from within...... and today, when i saw the same things which i had gone through, images of my mom flashed in front of me. I wanted to reach out to help her, to help her, to save her from all this, to be with her, but i was helpless again, i was weak, just like that small girl was not strong enough to save her mother, n thats when u found me", Gunjan finished softly. Suhaani had tears in her eyes, while a tear made its way through Adhiraj's eyes too.

"Gunjan, i had found a sister in u, and i was thankful to God for that, although i have a brother, but being with u, was always different. I felt on top of the world. You have accepted me for what i am, u did not try to change me, n u r the first person, who not only heard what i had to say, but u also heard my unspoken words. I dont know what is the relation that binds us called, is it best friends, or is it sisters, but i know one thing, i value ur presence in my life more than anything else. If it ever comes to choosing between u and anything else, let it be my family, my friends or the love of my life, i'll always choose u. Today, knowing abt ur past, it has just made me proud of the person i value so much, n i promise i'll never leave u, but do u promise to be always on my side?", Suhaani asked between her tears,

Gunjan said nothing, instead, she moved forward, n hugged Suhaani, tightly, never to let go.
When they did leave, tears of happiness were flowing on their faces.

"Gunjan, i am not as good as Suhaani with my words, but all i can say is that Suhaani just put in words, what my heart also feels, so, can i also be a part of this promise, plz?", tears came rushing through Adhiraj's eyes, both the girls were shocked for a moment, but they guessed tht those tears showed that what he had said was true indeed, n they included him in his hug. This was their everlasting friendship, which had reached a new height today, n had come through successfully passing one of the difficult levels of life, the level of trusting each other.

"Waise what happened here after i fainted?", Gunjan asked,

"Uh Adhiraj, u go n take out the car from the parking, while i come with Gunjan, telling her all abt it", Suhaani said, Adhiraj left the two girls,

"Gunjan, after u fainted, i ran upto u, while the sight in front of Adhiraj burned him down, he was very angry, seeing that poor woman being beaten so badly, he immediately pulled Kuber away from Shanti, n started beating him. I saw his eyes, they were full of hatred n disgust, the other students had hard time pulling him off Kuber, but as soon as Kuber left, Adhiraj was a changed man. He saw Shanti's condition, n had her sent to the hospital. Shanti wasnt allowing anyone to come near her, but the way Adhiraj managed to compose her, was just amazing. This time, i saw a new Adhiraj. The Adhiraj who was always our friend, the Adhiraj who beat Kuber, the Adhiraj who comforted Shanti, n the Adhiraj who cried just now, i dont get it, which one is the real Adhiraj amongst all these. Why is he so confusing Gunjan, n why is this confusing me in turn? Why?", Suhaani asked,

"Suhaani, i have the answer to ur question, (Suhaani looked at her with questioning eyes) u've fallen in love, with Adhiraj (Suhaani was abt to interrupt) no, dont say anything right now, just think over what i have said, we'll talk later about it, but give it a deep thought", Gunjan said,

"Ok Gunjan, we'll talk abt it later, n i'll think hard abt it, promise, but atleast listen to something...."


Samrat was strolling in his room, waiting for a phone call, just when his cell buzzed,

"Hello... haa Vivek... haan u remember the plan... haan, u just have to make sure of one thing, Gunjan shud not have the project report after the break time... yeah, dont worry... i have planned everything... yeah, the professor knows me way too well. He knows i wud've done my part, n i'd support Suhu's presence in the project too, Adhiraj, i dont care abt his score, and finally, the blame of the missing assignment wud go on Gunjan, who has the final report with her... yeah, as far as i know, the professor wud score us three, leaving Gunjan with a 'fail' in her first project. It will be interesting to see Suhu lose the bet... just make sure u do ur part well, remember, grab the file as soon as i distract her... get it... ok... bye"

Suhaani, Samrat Shergill never loses, n u'll see this very soon, n u too Miss Gunjan Bhushan.


thats all for today

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-Jyotika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2010 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
awesomeeeeeee updt..
luved it to d core..
pllzzzzzzz do cont soon..
n thnxx for d pm

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that was really really awesome
no words to describe, just amazing
continue soon
n thnx for pm

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Want too know what Sammy will doooo....
Cont soon...

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plz add me to the pm list and update sooon I totally adored this!!!
I kind of Hate samrt in this ff, but I really love the friendship between suhani adhiraj and gunjan!!

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tht was awesomeeeeeeeee i love it i hope suhani tell samrat everything soo hee would hurt gunjan

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that was really really awesome update pls contd the next part ASAP

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awesome part
loved it
but samrat plan,didnt like it coz its really gonna hurt gunjan.
hope he dont do anythg like this.
really like suhani,gunjan n adhi friendship.
thx 4 the pm
continue soon.

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snehajose17 150 34971 17 June 2010 at 7:14pm by -CreativeSoul-

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