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My Untouched Desire (Sajan) pt 18 pg 58 (Page 4)

_Arushi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 March 2010 at 2:26am | IP Logged
hi......u write really brilliantly.....
the character sketch and the first part was superb and fantastically awesome......
please do continue soon and add me in your pm list as this story seems to be fabulous!!!!

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Mariam_mjht Senior Member

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Posted: 26 March 2010 at 11:34am | IP Logged
greatttttttttt update.
i really likeed your ff and your concept..
it was too good ..
please comtinue soon..
and add me too the Pm list...

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kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2010 at 1:01pm | IP Logged

Thanks to all the people who commented n pressed the like tab, it really means a lot. Thank u so much, n continue the same.

                    PART 2

Ok people listen, this is gonna be one boring part, i am warning u in advance, but from here, the story shall take a lift, hopefully. Plz bear wid this one.

Gunjan Bhushan, that was her. She moved to the stage, n was now talking to the Principal. Her talk was long, Samrat wondered what all did she have to tell the Principal. His main worry was his group, they'd proudly introduced themselves, all brainless people. Though she didnt know his name, but he was sure he too wud be screwed wid his group, the Princi knew him too well. Once, the Principal glanced towards Samrat, n it looked as if he was thinking of something, but he didnt show his actual feelings. The Princi finally said,

"Students, disperse to ur classes. All the best for the day. Samrat, STOP! Wait here, with ur group"

Samrat n his group knew they were gone, he tried keeping his face calm, but his insides were shuffling bad. Suhaani suddenly came to him, she pressed his shoulder, to say all will be ok, he nodded, n she left. The Princi came to them wid the new girl, n Samrat saw the girl had lowered her head. She kept nodding n answering in monosyllables to whatever the Princi said, but no more than that.

"Samrat, meet Gunjan, Gunjan Bhushan. She's new to the college, second year. And Gunjan, this is Samrat, Samrat Shergill, the best student of the school. And u say u've been introduced to his group, right?"

Gunjan quickly glanced when his name was mentioned, n lowered her eyes again, she nodded when the Princi asked her the question.

"I still dont get it how come no one was welcomed this year too, Samrat? But i guess u're too good at it. Anyways, Gunjan, i am sure these all will help u if u need something, they arent as bad as they show. Come with me, i'll get u familiar wid the college"

"Sir, i can walk wid u, if u wish", Samrat n the others were confused as to why had he made a request, but being the nice man he was, the Princi agreed. Samrat waved to his frnds, n walked away.

"So Gunjan beta, hows everyone at home?", the Princi asked Gunjan, shocking Samrat,

"Everyone's good Uncle, i mean Sir", Gunjan fumbled,

"Ha ha ha, same problem as ur brother, he also mixed it while calling me Uncle and Sir. It was hillarious to watch him fumble too, just like you. You r similar to him in so many ways"

This made Gunjan smile a bit, and Samrat saw this. Her smile was different, his heart  was immediately jumping to see this, but she again turned to normal, n Samrat was left confused.

"Oh Samrat, u dont know na, well Gunjan is the daughter of a very good friend of mine, Shashi. First his son passed out from this college, with flying colours, n now, Gunjan, we expect the same from you, right?"

"Sir, i dont know, coz i can never be like Bhai, never", Gunjan said softly, n her words held a deep meaning, which Samrat noticed.

"Anyways Gunjan, u've seen the whole college, this is ur class, and Samrat n me , we can go on from here, all the best", Princi said n walked away wid Samrat. Samrat had wanted to wish her too, but he thought abt the morning incident n moved on.


Gunjan entered the class, n chose an empty seat for herself. She was sitting on the second last bench, whn a girl came n sat besides her. She sat extremely close to Gunjan, n this made her uncomfortable. She tried moving to the other side, but the girl also shifted. Finally, after trying a lot, Gunjan gave in n waited for the lecture to begin. The lecture went quite well, n Gunjan was surprised to see tht the girl besides her had slept throught the whole lecture. After the professor left the class, Gunjan wondered whether she shud wake up the girl or no, but then she decided to wake her. After a lots of efforts, the girl finally woke up, with a scream tht hit Gunjan's ear drums hard. She seemed to notice Gunjan who had her hands on her ears.

"Oh, i am so so sorry, i didnt mean it to be like this, its just tht i missed the lecture, sleeping (she grinned sheepishly), and now i'll have problem in understanding the notes", the girl said it in one go,

"But u didnt make any notes?", Gunjan tried to figure in,

"Ha ha ha, i never make notes, wo mere friends hai na, they might have made for me. I ask them not to, but they just dont listen", she continued,

"Oh, ok, now i gotta go, bye", Gunjan started going away,

"Areh wait, stop stop, hi, i am Suhaani Shergill",

"Uh, hi, i am Gunjan Bhushan"

"Yeah i know, heard Princi telling, anyways, Gunjan, u totally rock, in the morning, the song n all tht, was just wow. Sammy ki to shakal dekhne wali thi"

"Sammy????", Gunjan was confused,

"Oh, i keep forgetting, Sammy as in Samrat, remember him, the guy..."

"Yeah, i know, Principal sir introduced us"

"You know, u r the first one who's beaten Sammy at his game, its gonna be tough surviving in the college. So, whatsay, friends?"

"Uh, wo i have my class now, i'll be late, bye", saying this, Gunjan rushed away immediately,

"Hmm, tedhi kheer, nice one Gunjan, main bhi dekhti hoon how long are u gonna avoid my friendship?"


Gunjan didnt know if she liked Suhaani or no, but she knew tht she cudnt make friends so easily. It might have looked rude to Suhaani, but Gunjan cudnt afford to place her trust on a wrong person. Suddenly, lost in her thoughts, she bumped into someone her books fell down. She started picking them n tht 'someone' helped her in this. Finally, she looked up to see a pair of eyes staring at her. He muttered a 'sorry', n she brushed it off with an 'its  ok'. He further said,

"Hi, am Adhiraj Kapoor, n u?"

Gunjan thougtht it wud be rude if she didnt reply,

"I am Gunjan Bhushan"

"Oh, second year, right, Principal told me, i am also new to the second year, just like u, actually missed my first lecture due to some problem, so the Principal said i cud borrow the notes from u, will it be ok?"

Gunjan was confused, here she doesnt even know this guy, n ye to like, peechhe pad gaya. But since the principal was involved, she agreed.

"Ok, u can have these, but when can i get them back, i need to study them too"

"How abt u give me ur address or phone number, i can send these to u"

"Uh no, i guess i'll take them back tomorrow"

"Hey, chill, i said i'll send them, promise i wont come to ur place, pakka"

Just then the bell rang, Gunjan was saved from answering. She'd discoverd the guy was decent enuf, n she hadnt wanted to hurt him by refusing to give him her address. They walked together to the class without saying anything, Gunjan entered n settled on a single empty chair on the last bench. She was glad she wont sit with either Suhaani or Adhiraj.


Her lectures had gone quite well, n she had managed to avoid Adhiraj n Suhaani all the time. It was lunch time now, n she sat on one of the tables in the cafe, sipping her coke n writing on her lappy. Suddenly, Suhaani came there,

"Hey Gunjan, why r u here alone, come sit wid my friends, i'll introduce u to them"

"Uh Suhaani..."

"Actually, Gunjan wont go anywhere, she'll sit here with me", Adhiraj came out of nowhere, settled on the chair next to Gunjan, n spoke.

"Nahi, Gunjan will go wid me, i am her friend", Suhaani said.

"Exactly, u r her friend, but Gunjan is my friend, so she'll sit here", Adhiraj quipped,

"Gunjan pehle mere saath thi"

"But now she is wid me"

Like this, they both started fighting, which later changed into scratching n pulling their hair etc. During this, Suhaani jerked Gunjan, n her coke fell on her Lappy. Gunjan was shocked, looking at the black coke on her red lappy. She immediately threw the coke off her laptop, n tried switching it on, but all waste. The laptop didnt work. Gunjan had tears in her eyes, she picked up her things, n ran off, in between crashing into someone, she didnt turn to look back, just said a sorry n ran wiping her tears.


Samrat was shocked, he had just come to the canteen, n he heard all tht drama. He knew it was Suhaani's voice, n he proceeded in tht direction, when he bumped into someone. He cud hear the person sniffing, n she just muttered a sorry n went off. Samrat cud bet it was Gunjan, but why was she crying. He wanted to ask her, but then he saw Suhaani. He immediately went there,


Suhaani n Adhiraj were scared by the sudden interference, n they immediately separated from each other.

"YOU (Samrat pointed to Adhiraj), stay away from her, get it"

"Dude, u talk as if i'm dying to be wid her. Take her, she's all yours", Adhiraj said n left.

Suhaani knew Samrat was angry abt something, but he cudnt be angry coz she was fighting, this was her daily routine. So she decided to ask him,

"Sammy, kya hua, why r u so angry?"

"Suhu, just now tht new girl went away from here, why was she crying?"

"What, Gunjan was crying, oh no, i hav no idea why?"

"Ah Sammy (the cafe boy Cheenu spoke up), i guess i know, i saw her laptop was not working due to the coke tht fell on it, so maybe u know..."

"Thanks Cheenu, i get it, i'll have to do something abt it", Samrat said,

"But Sammy, why r u so worried abt her, hmm hmm?", Suhaani asked naughtily,

"Chill Suhu, i need to know abt her, she has challenged Samrat, thee Samrat Shergill, n she'll bear the consequences. But what were u doing here?"

"Oh, well, i too was getting along wid her, coz she challenged 'thee Samrat Shergill', she's got guts, n i love to have friends like her"

"Yeah right, as if i care, hey, idea! Lets have a bet, as to who gets to her first, u as her friend or me as her living nightmare, whatsay?"

"Hmm, sounds interesting, i'm in. Now u will make her life hell, n i'll make sure hell doesnt even touchs her. You'll lose it this time Sammy, Gunjan Bhushan wont fall in ur trap"

"Lets see, Suhu, but yeah, she shudnt know abt it, ok"

"Of course, deal"


As soon as Gunjan had rushed in the garden, she stayed there for a few minutes, trying to make her lappy work. Finally, after some time, she received a text on her cell, n she rushed towards the gate.


The day hadnt been too good for Uday Bhushan. The back to back meetings he had made him tired. Still, there were two important meetings again, without a break. He checked his cell, n saw a msg. He was suddenly very restless, n immediately rushed off. On his way to his car, he asked his secretary to cancel all his meetings. She was confused beyond limits, so she asked him for the reason, n wht wud she tell Shashi sir abt the meetings, Uday only replied,

"Tell him its the first day"

The secretary did so, n was shocked when Shashi only smiled n said,

"Hmm, its ok, i'll handle the meetings"


Gunjan  felt a surge of relief as she saw Uday descend from the car. He was here so early, n she cud imagine the speed at  which he might have driven the car. She immediately went n hugged him. Uday was shocked to see Gunjan crying. He asked her the reason, n she told him all in between her sobs.

"Bhai, all my  work, everything will be lost"

"Kiddo, plz plz plz dont cry, i'll just make it all right, pakka. Hello, Suzi, yeah, i need to get a laptop fixed, n call for only the best people, u get, only the best"

"Kiddo, by the time u're back home, everything will be fine, i promise u, now go n attend ur classes"

"Thank you Bhai"


Gunjan attended the rest of the lectures with a half heart, her mind was actually wid the laptop. As she finished off wid the last lecture, Suhaani came n blocked her way.

"Gunjan, why r u so sad? If its abt the laptop, dont be so upset, i'll help u, i'll get u a new one, n i promise i wont charge u for it, now plz smile"

"Suhaani, plz, i dont want ur help, neither ur money or ur laptop, u've done enuf for the day, now stay away from me", saying this, Gunjan left from there. Adhiraj, who had heard all this, followed her.

"Hey Gunjan, i am very sorry for all that happened, plz, i didnt realise so much wud happen, plz forgive me for my earlier behaviour"

Gunjan sensed the sincerity in his eyes,

"Ok, u're forgiven, bye, i gotta go"

"Thank u, but since u've forgiven me, let me walk u to the exit. Waise, how r u going, need some lift"

"Um no, thanks i'll manage"

"But i can drop u, see plz if u've forgiven me, then u'll accept my lift, i'll drop u wherever u say..."

"No thanks, she's going with me", a new voice interrupted them, Gunjan turned around and was shocked to see Benji.

"Aap yahaan, kaise?", Gunjan asked,

"Wo, uh, wo Diya ne kaha tha ki tumhe pick kar loon, so i came u see, u ready to go", Benji said,

"Di, how's it possible, she is in for a surgery since the last few hours, she cudnt have talked to u", Gunjan questioned,

"Tune lawyer ya detective ban na hai kya?"

"Huh, i didnt hear u?"

"Maine kaha ki ok, i admit, Diya did not say anything, i came to pick u coz i wanted to, n then even Uday agreed, n he sent u this (Benji showed her the laptop), its perfectly fine now", Benji said,

"I'll have to thank Bhai asap", Gunjan said,

"You know wht, u seem familiar, do i know u", Adhiraj suddenly asked,

"Dont u dare use these cheesy lines on Gunjan, get it", Benji spoke angrily,

"I wasnt talking abt her, i was talking to u", a confused Adhiraj said to Benji,

"Hello, mind u, i am perfectly straight, n have a fiance too, whose a girl, get it", Benji said, trying to cover his shirt,

"Ha ha ah, Benji, caught u, it certainly is u, ha ha ha", Adhiraj laughed like maniacs,

Benji scrutinized the guy, while Gunjan stood confused, when Benji shouted,

"ADHIRAJ KE BACHE, its been so long, how r u, i missed u dude"

"I too missed u so much (they both hugged), well mom did tell me to meet u, but i didnt know it wud be so soon, i am so happy"

"Uh, somebody cares to share?", Gunjan asked,

"Gunjan, this is Adhiraj, Adhiraj Kapoor, my cousin, in fact my favourite cousin, my best brother n best friend too. He'd shifted to London when we were young, before i'd met u guys, n now am meeting him. When did u come back?", Benji said,

"Me, i came just yesterday, i've joined this college, in same classes as Gunjan. But dude, if Gunjan is ur fiance, n she isnt a doctor, but mom told me u were engaged to a doctor...", Adhiraj said,

"Helloooo, stop, who gave u the idea tht Gunjan is my fiance, she's my sister, bro"

"Your sister? You were like so protective tht i thought, n where did u get a sister from?", Adhiraj asked,

"No no, actually, Gunjan is Diya's sister, my fiance, Dr Diya Bhushan, u see, n Gunjan has always been my sister", Benji replied,

"Oh k, i get it, so Gunjan, small world, nahi, we just met, fought, apologised, n now, we r family", Adhiraj chuckled,

"Yeah, its one small world, welcome to the family", Gunjan smiled, n Benji was happy to see this, tht Adhiraj was the reason of this smile, he had heard the word 'fought', but he wud ask Adhiraj abt it later.

"So Adhiraj, where r u staying", Benji asked,

"I am staying at the hostel of the college"

"I'd thought so, now come wid us, pick up ur luggage from the hostel, n u r staying wid me. Early morning, i like everyday give attendance at the Bhushan house, i'll drop u there, n u can come wid Gunjan to the college, what say?"

Before Adhiraj cud reply,

"Haan jeej, i guess its a good idea. Adhiraj shud stay wid u", Gunjan said,

"And what abt us coming together?" Adhiraj asked Gunjan, n he was serious,

"Yeah, i dont mind coming wid u, i'll have company too", Gunjan replied,

Benji was happy wid Gunjan opening up a little, so he added,

"Yeah, now lets go"


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Anjali_12 IF-Dazzler

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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wowow tht was amazingggggggg

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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beautiful part cont. soon

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No_Comments IF-Sizzlerz

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Wonderful yaar...
Loved it...
Cont soon...

love Sana..... Embarrassed

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sweetsonal156 Goldie

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awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ud dear
loveeeeed it
cont sooooooooooon
n thnx $ the pm

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