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15/3 - Sid-Riddz: Mat jaao, Riddhima!

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 12:33pm | IP Logged

The scene opened with Riddhima and Siddhanth in each-others' arms - a close embrace where Riddhima still clung to Sid like a little child for dear life and Sid engulfed her in his arms , letting her rest there until her tears and the strange ache in her heart stopped. No, he doesn't understand the strange ache that she feels but he knows it is there and wants it to stop.

And as you look at this man and wife hugging each-other , trapped in a moment that they both are unaware of - you realize that maybe , maybe , love and life are not always roses, evening gowns, sparkling glasses of bubbly or shooting stars in the sky - sometimes, love and life sink into your bones and find way to your soul in the most painful way and you just fall into that cotton field of happiness with tears just rolling down your cheeks.....as we age , as we see life in all her phases and faces, as we deal with fate and people, we all reach the same realization - Life indeed is a wounded fairytale.....Today, as Sid-Riddz who have have had a roller coaster ride through the good , the bad and the ugly together hugged each-other, it did not indicate love or chick flick romance.... no , not all. It indicated healing and reassurance that hey! I am right here with you and I will always be.....just don't close that heart and those arms on me.....

And then, Riddhima opened her tearful doe-eyes, her tear-stricken face still resting on Sid's shoulder. And realizing that she is not on the destination yet where she can sing Celine Dion's 'I am alive'  to Sid , whose own feelings she has no idea about , she draws away from from him slowly. The trance breaks for Sid as well as he looks at the downcast eyes of his beautiful wife who has come to love him , KM barges in ruining the moment for Sid-Riddz.

Since the not-so-biological Mom of the S-S rockers has witnessed the beautiful hug ( great hug but what a wrong audience man! YuNa should have been here instead.).... she doles out all the training that Savita Chachi, Pallavi Aggarwal, Komolika etc have given her in 7 years on poor baby , Riddhima.  I won't even mention the B-grade jhaad that she gave her Bahu-rani but what I loved was Riddhima looking at Sid with her big pretty eyes and not finding her KM-in-law beautiful enough to even look at .... her ears were on KM but her eyes - full of hurt , humiliation and a zillion questions were only for Siddhanth who was on the verge of playing KSKBT videos for his mom so that she stops paying this extra attention on his wifey..... Hurt and humiliated Riddhima walked out and that did it for Sid.He screamed at his Mom right-left-centre even though he couldn't tell her the truth owing to his promise to YuNa...But I loved the authority in his voice and his devotion towards Riddhima that showed heads up when KM crossed her limits.... Riddhima is Sid's precious own and he sent the message across to his Mom without even saying that she is his wife.

Ye mera ghar hai, Mom aur yahaan par sirf wahi hoga jo main chaahta hoon. Yahaan faisle main leta hoon. Riddhima kahiin nahiin jaayegi - woh yaheen rahegi... is ghar mein.

KM is shocked and you do a waltz with the nearest partner available since KM has been shut up by her son . Sigh! The MODI genes.

A heartbroken but clearly stung Riddhima is slowly packing her stuff into her bag , preparing to leave Sid's house. Who needs me here anyway? The silken thread of hope that am holding on to is perhaps just  thread. I should be out of Sid's life. I must leave....

And as she plays around with her clothes and her emotions, Sid walks in softly into the room. Slowly, softly , the aggression and tension having left his face , a strange pensive expression on his pensive face as he sees his wife going about packing her stuff .... No. Sid is not restless, angry , frustrated or unsettled as he has been these past few days. He is just quietly observing her , as if knowing what is to come and what he is going to do.

Riddhima turns and looks at Sid and then, they both look at each-other. Riddhima - unsettled , Sid- settled. Sid looks at her clothes and luggage and then , fixes his eyes on her face - soft , gentle eyes and in the most pensive , heart-melting and affectionate voice , he asks her where is she going ? Leaving home? Why?

Riddhima , tears still swimming in her eyes tells him that isn't it what she should be doing? Your Mom is right, Sid. What have I given you except agony all your life ever since i crossed paths with you? And I just hate ... i just hate the thought of somebody coming and telling me the same thing again and again! .......

Sid still looks at her with the laid-back warmth and asks her where will she go?

Riddz , still on her emotional cliffhanger says that why is he trying to stop her?There is no truth , no happiness in this relationship that i have given you! I must go.

But Sid is somewhere else - trying to settle his wife's state first so that he can speak to her and she can understand what he is trying to convey to her. It is clear here that Sid has understood the storm that Riddhima's heart is facing and that storm in turn has helped him lift the lid off his own heart as well.

Sid holds Riddhima's hand and tells her in the most subtle but most moving tone - Mat jaao, Riddhima. Embarrassed

And you look at those tears shining again in that lovely pair of doe-eyes.....but Riddhima is a woman with her emotions on a marathon that she does not understand and a complicated emotional situation always turns you into a stubborn wild horse.... No! No! I am going. Sid lovingly holds her by her arms as she says that what are they trying to hold on to? There is nothing between them!.... and Sid looks at her bratty face with a small affectionate smile and tells her.... We have a lot between us, Riddhima. If there wasn't anything , you would have never come to the hotel.... you would have never hugged me the way you did..... i don't know what it is, Riddhima but whatever it is , it keeps us bound together....

Riddhima is struck and her defences are once again falling and she steps back. And as she picks up her bag to go out of the house and avoid his questions, Sid again holds her hand and tells her the most heart-wrenching confession of feelings that are at par or maybe more than all the 'I love yous" of the world put together ............Riddhima is struck but she doesn't turn back to look at him lest he sees how her determined face is fighting tremors of emotions and tears refusing to stop.... And Sid makes no effort to turn her around or look at her face....but he says what he feels....WinkEmbarrassed
Riddhima , before you walk out my house and my life , I just have to tell you this .... please hear me out. I don't know if I will ever be able to say this to you ever again.... or be in this state of mind and heart to risk myself all over again to you. I....I have begun to like you, Riddhima. I really have and it is such a poignant and riveting feeling that it makes me happy and sad at the same time... I have never felt anything like this ever before... or for anyone before.... I don't know what you are thinking but if you have ever felt the same in this whole time that we have been together....as I feel for you , then... you will not even step out of the boundary of this house , forget leaving my life and house....Embarrassed
And with that , Sid , in complete control of his emotions lets go of Riddhima's hand.... setting her free to make her choice , live her life. His eyes are moist and his face pensive but he leaves the doors open for Riddhima.........What he doesn't see is the shock and spark of tears and emotions on Riddhima's face the moment he had told her that he likes her the way he has never liked anyone before and he feels for her the way he has never felt for anyone before.Hug

Carrying Sid's words in her ears , her tears and her heart .... shutting out all the KSKBT dialogue sheets of her KM-in-law , Riddhima walks towards the main door which is open... open as though giving Riddhima a choice of freedom and decision.... Go ahead, Riddhima! It is your life. Live it as you want to......Sid has left you in the fun-fair , hoping that you will find your way back to him. Embarrassed

And as Riddhima stands at the door , her feet suddenly turning into clay and refusing to step out of Sid's house , you see Sid quietly come and stand behind her. No, there is no anger, anxiety or panic on his face. There is just a calm wait of Riddhima's decision - her answer to if she feels about him the way he feels about her. He has taken a last bet on his heart and now , whatever happens , he has readied his heart for it.....Clap
Riddhima lifts her foot to step out of the house but Sid , his words and his confession of beautiful warm feelings for her pull her back to him like an elastic band that has to recoil back to it's position , no matter to what lengths you stretch it..... Riddhima's beating heart gives away and the bag drops from her hands.....No. I cannot go out of here. I cannot let go of him . I cannot walk out of his life. This is my home and he is my world - a man who says that his heart beats for me.And then ,as though putting her own hand on her own heart to feel the new beat , she closes the doors of the house , locking herself in with Sid and he just looks at her pensively.....silently approving and relieved at her decision.... she is here to stay.....and this is what this marriage is about....Silent affection, acceptance and unity of the souls even as the heart struggles to pinpoint what it feels. Embarrassed

Riddhima turns around and looking at Sid , she bursts into tears , resting her head on the door- letting go off the strange pain that she had felt in her heart in the morning when she had feared that Sid would leave her......and as all her emotional lumps melted into tears , you understand that Sid not only moves her soul , he has the capability to stir it up as well......That is the extent to which he has touched her and every fiber of her earlier lifeless existence. Embarrassed

Riddhima was right when she told Sid that they are not made- for -each-other. The fact is that they are made-with-each-other....and when people are made with each-other, they always find their way to each-other. Embarrassed
P.S- KM should irritate Sid more often. He starts screaming Riddhima's name and hunting for her the very moment auntyji appears. LOL....I love the tenderness and the authority in Sid's voice whenever he takes Riddhima's nameDay Dreaming. And no , I am not cuckoo.

Guys, I am sorry about not responding to replies in the last post - I was kinda here and there. I am really very sorry , ppz. Hug

Love and luck always,Heart

God bless everyone

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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
What an wonderful post Poco !!

Yes, today's ironical moment is shutting the door !!
Sid's confession to Riddhima !!

Sid's character is just awesome!!
The ironic character is that he has give life to Doll like Riddhima...who has make her self like doll......!!
The husband---who see no future in his wife now ....have some ray of hope from his wife as she is breathing and taking decision and realizing the new found love...!!

The most ironical momment is Sid's promise...man of promise to Yuna...Man of promise to Riddhima that he will be there for any circumstances!!
That is what i feel magical about Siddhant-Riddhima..
Not a melodrametic and overdrametic...!! Their fairytale is their own fate that has created roller coster ride in their journey and yet to find road to live, love and happiness and journey to define each other and own existence and importance in life !!

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...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
all i want to say isClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
u are just MINDBLOWING....Day Dreaming 
Thanks a lot dearHug

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shamil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
poccoHugbeautiful take as always..
jeran were amazing today. I loved the way he was calling our 'ridhimma.." when he saw his mom.
No one can come between this lovely pairDay Dreaming

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doukno Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
The hug at the beginning of the episode which Ridzie bestowed on Sid was just fabulous.And Sid had completely engulfed her within himself.Try as she might but the 'Saas' could not ruin dis moment for me wid her histrionics on how a 'Bahu' shud behave.
Throughout the whole drama where Ridzie wanted to leave the house there was dis serene calm on Sid's face as if he was ready for whatever decision Ridzie had in mind.Today,he gave her the choice---to walk out of his lyf but Ridzie refused.There is a bond b/w them and in the coming days whichever stud,whichever rokstar may come it wud be very difficult if not impossible to break dis unspeakable bond.
"made-with-each-other....and when people are made with each-other, they always find their way to each-other"Dis took the cake,today!!!!
PS:Poca---When I open ur thread the first thing I do is to scroll down the post and press the "LIKE" button.Only den do I begin to read!!!!!!!

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ilovesidma Newbie

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
helloos ppl...

m new here...

poco you re such a good writer!!

u shd join the CVS! whats ur profession? hope u dont mind me asking...

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-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
wow awesome post like usual
really love todays epi
their expressions all things r adorable

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shockalot IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
"Mat jao" - two words but i think they took over my day haha - he said it so so so so sooooooo beautifully, i don't know, there was something about the way he said it so softly but firmly that made my heart flutter haha.

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